1/25 This is an analogy that has been swirling around in my thoughts for a while. As a World of Warcraft player it occurred to me that the @GOP are like a raid in WoW. It's my first #thread, and yeah, it's long.
2/25 If you've played WoW and understand raids, you can skip to tweet #12. For those who have not played, continue reading to understand my analogy.
3/25 In World of Warcraft, players can get into groups known as a "raid." It is literally what it means, an attack on an enemy by troops. The "troops" being the players. Raids consist of 10, 20, and 40 players, but this isn't really germane to the analogy.
4/25 These raids go into instances, or rather, "dungeons," to kill monsters ("mobs" - which I'll use from now on) and see what sort of loot ("treasure") players can acquire - better armor, gear, etc. The main goal, amongst others, is to kill to acquire treasure.
5/25 These raids consist of characters that have three main class types: tank, DPS, healers. There are different types of classes, but they boil down to these 3 main generic types of classes.
6/25 Tanks are the players that can take a hit. They're armored up. Their job is to keep the mob's attention on themselves, redirecting the mob's attention back to them if the mob turns to try and kill another player. They do this so the DPS can work on killing the mob.
7/25 DPS stands for "damage per second." Which means they can do a lot of damage very fast. While the mob is distracted by the tank, their job is to hit at the mob, trying to kill it as fast by hitting as hard as they can.
8/25 Healers are the support, and an incredibly important role in a raid. They keep the tank healed so that the tank can keep taking a hit as well as keeping DPS healed of damage they take, so they can stay alive to continue killing the mob.
9/25 There are several types of mobs in an instance. "Trash mobs" are mobs that are in the instance that you have to kill to get to the bosses. The loot they drop isn't worth much, "vendor trash" as we call it. But they still need to be killed to get to the bosses.
10/25 Then there are "mini" or "minor" bosses. They have some treasure that is valuable, or a quest item a player needs to complete a quest for more loot. But the real goal is to get to the end boss.
11/25 The main boss is usually the last boss of the instance. It's the one with the better loot. But it takes a coordinated effort of 10-40 players to kill it. There's strategy involved by the players because the raid can be wiped out if they don't work together.
12/25 So. How is the @GOP like a raid in WoW? Consider America the "instance." It has loot and treasure the GOP want. Then think of the American people as the "boss" of the instance. Probably didn't think I'd propose citizens as the bosses, right? This isn't derogatory, promise.
13/25 The @GOP are a raid on the instance of America. Ready to figuratively "kill" the citizens and loot America's treasures.
14/25 @realDonaldTrump is the tank. He can take a hit. He might seem fragile, but really, he's not that fragile. He keeps taunting the boss, the American citizens, with his tweets, speeches, despicable actions, and toddler-like antics.
15/25 The @GOP congress and associated state governments are the DPS. They are the ones that chip away at the boss, the American people, by legislating away affordable access to health care, gutting social services like Medicare and social security.
16/25 The @GOP also chip away at education funding. Vote to remove environmental protections so that they can loot America's treasures - the national parks, etc. Their legislation is always about undermining the avg citizen, while benefiting corps and the wealthy.
17/25 I would say that @GOP's legislation could be equated to a "buff" for corporations and the wealthy. Insulating themselves from harm.
18/25 And who are the healers? Right wing media and Trump's spokespeople. @SarahHuckabee , @KellyannePolls, etc. They are the spin doctors to fool the citizenry of this country by "healing" Trump - explaining what he meant, making him look good, etc.
19/25 In sum: Trump is the tank - he can take a hit, he distracts the boss which are the American people. The republican congress and state legislatures are the DPS - doing damage to the instance that is America. And the healers are the propaganda spinners.
20/25 But see, something to note: Bosses fight back and they can wipe out a raid. But they have to fight back. They have to release their own "minions" to attack the raid in order to survive.
21/25 The boss in the instance of America are the citizens, and their "minions" are politicians who do the work FOR THE PEOPLE at local, state, and federal governments. We have to fight back. We *can* kill off the raid. Voting is our weapon. And it is a legendary weapon.
22/25 Hence why the @GOP try to disable our weapon with voter suppression efforts via gerrymandering and voter I.D. laws.
23/25 And to address the point that in #WoW, raids do eventually take down the boss. The raids get good at the instance, learn strategies, and eventually take down the boss after many tries. But see, here's the thing, that's a game. This is an analogy.
24/25 The point of this analogy is that the @GOP are making a sustained, concerted, and calculated effort to loot America's treasures for their own gain. We have to fight back, understand their strategies and adapt to thwart their efforts to loot our country of it's treasures.
25/25 Vote. Vote like you're being killed and robbed. Because we are. Our vote is our legendary weapon against these looters of our democratic republic and our liberties. Don't let them take us down. /end

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