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1/x A no BS review of #AlteredCarbon I like sci-fi. Its a hard form for TV for a bunch of reasons.
1. scifi show always needs to be friendly to new viewers, peeps who tune in midseason. hey have to know whats going on. So, every episode has to explain itself, each character, etc
2/x 2. a scifi show has so many different 'types' of viewers, Some ppl like visuals and the plot is secondary. Some ppl want constant action, a frenetic experience. Some ppl just want to see pretty people in space, scifi (very) soft core pron
3/x Scifi movies are easer than shows like #AlteredCarbon = You;re immersed ina theater, you dont have to be reminded of wat happened 30 minutes ago. Movies can be more elegant and economical, they have no spacefor filler
4/x review of #AlteredCarbon because time is so scarce in a movie, every frame has is deeply conisdered. The mind/creativity is indulged 'fill in the blanks', so whats not shown n the screen, the mind has to noodle. They have to reconsider every single image they saw
5/x review of #AlteredCarbon but his is also why bad scifi movies are excruciating (for me) - because when my mind is filling in those blanks it stumbles on all the stupidity of the movie, all the bad dialogue, imagery,plot. I am very unforgiving. Did you see #Geostorm horrible
6/x review of #AlteredCarbon many scifi shows have a lot of time to fill up, the viewer is always tempted by another channel. They dont let the mind relax, the best they can do is a cliffhanger, suspense, then violence, then dialogue. And, laways too much reliance on special fx
7/x review of #AlteredCarbon as soon as i see special fx in the advertisement, or the poster is glitzy or has the usual robot red eyes, a futurstic looking gun, a ship in space, whatever, then i knw its got some big stikes against it
8/x review of #AlteredCarbon ok, unto altered states. The show begins with a voiceover, big red flag for me. It reminds me of the original cut of blade runner. Its insulting to the viewer, doesnt give me a chance to 'figure it out'... di you ever read...
9/x review of #AlteredCarbon Clockwork orange, took like 20 pages to get the gist of the crude language, right? Or Dune, you got chug thru 30+ pages before it starts coming together. When it started wit the voiceover and fanciful imagery i got a sense of wha to expect. Sad!
10/x review of #AlteredCarbon starts with expalining about what it s, example a 'sleeve'. Um, if you can give me a few minutes, i can figure it out. But the writers/roducers wont give me that courtesy. They have to tell me what it is. They cheated me out of that enjoyment
11/x review of #AlteredCarbon the first ep. was actually enjoyable. But, by the thrid episide it had nothing left ot tell me. If people can jump bodies it changes so much of a persons identity, the world is diffent, human courtiesies are differnet...
12/x review of #AlteredCarbon quickly the show settles into what it is, just a bunch of visuals, sets that look like rejects from the Saw movies, bad lighting, and lots of fukin gorgeous ppl. Oh yeah, those accents, russian, british, etc. yeesh,
13/x review of #AlteredCarbon even the costumes are 'seen before' the tar wears the retro black, collar up thing, square jaw. The lead actor gotta be a star of some porno vids. H des the physcial great, he knows his body. He does the nuances 'who i am' badly
14/x review of #AlteredCarbon theres a long torture scene, hero is table, villain has cheap russian accent, Hes even got that two tone hair thing, died blond on the top, shiiiiiit. And every shootout our hero is doing the John Wick. Good for Keanu, bad for anybody else trying
15/x review of #AlteredCarbon its fine for a scifi show to got eh soap opera route, not a fan of battlestar gallactica..but it is good long form. So, heres the summary coming up....
16/x review of #AlteredCarbon this show doesnt 'believe' anything, it has no nucleus of a belief about the future, about how people are/interact/touch their environment. Its just opportunistic. 'give us money, we'll give you a show'
17/x review of #AlteredCarbon show is between watch it/dont watch it. have low expectations. Ppl talk bout the special effects, the cyber/cypher punk'ness of it. I belive they are wrong. This show just has special effects. Its not clever visually either. Just neon crayon colors
18/x review of #AlteredCarbon Remember when yu first saw blade runner, its noir, your not sure what the future 'is', then you see a city landscape, there are fires spewing, it was so disorienting, that one scene alone makes you think about the future in a new way.
19/x review of #AlteredCarbon did yu ever muddle thru terminator, the sarah connor chron, that last episode..i know it was cancelled and they had to whip something together, but you think about that future 'what happened' - who are these people?
20/x review of #AlteredCarbon so, see the show, its cool. It'll keep you busy Dont expect great. DId you eve see ' a scanner darkly', and the very last scene just stops you, you have to replay the last two hours, 'wow'. In almost 10 hours ive watched it has none of that
21/x review of #AlteredCarbon and it has no commentary. Did you ever see that scene in monty pythn tv show, the argument department, 'time's up'.. And absurd bureacracy and this guy is a stranger to it. In that two minute scene he leaned about it,the hard way
22/x review of #AlteredCarbon so, its a scifi show with a HUGE budget, that never bothered to come up with its operating system. Its all hardware, no instructions. So, see it, but its bad. End

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let's talk about what GDP is (and isn't).  GDP is:
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May 11, 2018
1/ Journos, hose who say that Avenatti's use of Crowdjustice violated terms of Stripe, this is not true. Stripe rents out their backend to others. They have rules that apply to their own organic clients, and other rules that apply to the biz thats brought in from 3rd parties
2/ But, why did McCabe and Avenatti both use crowd funding sites to raise money. Its actually very inefficient... Its expensive and means there has to be rather open reporting and accounting of the money raised. They used it because those sites are the goto for money laundering
3/ Regular merchant processors like stripe and many more, do a credit evaluation and also a have very strict rules about the buinsses they will take in. This is because things like travel have a HUGE risk of chargebacks. So does electronics cos of stolen cards
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Pls look at thread and behold #Google “we’re the good, evil company” This list is employees of Google & Groundworks (goog co built to help HRC elex) that have been swapped in/out of Dept of State/ #Clinton Foundation/ #Hillary Prez campaign/New America (dem org)
From Clinton Foundation to GooglePeter AlbersFinance and Operations, Clinton Foundation, 2006Head of Real Estate Partnerships at Google Fiber
From Clinton Foundation to GoogleShannon Jones NewberryDeputy Director of Communications, Clinton Global Initiative, 2011-2012Communications and Public Affairs, Google…
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Thread bout #CambridgeAnalytica #AlexanderNix and Hillary / Google. MSM desperately looks for another reason to explain "What Happened", let's look at the interrelationship between Google and the HRC campaign, the State Dept & her favored think tank New America
From Clinton Foundation to Google    Peter Albers    Finance and Operations, Clinton Foundation, 2006    Head of Real Estate Partnerships at Google Fiber
From Clinton Foundation to Google    Shannon Jones Newberry    Deputy Director of Communications, Clinton Global Initiative, 2011-2012    Communications and Public Affairs, Google…
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Mar 9, 2018
1. Sharing some of the journo/commentators I follow who have been exceptional/insightful. They're ahead of the curve, carved out a niche subject, are challenging MSM and moving journalism in a new direction. @johnrobb and this article today about him…
2. Sharing another journo I follow = @Cernovich = Ahead of the curve, breaking scoops/following up on stories that fall out of the news cycle. As MSM news becomes nothing but movie reviews, the rise of the indie journos will be the story of 2018, he'll be big
3. Journo is about to change bigly. AI spinwriters will serve 'news' thats already 'vetted'. Real journo is also $$$ (examle FOIA) and takes time. MSM will cut $. People will search for alt media. Medium already banning, then Patreon will. Then what?
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Feb 25, 2018
1/x @NRA and stuff.... Piece of shit advocacy group, BUT, the blasts against them are fukin idiotic, peoplealways grab for the easy moral authority, #Rubio shud resign cos he has no intellectual ability to take their miney and still possess any civic virtu
2/x @nra but now, having said that, can we dig deeper beyond the NRA, the american left has NO Democratic Party opposition to war. the fake Wakanda domiciled liberals and progressives have been manipulated to allies of the military-industrial-complex
3/x #nra Democrats who wore kente cloth and/or boycotted the State of the Union cannot find their voices to object to America’s bombing of Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, or Somalia. hmmm
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