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#Thread #KeralaFloods Detailed thread to document the historic efforts of various online groups in rescue and relief operations. Trust me, Whatsapp and Google sheets were the powerful weapons we had. Pic: An online control room set by NRKs in house at Abu Dhabi (1/n)
It was the time we truly realised the power of social media and instant messaging services with regard to disaster management. Many were stranded on roof-tops without any other contact to the world other than their mobile phones. Whatsapp brilliantly solved the issue. (2/n)
Before going in detail let me point out the problem statements. 1) Govt issued some helpline numbers but most of them were busy with numerous calls 2) Thousands of SOS requests flooded in social media which were not addressed in a systematic manner, hence turned spams (3/n)
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@DundeeCouncil are introducing Free Sanitary products within their schools for 'those who menstruate'. The words 'girl', 'woman' or 'female' do not feature once in the report. Transgender men and NB do though. @grogipher is the chair of the committee that approved it 1/
An equalities spokesperson who calls women 'c*nts' and 'roasters', uses language like 'feminist shite' and thinks 50/50 Representation is p***. A councillor who approves a report about period poverty in schools and somehow erases all traces of girls and young women from it. #WoW
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Today I was thinking about what to do with my #Magic cards.

So often love of a game comes in direct conflict with dislike of playing with people who are fans of the game. This applies from everything to games like #MtG to #Overwatch #WoW #DnD AL and #pathfinder society
I'm still mad over one situation. In #DnD #LFR organized play, I playing an epic level artificer with all the warlord cheese

There was this man who constantly told me I was slow, and he was so insistent about it that he even convinced my friends at the table I was slow.
But look. I had pre-generated tables for every attack, with all normal modifiers.
I would set aside the exact number of dice before my turn, color dice coded per attack type.

I only even had dice applicable to the character. There was no die hunt
I was optimized.
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1/25 This is an analogy that has been swirling around in my thoughts for a while. As a World of Warcraft player it occurred to me that the @GOP are like a raid in WoW. It's my first #thread, and yeah, it's long.
2/25 If you've played WoW and understand raids, you can skip to tweet #12. For those who have not played, continue reading to understand my analogy.
3/25 In World of Warcraft, players can get into groups known as a "raid." It is literally what it means, an attack on an enemy by troops. The "troops" being the players. Raids consist of 10, 20, and 40 players, but this isn't really germane to the analogy.
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Why is O'Malley still running? There is no way a white man will be either Hillary's (Castro) or Bernie's (Warren?) choice for VP. #DemDebate
"You'll be very happy...I'll let you talk then" #shhhO'Malley
I still wouldn't recognize O'Malley if I saw him in the supermarket. #DemDebate
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