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My time as a journalist taught me to disbelieve two things above all else, that the cheque is in the post and coincidences, with that in mind I have a little something to say about the @oxfamgb story.... 1/14
The actions of those staff members involved are without a doubt disgraceful and deserve full condemnation, however, the way in which the story has been latched onto to provide cover for a full government review of all the government's work with @Oxfam seems, timely. 2/14
It's worth pointing out that there wasn't some massive conspiracy by #Oxfam to cover up the scandal. As soon as the allegations came to light the charity launched a full internal inquiry. 3/14
This inquiry led to the dismissal of four members of staff involved, three more resigned before the investigation was completed, and the creation of both a dedicated Safeguarding Team and a confidential whistle blowing line to prevent a similar occurrence in the future. 4/14
Should these have been in place earlier, possibly, but it is hard to plan for everything and the key thing in any organisation when an issue is identified is to ensure that measures are taken to prevent it happening again, which is exactly what Oxfam did. 5/14
Oxfam employs thousands of people worldwide, with many thousands more volunteers on top of that. To condemn the whole charity for the actions, since dealt with, of a few seems...excessive, however in the current political climate it also seems inevitable. 6/14
This week @Jacob_Rees_Mogg and @dailyexpressuk took it upon themselves to call for reduction in the #ForeignAidBudget, which currently accounts for 0.7% of gross national income and provides far more benefits than it costs, see here medium.com/@dlsgibson82/r… 7/14
The @DFID_UK Minister @PennyMordaunt has spoken earlier this year about repurposing #ForeignAid funds and her predecessor @patel4witham was fired not for suggesting that funds could be used to support the Isreali army but for how she went about it 8/14
The Foreign Aid budget itself is broken down into about 37% going to multilateral organisations and 63% to bilateral, in other words to organisations and then to specific countries. 9/14
This has garnered opposition from all sides with some wanting to see more spent directly in the countries needing it and some wanting to see more dedicated to organisations because they don't believe that direct aid goes to those who need it 10/14
This current situation is coming across strongly as a stalking horse by those who want to see the UK cut back on the spending entirely though, and use what is left as effectively an offshoot of other government agencies 11/14
The irony is that the Foreign Aid budget should be the right's greatest achievement, it increases UK soft power, decreases security concerns and migration initiators and helps secure long term trade opportunities 12/14
As it is it's seen as money being sent abroad, no matter what purpose, and therefore waste. I foresee the government will use Oxfam scandal as yet another means by which to diminish an already woefully underfunded resource, and in doing so cause damage it can't even imagine 13/14
Oxfam launched its enquiry in 2011. At a time when the government is making such a concerted attack on foreign aid it seems just a little too coincidental that in 2018 it decides now is right time to review working with Oxfam, and to be sure other charities will follow. 14/14

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May 28, 2018
This misses the fairly unique issues which refugee children face. ORR does need to track and monitor the children it is responsible for to ensure they get the assistance they need and can gain formal refugee status is applicable, the issue is that they don't do that.
To claim as this thread does that we shouldn't be concerned about #WhereAreTheChildren because they are better off being hidden away by family members may be well intentioned, however, it ignores the higher risk factors which affect refugee children than other groups.
The fact that HHS, and its ORR department, relinquish all care and assistance to refugee children once they are placed with a sponsor is bad enough, to then not be able to confirm that they are safe though is a failure of massive proportions.
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Dec 20, 2017
In real terms America has been declining as a hegemon for some time. Trump, and his cadre, don't seem to appreciate that in a multipolar world the USA has lost its ability to force its will on others. theguardian.com/us-news/2017/d…
Yes America still has power, but that has been decreasing since the end of the cold war and Trump's accession to President has only exacerbated the speed at which it become a relative international irrelevance.....
The facts that the US Ambassador to the UN, on orders from the President, is acting like a U boat Captain from Dad's army just highlights how little the US has to offer anymore in the grand scale of things......
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Dec 18, 2017
Barnier: NA bespoke deal for UK is impossible
EU27: We agree that UK can't have a bespoke deal.
UK: We're going to have a bespoke deal.

It's almost as though the government hasn't listened to a word the EU has said since Brexit began 1/n
The argument put forward by the government is that a bespoke deal would be in both the UK's and EU's best interests, and if this was a bilateral agreement between two nations that may be the case. 2/n
The problem is that this is an agreement between one country and 27 others, whose long term interests lie not in placating the leaving party but in promoting the benefits of remaining 3/n
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Nov 30, 2017
Thread: @ONS published its latest immigration statistics today and, much as the far right may disagree, it isn't good news for the UK 1/19
Immigration remains higher than emigration, which considering the UK's current employment rate and ageing population is at least something to be thankful for. That is where the good news ends though 2/19
There is nothing overly unusual about seeing fluctuations in immigration and emigration, its standard fare and goes in cycles. What makes these figures most worrying is the split of who is leaving and coming 3/19
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Nov 28, 2017
Aside from Davis failing to provide the #Brexit bills as ordered, the other take away from this piece is Patel claiming government should tell EU to sod off, both demonstrating they still don't get UK's weakness in negotiations 1/n
All the people claiming UK should just walk away from the table and show Johnny Foreigner just how strong the UK is miss one crucial point, the UK isn't strong anymore 2/n
It isn't putting the UK down to point out the facts, it's slipping in rankings, productivity down, credit rating reduced, and this is before we point out that its reliance on imports for its supply chain 3/n
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Nov 12, 2017
Brexit level delusions are getting worse. You cannot claim it is ridiculous that UK has internal border due to something you helped create, while claiming the idea of forcing our idiotic idea for Brexit on another country isn't. 1
This is the problem which some Brexiters have. They are so wrapped up in their fantasy that Brexit is the promised land that they see no issues with dragging anyone else down to achieve it. 2
What Lilico suggests is little more than the UK imposing its will on Ireland in order to achieve its own ends. Aside from how well that's worked in the past, the supreme arrogance of it is astounding. 3
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