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I have #brainfog so I know I missed someone. Please add your favorite resources as a reply.
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A6c. Yes, definitely there's a racial aspect. I've been profiled at hospitals as a drug addict too many times. Refused treatment. Given the wrong treatment. Mistreated before surgeries.

Not enough room to list the indignities.
A6c. Occasionally welath privilege or class privilege or the fact that I sound "respectable" or know who to harass has been a partial shield.

But the extra hoops I have to jump through are thefts if my time & energy. #medtraumachat
A6c. I mean if all things? A drug addict? Me. Who quits things like coffee or soda or meat or salt for years, just to see how I feel.

It makes my friends laugh because I wouldn't even try weed until I was 35. #medtraumachat
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A6a. Yes. Doctors think I can handle more pain because "women can undergo natural childbirth."

[insert Nah cat gif here!]
A6a. First, I haven't. B- Childbirth isn't endless #ChronicPain that has no predictable end. #medtraumachat
A6a. Yes, I think there is a physiological aspect.

The reason I declined spinal surgery in the 90s isn't that the odds were 50/40/10 that my pain would get better, stay the same or get worse. #medtraumachat
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A5. Yes I believe they are being conflated.

This is a 2005 narrative, shamelessly propped up in newspaper, TV & film media. #MedTraumaChat
A5. 15 years ago, sure ERs were more liberal with pain med scripts than they should have been.

Rich people who could pay off doctors too. But it's 2018. Most deaths are due to heroin and/ or pills ordered online laced with fentanyl. #MedTraumaChat
A5. But let's say they were correct. Why would restricting pills production and prescriptions still cause deaths from this so-called #opioidcrisis to rise? #MedTraumaChat
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A3. No. I even had to come up with the idea of Celebrex myself. #MedTraumaChat
A3. The pill I was taking let me work. It wasn't fully relieving my pain.

But it allowed me to get out of bed at 9 instead of noon. It took the pain down to a full roar.

I was on something stronger before that. But I couldn't think straight. #MedTraumaChat
A3. About a decade before they switched me to a mild not-truly-opioid, before the pain increased? I was on Celebrex. I reacted to it as a slight mood elevator. #MedTraumaChat
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I'm on Celebrex. It's killing my liver & with a ridiculous cocktail of other stuff it barely gives me 3 hours if wirk
A2. I don't go to the ER when I'm going crazy with pain. I can't afford my MMJ prescription anymore. I can't risk getting it another way. #MedTraumaChat
A2. Basically I lie in bed rubbing Biofreeze pro into my skin under an electric blanket and cry when it's bad. #MedTraumaChat
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A1. The #opioidcrisis has completely disrupted my life.

A1. I finally had a program that worked, taking one opioid cousin, a pill for my nerves & a muscle relaxer plus weekly therapy.

I could work, had two businesses, employed people, hired freelancers, a social life, volunteered, travelled a lot. #MedTraumaChat
A1. Even before Obamacare when I had to pay cash, at least I had the option. It has gotten to the point now, after moving to TX, where I had to be drug tested every month for the mildest opioid-like pain pill. #MedTraumaChat
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βœ… Legalize private consumption of marijuana for 21 and up, Nationwide.
βœ… End opioid restrictions for #chronicpain, surgical & cancer patients

βœ… Cover supplemental pain remedies - from heating pads to gels, it's expensive.
βœ… Make disability approval automatic & move the bureaucracy to investigation of fraud instead of approval.

We subsidize corporate welfare with every paycheck.

The least big business can do is match the taxes going toward disability & food scarcity benefits.

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A5. A big one is that I'm in a legal grey area where MMJ is concerned. That I had a prescription in another state makes it technically legal for me to possess.

But not to use or buy. #MedTraumaChat
A5. Not much of a risk having it in my system - I've all but given up on ever getting the mild ass opioid cousin that allows me to work & I am physically unable to work a 9-to-5.
A5. The problem is buying my medication.

Especially anywhere locally.

Where my white friends & acquaintances have some level of protection, I would be taking a huge risk. To medicate myself.

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A3. Yes. If I ask not to be given pain meds (because I want to know a root cause) then no other option is presented.

If I ask for them I'm treated like an addict- by people who forget that addicts also need addiction treatment & so are ALSO patients. #MedTraumaChat
A3. People don't get how awful it is to be in pain 24 hours a day, every day. To not be able to sleep.

Or to be able to sleep but not get rest from sleep. Because pain.

A3. And to know that one little pill a day, or a joint is all that stands between you being in poverty & unable to earn a living? And a decent income.
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A2. Sometimes. My barrier is often cost.

But sometimes family comes through for me. #MedTraumaChat
A2. For example, my mother came home with this bottle of Biofreeze professional two weeks ago.
#MedTraumaChat Biofreeze professional
A2. I have tried so many things for the muscle pain, itching, and various other if my body being too hot and too cold at the same time.

With the exception of certain high CBD strains of MMJ, it's the best for all three of those. #MedTraumaChat
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Not being able to trust your doctor is it's own trauma, especially if you have to see them often.
Am I wrong #medtraumachat fam?!
*its! between brain fog and my autocorrect second-guessing me...
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#Disability twitter, #medtwitter , let us have a discussion about patients discussing #MedicalTrauma on here. A Thread:
#chronicillness #ChronicPain #Chroniclife #MedTraumaChat #Spoonie
2) Last night, a fellow advocate posted a very handy guide for HCPs & patients abt treating patients who are trauma survivors: Trauma Informed Care - Disclosures and Care Transitions… #medtwitter #Disability #chronicillness #medtraumachat #spoonie
3) It's a good resource for both #patients & HCPs, please read it if you have a moment.
This led to a helpful discussion about #MedicalTrauma between an HPC and the person who wrote this guide, who has had experiences with this,
#Disability #medtwitter #chronicillness #Spoonie
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A3. Just remembered another incident. A forced obgyn as a virgin, because they couldn't believe a black teenager with abdominal pain wouldn't be pregnant. #medtraumachat
A3. My father took me. And he didn't know about my childhood trauma. I couldn't tell him what happened. I was still in shock. I tried to go home straight after. #MedTraumaChat
A3. I later heard the doctor yelling at someone for ordering the exam cuz I was still ... intact. #medtraumachat
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A3. The last time it happened... I laughed at the absurdity and talked about it in a blog post.

It was a procedure where you get twilight meds, but I didn't... quite twilight?

A3. Weird thing is, I had to go back to the hospital for a related procedure, got the same folks. They messed up my twilight -again - but the 2nd time they gave me a Valium.
A3. They were much more polite & requested consent at each point. I wasn't handled roughly at all. #MedTraumaChat
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A5. Some things that worked in combatting combat racial trauma during medical encounters. Then we're on Q6. #medtraumachat
A5. First, get patient advocates. Family. Friends. Social worker even. It's harder to deny the voices of multiple witnesses. #medtraumachat
A5. Report to more than one place. If the administration of a hospital wants to be on the doctor's side and they circle wagons?

There's boards that certify, characters that donate, organizations they belong to, government agencies. Nonprofits. #medtraumachat
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A3. My incidents usually revolve around being in #chronicpain. There's no vacation from it even when you go on vacation.

When I could get the proper medication for it, as recently as 2014, I had a thriving career, a business I owned 20 years, another for 11. #medtraumachat
A3. In contrast, now? On a special short term treatment my first FULL day of work since then was yesterday. And the temporary reprieve is almost up. #medtraumachat
A3. This is purely due to denial of medication. It's not even opioids - the one I need is one of the mildest medicines you can take, an opioid cousin. #medtraumachat
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A3. First I want to say something in general about sharing traumatic experiences of racism in medical situations. #medtraumachat
A3. I started sharing because other people told me about their trauma.

It made me feel like I could be brave, that maybe if enough of us talked about these that were supposed to be taboo, maybe we could make it more bearable. Or even change things. #medtraumachat
A3. BUT. It was harder the first time because despite what my rising Leo makes it seem? I don't always like to draw attention to myself.

This kind of attention I learned? Is good trouble. You never know who you might help, sometimes in a HUGE way. #medtraumachat
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A2. The second one I think of often happens to me to the point that I have to kind of "dress up" to go to the hospital or urgent care - being seen as an addict if I ask for pain medicine. #medtraumachat
A2. It is further complicated by the fact that other states I live in have the medical marijuana program and I'm in it. The laws are fuzzy about whether or not I can have it in the state I am currently located in. But I operate well in fuzz. #medtraumachat
A2. My wealthy or white friends are often shocked that medical personnel will lie to my face about what the laws are where ever I have travelled to in order to deny me even the weakest non-opiod meds. #medtraumachat
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A8. Probably obvious to some. But believe us! Believe that racism exists. That sometimes it may be minor but it's one of 1000 minor things that day/week. #medtraumachat
a8. Amplify our stories and voices. As @perfecthannah just pointed out? If you want to retell our stories, credit and acknowledge us. #medtraumachat
A8. White allies: Speak out when you witness things. Back us up if you see something happen. Sometimes "yeah I saw that" is the difference between us getting kicked out and everyone around us rallying.

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A5. Some ideas about how to combat medical racism (Patient side.) A thread. Then we're on to Q6. #medtraumachat
I learned that there's an advantage to how our family rolls deep to the hospital.

It annoyed me in my 20s. But the emotional support plus so many in medicine in my family helps so much. #medtraumachat
So number 1? Bring advocates. Of multiple backgrounds if you can. Wealthier friends see things missing you didn't know about.

No matter what, more people & more witnesses? Makes it harder to deny you.
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