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1/ #MondayMotivaton #AmericaFirst #2020Vision #Midterms2018 #Election2020 #Trump2020
So... We’ve been thinking about this long and hard and really need some objective opinions. PLEASE Respond below, RT & encourage response.
2/ My fellow Americans who support a Liberated AMERICA run by The People, for The People & .@POTUS .@realDonaldTrump :

Why r we attacking each other & trying to break apart our highly successful Revolution when we’ve come this far?
3/ America comes before your twisted panty wads EVERY DAY 24/7 🛑 JUST STOP 🛑 #Prize2020

Bill Mitchellites?
Libertarian InfoWars?
GOP Underground but in our face Political Activists/Hucksters?

4/ You are just 1 part of a HUUGE Fam, of differing opinions & beliefs - Conservative, LIBERTARIAN, Independent, No Party Affiliate, Liberal, GREEN, RED, BLUE, Indigo, 2 Genders (Girl, Boy) beliefs, more than 2 Genders (belief) Trans, Gay, whatever lifestyle... it’s still US
5/ WE DON’T CARE who you love... just that you ARE Loved and CAN Love in return... PERIOD. FEELINGS aren’t going to run this Country, but Americans with differing feelings, through LOGIC, will.
We’ll Stand United by & for America and leave our FEELZ at the door.
6/ LEFT Communism/Socialism is your TARGET 🎯 not different thinking Americans of OUR Nation. DEBATE not destruction. UNITE or we fall, this time it’s Forever Folks.
7/ Religion: Christian, Jew, Athiest, Agnostic, Hindu, Buddhist, etc. or No religion, differing opinions, backgrounds, financial standing, you name it... Black, Latino, Asian, Native American, White, Ancestry -ALL Continents. We’re on the same side... #AmericaFirst
8/ 🚨 MINUS Children and Animal abusers, Human Traffickers, Criminals (We’ll weed you out and hang your ass... TRUTH) <— We have already begun, but I digress.
9/ On the one side of Trump Nation for America, we have those of us who have sought change and the downfall of bureaucracy because we’ve witnessed it’s destructive, and mostly brutal disdain for Taxpayers that support all of it financially, but very rarely benefit from it.
10/ Most certainly, as in the conservative (Tea Party) movements, they have actually been attacked by these same corrupt bureaucracies.
11/ We’ve watched, horrified, as they dissected & DIVIDED our country into fractions of people, almost small swat-away biting insect-like groups, that have lost complete sight of the bigger picture, LIBERTY.
12/ If some1 around u is divisive, what do u do? Pray? That’s nice, but when God tells u MOVE, BE THE CHANGE... Do You ignore him?
And if an Athiest reads this & says, oh, God again... that’s funny, should I show Love, knowng he/she has EVERY right not to believe as I do BELIEVE?
13/ We witnessed, firsthand, a weaponized IRS that sought to shut down the Tea Party Free Speech initiatives & gatherings, just one of the beginning factions in this movement.
14/ We witnessed, in our travels on the #Trumptrain , a literal Democrat leadership Criminal Cabal. STILL ongoing (DWS, now Ellison, Muslim Brotherhood) led by the Globalist $$ Cabal including Clintons, Obamas, Hollywood Perversions, Factions of Islam, Holder, Jarrett, Podesta
15/ Blumenthals, Soros, Rothschilds, Lynch, Mueller, McCabe, Berkeley Janet Napolitano exSec H Secur for Bill Clinton, American Left Univers, NSA, FBI, CIA, DOJ, Selfserving CONGRESS, CIAMSM, CIAISIS, CIAALQUEDA, CIAMB, just about every Crook that’s ever worked for any of them
16/ STILL ongoing, that not only sought to rig the Dem Primaries 2016, but through Emails WE Learned (Thank You Seth Rich) (available at ROBBED (Bernie & Jill supporters) of a fair primary & literally treated them like leper trash
17/ Locked them out of their own convention, and literally WOKE probably 50% of them up, at that moment, to the fact they’d been had, killing LEOs, killing each other (CLINTONBODYBAGS) and this created a HUUGE Red Wave #DemExit to Trump NEW GOP
18/ OLD GOP a/k/a GOPe or GOB Good Ol Boys {demise IMMINENT} even more Americans joined us later... and more jumping ships to us as we speak.
19/ The Black Lives Matter Movement shows us how the Democratic Party uses desperate targeted Young American Populace for their own means (now targeting school children they actually are responsible for endangering & killing), all the while, keeping them mired in poverty,
20/ lying, destroying their commun, families (drugs/abortion & HATE, they teach them hate).

Their very culture of rising up to their inherent FREEDOM attained & obtained by their American ancestors is denied again, by Evil Plantation-minded Selfserving Dem/GoB Global Elite LIARS
21/ You ARE FREE, STAND UP... RISE💫 They Hate you, they hate us, they hate America. Don’t Let Them Win anything ever again. That’s where the word Winning comes in. It’s not a Game Win... It’ YOUR (OUR) Life Win... America.
They are Cowards, they are scared of US United.
23/ Do you see how fast Democrats ran to the ILLEGAL Hispanic & Foreign population for backup when the reality hit our black population that Dems are CROOKS & habitual Liars? When the BLM black population realized they’d been used & prisoned, just to further a Dem Agenda?
24/ The same small business owners that were burned out were their prospective employers in their communities?
See how deceitful that is? Convince Kids to destroy their own communities, thus insuring Gov dependence & ill-conceived loyalty to the party? It’s diabolical I tell you.
25/ Creating riffs between LEO & community was inevitable though. Like every living, breathing organization, there ARE bad apples 🍎 Law Enforcement around the country are working diligently to weed these narcissistic a-holes OUT.
26/ Whether we’re talkng REAL racists (L R doesn’t matter) or opportunists (Sheriff Israel, Broward Cnty, LEFT Leos, bought & paid for, very, VERY DIRTY), they’ll be weeded out, one by one... TRUST THAT!
27/ “MARK” THAT!! Our Children, American Children, WILL come First. OUR children will NOT be used as pawns #NeverAgain

EVERY DAY more Americans wake up determined to Unite by HUMAN commonalities and ignore the enemies’ divisiveness... Hell they have created here on Earth.
28/ They are running desperate now, like the rats they are, soon to replace those falsely caged. You’ll see.

Our next stop on the TrumpTrain 🛑 is the GOP SelfServing Elite #NeverTrump #NotMyPresident Crew.
29/ To this day, we still don’t know who is actually with America but we do know who is Self-serving:

2. REAGAN FAM ( coalition )
3. McCain
4. Romney
5. Kasich
6. Ryan (one of those “can’t quite figure out”)
30/ but witnessing what has been done to the character of American .@PNehlan (Suspended by Twitter, Ryan’s challenger in WI) and Ryan rather coy about EVERYTHING,
31/ I’m guessing Paul Ryan is not really “ON” the TrumpTrain but does love America, and can’t figure out how to get his buddies #NeverTrump OFF his back. They DO NOT have the best intentions for America’s People at heart, Self-serving DOLTS that refuse to acknowledge REALITY.
32/ “WE’RE IN CHARGE” #WeThePeople
33/ 7. MSM Kristol, Scarborough (JEB) and the like minded. Their GOB (Good ‘Ol Boys) CLUB has been OUTED to include many Ex Members of Gov... Useless, Selfserving, Prejudice, Divisive, Hateful, Criminal, Hypocrites.
34/ Right now, they’re interferng w/ Primary candidates in CA w/ help of CABAL Criminals. They’re ignorant to the fact that they, too, have BULLSEYES 🎯 on them, our green/red laser lights fluttering, their perversion of jurisprudence escapes them, but OUTS them to US.
35/ Our Golden City, America, she never sleeps. She sees, hears, HACKS if necess. NOTHING they do gets by. They hate us, they hate America. Destruction is all they know. Build nothng, steal everythng... they are vile creatures w/ no real love in their life. #CharadeofHate
36/ We live in a Crowded House FAM. I’ve always thought, that this was a prophetic message from Jesus through Crowded House (I know atheists *sigh* but whatevs, just say it’s from me then) .@cernovich .@mitchellvii Zero’s Crew, Info wars, Tea Party, DemExit still America
37/ “Don’t Dream It’s Over” Don’t Let Them Win! #AmericanFam

‘Scuse any typos/bad grammar... More Later Peeps... God Bless & Love Abounds Rightfully in You & America. #UNITEDWeStand, Divided Storms... We Fall... Forever
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Mar 25, 2018
1) These Marching kids have NO Clue
1st pic... My Mother (young blonde) Margarete, as a child in Kassel, Germany w/ her little brother, Dieter, my GF (Nazi) & GM. Both Mom & Uncle were HITLER JUGEND…
2) She married my Dad, an American AF AP in Germany in 1951. Immigrated & became an American citizen & was until the day she died, Dec 2, 2015; 64 yrs
Not one day did she ever want to talk about her life in Hitler Jungen, but said loud speakers bellowing rhetoric drove her crazy
3) That’s me on the right, my daughter in the middle, who is now 35 with kids of her own. We were stationed in Germany for 3 1/2 Years at Giebelstadt Air Base near Würzburg. She visited us from the States.
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Mar 1, 2018
1/ Had to run some errands, .@glennbeck on AMRadio “Sessions has been loyal to Trump & look how he treats him” *sniff*
EARTH TO BECK - Americans r breathing down Trump’s neck for JUSTICE & Loyalty to US, so he passes on those messages... Sessions not accessible to America on Twit
2/ .@glennbeck Take your sorry NeverTrumpin’ ass OUT of the discussion if you’re gonna act like #WeThePeople don’t exist and you don’t care about Clinton & Obama Cartels getting away with, literally, Murder... STILL. #17foranAgenda
3/ .@glennbeck We’re sick of your pansy ass do nothing, but cause friction, BS attitude
You want to complain about Trump? How about the issue of Fascist Gun Disarmament of Law Abiding American Citizens but Sessions hasn’t laid down the hammer on Holder/Clinton/Lynch/Jarrett/Obama
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