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Jul 25, 2018 19 tweets 2 min read
let's talk about what GDP is (and isn't).  GDP is: C+I+G+(NX) or:
May 11, 2018 19 tweets 3 min read
1/ Journos, hose who say that Avenatti's use of Crowdjustice violated terms of Stripe, this is not true. Stripe rents out their backend to others. They have rules that apply to their own organic clients, and other rules that apply to the biz thats brought in from 3rd parties 2/ But, why did McCabe and Avenatti both use crowd funding sites to raise money. Its actually very inefficient... Its expensive and means there has to be rather open reporting and accounting of the money raised. They used it because those sites are the goto for money laundering
Apr 28, 2018 41 tweets 11 min read
Pls look at thread and behold #Google “we’re the good, evil company” This list is employees of Google & Groundworks (goog co built to help HRC elex) that have been swapped in/out of Dept of State/ #Clinton Foundation/ #Hillary Prez campaign/New America (dem org) From Clinton Foundation to GooglePeter AlbersFinance and Operations, Clinton Foundation, 2006Head of Real Estate Partnerships at Google Fiber
Mar 20, 2018 69 tweets 19 min read
Thread bout #CambridgeAnalytica #AlexanderNix and Hillary / Google. MSM desperately looks for another reason to explain "What Happened", let's look at the interrelationship between Google and the HRC campaign, the State Dept & her favored think tank New America From Clinton Foundation to Google    Peter Albers    Finance and Operations, Clinton Foundation, 2006    Head of Real Estate Partnerships at Google Fiber
Mar 9, 2018 31 tweets 10 min read
1. Sharing some of the journo/commentators I follow who have been exceptional/insightful. They're ahead of the curve, carved out a niche subject, are challenging MSM and moving journalism in a new direction. @johnrobb and this article today about him… 2. Sharing another journo I follow = @Cernovich = Ahead of the curve, breaking scoops/following up on stories that fall out of the news cycle. As MSM news becomes nothing but movie reviews, the rise of the indie journos will be the story of 2018, he'll be big
Feb 25, 2018 18 tweets 11 min read
1/x @NRA and stuff.... Piece of shit advocacy group, BUT, the blasts against them are fukin idiotic, peoplealways grab for the easy moral authority, #Rubio shud resign cos he has no intellectual ability to take their miney and still possess any civic virtu 2/x @nra but now, having said that, can we dig deeper beyond the NRA, the american left has NO Democratic Party opposition to war. the fake Wakanda domiciled liberals and progressives have been manipulated to allies of the military-industrial-complex
Feb 19, 2018 22 tweets 9 min read
1/x A no BS review of #AlteredCarbon I like sci-fi. Its a hard form for TV for a bunch of reasons.
1. scifi show always needs to be friendly to new viewers, peeps who tune in midseason. hey have to know whats going on. So, every episode has to explain itself, each character, etc 2/x 2. a scifi show has so many different 'types' of viewers, Some ppl like visuals and the plot is secondary. Some ppl want constant action, a frenetic experience. Some ppl just want to see pretty people in space, scifi (very) soft core pron