Babur in words of Guru Nanak

Babur was 14 yrs younger than Guru Nanak. He became king of Farghana exactly as Guru Nanak was deciding to spread God's word. When Babur conquered Kabul in 1505; Guru Sahib was starting to radiate his spiritual message

Ibrahim Lodhi ruled Delhi. Haughty n cruel, he had alienated many. Punjab was held by Daulat Khan. Eager to deliver himself from Lodhi, he sent envoys to Babur for help. Babur couldn't be happier. He had failed to capture Khurasan in the past. Now was his chance to enter India.
Guru Nanak warned Daulat Khan that Babur would only overtake them. His words fell on deaf ears. He wrote:

Such are the blasphemers
Who set themselves up
As leaders of the world;
Consuming daily
Forbidden fruit of falsehood,
Yet they preach to others,
What's right n what's wrong.
He further wrote:
Themselves deluded,
they delude others too
Who follow in their path.
If one drop of blood
Pollutes a garment
Rendering it unclean
To be worn in prayer;
How can they who like
Vampires suck human blood
Then be passed as pure?
(p. 140)

Guru Nanak was an eye witness to 3rd 4th n 5th invasions by Babur. He openly condemned Babur's cruelty to innocents particularly women. 1st verse tells of wreckage of Syedpur (now Eminabad), 2nd the rape of Lahore, 3rd the terrible aftermath of battle of Panipat,

'Jaisi Main Avai" is 1 of 4 poems included in what is called "#Babarvani" or '#Baburnama' describing 4 invasions by Babur (1483-1530).

When residents of Syedpur didn't surrender willingly to Mughal army, Babur ordered a bloody massacre of city dwellers, subject of this poem.
Guru Nanak was traveling back from Mecca, & reached Syedpur to stay with Bhai Lalo. Along with women & children of city, they were imprisoned by Babur & made to carry loads of wealth on their backs for the invading troops returning to Afghanistan. Baba Nanak saw all firsthand.
Guru Nanak's song of truth that describes the condition of Syedpur after it was devastated by Babur in 1521:

Jaisi Main Avai Khasam ki Baani, taisada kari gyaan vey Lalo
As the Word of the divine comes to me, so do I express it, O Lalo

"Pap ki janj le Kabulon Dhayia Jori Mange Dan Ve Lalo"
Bringing a wedding party of sin from Kabul
He (Babur) demands land as his wedding gift, O Lalo.

"Kajiyan Bahmna ki gal Thaki, Agd Pde Saitan Ve Lalo"
Qazis & Brahmins lost their roles & Satan conducts wedding rites, O Lalo.
"Musalamanian padehi katheba kasat mehi karehi khudhai Ve laalo"
Muslim women read Quran & in their misery call upon Khuda O Lalo.

"Jat sanathi hor hindavaniyan ehi bhi lekhe laye Ve laalo"
Hindu women of all classes, have met the same fate, O Lalo.

"Khoon ke sohile gavehi nanak rath ka kungoo paye Ve laalo"
Sing the songs of murder, Nanak, sprinkling the dye of blood, O Lalo.

Clearly he fears same fate as others, to be killed by Mughals; & he accepts it as Will of God. But he & Lalo escaped in end.

In 1524, Babur ransacked Lahore & in 1525 he conquered Delhi.

Baba Nanak wrote:
"Shahan surti gawayiyan rng tamashe chayi!"
Local kings lost alertness, lost in sensual pleasures.

"Baburvani firi gayi kuanr na roti khayi!"
Then at Babur's command even princes lost their bread.
Most famous of the verses from #Baburvani is this:

"Khurasan Khasmana Kiya Hindustan Draya"
Having attacked & destroyed Khurasan, Babur terrified Hindustan.

"Aape Dos Na Deyi Kartar Jamu Kari Mughal Chadhaya"
Creator Himself doesn't take blame, he has sent the Mughal as Yama.
"Eti Maar Payi Karlane Tain Te Dard Na Aya!"
Such slaughter that people cried in horror!
Yet You felt no mercy, Lord?

"Kartar Tu Sabhna Ka Soyi!"
O Creator, You are yet Master of all.

"Je Skta Sakte Ko Mare Mann Rosh Na Hoyi!"
If one strong man hits another, there is no outcry!
"Sakta Seehu Mare Payi Vge Khasme Sa Pursayi!"
But if merciless tiger kills a flock of sheep;
Then its Master must answer for it.

"Ratan Vigade Vigoye Kutin Muiya Sar Na Koyi!"
This priceless land wasted & defiled by dogs (invaders);
& no one paying heed to the dead

"Ape Jode Vichhode Ape Vekhi Teri Vadiyayi!"
You unite & You separate;
Such is your power O Lord!

"Je Kou Nam Dharaye Vada Saad Kre Mann Bhane!"
One may give Oneself a great name,
Reveling in pleasures of mind;
Considering oneself greatly enlightened!

"Khasme Nazari Keeda Aave Jete Chuge Dane!"
Yet in the Eyes of Master, he is just a worm,
For all the corn that he eats.

"Mari Mari Jive Taan Kichhu Paaye Naanak Naam Vakhane!"
Only if one's ego dies while still alive, one is blessed,
O Nanak, by chanting His Name!

Such was the pain ignited in the great Guru's heart by witnessing Babur's atrocities. He called Babur a cruel tiger, & the innocent citizens of erstwhile Punjab a flock of sheep. He called the invaders a pack of dogs, who violated all women & killed little children.

The Guru was an enlightened soul & yet he was shaken to core by this bloodshed, to the extent that he questioned the Mercy Of God! Yet we ignored his words & trusted the progeny of same Mughal over & again! Even preserving a mosque in his name! High time we learned!

High time we erase all marks of their invasion & associated pain frm our land. High time we get rid of all "Bads" & "Ganjs" that replaced our "Purs"! High time we reclaim our glorious temples they built their eyesores atop! High time we roar #JaiShriRam & #SatSriAkal

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है यह कथा अमर पद्मिनी रानी की,
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आंख मे उसकी अस्मिता सतियों की,
न रही कोई अब आशा बचने की,
घड़ी आ पहुँची थी मारने मरने की!

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जून ८ को बन्दा बैरागी का शहीदी दिवस मनाया गया. दशमेश गुरु के विशेष सिख थे बन्दा जी, उन्होंने गुरु महाराज के चरण चिन्हों पर चलते हुए अपने प्राणों व अपने परिवार को धर्म की वेदी पर बलिदान किया, इस कविता में उन्हीं की शौर्य कथा कहने का प्रयास किया है, 👇👇

है गाथा दशमेश गुरु साहिब की
कहानी बन्दा बैरागी की
अटल अजेय धवल कीर्ति शूर की
है कथा धर्म अनुरागी की

लिया था वैराग्य दास लक्ष्मण ने
तरुनाई की आयु अल्प में
देखे जो निकट से कष्ट संसारी
बाँधा तन संन्यास संकल्प में

तज कर रम्य घर द्वार काश्मीरी
छोड़ पितु मत बंधु भगिनी
चल दिया हो अनासक्त युवक वह
बसा जा प्रांत दूर दक्षिणी

सरिता के तट पर किया बसेरा
बैठा वहां रमा कर धूनी
माधोदास नया नाम धरा कर
ध्याता निसदिन ब्रह्म अजूनी

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