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I love that on #InternationalWomensDay we take the time to celebrate women, it's brilliant. What would be even more brilliant is if we did this every day. For the next 365 days, I am going to add a Tweet a day in celebration of women from around the world 🌍 Let's get started 👇
Day 1: @drpriaero is an Aerospace Engineer / Senior Research Associate at @UniofOxford's Department of Engineering Science, researching fluid dynamics & thermodynamics of jet engines 🚀 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 2: @monicasarbu created @packetbeat, an open source data shipper, before joining forces with @elastic to lead the Beats team. She's a mum while at it too 💪 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 3: @Sareh88 is a web developer at @BBCNews, having moved into tech from academia 2 years ago. She cares about #accessibility & is putting a lot of time & effort to surface & empower people from underrepresented groups 👩🏽‍💻👨🏻‍💻👩🏾‍💻👨🏿‍💻👩🏼‍💻 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 4: @maiab is the co-founder of @PinchRent, helping people build their credit score via paying their rent; invaluable in today's world where more and more people are renting 🏠 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 5: @evacide is the Director of Cybersecurity at @EFF, focused on providing privacy & security for vulnerable populations around the world 🌍 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 6: @DrEmilyGrossman is an expert in molecular biology and genetics 👩🏻‍🔬 She is an advocate for gender equality & diversity. Through her work, she aims to make science more accessible 🔬 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 7: @SaraSoueidan is a UI/UX developer, doing all sorts of great things with SVG and CSS. She advocates for accessibility, always making a case for people to be considerate of all users 🙌 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 8: @sm is the CEO & co-founder of @Winnie, enabling parents to join a local network of mums & dads to help one another with things such as sleep training, local childcare or simply sharing experiences 🌟 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 9: @nvlevy is a civil rights lawyer & activist. She advocates for justice and has authored several articles on racial injustice, poverty and incarceration. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay #BlackLivesMatter
Day 10: @_elena is an Italian filmmaker, producer and activist. In September 2017 she started populating @GIPHY with images of female directors to improve representation 💪 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay #ThisIsWhataFilmDirectorLooksLike
Day 11: @Astro_Ellen was the first Hispanic woman in the world to go to space in 1993, aboard the shuttle Discovery 👩🏼‍🚀 She is currently the Director of @NASA_Johnson 🚀✨ #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 12: @tiffani started @humanutility, a project enabling people to directly give money or provide services to seniors and families living without water or in danger of shut-off 💧 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 13: @MarianaMota is the founder of @FrutoStudio, a User Experience design studio based in Oxford that has designed apps for, amongst others, the NHS & National Grid 💫 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 14: @vaidehijoshi is a Software Engineer at @tildeio, a writer turned programmer. She started #basecs as a small blog, eventually launching a video series with @ThePracticalDev covering Computer Science for developers from non-traditional backgrounds #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 15: @ladyleet is on the #RxJS core team and the co-founder of @ThisDotLabs, helping mentor & train teams 🚀 Previously she founded @dishcrawl which was acquired by @DinnerLab#IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 16: @LisbethSinclair is a founding member of @HireTechLadies - connecting a community of 20,000 women in tech with jobs & opportunities 👩🏾‍💻👩🏼‍💻 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 17: @NadiehBremer is an award-winning data visualisation designer. She crafts unique visualisations, taking novel approaches to presenting large data sets to help people make sense of data 📊 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 18: @natashalipman writes for @bbcstories. She is interested in the intersection of invisible and visible disability, raising awareness & helping people. Natasha also founded @IPFtweeting, a platform to empower the next generation of journalists 📝 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 19: @__apf__ is an Engineering Manager on the @googlechrome team. She focuses on making software more usable, managing teams responsible for features such as security indicators & warnings 🔒 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 20: @SharmaShradha is the founder and CEO of @YourStoryCo, an Indian media-tech company showcasing entrepreneurs. She is on the @FortuneIndia 40 under 40 list 🙌 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 21: @nnja is a Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft with a focus on Python. She has given talks at a variety of tech conferences, including @pycon and @webexpo 👌 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 22: @mcpaccard is a UX designer, speaker & writer. She built a community through a publication dedicated to collecting testimonies around burnout (@guerirleburnout), aimed at helping people share stories & recover faster 👏 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 23: @DebbieWossk is the co-founder of @weareAllBright, a funding, education & support network for female leaders 💪 Previously she was CEO of @LoveHomeSwap, acquired by @WyndhamWorld last year 👌 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 24: @marcysutton is a Senior web dev & accessibility advocate at @dequesystems, a company whose mission is digital equality. She writes, speaks and advocates about accessibility as a civil right ✊️ #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 25: @eileenmcarey is the founder and CEO of @Glassbreakersco, focussed on supporting diversity and inclusion as a core business function 🙌 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 26: @BolaRAEng is Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Royal Academy of Engineering. She is committed to increasing diversity, challenging the status quo & increasING participation of people from diverse backgrounds 🙌🏿🙌🏽🙌🏾 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 27: @alishalisha is building @girlsnightinHQ, a community with reads and self-care recommendations for a night in ✨ #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 28: @6Gems is the founder of @BlackGirlsCode, empowering young women of color to become community builders & leaders through exposing them to computer science & technology 💻💡 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 29: @bcrypt is a Software Engineer at @brave with a focus on security. She is also a Technology Fellow at @EFF, working on @letsencrypt and @HTTPSEverywhere amongst other things 🔐 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 30: @Rocket_Woman1 is a Space Operations Engineer at @esa 🚀 Before that she was a spacesuit designer 👩🏽‍🚀 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 31: @KirstieJBrewer writes for @bbcstories about women, social affairs & inequalities. She co-founded @the2ndsource, a group of women journalists to tackle harassment in the media. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 32: @antelava is the co-founder and CEO of @CodaStory, re-inventing how journalists cover crises; putting a team of journalists on one crisis at a time, providing depth & continuity 🗒 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 33: @tamarhuggins is an entrepreneur, founder of @techsparkto - Canada's first youth tech & design school, aiming to empower girls & children of colour 💻 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 34: @MissPhilbin is Director of Education at the @Raspberry_Pi Foundation. She is the creator of a YouTube series for teenage girls, @GeekGurlDiaries, with interviews of women in tech & Computer Science tutorials 👩🏼‍🏫 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 35: @Dr_Lucie is a Professor of Physics at UCL. Amongst many other things, she is helping build Solar Orbiter, a European Space Agency spacecraft 🚀 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 36: @aprilwensel is the founder of @compassioncode, a movement aiming for a more compassionate tech industry ❤ #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 37: @ng_tracyy is a co-founder of @TechRecruitHer, striving to increase representation of women in tech by tackling unconscious biases in job postings 🙌 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 38: @PlanetDr is Assistant Professor of Planetary Science at @JohnsHopkins. She is working on understanding the fomation & composition of atmospheric hazes 🌌 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 39: @KeshaWillz is the founder of @ColorsOfSTEM, a network / community giving girls & young women of all colours role models through sharing inspiring stories ✨ #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 40: @JOmadeke is founder and CEO of @TheMentorMethod, an inclusion movement via mentoring diverse tech talent, aiming to create inclusive workplace cultures 🔥 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 41: @TheLabArtist creates science-inspired paintings and illustrations. One of her designs was recently picked to paint a giant bee sculpture as part of the #BeeInTheCity initiative in Manchester 🐝🐝 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 42: @callmesaqi is a diversity & education advocate at @TuftsUniversity. She is co-founder of @ReigningIt, building an inclusive, caring community of support for women in STEM #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 43: @sherrrylst is a Front-end developer based in Copenhagen, organiser of all sorts of meet-ups including @ngCopenhagen & @gdgcph, in combination with bringing @WomenTechmakers together 👌 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 44: @MissAlexisJones is founder of @iamthatgirl, a non-profit org providing leadership, personal & social development programmes to girls in high school & college. Empowering girls, inspiring action & making the world a better place ✊️ #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 45: @JenSiebelNewsom wrote, produced & directed the documentary film @RepresentPledge - inspiring individuals & communities to overcome limiting stereotypes. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 46: @HelenSitu created @vrpopmag to help people learn about Virtual Reality 👓 She also sits on the @sxsw accelerator advisory board 👌 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 47: @JulieFalatko authors children's books. She likes to write about talking animals 🐶🐊 and all sorts of everyday objects 👟 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 48: @christineliuart is a Neuroscience PhD student. She wants to make science more accessible. She is a small business owner while at it too, creating science art, zines, pins and patches ✨ #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 49: @ayobamiadebayo is an author & writer, having written for the BBC & The Guardian amongst others. In 2017, she won The Future Awards Africa Prize for Arts and Culture 🔥 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 50: @xiaojenna is the CEO & Co-founder of @shipamax, fixing the ship booking experience ⛴ She was named on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe Technology list for 2018 👌 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 51: @isaberryk is an author / illustrator who writes children's books 🦀 She won "Best In Show" at the SCBWI Golden Gate Conference for her portfolio 👌 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 52: @JenniVanos is an Assistant Professor at UC San Diego. She specializes in the study of human biometeorology and bioclimatology, connecting weather and climate to human health ☀️🌧❄️ #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 53: @WaceraKieha is a fashion & lifestyle blogger, using her blog as a medium for people to have fun, learn & share 🎉 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 54: @emmayang78 is a young inventor, creator & entrepreneur with a goal to develop solutions that help solve the world’s greatest challenges. She created Timeless – an app to help Alzheimer patients live better lives. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 55: @SandraWachter5 is a lawyer & research fellow in Data Ethics & AI. She is a policy advisor for governments & NGOs around the world, helping them address ethical questions around emerging technologies. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 56: @kellyalovell is a social entrepreneur, bridging the gap between business & community to create opportunities for the next generation 💪 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 57: @DaphneKoller is a Professor of Computer Science at @Stanford & one of @coursera's founders, making courses from top universities available online and helping to educate people around the world 🌍 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 58: @PL_Henderson1 created @womensart1, a project celebrating women's art & creativity 🎨 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 59: @NicoleGrobert is a Professor of nanomaterials. She is a founding member of the Young Academy of Europe, an initiative of young scientists for networking, scientific exchange & science policy 👩🏻‍🔬🔬 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 60: @alicewroe founded @herstory_uk, using feminist art to engage people of all genders with women’s history ✊️ #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 61: @JeansThoughts started the @femorchestra, an online book club encouraging people to proudly bang their feminist drum & fight for equality 🥁💪 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 62: @ohhoe is the Developer Experience Lead at American Express 💳 She is co-chair on the Node.js Community Committee & co-hosts @JSPartyFM 💥 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 63: @stefsy is Founder & Data Scientist at @thinkdatasci, working on challenging data visualisation & machine learning problems 📊🤖 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 64: @Zuw508 is an entrepreneur who co-created @bitsandbytestz, getting to work with over 150 startups and grassroots social enterprises in East Africa 👌 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 65: @MahaAj is one of YouTube's #CreatorsForChange - a programme highlighting inspirational creators who strive to change conversations around tough issues. Her focus is on bridging the gap between cultures. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 66: @BritaFS is Executive Director of @womenforwomenUK - helping women survivors of war to rebuild their lives. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 67: @Zarina_GK is a Director for @nowomennopeace - promoting, facilitating & monitoring the meaningful inclusion of gender in all aspects of UK policy and practice on peace & security ✌️ #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 68: @leepster works on global women's rights at @woman_kind, contributing towards reaching #genderequality around the world ✊️ #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 69: @LolaOkolosie is a Trustee for @nia_endingVAWG, an organisation providing services to end violence against women & children. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 70: @tomi_adeyemi is a writer & creative writing coach 📝 She is the author of Children of Blood and Bone, a West African fantasy novel 📕 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 71: @Megan_Zoe is a PhD student in proton & advanced radiotherapy at @ucl 👩🏼‍🔬 #GirlsInPhysics #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 72: @jesschivers is the CEO of @TalentKeepersUK - supporting employees coming back to work. She authored 'Mothers Work!', a book about the realities of the family life & career equilibrium. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 73: @AnnDanielsGB is the first woman to reach the North & South Poles as part of all women teams ❄️ #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 74: @and_read is a teacher & writer. She authored "Sonata: A Memoire of Pain and the Piano", navigating through her life of dealing with RA & how turning to music helped her cope. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 75: @cec_morel is a mentor at @techstars. In the past she co-founded and was CEO of @mobirider - a smart retail startup helping brands & retailers. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 76: @PJJefferis is a Civil Engineer. She was named an @ICE_engineers Future Leader & is a @QEPrize ambassador 👷🏼‍♀️ #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 77: @kbairleyk is Co-founder of @wingpact - a global community of investors & entrepreneurs with a vision to create a more gender inclusive world 🙌 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 78: @rachelcoldicutt is CEO of @doteveryoneuk - a think tank of researchers, designers, technologists & makers fighting for a fairer & more equal internet 💯 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 79: @Emmanigma is an Astrophysicist. She is the creator of "The Extraordinary Universe", a one woman mission to make the ideas behind Einstein's theories accessible to everyone 🚀✨ #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 80: @Natasha_Walter is a writer, journalist & human rights activist. She is Director of @4refugeewomen - a group that challenges the injustices experienced by women who cross borders to seek safety ✊️ #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 81: @WTBeccy is the CEO of @WoodlandTrust,
protecting the UK’s woods and restoring ancient woodland for the benefit of wildlife & people 🌲🐦🐇 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 82: @houseofli is the founder of @bloomingfoundrs, a network for early stage female entrepreneurs. As part of that, she also founded @bloomslondon, offering affordable workspace & events for founders. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 83: @cjepayne is a Professor of History of Art 🎨 Her research is focused on 18th & 19th century British landscape & genre painting, with an emphasis on the representation of the poor & the relationship of art to its social and political context. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 84: @CaitlinEHam is a science communicator for @OxZooDept & @OxfordPlants 🌱 She has been published on a number of news outlets & published scientific papers including covering the value of bees in plant communities 🐝 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 85: @dannimassi is a Computer Vision & Natural Language Processing PhD student. Her research is focussed on developing assistive technologies for the partially-sighted. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 86: @ZrileB is founder of @womenmoveawards, celebrating the contribution of migrant & refugee women ✊️ #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 87: @kaja_mil is a Meteorology PhD student. She is researching the meteorogical effects on air quality forecasting 🌬 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 88: @CCriadoPerez is a writer, broadcaster & feminist campaigner. She is the author of "Do it Like a Woman", where she introduces a host of pioneering women & bringing together stories of kick-ass women! #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 89: @whereistanya is a Principal Engineer at Squarespace. She has spoken at a number of meetups & conferences over the years on a number of topics, including identifying things & people that try to push women out of tech. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 90: @ArlanWasHere is the founder of @Backstage_Cap, a VC investing in companies led by underrepresented founders 🙌 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 91: @ashlynanstee is a kids picture book writer / illustrator. She is the author/illustrator of Are We There, Yeti? and No, No, Gnome! #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 92: @ANGELACHARDING is a painter & printmaker. Over the years she has worked as an illustrator for Gardens Illustrated & BBC Countryfile amongst others 🐦 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 93: @BlairImani is the founder of @EqualityforHER - providing educational resources about issues affecting women & gender non-binary individuals 🙏 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 94: @BridgetMarie is a podcaster & writer. She co-hosts @MomStuffPodcast, a research-driven rundown of the challenges women face today and throughout history. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 95: @bonniegrrl is a screenwriter, author & journalist amongst many other things! She authored "Star Wars Craft Book". For years she was Senior Editor & Content Developer for @starwars 🙌 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 96: @JamiraBurley is Head / Director of Youth Engagement & Skills at @gbceducation - bringing together the business community to make progress in delivering quality education to every child. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 97: @ekingc is an independent journalist covering politics, activism, & news. She's been published in numerous publications including Rolling Stone & Vice. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 98: @SarahEMcBride is the National Press Secretary at @HRC - America's largest LGBTQ civil rights organisation. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay #Pride
@SarahEMcBride @HRC Day 99: @cberedjick works in digital media at @TheJHF & runs the @GayWrites blog. She writes about LGBTQ issues / social justice and is the author of "Queer Disbelief" 🏳️‍🌈 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay #PrideMonth
@SarahEMcBride @HRC @cberedjick @TheJHF @GayWrites Day 100: @DaisyEin is an illustrator, musician and indie game developer. She is the Co-owner / Lead Artist at @SuperRetroDuck. She made all the music and artwork for #TinyBirdGarden 🐦 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 101: @tanyaofmars is Director of Research at @asunewspace. She's on the science team for the @MarsRovers & @MarsCuriosity 🚀 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 102: @cassidoo is Head of Developer Voice Programs at Amazon. She was named as one of Glamour's 35 Under 35 in Tech 👊 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 103: @evanagao manages the @ExonerationLaw legal clinic. She works on investigating & petitioning courts to reverse wrongful convictions ✊️ #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 104: @RobynJWomack is researching biological rhythms in wild birds 🐦 One of her focus areas is understanding the impact light pollution has on birds 💡 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
@RobynJWomack Day 105: @AnnaLandmark is Historian & Director of @LandmarkTrust - a charity that rescues endangered historic buildings & carefully restoring them. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
@RobynJWomack @AnnaLandmark @LandmarkTrust Day 106: @ChiaraAliotta is Founder & Director of the design studio @UntilSun. She is on the @AWWWARDS jury, helping recognize the best of the web 🕸 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 107: @SusannaASansone is Associate Director & Principal Investigator at the Oxford e-Research Centre. She has delivered over 110 publications with thousands of citations per year 🙌 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
@SusannaASansone Day 108: @catperezsays is the co-founder of health-tech company @healthsherpas, helping people find and use quality & affordable health coverage. Aside from her focus on product, she is an advocate for diversity & inclusion. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
@SusannaASansone @catperezsays @healthsherpas Day 109: @doublebeewhy is CEO & Founder of @bloodygood__, an enterprise providing menstrual supplies to asylum seekers, refugees & those who can't afford them ✊ #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 110: @engineer_nic is a Conservation Engineer at @SSGreatBritain. She was named as one of 50 top women in Engineering for 2018 as part of the #WE50 campaign. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
@engineer_nic @SSGreatBritain Day 111: @saribashi is the Israel/Palestine Advocacy Director at @hrw, a nonprofit, nongovernmental human rights organization pressing for changes in policy that promote human rights & justice around the world. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 112: @Chloe_Hilliard is a stand-up comedian 🎤 For over ten years she was a culture/entertainment journalist. She's been on Comedy Central, MTV & many more! #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
@Chloe_Hilliard Day 113: @jackiebackwards is Head of Front-end Development at @Behance, a place for discovering & showcasing creative work. She's a frequent conference speaker, including @CSSconfeu and most recently @theleaddev's London edition #LeadDevLondon #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 114: @OliviaCrellin is a Journalist & Documentary filmmaker at @BBCWorld. She is the founder of @PressPadUK, a scheme for diversifying media by pairing interns & mentors that provide free housing + mentoring. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 115: @JoannaBlythman is an award-winning investigative journalist. She has been writing about food for over two decades, covering topics like obesity & food prices. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
@JoannaBlythman Day 116: @sallyrugg is Executive Director at @Change Australia - empowering people everywhere to create the change they want to see 🏳️‍🌈 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 117: @TheAlima is a women & girls rights activist. She is founder of @ProjectACEi, empowering & inspiring change to eliminate violence and support affected women & girls. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 118: @KimberleyCook91 is a co-organiser of @codebar, putting together free coding workshops to help bridge the diversity gap in the tech industry! #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 119: @alicebartlett is a Principal Engineer at FT. She is also the founder of @tampon_club - a self-organised community to ensure sanitary products are always available. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
@alicebartlett @tampon_club Day 120: @misprintedtype is a Senior Engineer at Mozilla. She works on @webcompat, an initiative to increase cross-browser compatibility, as well as @FirefoxDevTools 🦊 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 121: @valeriecodes is a Software Engineer & speaker. She is a @WomenWhoCodeDC lead, a global nonprofit inspiring women to excel in tech 💻 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 122: @msmichellegar is an Engineer at @condenasteng. She organises @nodegirlslondon, a group that sets up free workshops & socials for women and non-binary folk in London 💯 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 123: @MichelleGlauser is the Founder & CEO of @TechtonicaOrg - an organisation that partners with tech companies to provide free tech training, living stipends & job placement to women and non-binary folks. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 124: @zatlyn is @Cloudflare's Co-founder. Last year she was named as one of Fortune's 40 Under 40. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 125: @Abadesi is the founder of @hustlecrewlive, a community to make tech more inclusive through talks, training & mentorship. She is the author of #DreamBigHustleHard, a book aimed to motivate & give the right tools for those new in tech to succeed. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 126: @Jenn_RTR is Co-founder & CEO of @RenttheRunway and @pjtentrepreneur. She is an advocate for #PaidFamilyLeave, a step to helping level the field for women at work. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 127: @hannah_ajala is a broadcast journalist at the BBC. She has worked on a number of projects, including "100 Women", a series focussing on the issues faced by & achievements of women in today's society. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 128: @jlbeyer is a Research Scientist at @UWJSIS, where she teaches cybersecurity policy. She is the author of "Expect Us: Online Communities and Political Mobilization". #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 129: @ekp is the Co-founder of @projectinclude, a non-profit focussed on diversity. She authored "Reset", a first-hand account of her fight for inclusion & lasting change 💪 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
@ekp @projectinclude Day 130: @Nadia_Engineer is a Software Engineer that works on submarine sonar technology. She was named as one of the winners of @WATC_Updates's Rising Stars Awards 2018. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 131: @jesswade is a Physicist, working at @imperialcollege. As a strong advocate for gender equality, she is writing one @Wikipedia page per day about female scientists doing awesome things in science & engineering 🙌 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 132: @bsonefeld is a Senior UX Designer. Previously she was at IBM where she was the Design Lead on @_carbondesign - IBM's design system for cloud products ☁️ #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
@bsonefeld @_carbondesign Day 133: @sbp04 is the CEO of @TaskRabbit. She is also a Board Director at Nordstrom & HP, and a Board Member at @BlackGirlsCode. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 134: @KathrynFinney is the Founder & Managing Director at @digundiv - a social enterprise empowering Black & Latina women entrepreneurs via training, networking & access to funding. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 135: @nrrrdcore is a Design Manager at Apple. She is on the Board of Directors at @NatBrut - a journal of art & literature dedicated to advancing inclusivity, giving marginalised voices a safe space. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 136: @SabrinaGhayour is a Chef, food writer & author. Her 2014 book, Persiana, helped popularise Persian & Middle Eastern food, while also making it more accessible to people around the world 🍴 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 137: @emmagannon is the author of "The Multi-Hyphen Method", a career guide for those wanting to turn their craft into a career or a side project into a startup. She is also an ambassador for @PrincesTrust. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 138: @emcconover is a Science Journalist covering Science-related news for @ScienceNews. She has a PhD in Physics, during which she studied neutrinos. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
@emcconover @ScienceNews Day 139: @gsvoss is Co-Founder & Director of the research studio @strangetele. Amongst other things, Georgina is an anthropologist of tech & innovation systems, an artist, writer and journalist. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 140: @MichelleButeau is a comic & actress. She hosts the #LateNightWhenever podcast, a late-night talk show. She was part of Netflix's "The Comedy Lineup" with a short stand-up set. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 141: @Sarah_Cosgriff is a Gender Balance Officer at Institute of Physics & Co-Founder of @BrumSciComm. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 142: @SerenaGuen is Co-Founder of @CookForSyria - a fundraising initiative to provide humanitarian aid to children affected by the Syrian crisis. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 143: @sophaskins is a Site Reliability Engineer at GitHub. In her spare time, as part of her project "Pizza Box Computer", she is working on restoring workstations, usually dating from between the mid-1980s to the late 1990s 🍕🖥 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 144: @joannapantages is the founder of @scenestertv - a customised & curated collection of industry news, reviews & interviews. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
@joannapantages @scenestertv Day 145: @krmaher is Executive Director of the @Wikimedia Foundation. She is an expert on the intersection of technology, human rights, democracy, and international development. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 146: @BossierS is Deputy Director of @EdLoCnational - an organisation focussing on elevating the leadership, voices & influence of people of color in education 🙌 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
@BossierS @EdLoCnational Day 147: @lenazun is a Design & Engineering PM at @eff. Her background is in journalism, international development and tech for non-profits. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
@BossierS @EdLoCnational @lenazun @EFF Day 148: @eva_trostlos is a Web Developer and co-organizer of @wearewebclerks. She has given many tech talks on CSS & animations at a fair few conferences, including React Vienna and #WeAreDevelopers. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
@BossierS @EdLoCnational @lenazun @EFF @eva_trostlos @wearewebclerks Day 149: @boomartins is Advocacy Strategist at @CodingRights, a Brazil­-based women-­run organization created to expose & redress the power imbalances built into technology. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 150: @FunSizeSuze is a Nanochemist. She is a Presenter for @Discovery and a writer for @ForbesScience & @StandardIssueUK 🔬 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 151: @jduffyrice is a senior reporter at @theappeal as well as hosts @Justice_Podcast, a podcast dissecting the criminal justice system. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 152: @syswarren is a Product Designer at @ProductHunt / @AngelList. She co-created a #WomenInTech space on Product Hunt to enable women to share what they are working on & to support each other. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 153: @mada299 is Co-Founder of @branchmetrics where she runs marketing, helping developers grow their apps. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 154: @lsarsour is a political & civil rights activist. She was a co-chair of @womensmarch in 2017 💪 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 155: @EmnaMizouni is the Founder of @Carthagina, a project aimed at promoting & raising awareness about Tunisian history & heritage. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 156: @lulainlife is Founder & CEO of @WeAreTheTempest, a global women's media & tech company. She was named as one of @Forbes's 30 Under 30. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 157: @svthmc is founder of @hearmecode, free beginner-friendly coding classes for women in DC. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 158: @SaraJChipps is an Engineering Manager at @StackOverflow. She co-founded @girldevelopit, a non-profit focused on helping more women become software developers, having already taught over 60,000 women 🙌 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 159: @RachelTobac is the CEO of @socialproofsec, offering training & workshops to prepare orgs against social engineering. She is Chair on the @wisporg, a non-profit offering education & mentorship for women in the security & privacy space. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 160: @Shauna_c_jones does Quality Control for @Ubisoft games at @UbiReflections. She's been part of & worked on a number of popular games, including most recently working on @TheDivisionGame 🎮 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
@Shauna_c_jones @Ubisoft @UbiReflections @TheDivisionGame Day 161: @shanakn is a Legal Fellow at @ACLU_DC, a non-profit working towards ensuring free speech and equal rights in DC. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 162: @jensimmons is a Designer Advocate at Mozilla. She is the creator of Firefox Grid Inspector. In the past she's worked on projects for CERN & W3C. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 163: @natalyathree is a Software Engineer at @nytimes. She's an Instructor for @HarvardExt, teaching Modular Design Patterns with @reactjs ⚛️ #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 164: @LizNeeley is Executive Director of @story_collider, a non-profit dedicated to sharing personal stories about science. She is also a Lecturer at @Yale with @nncionline. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 165: @katie_womers is Director of Engineering at @buffer. She co-authored "Atomic Migration Strategy for Web Teams", a book detailing out approaches on how to re-write & migrate legacy web apps. #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay

• • •

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