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#YazidiGenocide survivor:we asked our Sunni neighbors to help us,they hid us in their home. Two ISIS cars arrived & captured us. Members of the family from our neighbors were ISIS princes(Amir). her 12 yrs sister was raped,she lost her husband & family @TarekFatah @Cameron_Gray
1)when ISIS attacked we said let’s go to our krif (Sunni neighbors Khudhur khalif Al3fri) in kir Shabak village near from them.we walked to them & two of our men brought the cars. We got the neighbors home and asked to hide us till we get a chance to get the mountains @POTUS
2)or to Rabia district,our Sunni neighbors asked women to go on the roof of the house,asked men to enter the guests room.we saw them acting unnormal,within an hour ISIS cars arrived to captured us,their sons were ISIS members,betrayed us & we didn’t know that #YazidiGenocide
3)ISIS asked us to get down & asked me to get kid was sleeping I forgot him on the rooftop.they took everything from us (phones, gold and money).at 9 o’clock in the evening they took us to intersection of Herdan road. There cars were stopped @BrendaStoter
4)ISIS got our men out of the cars,tied them,made them ranks and the cars started driving after they forced us to ride the cars.since that moment we don’t know anything about the fate of our men(my husband,his father,3 brothers & 4 cousins)another family’s men call suliman Kamal
5) Suliman Kamal‘ wife & her children was with us.we arrived at kask checkpoint,there were many families from our village Herdan without their men,In the morning we arrived at AlAzaher madrassa in Telafer.ISIS took many girls & we were moved to Badoosh jail in miserable condition
6)ISIS took beautiful girls/women,Saliman Kamal‘ Wife hid her daughter Samia from Herdan,ISIS asked her where is your daughter, she answered I don’t know, ISIS said you made her run from us? The mother said she is so young and you want to rape her,ISIS: surely she will be raped
7)she is a slave and Jihadists have to rape her.after they found her,they took her.Her mother was beaten by hoses,then she was lashed in the street & was stoned in front of the eyes of everyone.she was crying & bleeding from her head & forehead.we couldn’t help her @VikasSaraswat
8)till now we don’t know anything about her. #YazidiGenocide survivor: IS took my 12 yrs sister from me.i tried to save her,but my infant was in my hands,1 ISIS drew my infant & another one pushed me ,I fell down on my face and my Infant fell from my hand #InternationalWomensDay
9) at this time I lost my 12 yrs sister.after 16 days airplanes bombed us.ISIS moved us to Telafer again,there ISIS separated us. My mother in law 3 sisters in law were taken I don’t know to where. After that ISIS took my 8 yrs daughter from me.after 3 months ISIS asked widows...
10) to gather and ISIS is going to search for their men.IS told widows we are going to sell you to the government,we were happy to get ride of them. We registered our names& rode the buses, we drove to west,my older daughter was ill & lied in bed with her grandma
11)I asked them to bring my daughter but they prevented me.we were 30 women with their children in one bus, we arrived in shingal & thought they would hand us to the fighters on shingal mountains,we were happy abt that but we were disappointed,they continued driving to Syria.
12)we stayed 15 days in Raqqa & were sold after that. Abu Jihman Aljazrawi long black huge man with long beard & hair bought me. One day while my son was crying I gave him some milk & was also crying. I made myself as I’m blind & dumb to save me & my daughter from enslavement
13)since 20 months I haven’t spoken.IS terrorist came in the morning & talked to me I made myself,I don’t see or hear,he asked my daughter,she said my mother is blind & dumb! He asked since when? My daughter since what happened in shingal,it’s a shock of Genocide
14)he asked who helps her? My daughter said I have to help her. IS terrorist I bought you some food,eat it! He watched us when my daughter took my hand and gave me some food to eat. 2 ISIS terrorists came to him & they talked among each other while in listening @RitaPanahi @POTUS
15)ISIS terrorist this slave is blind & dumb,I paid a lot of money to buy her cuz she is tall, young & so beautiful. 1 ISIS terrorist started insulting me among each one other & said she is laying,allah curse her! 2 IS Said dumb don’t hear she is lair! #YazidiGenocide @Rita_Katz
16)My rapist said:do you mean she is claiming & acting?
1 IS let’s beat her & see if she is going to talk or no
They started beating me with sticks & guns,my children were crying,I was injured & unconscious but I didn’t speak
1 IS we take her to hospital & they find out the truth
16)2 IS I don’t think they can know the truth.
My rapist said it’s my bad luck that I bought her & I lose when I sell her.
2 IS laughed & said but you still can sleep with her what you want more? 1 IS Said I’m going to take your infant cuz you are blind & can’t take care of him
17)1 IS he was married from 3 women. I cried and with my hands Said no no no!
My rapist said to 1 IS to the judge & ask him if sharia allows to take the child from the slave? The judge didn’t agree In the second day! I was happy abt it and tears started falling #YazidiPlight
18)he asked why there are tears in your eyes?I said I have headache! He said I will bring you something for headache
I signed with head thank!
After a half hour he asked me abt my age & my children age I answered with hand!After seven days he sold me to Abu Omar AlNajdi Aljazrawi
19) before selling me to Abu Omar he bought another Yezidi kidnapped. Abu Omar was working on slavery markets. He used to buy slaves rape them then send them to the main bathroom to take care of them.after that he made them makeup,posted their photos on the group to sell them
20)he sold me after 2 months,he wrote on my photo,though she is dumb & blind but she is beautiful,young & thin. All this time I have talked 3 times secretly to my children in dark room, I was afraid from cameras in home.a Syrian IS: I want to buy her cuz I want children from her
21)we were moved from Raqqa to Qabaisi to Aleppo door in a prison underground & under us there was a hall fir nen we heard the voices.after we were moved to Manbj, I was with 4 Yezidis & their Children. Salwa from khansur,shereen from Dukri,third one from kocho. However they know
22)they have raped me.1) Difficult situations I have seen in ISIS captivity which can’t be forgotten whatever happened . ISIS terrorist took an 11 yrs Yezidi girl forcibly from her mother,2 days after raping her continuously he brought her back to the mother.
@TarekFatah @POTUS
23) 2.situation ISIS terrorist tied Yezidi girl to the bed,he raped while she cried & asked for help.
3.situation Abu Omar ALNajdi AlJazrawi bought berievan from solach,he caught her,while his wife made her makeup,he raped her after that post her photos & sold her @MichelleRempel
24) 4.situation when I was with my children in prison,airplanes bombed us we were injured but not too bad wounds,we were in panic & very afraid specially children,shereen was injured very bad in her head,hands & legs. We were moved to another prison @Cameron_Gray @BrendaStoter
25)Abu Avduaziz asked Abu maria to take us to guests house which consisted of 4 categories 1- slave section 2- divorced section (Real ISIS wives got divorced)3-martyrs wives section 4-wives of terrorists in frontline. I stayed with my daughter in this situation for 1 year @POTUS
26)I asked sharia judgment to free me within Islamic state I got that but my daughter’s requirement was refused.shereen came I asked her with hand abt the news she said my son is in Zaxo displacement camp.I took my daughter to a dark room &?told her to ask shereen to bring us TN
27)We got the number of the uncle of my husband (Abu Nafi3),my daughter & shereen went to call them,we were 8 women,we fasted to god to help us,among us was a German girl who married from Muslim who brought her & then threw her,she was also slave so she was imprisoned with us
28)we were asked why we fasted we said for allah,in the morning they asked us to pray Al-fajr prayer I signed let me I have already they did. I told my daughter I’m in bad physiological condition. The German girl who spoke classical Arabs came & asked me
29)what’s happening! She asked me not to fast in the second day cuz I look too bad.I signed with my hand I fast for god,In the morning ISIS terrorist came & asked abt age of my child Saad saeed who calls Abu bakir AlIraqi. Abd asked another IS terrorist 2 take him 2 military camp
30)He must read/learn Quran in mosque near from us.once again I asked shereen to help us and to go with my daughter to call the smugglers again,she did when my daughter went with shereen ISIS asked her where are you going? She said I’m going to bring the drugs for my Mam @POTUS
31) smugglers asked us to go the the market and they will get us but we had a problem shereen’s sons weren’t with her, 1 (13 yrs)was with an ISIS who buy him,2 (12 yrs)was in mosque to learn Quran. My little child was hit by a car,he was in hospital 45 days in bad condition
32)at the beginning I didn’t know that my little child had an accident,we searched for him & didn’t find him,his sister found a group of children gathering she went there and asked what is blood they answered a car hit a little child,she cried & said my brother #YazidiGenocide
33)the shop owner asked the daughter to describe her brother,when she described,he said yes a car hit him & took him to hospital, she ran & told her mother,but the mother still couldn’t cry or speak. She kept acting like blind & dumb to save herself & her daughter #YazidiGenocide
34) I lost conscious cuz of the shock. I woke up after they sprayed water on my face. After that the driver himself came, I asked him with hand ,did my son die? He said since 1 hour in searching 4 his family. He said I took him to hospital,they made an operation & rescued him
35)driver said god forgive me his mother is blind & dumb & I hit her son. I signed to my daughter let’s go to hospital,driver I would take you!On the way daughter asked driver how did you hit my brother? It’s your fault to let the child in the street who didn’t look left or right
36)daughter,the son of neighbors let the door open and we didn’t notice that he got out. We get the hospital,in the second day his head swelled,driver brought some doctors to take care of him,after 25 days they asked us to leave the hospital with unstable condition #YazidiPlight
37)this way we escaped after calling smugglers we asked house Management to give us permission 2 go 2 market,we got 1 hour,we asked for 2 hours cuz children need clothes,but we got 1 hour & half.we told shereen abt everything,we were taken to a house,called smugglers & escaped

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Sep 15, 2018
Yezidis are ethno religious group one of the oldest religions in the world.
Yezidis were millions before 74 Genocide campaigns by Muslims and last one has been ongoing since 2014.
Today Yezidis all around the world are about 1,000,000.
According to Informal statements Yezidis all around the world are more than 1 million.
Most of Yezidis live in Iraq.
About 500,000 live in Iraq and around 250,000 live in Germany.
Yezidis origins return to Mesopotamia which r Iraq ,Syria and turkey.
45% of Yezidis in Mesopotamia have left their origin land and become migrants in Russia,Georgia,Armenia because of Genocide campaigns by ottomans in the last centuries.
Many Yezidis in Syria and turkey emigrated to Germany,Sweden and EU countries because of war,conflicts....
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Sep 7, 2018
ISIS fighter raped a died Yezidi girl after she suicided and refused to be sex slave to be sold in slavery markets.
Alzahar representative of Muslim Sunnis said that it’s Halal According to sharia law to have Sex with died women.
1)ISIS Kidnapped thousands of Yezidi girls.
Islamic state divided the Yezidi women and girls into groups according to their ages ,virgins and married and start to move them to different cities under its control.
One of #Yezidi kidnapped said, that ISIS moved them in the midnight.
2) They were moved to the technical Institute of solach (a place/area in south shingal) then to Mosul the capital of Islamic state in Iraq.
after one night they sold them to Syria. An ISIS member called Khalid saeed Al-Hardany who was prepared the selling and transporting...
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Aug 17, 2018
#YazidiGenocide survivor: I gave a birth in ISIS captivity after that I was sold seven times to be raped and tortured.
ISIS fighters established a system for swx slavery that rape/enslavement of non Muslims is like worship.
Her husband is missing must probably killed @TarekFatah
IS fighters established a system of sexual slavery, claiming that the rape of non-Muslims was a form of worship. They set up markets in several towns where girls as young as nine were put up for auction to militants, with owners often trading women again online.
2)I was sold seven times, and lots of women had a much worse life than me,” Nour says of her battle to survive. She had two daughters, then aged 3 and 4, and was pregnant with a son when her family was seized.
Her husband was taken away after two days and is still missing @POTUS
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Jul 30, 2018
#YazidiGenocide survivor: I was pregnant and taken as sex slave with my five years daughter by SuNn! Neighbors.
After ISIS killed my husband and almost all members of our family I decided to suicide,I took poison but didn’t die, I lost my unborn baby.
I was sold many times @POTUS
ISIS fighters would offer us as gifts. In the evenings, they would get together and trade Yezidi women, and have their fun with us,” Samiyah recalls.

‘I ran for a day and a night’: Yazidi girls share blood-curdling stories of ISIS slavery. #YazidiGenocide @TarekFatah
2)A woman who spent 3 years as ISIS slave and a girl who was only 5 yrs when taken are among the lucky few to have returned home, while 100s of Yezidi girls remain in captivity.
Samiyah was pregnant when Islamic State militants attacked her village in 2014
#YazidiGenocide @POTUS
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May 29, 2018
9 yrs #YazidiGenocide survivor I begged the 25 yrs Sunni man from Mosul not to rape me but he tied me and raped me.
2 sisters were kidnapped from Shingal and separated.
after 3 yrs enslavement and separation they met but they didn’t know each other @RitaPanahi @POTUS @TarekFatah
1)We wanted to get to mountains but we were captured by Sunnis who turned to ISIS. We were asked to convert to Islam.
After 30 Minutes wexwere moved to Sibâ sickh kider.we saw something burning and people screaming.we didn’t know if they burned some #Ezidis or were torturing them
2)we were moved to a school in Ba’aj where I separated from my mother. #YazidiGenocide survivor said we were moved to Mosul to be separated from my sisters who were taken to Syria.i was taken to Ba’aj and after 15 days to Tel Kasseb and then to Tel Banat @realDonaldTrump #ايزيدي
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Apr 16, 2018
Mohmmad Rawndzi(mirê kur) is a Kurdish Muslim Sunni same criminal like Abu Bakir 1832 he attacked Yezidis and Assyrians (Christian) he killed about 132,000 Yezidis,killed 1000s of Christians and enslaved their women. @Kurdistan made a statue 4 him @POTUS
1)Muhammad Kurdi is Muhammad Basha AlRawndzi born in Ra andz in 1783 and was the Governor of Suran emirate which lies in northern east of Iraq between 1813-1836. Suran emirate capital was Rawndz during Ortmanns empire
This area considered as a border between Persia & Mesopotamia
2)Muhammad Kurdi who is known as Mirê kur(lost one of his eyes) Kurds call him as a nationalism hero for killing Yezidis ,Christians and enslaving their women.he was number one criminal who Genocide Yezidis during his governing
He started his attacks(killing)starting 1813-1836
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