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Thread on India’s Top 50 #RisingStars .
Now that I’m not “young” anymore, I’ve been looking for hope in those that are. Here is a list of people that give me hope, that India is in the Right hands. #TweetThread on India’s 50 #RisingStars
Follow these handles. You’ll get awed, inspired, and motivated. Maybe even get Going. So here’s my #FridayFollow list of Young Indians worth their salt... My 50 #RisingStars! (in no specific order)
Let’s start with LEGAL EAGLES… who are effectively using courts to deliver, what the “system” won’t.
#RisingStar 1: @jsaideepak & @indiccollective for Constitutional matters of Civilisational importance, Temple Freedom, etc
#RisingStar 2: @Ish_Bhandari, under the tutelage of @swamy39 works on the Jayalaitha disproportionate assets case, RJB case and the #Asaram Bapu case.
#RisingStar 3: @ippatel for single handedly proving #Kejriwal fraud and disqualifying the 20 #AAP MLAs.
#RisingStar 4: @raghavwrong: Ignore his looks ;-). Fall for his writing. Incisive pieces on legal issues of the day.
Section: POLICY MATTERS… yes it does
#RisingStar 5: When @Iyervval isn’t indulging in his bouffage or wit, he writes on serious deep stuff on defense and foreign policy.
#RisingStar 6: @orsoraggiante ‘s work on #Nuclear Power and #Israel is quite something. If #JamesBond and Henry Kissinger had a lovechild, it would be him ;-).
#RisingStar 7: While on intellectual firepower… takedown of media manipulation, playing writer and scientist with equal panache, a man of all seasons follow @ARanganathan72. You won’t regret it.
#RisingStar 8: @learning_pt for his empirical study of the Education System in India. While people fight over their null-hypothesis, he stays a sane voice.
#RisingStar 9: @realitycheckind – For logically questioning what we take for granted.
#RisingStar 10: @by2kaafi For really well researched insights on Foreign Funded NGOs and how they are destroying Inida.
SEction: KARMAYODDHAS: You might not know these heroes… because they’re busy on the ground, not on twitter ;-)
#RisingStar 11: @Guruprakash88 for his take on Kashmir and the Dalit identity issues. Few people understand it as good as he does.
#RisingStar 12: If you want to understand #TamilNadu and where its headed, then follow @sudarshanr108.
#RisingStar 13: If you want to know where Delhi is, then follow @kaushkrahul @indiantweeter @Navrang @TajinderBagga etc. Grassroots Yoddhas and Twitter warriors rolled into one.
#RisingStar 14: @Girishvhp chooses a dilapidated #temple, cleans it up, lights a diya in the evening. Seems simple, but really isn’t. The Punarutthana is turning into a movement now!
#RisingStar 15: @AShetty84 for structuring and setting Tech & Comms for a bunch of causes… @IndiaPrideProj @vhsindia @pGurus1. A hidden hero.
#RisingStar 16: @amargov for his ability to create a platform for ideas of a new aspirational India. Awesome job with @SwarajyaMag. PS: @prasannavishy @TheJaggi deserve to be on the list but don’t qualify as “young” any more ;-)
#RisingStar 17: @anujdhar and @MissionNetaji for unraveling the mysteries of #Netaji’s disappearance and for getting Subhash Chandra Bose his due.
#RisingStar 18: @ReclaimTemples for bringing back Temples to the communities they belong to.
#RisingStar 19: Finally, @IndiaPrideProj for busting myths on heritage-funded-terror, and for #BringOurGodsHome project (Disclaimer: I head the effort, so I might be biased :-).
Now onto #SoftPower … Comedy, Music, Art
#RisingStar 20: No one can beat Dude-aadhiraj @Nitin_Rivaldo’s comedy and vlogs on Faux X (where X = liberalism, journalism, feminism, etc). Bloody powerful.
#RisingStar 21: Follow @Infinitchy for his satirical songs on the Lutyens cesspool… AAP, JNU and left liberals.
#RisingStar 22: @Being_Humor memes, jokes, PJs and general bakwaas… all surprisingly sly and impactful.
#RisingStar 23: @squintneon for their memes and fun stuff. “Zor ka jhatka dheere se lage”, is this.
#RisingStar 24: @haleemshiak for keeping an ancient dance form alive, and dedicating his life to it, despite being ostracized from his community. Hats off!
#RisingStar 25: @sriramemani for setting up @IndianRaga and making classical Indian music/dance relevant to our kids. Listen to this and have your mind blown -
Can’t leave NARI SHAKTI behind, can we…
#RisingStar 26: @Kuvalayamala the true secular amongst us. The guts to articulate forced conversions and how that tears our social fabric.
#RisingStar 27: @neha_aks for a well curated, fresher, saner perspective on the narrative.
#RisingStar 28: While we are on narrative. @UnSubtleDesi , who day in and day out kicks butt of media manipulators & misreporting. You go girl!
#RisingStar 29: “You go girl” BTW is equally well deserved by @ShefVaidya, for setting the narrative right on faux #feminism, virtue-signalers & self-appointed victims (that somehow Delhi is filled with :-).
#RisingStar 30: The sassiest of all, @Shubhrastha ne ghar mein ghus ke prahaar kiya hai. For going into TV studios and showing a mirror to the self-appointed high-priestesses of television.
#RisingStar 31: And following his better half, @RajatSethi86 who could have been living it up in New York, instead serves the North East. A true karmayoddha.
Which brings us to “Setting the RIGHT narrative”
#RisingStar 32: @TrueIndology: For correcting distortions we’ve been for decades. For correcting what the Govt of independent India should have starting 1947.
#RisingStar 33: Of course the torchbearer of it all @sanjeevsanyal. Deep research, presented so lucidly.
#RisingStar 34: And @HindolSengupta for repackaging our heroes in a new, hip, more attractive package… and reaching out to those that would otherwise not have cared.
#RisingStar 35: @myindmakers The TriShakti of @ask0704 @pburavalli @sunandavashisht string together the most interesting podcasts and content on topics MSM wouldn’t touch.
#RisingStar 36: @MODIfiedVikas for being in the trenches as a suraksha kavach against misreporting and manipulation.
#RisingStar 37: Follow 3 Rahuls… #RahulGandhi @rahulroushan & @bhak_sala . All of them are funny. Two are trying to be ;-).
#RisingStar 38: On caste politics, @Abhina_Prakash’s writings and work.
#RisingStar 39: @srirambjp: When a global Indian looks at India with pride, THIS is what his feed looks like :)
#RisingStar 40: @nkgrock : Under the calm unassuming face, is a wicked, deep reservoir of Indic knowledge. Follow his writings on thoughts, practices and cultures that make India.
#RisingStar 41: @muglikar_ the true Aam Aadmi. Looks like one. Talks like one, but stings like a bee ;-). Cool insightful video commentaries also.
#RisingStar 42: @kushal_mehra for his friend-next-door type podcats. Especially from the educated, urban, progressive’s PoV.
#RisingStar 43: @mediacrooks for tirelessly calling out the fake stories and manipulation that would have gone unnoticed.
#RisingStar 44: Finally, a personal thanks to @OpIndia_com, who stood by me when MSM “journalists” came attacking.…
We owe all of them a huge debt. Thx to them, MSM now thinks twice before peddling us BS packaged as a story.
SPECIAL SEGMENT: Young organizations & institutions that are #RisingStars
#RisingStar 45: @SrijanFn for organizing Dharmic talks of academic importance.
#RisingStar 46: @RajivMessage’s Infinity Foundation & #SwadeshiIndology… for single handedly holding up the fort against #BreakingIndia forces. Its bloody difficult to last this long against an organized, well funded adversary.
#RisingStar 47: @Swamy39… not just a man… an institution by himself. A leader amongst politicians. Follow @vhsindia for updates on legal & social action.
#RisingStar 48: @IndicAcademy & @harikiranv for encouraging authors & academicians to create more content. For celebrating the renaissance.
#RisingStar 49: Finally, @rammadhavbjp has already emerged as the go-to man for Track 2 diplomacy. Follow @indfoundation for their brilliant journal and thought-curation.
So there you have it. My list of 50 #RisingStars. Apologies if I have missed any prominent/patriotic #RisingStars. Do let me know.
#RisingStar 50: If you’re wondering where # 50 is, well… it’s YOU. It’s YOUR job to share this list widely. Lord knows, the other side is dying to curb these voices.
Oh and of course, my handle @anuraag_saxena, has topics like National Security, Foreign Policy, Temple/Heritage Issues, #BringOurGodsHome, etc. Would love your feedback. #RisingStars
One final note on the world OUTSIDE of Twitter & WhatsApp. There are scores of KarmaYoddhas working at the grassroots, who own up and drive the change they want to see. They understand 2 things:
A. Whining on Twitter & WhatsApp never gets anything (except validation from your echo chamber)… Results need committing to the higher cause.
B. Don’t wait for the Government or the “ecosystem” (whatever THAT is ;-) to prop up your cause. Just go out there and get it done.
KarmaYoddhas are not in it for the glory, or the money or anything else. They are our unsung #RisingStars. My request to you today – find one and ask them “How can I help you?”
It’s the ONLY way India will be #Vishwaguru. Jai Hind!
Post Script/ can I request u all to add your own #RisingStars. . Let's spread the chain.

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