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The tweets in my “in case you missed it” feed inform me that both Bernie and Trump have totally gone apeshit this weekend. Clearly Mueller’s on the right track...
Also I just left Wakanda, so drinks all around and 🥂.
Seriously though, we told folk Bernie and Jill couldn’t be trusted a long fucking time ago, but y’all didn’t wanna listen to us because we didn’t fit the preferred narrative (read propaganda). The suppression of truth was just as prolific as the propagation of lies in 2016.
Much respect to Mueller and his team, but honestly I didn’t need an extensive collusion investigation to know that Bernie was a wolf in sheep’s clothing after he pretty much told on himself by pretending he marched with MLK.
Bernie’s entire pitch to Black voters was blatantly transparent propaganda, which again is the number one reason why he resoundingly lost the Democratic primary. Anyone who still isn’t clear on this fact doesn’t want to be.
Also I don’t appreciate how the MSM is reporting the details of Mueller’s indictment re attempts to propagandize minority voters without unequivocally stating in the same breath that we didn’t fall for the bullshit and voted in majority for HRC across ALL non-White demographics.
In other words, what the MSM is still too chickenshit and complicit to tell you is that while the conspirators’ stated intention may have been to sabotage the minority vote specifically, the only folk who were miseducated enough to take the bait belong to the White majority.
Bernie pretending he marched with MLK was for the benefit of White voters who didn’t and still don’t know Black history well enough to know he was completely full of shit. Don’t worry, I have receipts...
Do NOT let these fuckers pretend that propaganda aimed at minority voters (that we didn’t actually buy) was a more effective means of voter suppression than racist voter ID laws and Republicans literally removing thousands of minority voters from the rolls/closing polling places.
Do NOT let these fuckers pretend that it was anyone but the extremists on both the far left and right who were privileged enough to consume and spread unadulterated horse shit for the duration of the 2016 campaign with a free pass from the American MSM that caused this DISASTER.
Do NOT let White “moderates” off the hook for pretending certified fascist propaganda was “economic anxiety” and that the only voices worth hearing belonged to folk who were too ignorant not to fall prey to a Russian/Bernie/Jill/Trump/GOP cyberattack. Stop glorifying stupidity.
I don’t care if it’s tacky to say I told you so because we motherfucking told y’all so and you didn’t fucking listen. People need to understand that the truth is out here being spoken every day by folk America (and now Russia) intentionally programs them not to hear.
This shit wasn’t, and still isn’t a mystery, Black women had it all figured out by Super Tuesday. We did our job to keep the Democratic nomination out of Bernie’s dirty hands and followed it up by voting 94% for HRC, so fuck your propaganda and the narrative™️.
The bottom line is Russia’s goal was to deny Hillary the presidency, and when Bernie failed to win the nomination plan B became weaponizing his Bros and bots. Simple task considering they were singing the same economically anxious tune as Trump’s voters were.
Then you throw in Jill Stein’s whacky ass and the scores of mostly White, apathetic 3rd party voters who are STILL too privileged to listen to minorities who actually understand the issues/differences between the parties. Their fuckery was obvious from day one too.
Everybody who missed it needs to examine why they were so susceptible to foreign and domestic bullshit and how it is that they didn’t know or listen to enough Black people who could’ve shown them the truth and the light in real time instead of having to wait for Mueller’s report.
The Russian collusion wouldn’t have been effective if it weren’t for the ignorance and gullibility of the majority of the White electorate. Whether they chose Trump, Jill, or to stay home they did so in defiance of every last warning they received from ethnic minority voters.
They did so for a myriad of reasons that were all ultimately informed by right wing propaganda, and pretending we can fix the problem without admitting how pervasively brainwashed the White American community has been for decades is the most absurd shit I’ve ever witnessed.
In other words...
People on the left and in the alleged middle, in particular White men on TV like Chris Hayes and Chuck Todd, need to take responsibility for sensationalizing Bernie and his droves of White men who were all essentially just foot soldiers of Russian cyber warfare on American soil.
Women and people of color explicitly warned the mostly White male press about the epidemic of online harassment and propagation of propaganda by the “Bros” in particular, yet they INSISTED on deeming them the holy grail of American political contest.
In case it isn’t clear, what I’m saying is if you participated in peddling Bernie/Jill’s unworkable in reality ideas after the point that it was obvious he LOST by April 2016 and she had no chance in hell, you need to examine what role you played in doing Putin’s work for him.
You don’t get to just skim over the Bernie/Jill parts of the Mueller indictments as if we didn’t see y’all participating in the conspiracy and won’t expect accountability from *everyone* who handed our government over to Russia and the Klan. You better #expectus.
You don’t get to just pretend like Tad Devine and Paul Manafort don’t go way back or that they didn’t BOTH use the tactics they honed in Russia/Ukraine with their respective candidate’s campaigns against Hillary Clinton in 2016. Cut the bullshit already.
Also EVERYONE who participated in the email/DNC Wikileaks hack hysteria was a willful participant in Russian propaganda whether they have the insight or conviction of character to admit it today or not.
Let’s just be clear about all of the above facts, because I see people on TV and Twitter reporting on Mueller’s indictments like they haven’t been cogs in the wheel. If Trump, Jill and Bernie are freaking the fuck out, y’all should be too because you served their kool-aid.
They’re like “this makes you wonder who will be implicated on the American side” and I’m like YOU motherfucker, do you not remember purposely seeking out White working class voters to spread all the propaganda they learned from Fox “news” and Russian trolls on your programming?!
It’s shake and bake, and Y’ALL helped.
I remember the shit just like it was yesterday, the entire MSM covered the Democratic primary and general election precisely as Mueller outlines that the Kremlin intended. They intentionally suppressed marginalized voices in favor of peddling propaganda to White voters.
I don’t wanna hear shit else from these people who are feigning outrage, shock and innocence about Mueller’s revelations after they did all the shit he’s “uncovering” for two years straight in broad daylight with no shame or abandon and called it a fucking revolution. GTFOH.
Any day now, @SenSanders. The intelligence community has repeatedly implicated your rhetoric and the online habits of your supporters in Russia’s cyberattack. When will you take responsibility, or are you just like Trump?
What did Bernie know and when did he know it? Why is he continuing to double down on his antics in light of Mueller’s allegations and why did he vote against the Russia sanctions? At the very damn least he should be held to same standards imposed on Trump. Where are THEIR taxes?
The intelligence community is already on record explicitly stating that Russia plans to meddle in the 2018 election, but the folk who fucked up and peddled Putin’s propaganda in 2016 are STILL making all the same stupid ass mistakes for all the same stupid ass reasons.
At some point we have to acknowledge that their insistence upon making the same “mistakes” despite repeatedly being shown the disastrous outcomes of their actions means that a great many of them are actually doing the shit on purpose.
Willful choices to obfuscate the facts and disseminate misinformation were made. Willful choices to suppress and vilify the voices of truth were made. The Russians couldn’t have crashed our party without an open invitation from Hillary’s opponents.
People are still *choosing* to traffic in propaganda and be foot soldiers for the assault on reason and American democracy because doing so turns a handsome profit. Until miseducating and manipulating the public stops being lucrative in this country, this coup will continue.
Cable news will continue to book the same guests who are intentionally muddying the waters of sociopolitical discourse despite knowing full well the consequences of 2016, because propagandizing their predominately White audience is a cash cow.
They have no remorse for their actions because in their minds, the more chaotic and fucked up things are, the more glued to the “news” Americans will be and the more susceptible the White electorate will become to charlatans who promise them unicorns and/or time travel to 1950.
It shouldn’t be lost on us that the people who ran on self-righteous indignation at fake news falsehoods are only now able to muster sufficient outrage about Russian meddling in the 2016 election because the “secret” got out that their campaigns benefited from it.
Mueller’s investigation isn’t a salacious reality TV show or gossip magazine meant just for shits & giggles, these are dead serious crimes against democracy, and anyone who’s still lending credibility to these explicitly named beneficiaries of the Kremlin can’t be trusted.
Why the fuck even have the Russia probe and put Mueller and his staff through all these paces if we aren’t going to at least learn to stop giving the same propagandists ample opportunity to repeat themselves and evade accountability for their actions?!?! This is ludicrous.
This coup won’t just magically end on its own, the people and institutions that started it have to be stopped and held accountable first. Either we learn from 2016 or we’re destined to keep repeating it.

• • •

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Oct 9, 2018
I don’t begrudge their secrecy either, but how exactly are the ~60% of White men who vote GOP ever going to evolve away from misogyny if not even the women in their lives feel safe enough to speak their minds? This is the American Taliban.
No one is explicitly addressing the narcissism and sociopathy of *mainstream* White American male culture from within its ranks. It’s literally shooting up the public square, desecrating the US government, waging endless war abroad/at home and killing the planet with IMPUNITY.
It’s already painfully clear they won’t listen to the marginalized groups they’re oppressing, but the fact that there’s literally been no appreciable impact of White on White peer pressure on the WM majority for so long in this country should be cause for much greater concern.
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Oct 8, 2018
How are they possible Democratic voters if a) they don’t know or care what the party stands for b) they can’t be bothered to listen to or be intersectional with the marginalized groups that ARE the Democratic base c) they can’t tolerate confrontation of White male supremacy? 🤷🏾‍♀️
Listen Bros, I understand that you haven’t had a party to proudly call your own since GWB irreparably destroyed the GOP in the 2000s. I’ve documented it at length. None of this means you get to commandeer a coalition you don’t even actually support.
Rather than work internally to change the GOP or establish a viable 3rd party for Bros who are aware enough to be embarrassed by the GOP, they seek to meet their ends on the backs of the women, POC and LGBTQ who anchor the Democratic Party. HELL NO, Bro.
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Oct 8, 2018
Respectfully, what you also aren’t getting is that the White privileged psyche of MAGAts, Klansmen, Nazis and other GOP isn’t unique to them or completely absent from the folk on the Left who routinely thwart Democratic objectives out of spite for women and POC. Slash that.
@philip_md1 I don’t make exceptions for racist/misogynist fuckery on the left. If these people want to actually join the Democratic Party, they need to listen for once in their lives and learn how to be RELIABLE allies to the base of the party. If not, they can GTFOH.
@philip_md1 You really need to take the time to read MLK’s Letter from Birmingham jail because if you still don’t see how White “moderates” are equally responsible for this disaster, you’re aiding and abetting it.
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Oct 4, 2018
LOL if I’m honest I’d say I’m struggling to even figure out which one you’re referencing because aren’t they all?! 🤷🏾‍♀️🤪 Either way you’re guaranteed to find it on a) my wakelet page (link in bio) or b) my Moments tab #onhere.
@noralove It’s gonna irk me until I figure it out though 😂 is it this one?
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Sep 28, 2018
Seriously though, where is Mark Judge? WTAF?!
I thought it was so disingenuous how Kavanaugh cited Mark Judge’s substance addiction as a reason why he shouldn’t be brought into this as if their mutual relationship with beer isn’t at the heart of this controversy.
Not only that but it’s also highly plausible that the sheer stress of keeping his and Kavanaugh’s dirty secrets concealed over the last few months triggered a relapse or exacerbation of Judge’s addiction.
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Sep 24, 2018
I love how people keep declaring a constitutional crisis every day as if we haven’t already been in one perpetually since 1/20/17. 🙃
Who would’ve guessed that the illegitimately installed sociopath would behave like an illegitimately installed sociopath every fucking chance he gets?! Who would’ve guessed that his Republican enablers would actually use the rubber stamp they nominated?
Every Congressional Republican who’s up for re-election in November should be VOTED OUT simply on the grounds that they’ve aided and abetted Trump’s illegitimate and illegal occupation of the White House for going on 2 years. Mueller shouldn’t have to be doing their job for them.
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