(1) Short thread about mail bombs.πŸ“­πŸ“©πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

PLEASE be careful if you are in Austin, TX or anywhere in the US.

3 attacks in 2 weeks:
>March 2: 1 killed: 39yo man
>March 12: (Today) 1 killed (17yo boy), 1 woman injured
>March 12: 1 injured: 74yo woman, in critical condition
(2) Police are right to call them package explosions not mail bombs because each bomb was dropped off by someone not connected to the mail service or any courier company.

However, I think #MailBomb is a more recognizable term.
(3) In February, Don Jr's wife Vanessa Trump opened a letter containing white powder 4 other people were targeted by the same alleged offender, who is now in custody awaiting trial.

The baseball shooting & many "near miss" incidents in the last 2 years.
(4) IDGAF what the political views of the Austin perpetrator(s) are. Any murder is wrong, period. Unfortunately this climate is the inevitable outcome of the events between 2009 and 2017, and it will continue for some time yet.
(5) Fortunately, people can avoid being killed by a mail or package bomb if they follow Police advice and leave the package where it is and call 911.

With chemical weapons in letters it's harder to avoid but at least we can deal with packages we aren't expecting to receive.
(6) If you can afford it, install video cameras on your property. Very handy for multiple reasons, but especially if it ends up being the only way Police can find out who is leaving bombs on doorsteps.
(7) Here's a thread I wrote earlier summing up my views on the current domestic terrorism threat. #SituationalAwareness is key. DO report tips to the @FBI despite previous failures. Keep a copy, follow it up. Tell other agencies at the same time.

(8) My heart breaks for the victims of the Austin mail bombs and their families. 2 dead, 1 who is critical and may not make it, others injured. I'm also dismayed by the Novichok (nerve agent) terrorist attack in the UK that may yet kill the Skripals, or cause permanent disability
(9) I'm so relieved that America now has a President who is doing everything he can to improve your safety and security. Letting Democrats regain power is a risk America can't afford to take.

(10) March 18th incident: 2 injured. 4th bombing in Austin this month.

(11) Live stream by RSBN

(12) There hasn't been any significant news in the last hour about tonight's explosion that injured two men in their 20s in Austin. I will next update you when I hear more.

It's inevitable that there will be more incidents until case is solved. Take care, locals! Tips:
(13) URGENT message to all #AustinTX residents PLEASE be alert for any suspicious object, bag, backpack because tonight's bomb had a trip wire. More info to come soon. #AustinBombing #AustinBombings

(14) #AustinPD Chief says they believe this was:

"Some type of a suspicious package that was left on the side of the road that detonated & injured these two men."

🚨Urging people within a half mile radius to stay indoors in the morning until PD gives all clear in daylight.
(15) Source for #SafetyAlert info for #AustinTX in the above tweets. The Police Chief wants this message spread asap so residents hear about it first thing in the morning.

He wants them to stay inside until LEOs can check the area in daylight.

(16) #AustinBombings - Two local TV stations going live at around 4.30am local time:



Articles and earlier video clips also available on these websites.
(17) Shoutout to Chief Manley and all the other LEOs & first responders handling the #AustinBombings case through the night tonight and for the last 16 days. #BackTheBlue. Just gone 3.40am in #AustinTX. #PrayForAustin #TexasStrong

(18) Incident #5 has occurred with injuries at a FedEx facility in San Antonio involving a package en route to Austin. Details to come.

Meantime, WH statement says terrorism not (yet) implicated. My comments follow.

(19) Yes, obviously the effect of violent crime is that people get terrorized. The legal definition of terrorism is that violence is used to intimidate for a political or ideological reason. That may be the motive but atm we have no information about that.
(20) All we know at this point is there's a series of bombings likely to be from the same suspect(s). Serial bombings have occurred before in the USA. Yes it's a worrying time for people in and around Austin. There are >500 LEOs on the case. They're doing a great job IMO.
(21) Latest map showing the locations of the 5 #AustinBombings to date.
(22) This is a promising sign IMO. FedEx statement at noon today:

"... the individual responsible also shipped a 2nd package... We have provided law enforcement... extensive evidence related to these packages and the individual that shipped them... [from our security systems.]
(23) The 5 #AustinBombings as at 3/20/18:

1. 3/2, a home, male (39) killed.
2. 3/12, a home, male (17) death, female (40) injured.
3. 3/12 a home, female (75) injured.
4. 3/18, a street, male (22) injured, male (23) injured.
5. 3/20, a Schertz FedEx center, female injured.
(24) Thankfully, #AustinBombings possible #6 was not related, so the number of injury causing incidents still stands at 5.

Keep using an abundance of caution though! #PackageBombMurders

(27) Confusing media coverage of the latest incident so far. But if someone was injured while looking inside a clothing donation box in Austin at this time, I gotta say: Close all your donation boxes and everything else like them in the city for now.

Basic security protocol.
(28) Confirming my earlier assumption about CCTV footage, local Rep Michael McCaul, who is also Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, comments after briefing from LEOs:

(29) Do not @ me about this, esp if you're going to insist the suspect(s) must be ex-military. I am getting cranky with conspiracy theorists of any stripe. Blocky blocky.

This is what one kind of artillery simulator is like:

(30) Watching this with interest:

(31 Several media outlets are reporting that the #AustinBombings suspect has been shot dead by Police. Will confirm when I can.

(32) KVUE, the local ABC affiliate live stream after confirming the suspect is dead:

(33) Suspect was found in Round Rock, Williamson County, North Austin near the I-35 and Old Settlers Boulevard. As I understand it, this general part of Austin was where the first bombing occurred, in Haverford Drive.
(34) More details: Austin bombings suspect is dead.
(35) Google maps view of where Police are asking media to gather for the upcoming briefing in Round Rock, North of Austin this morning. Local time is 3.48am.
(36) I'm going to take this opportunity to say Police probably know or suspect the motive and we will find out in due course. To me, Occam's Razor suggests a crazed loner with a grudge against some group, agency or individual(s). Any more than that is speculative atm.
(37) Major traffic issues predicted on and near I-35 in Round Rock for the whole morning.
(38) More location details.
(39) Reminder: This is why we aren't told stuff before the time is right. #Patience

(40) What a relief it must be for LEOs to say, type and read the words "there is no immediate danger to the public."

(41) Watching live TV, seeing Police and others walking toward the media staging area to start media briefing imminently.
(42) Link to Police briefing:
(43) Austin PD officer injured in final explosion in the suspect's life. Here's hoping it's the final in the series and that no other devices have been left to harm others.
(44) Suspect was a 24 year old white male.

β€’ β€’ β€’

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