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March 10 - Varzaneh, central #Iran
More incoming footage of farmers continuing their protests today, demanding their plundered water resources.
March 10 - Varzaneh, central #Iran
More incoming footage of farmers launching a major rally demanding their plundered water resources.
"Incompetent officials, shame on you"
March 10 - Varzaneh, central #Iran
More incoming footage of farmers continuing their protests today, demanding their plundered water resources.
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Trump was paying off Stormy Daniels in 2016 about the time that the child rape lawsuit against Trump & Epstein was voluntarily dismissed in early November 2016.

Here are the underlying eye witness pleadings on file in NY federal court against Trump.…
Eye witness sworn declaration of an Epstein employee

This declaration states that the witness saw Trump rape a 13 year old. The declaration is on file as part of the pleadings on file in NY Federal Court against Trump.

Case was voluntarily dismissed…
Trump is on the witness list for civil case next wk involving billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein

Evidence shows that at least 1 former employee at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago was recruited by an associate of Epstein to become involved in the child sex crimes…
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I have not done History stuff for the timeline in a while and have no unifying theme for a thread so 1 like = 1 neat history fact
they'll be in thread form and mostly from antiquity bc I study that the most in college
1. Bronze Age diplomacy was pretty wild. Two rulers who were on the same footing called one another "brother" and you were supposed to refer to a superior ruler (like of Egypt) as "father" and we have records of kings getting really pissed off about this
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Since it's #internationalwomensday I wanna bring up a big pet peeve about that famous quote, "Well-behaved women seldom make history." The historian who wrote it in 1976 didn't mean it the way we use it.
When people slap the phrase on T-shirts and bumper stickers, they use it as a license to be loud and disruptive. Which, fine, shit needs disrupting.
But what Laurel Thatcher Ulrich meant was that history consistently overlooks women who were NOT agitators -- those who quietly toiled, struggled and worked tirelessly.
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On this #InternationalWomensDay, I celebrate my grandmother Hanka Jampoler Yoma. She was truly an inspiration in her quiet, yet exceptional life. She married my grandfather while still in high school in Poland to try to avoid being separated during the war. 1/
She protected my infant father and survived German work camps. With few exceptions, her entire extended family was murdered in the war. Despite all this, she bravely voyaged with my young father to the US to pursue a new life... 2/
...where she taught herself English to add to her repertoire of Polish, German, and Russian. She later remarried with a wonderful Chilean man, my Grandpa Yoma, and moved with him to Puerto Rico. There, she learned Spanish, raised a family, and ran her own small business 3/
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You remember some time ago where I mentioned that I was working on something I'd hope would be a nice alternative to the Bechdel test?

Well, here it is. The Kent Test. A test that specifically gauges whether WOC representation in a piece of media is pathetic or strong.
A month or so ago, I mentioned I was working on a secret project (in addition to the Representation in Media guide) and I am happy to finally be unveiling it this! On #InternationalWomensDay no less. Because obviously we deserve 💁🏾
Some background: after the wonderful @EqualityforHER and @BlairImani recruited me to work on the guide, I started to think about what else I could contribute besides terminology and sources for people to learn more about representation in media.
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International Women's Day coincided with @EricaKomisarCSW's book crossing my path again. The glib platitudes circulating while anyone who challenges the consensus is shouted down got me thinking (oh dear).
For a decade I worked as a nanny, at daycare, and in foster care. I've avoided speaking about what I observed b/c I love the children I've cared for & preferred to focus on that. Who wants to argue w/ people emotionally motivated to interpret facts in the most comfortable way?
But everyday I'm bombarded on social media by people using children to push agendas. To guilt others while claiming to hate guilt. To judge while rejecting judgment. What happens is the actual children, become props for the agenda of others while caregivers are silent or ignored.
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At cabinet meeting, Trump claims he's meeting today with "the video makers" to talk about "the violence and what impact and affect that has on school shootings and our children."
Trump commemorates #InternationalWomensDay by talking about the [checks notes] unemployment rate for women and how relatively low it is
Trump says his response to the meeting with Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting survivors is to ban bump stocks, which played 0 role in the mass shooting there
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In honor of #InternationalWomensDay, I want to celebrate some of the women and girls who inspire me every day.

These women resist inequality, insist on a better world, persist against all odds, and enlist others in our shared fights.
The courageous @Astrid_NV fights tirelessly to protect DREAMers and keep immigrant families together.
@Astrid_NV @IAmMarleyDias is the brains behind #1000BlackGirlBooks, an effort to ensure black girls like her can see themselves in books.
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I love that on #InternationalWomensDay we take the time to celebrate women, it's brilliant. What would be even more brilliant is if we did this every day. For the next 365 days, I am going to add a Tweet a day in celebration of women from around the world 🌍 Let's get started 👇
Day 1: @drpriaero is an Aerospace Engineer / Senior Research Associate at @UniofOxford's Department of Engineering Science, researching fluid dynamics & thermodynamics of jet engines 🚀 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 2: @monicasarbu created @packetbeat, an open source data shipper, before joining forces with @elastic to lead the Beats team. She's a mum while at it too 💪 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
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#YazidiGenocide survivor:we asked our Sunni neighbors to help us,they hid us in their home. Two ISIS cars arrived & captured us. Members of the family from our neighbors were ISIS princes(Amir). her 12 yrs sister was raped,she lost her husband & family @TarekFatah @Cameron_Gray
1)when ISIS attacked we said let’s go to our krif (Sunni neighbors Khudhur khalif Al3fri) in kir Shabak village near from them.we walked to them & two of our men brought the cars. We got the neighbors home and asked to hide us till we get a chance to get the mountains @POTUS
2)or to Rabia district,our Sunni neighbors asked women to go on the roof of the house,asked men to enter the guests room.we saw them acting unnormal,within an hour ISIS cars arrived to captured us,their sons were ISIS members,betrayed us & we didn’t know that #YazidiGenocide
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On #WomensDay #womensday2018 #InternationalWomensDay

Let's discuss d stature #women have in #Hinduism

Hinduism splits d primordial divine energies into Shiva& Shakti.Nothing can exist without d existence of dese opposing yet complementary forces

Pls follow the thread-
Aditi–1st Mother,Goddess of space,infinity and timelessness. A protective Goddess who helps u overcome obstacles.

Agneya–Daughter of the fire God Agni & guardian of the south east direction.

Ammavarua–The Goddess who laid the egg from which Brahma,Shiva& Vishnu hatched.(2/10)
Aranyani–Goddess of d forest &d creatures that live dere.

Banka Mundi–Goddess of d hunt & fertility.

Chhaya-Goddess of d shadows & consort of Surya,d Hindu sun God.

Durga-A fierce, demon fighting Goddess who sits upon a lion.Her name means one who alleviates suffering.(3/10)
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Speaking @ “National Conf women in Tech” Opp 2 highlight Ind women in math & CS. Every woman in Math & CS role model. Thread lists few (Indians/Indian-origin). Do add India&elsewhere.Tell daughters they 2 can lead in Math & CS. #InternationalWomensDay #IndianWomenInMath
: Professor Nalini Anantharaman, born in Paris originally from India has won major prizes.… #InternationalWomensDay #IndianWomenInMath
Rekha Thomas is a mathematician and operations researcher. Works as a professor of mathematics at the University of Washington, Her research interests include mathematical optimization and computational algebra"… #InternationalWomensDay #IndianWomenInMath
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Yes but faces could be blurred out. In order to prevent the possible riots such a release would cause, a gradual approach is probably best, however, it also drags this process out for months or years. People hunger for results, but societal costs must be weighed too, regrettably.
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His name is Saeed. He's in 6th grade.
He made his own school backpack, out of what appears to be a rice sack...
All the while, #Iran's rulers are sending billions to #Lebanon, #Yemen, #Iraq & #Syria for Assad to bomb #EastGhouta.
More reason for #IranProtests & #RegimeChange.
Qazvin, NW #Iran
A disturbing image of a likely homeless man searching the trash for something to sell or even eat.
This is the result of Tehran's mullahs plundering this nation of its God-given wealth & propping #Syria's Assad to bomb #EastGhouta.
More reason for #IranProtests.
As #Iran's regime continues to send billions abroad to prolong its destructive meddling throughout the region, people back home are struggling in poverty.
This young woman in the metro cleans men's shoes, hoping maybe they will help out.
More reason for #IranProtests.
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The 11th Annual @UMBC_GWST Korenman Lecture on 3/8 (#InternationalWomensDay) explore the racial realities affecting POC, women, immigrants and refugees, as well as how to maintain #equity and #inclusion, with guest speaker @dviyer. #humforum18
We have another full house for tonight’s #humforum18. @AmyBhatt is introducing the Korenman Lecture, which is named after Joan Korenman, founding director of @UMBC_GWST.
Speaker @dviyer thanks @AmyBhatt for uplifting a fellow South Asian sister! #humforum18
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Kermanshah, W #Iran
Behind the municipality building
Activist reports this is where a family lives...
#Poverty is the result of the mullahs' 40-year rule.
Another reason for #IranProtests.
#IranUprising will continue to change this...
Poor kids in #Iran's #Baluchistan, seen here searching in trash to find probably something to eat or sell...
This is the result of 40 years of mullahs' rule & the minority are especially deprived.
Another reason for #IranProtests.
#IranUprising will continue.
This says it all...
The very reason of widespread, utter poverty in #Iran, being the ruling mullahs, will also pass by such scenes, caring not an iota about the Iranian people.
More reason for #IranianProtests.
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Activists posting video of people rushing to banks, such as this Bank Melli, demanding their money as there is word of #Iran's state banks possibly going bankrupt.
#IranUprising is kicking in, terrifying the ruling regime.
Jan 30 - Rasht, N #Iran
Investors demanding their money back from the IRGC-affiliated Caspian credit firm, chanting "Hidden hands, where is our money?"
#IranProtests continue.
Jan 30 - Borujerd, W #Iran
Municipality workers rallying & protesting not receiving their paychecks for the past 8 months.
#IranProtests continue.
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Next at #ORGcon: @tkingdot and @CCriadoPerez: can online campaigns effect real-world change?
While social media can be a cesspool, it's also a massive advantage to disadvantaged voices. @CCriadoPerez wants to point out that >
< while she is a Jane Austen fangirl, it was a campaign to get female representation on our banknotes, not specifically Austen 😉
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