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Day 3 of the Memphis police surveillance trial set to begin in federal court soon. @mem_police Director Mike Rallings will testify first. Follow me on Twitter at @wendi_c_thomas for updates throughout the day. #MLK50
That’s not a cause for concern at all. The top of @DanielConnolly story from Day 2.
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#MLK50 April 3, 1968
I found it. The worst hot take political cartoon ever.
MLK with a gun.
#MLK50 April 6, 1968, El Paso Times editorial on MLK.
it's a pretty shitty editorial.
#MLK50 April 7, 1968, El Paso Times
they hit readers with, the assassination was bad, but the riots and looting is a national disgrace.
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The first of four parts of my interview with @NinaTurner, at Saturday's @OurRevNJ "People's Platform" event. Flint water is still poisoned after four years, yet "we are consumed by the man in the White House. We are consumed by him."
Nestle was granted water bottling rights by Michigan. Despite 80,000 public comments against (only 75 in favor), "the agency concluded that the company's plan met w legal standards." So, what?, they're legally obligated to grant the company these rights?…
Twenty-four hours later, Michigan Governor @GovRickSnyder announces no more water bottles will be freely supplied to Flint residents.

America is broken. We need a revolution.…
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In the 1960s, the FBI subjected Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to a massive surveillance/harassment campaign. The FBI labeled him a “National Security Threat”, attempted to prove his “communist ties”, tapped his phone & sent him a letter urging him to kill himself. #MLK50
The FBI’s COINTELPRO attempted to neutralize so-called “black nationalist hate groups,” which they believed included King’s Southern Christian Leadership Conference.
In 1963, FBI assistant director William Sullivan called King “the most dangerous and effective Negro leader in the country.” FBI director J. Edgar Hoover reacted to King’s Nobel Peace Prize by claiming he was “the most notorious liar in the country.”
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Italiani, 50 anni fa moriva #MartinLutherKing in quello che dobbiamo accettare oggi, dopo così tanta manomissione storiografica, come un vero omicidio di Stato. L'esempio di come l' America tratta gli #afroamericani è tutt' oggi ancora racchiusa in quell' omicidio. #MLK50 #USA
Alle piantagioni si sono sostituite le incarcerazioni di massa degli #afroamericani, figli e nipoti di quegli stessi #schiavi. Al linciaggio e all' impiccagione si è sostituito il tiro a segno dei #poliziotti che sparano a teenagers disarmati.
Gli stessi poliziotti, quasi tutti #bianchi, che non pagano mai le conseguenze delle loro azioni, non un giorno di carcere. Nemmeno un processo. La loro scusa è quella di sempre: "pensavo fosse armato". Ma ai ragazzini bianchi non succede.
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On this day 50 years ago, an unarmed black man was shot to death by a white man.

If it happened today, you would probably scroll past his name on one of your social media platforms, and it would look like this:

#MartinLutherKingJr. #MLK50
When you look at the 50th anniversary of King's assassination from that perspective, it makes it pretty clear that African-Americans are still dealing with the same exact issues that we faced half a century ago.

Throughout this day, you will see people who have no idea what King actually stood for, or would have hated him if he was still alive right now, do what they love to do annually on his national holiday: misrepresent his message.

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1/ Exactly 50 years after the murder of Martin Luther King Jr., America is still far from his dream. #MLK50
2/ From economic well-being to criminal justice issues, racial inequality is still very real.

Here’s how America has (and hasn’t) changed since that day in 1968.
3/ Black Americans make much less money than their white peers.
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Hi, visiting journalists! Welcome to Memphis. A few things. 1. Don’t eat tourist barbecue.

2. You may encounter folks who will insist this city has come so far since ‘68.

Ask them for proof. Like data, not their feels. Anecdotes aren’t evidence. #MLK50 @MLK50Memphis
Some data: 88 percent of senior executives in the Memphis area are white. The metro area’s workforce is 51 percent black.…
Many large employers are glad to put their name on an event and toss a nonprofit some coins, but ask them if they pay workers enough to live on. #MLK50…
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In 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was arrested and jailed in Birmingham, AL.

From his jail cell, he wrote one of the most important indictments of American racism and moral complacency, "Letter From a Birmingham Jail."…
LDF represented Dr. King throughout his years of leadership—during the 1963 Birmingham campaign, in Selma in 1965, and in many other places in the South.

In her book, LDF lawyer Constance Baker Motley recalled visiting Dr. King while he was detained in GA with Ralph Abernathy:
Dr. King had come to Birmingham as part of the SCLC campaign to end segregation in the city. Black people, organized, and trained in nonviolent confrontational tactics, executed marches and sit-ins.…
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Okay, I feel like another twitter thread. So here goes. I am still thinking about the article in the @nytimes on Black people leaving white churches as I prepare for a keynote address at the conference on Communication ethics.…
While the story centers on Black people trying to find a home in largely white congregations and eventually leaving, @JLWeisenfeld noted that this is also a story about racial reconciliation.
Anybody who has read any of my work or followed me on Twitter know that I am HIGHLY skeptical of the term "racial reconciliation." here me though; I have no problem with reconciliation. I do believe people can be reconciled.
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We are dying younger, in part, because of deliberate policy choices made over decades:
• Rejecting universal health care.
• Cutting taxes for the rich.
• Shunning income support.
• Abandoning universal child care.

Those choices increasingly set us apart in the world. #SDoH
“...any man’s death diminishes me,
because I am involved in mankind.
And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”
#SDoH #Interdependence #PEoH…
“We are the wealthiest nation on earth, but far from the healthiest, and things are getting worse, not better.” #SDoH #PEoH #HiAP #IRoS…
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