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(FREE AUDIOBOOK CONTENT) I've made Ch.1, Ch. 2, Ch. 3 and Ch. 4 of Proof of Corruption—as well as half the Epilogue and an hour-long interview on the book; that's over 4 hours of content—available on YouTube. This thread contains all the links. I hope you'll share it with others. Image
CHAPTER 1/ Chapter 1 of Proof of Corruption details the decades-long relationship between Trump and Paul Manafort in a way that establishes, through *scores* of major-media reports endnoted in the text, that the Trump 2016 campaign was a Kremlin operation.
CHAPTER 2/ Chapter 2 of Proof of Corruption gives you enough info on Putin's anti-American plot in Europe that you understand the Trump-Ukraine affair as a years-long threat to our national security: Trump-Russia collusion with a "Ukraine" sticker over it.
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#BREAKING This is the Most Important Videofor ALL 👀'S

RT So this is Brought to President @realDonaldTrump Attention

This Thread Explains Why No matter how many Facts you show ppl [They] still seem Brainwashed by "Experts"

Full Video:
1) 33 YRS AGO KGB operative Yuri Bezmenov, specializing in the fields of Marxist-Leninist propaganda & ideological subversion; warned us about the silent war being waged against The United States of America as part of a long term plan to destroy the American way of life.
2) Russians are masters of deception, mind control & subversion. If you study Modern methods, such as reflex control, you’ll know that Russians have put in their dues when it comes to developing tactics to control others on a mass scale.

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I enjoyed talking to these great @usc undergrads & profs about free speech & academic freedom, for which I’m a fierce advocate: Black & other socially marginalized dissidents wind up bearing the brunt of crackdowns on transgressive utterances by status quo defenders & apologists.
Understandably, many find the N-word I deploy in my scholarship offensive & dehumanizing—a form of “hate speech.” For them, the word’s deeply racist roots make any & all current-day uses of it tainted fruit of the poisonous tree. The NAACP formally buried it in Detroit in 2006!
I’ve had some of these N-word abolitionists picket my speaking engagements b/c they found my use of the blood-soaked epithet in print & in speeches offensive and dehumanizing: a form of “hate speech.” For them, the word’s indelibly hateful meaning made me a purveyor of hate.
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Wait should I live tweet how this film (Lean on Me) is not only a great film but a great representation of the antithesis of intersectionality? Should I??
Intersectionalists would explain the beating up (and in some cases, near sexual assault) of teachers as the natural product of systemic racism or something. In contrast, Principal Clark stated simply, "give me the names of every hoodlum, miscreant, etc. on my desk by noon today
It's also interesting how Principle clark very explicitly believes in broken windows theory.
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The founders were not merely a small collection of elite white men in wigs who wrote the laws. They were the women who led boycotts of British products. They were Crispus Attucks and Salem Poor. They were shoemakers, farmers, and poor immigrants. Their dreams matter too.
The Revolution would have been nothing without the mobilization of a broad swathe of society fighting for their goals--but some of those goals were in conflict with one another. (Even the elite white men writing documents weren't a monolith.) But it needed all of those people.
Historian Alfred Young talked about "multiple radicalisms" in the American Revolution--the many different end goals that different groups of people had, that they thought could follow colonial independence. We're still trying to make some of those come true.
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In light of the arrests of several members of the Rise Above Movement (RAM) in relation to the events at Unite the Right in Charlottesville, few points need to be made, as we watch the State go after a small Alt-Right group over a year after the events in Cville.
First and foremost, the strategy and tactics used by police on A12 was informed by 'intelligence' gathered through DHS and Fusion Centers, that was clear: antifascists are the biggest threat to public safety and civil order.…
Documents released from West Coast Fusion Centers, which in theory would have monitored the actions of RAM members, especially at Berkeley events, had the same conclusion, even directly stating that "ANTIFA" was "greatest threat to public safety."…
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You are something else - yes, you, the one reading this tweet. You don't even know what you're doing, or the significance of it, but take a moment, read this thread, and pat yourself on the back.
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YOU have risen up to #resist. Without any centralized or organizational foundation, you helped grow a massive online movement. Through #FBRParty #FBR and other hashtag advocacy, you did this.
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YOU have created an international coalition, bringing together a diverse group of people who are raising up to demand change, not just here in America but across the world. You have inspired people to speak up.
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#FollowTheLawyers Thread
2015 John C. Burns for Chuck Johnson
"friend introduced them after the August 9 death of Michael Brown...Burns sued on Johnson's behalf to gain access the dead teens' juvenile records, which are normally closed"…
Oh look here's John Burns provokunting around with James O'Keefe of "Project V̶̷e̶̷r̶̷i̶̷t̶̷a̶̷s̶̷" aka "Project Provokatsiya"
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This year’s #TheRoot100 list of honorees is a reminder of the beauty and brilliance of blackness!

Honoring the best and brightest of black America continues to be a revolutionary act and we salute this year’s honorees:
No. 100: Reginald Dwayne Betts (@dwaynebetts)

Poetry fueled Betts' drive to succeed while he was incarcerated. It lead him to publish 2 books on poetry & graduate from Yale Law School w/ a 4.0

Betts was also awarded a Guggenheim fellowship for his poetry
No. 99: Lezli Levene Harvell (@DoctorLezli)

Harvell is bringing the spotlight to chefs of color thanks to her amazing Iconoclast Dinner Experience events! #TheRoot100
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Republican strategist on GOP plan for Kavanaugh: 'We need to ram this through as hard and fast as possible'…
Pun intended. 😷
GOP plows forward amid sexual misconduct allegations lodged at Brett Kavanaugh via @suntimes #DirtyOldMen #AmericanSociopath
Trump's Treatment of Women, Not Russia, Will Bring Him Down… #TimesUp
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I thought 👇🏽was a bot becuz who would be so offended by .@Kaepernick7 .@nike campaign? #justdoit as if they care; they don't We're the 68% We believe in 🇺🇸 ⚖ & facts: per @fbi statistics its about the same 44% white 43% black felons murdered officers #FactsMatter
ALSO she threw that black on black argument out so I compared that with white on white crime 90% black/black and 84% white/white so pretty much the same again Can she can get on OUR white mass murder problem (59/101)? Those men w AK-47's 😞 but the reason…
We are peacefully protesting the promise of America & her ideals which are not in sync w police brutality/murders of unarmed people of color 👀 👇🏽Do you know what they have in common? They're mass murderers peacefully taken into custody #ThisIsWhyWeKneel…
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I had a fascinating conversation with a high level well-connected Washington advocate/woman of color today.

She’s concerned that any candidate in the Democratic Party who thinks things will go back to how they were pre-Trump is behind the eight ball.
None of the old advice applies. And none of the old guard knows what they’re dealing with. Even the historically reliable strategists don’t see what is upon them.
No one’s going stumping for folks who back Trump voters, even those who once voted for Obama.
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White officers in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin stopped a car, pulled a gun on 15-year-old Black teen & handcuffed him because they "THOUGHT" he was robbing a white woman, who was actually his grandmother!


WOW #BlackLivesMatter
THIS IS NOT OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Colin Kaepernick Hasn’t Played an NFL Game in 2 Seasons, but He Just Keeps Winning…

So brown children know that #BlackLivesMatter⁠ ⁠ and Colin Kaepernick is right.

So that they know there are white people that care about them and their futures.

So that they see people that dont look like them that car just as much as the people that do.

in the end, it’s only because it’s the right thing to do.

But my first thoughts are always the children.
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A5. A big one is that I'm in a legal grey area where MMJ is concerned. That I had a prescription in another state makes it technically legal for me to possess.

But not to use or buy. #MedTraumaChat
A5. Not much of a risk having it in my system - I've all but given up on ever getting the mild ass opioid cousin that allows me to work & I am physically unable to work a 9-to-5.
A5. The problem is buying my medication.

Especially anywhere locally.

Where my white friends & acquaintances have some level of protection, I would be taking a huge risk. To medicate myself.

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President Trump says, “It’s embarrassing for the country to allow protesters.”

It’s the opposite.

We will stand, sit and kneel until we are free from hate and bigotry, until #blacklivesmatter, “until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”
Trump says, “In the old days, we used to throw [protesters] out.”

That’s true: many Americans died protesting, especially here in the South.…
Trump says, “You don’t even know what side the protesters are on.”

President Trump has indeed been very clear about which protesters he supports.…
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I’m not a tiny bit surprised by what this includes. I am quite a bit surprised by how blatant it has become.

This is the one of the first solid, self-driven nails in the coffin of Evangelical Christianity‘s irrelevance.
The #SocialJusticeStatement is a hard line in the sand for any progressive, justice-oriented Christian who has attempted to work with evangelicals in the past. They will no longer accept your work. They will no longer accept your driving beliefs.
In the #SocialJusticeStatement evangelicals have successfully severed any practical ties to mainstream Christianity and their version of this religion will die with them. I’m flabbergasted and, in a way, a little relieved.
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Excited to release our upcoming #CSCW2018 paper describing how disinformation agents from the Internet Research Agency in Russia participated in online discourse about the BlackLivesMatter movement and police-related shootings in the U.S. during 2016:…
Following up on network analysis showing RU-IRA agents were active on both “sides” (pro- and anti-) of the politicized BLM conversation, we conducted a deep qualitative analysis, showing how RU accounts impersonated “authentic” voices.
The content on one “side” was typically very different from the other—(on the left) exhibiting pride in African American identity, (on the right) using racist memes targeting African American people. But it did converge around some themes, e.g. attacking the "mainstream media”.
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This is @CorEyPTownsend, clear your calendars and grab your best bereavement garment because today's the day we pay some R-E-S-P-E-C-T to the #QueenOfSoul: #ArethaFranklinFuneral #ArethaHomegoing
Our Editor-in-Chief @blacksnob is live at #ArethaFranklinFuneral and you’ll all be pleased to know that they did our auntie RIGHT.

The #QueenOfSoul is draped in a long gown, gold sequins and gold red bottom shoes. #ArethaHomegoing
They knew that they had to do the #QueenOfSoul right, because she would’ve been ready to tell each & every one of us about ourselves if we had her up there looking any type of way. #ArethaFranklinFuneral #ArethaHomegoing
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I bet then that Bryan here is on board for expanding and increasing the budget for the SNAP program.

Because hunger is an act of violence, against and humanity.

Right Bryan?


And, of course, he supports full funding and expansion of ACA or even moving to Medicaid for All because allowing other human beings to suffer is, you know, actual violence.

Bryan also supports the expansion of early childhood development programs, Headstart, and WIC.

Bryan knows endemic racism within law enforcement communities has created a dangerous situation for everyone and supports mandatory regular mental health support for all Officers, increased training, a "weapons as last support" policy.

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55 years ago today, August 28, 1963 in WA DC:

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”—Martin Luther King jr

63 years ago today on August 28, 1955, 14 year old Emmett Till was kidnapped in the middle of night in Mississippi, brutally beaten, murdered & thrown in a river for cat-calling a white woman at a corner store. His killers were acquitted in less than 1 hour.
In 2016, the woman who accused Emmett Till said she had lied in her statements, in court, under oath.

52 years later a sign was placed on the spot where Emmett Till’s body was found. It’s been replaced 3 times since for vandalism.

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Montreal police killed a Black man on Thursday. His name was #NicholasGibbs. This is North America. This is the anti-Black world.
There is a GoFundMe for the family of #NicholasGibbs who was murdered by Montreal police on Thursday.…
Here is an article about what happened that contains all sorts of useless info like his criminal record, which appears to have been nonviolent:…
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Whoo Hooo Check out these dancing #StandOnEveryCorner #Protesters
in Florida 😁🙃🙌


#Protesters are our FRONTLINE!

Let's give them ALL the Support & Promotion that we can!!

Let's DO THIS THING & get #MonstersOutOfWH

h/t@ImmaBlueDot 💞

👇👇👇issues #ResistanceProtesters are broadcasting across US

They're reaching people outside of Twitter & Recruiting Voters & #Resisters

They're attracting Media Coverage

We've GOT TO HAVE THEIR BACKS &/or join them 🥰
#KremlinAnnex #PromoteProtesters
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Day 3 of the Memphis police surveillance trial set to begin in federal court soon. @mem_police Director Mike Rallings will testify first. Follow me on Twitter at @wendi_c_thomas for updates throughout the day. #MLK50
That’s not a cause for concern at all. The top of @DanielConnolly story from Day 2.
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