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The @GOP and any remaining tRumpsters out there better start paying attention to the FACTS and the WARNINGS, & opinions from HIGHLY respected, life long PUBLIC SERVANTS who truly care ONLY about protecting OUR COUNTRY. They DGAF about politics...

...well, until politicians start preventing them from performing their DUTIES. These CAREER PROFESSIONALS do not politics affect their work. They follow the facts, they verify tips on illegal activity (#SteeleDossier) or clarify FALSE accusations (illegally wire tapped).

Investigations are SUPPOSED to have a NATURAL conclusion. That means tips, leads, facts, ENTIRE investigation has exhausted all relative leads & come to a VERIFIABLE conclusion. The same way we expect ALL law enforcement to do when we're accused of crimes, or crimes against us
The ONLY people who FEAR allowing an investigation to come to its natural conclusions are - CRIMINALS. That includes people who try to suppress valid claims, critical evidence or testimony, and people who are accessories to the original crime or the...

There's also non-government contributors who've conspired against the US, like: @FoxNews @NRA @seanhannity @TuckerCarlson #Mercers @RealAlexJones @Carl_C_Icahn #RogerStone #CambridgeAnalytica

**Note - some of those listed are original criminals AND obstructionists**

I'm sorry. This is gonna be a long thread b/c I'm scared. I AM FUCKING SCARED. I am scared b/c we have a Congress that has the LEGAL, #EqualPower and OBLIGATION to end the #TrumpPresidency. Instead, they are negligible, defiant, complicit, and silent.

WORST person after tRump, is a guy being quiet as a church mouse, hoping no one will notice he's as guilty as Trump. Who gets the least amount of attention from the media (how tRump likes it) @VP @mike_pence. I get he's not a flagrant criminal, I hope someone is investigating

The overall point is
the USA is under ATTACK from RUSSIA! And our (in-office) "leaders" are CRIMINALS. Criminals helping to disrupt, dismantle & DESTROY the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.
Just b/c there aren't dead bodies, doesn't mean less danger or the attacks cause less damage

Russia is REPEATEDLY striking the #UK & there are DEAD BODIES. Russia ATTACKED AMERICAN SOLDIERS. Russia attacked the French elections.
We are in the middle of a world war that isn't being addressed b/c of who our "president" is & a congress that is LETTING him do nothing.

Our country will face certain demise if we continue this path. We are laying on our back w/ our chest & abdomen exposed. The brain that is supposed to protect us, has been infected with a virus full of greed, contempt, and hate.

Asserting ignorance is no longer applicable.

Not a single, TRUE, patriot would even consider putting @realDonaldTrump's feelings/reputation over NATIONAL SECURITY. He's either guilty, or he'll get the fuck over it.

That's the problem. No #Republicans will stand up to defeat a man who has abused & exploited...

...his power - given to him by Russia w/ cooperation from some Americans, all to enrich & protect himself. At the costs of our country's destruction. He has behaved NO DIFFERENT than any other dictator the world has seen before. @realDonaldTrump isn't different or new.

People with experience, a patriotic sense of duty, professionals are SCREAMING, "SOMETHING VERY WRONG IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!" These people are doing everything they can. All but going on TV running around like a chicken w/ their head cut off trying to relay the DANGER.

Trump may get away with that, on Twitter. But the rest of us, who live in the world, where reality exists, can't do that. People would end up locked in a padded room for awhile. So do not underestimate how CRITICALLY IMPORTANT it is to heed these warnings and #ImpeachTrump.

We need to have an uncomfortable discussion about some things that I think we need to consider if we have any hope of surviving this, unbroken. And because we have a government filled w/ the complicit, corrupt & inexperienced - forcing us to face an election we can not...

...currently guarantee will be fair and free. I am not "calling for" anything. We need to have a plan, goals. We need to be prepared to march in the streets. To vocalize LOUDLY & CLEARLY that the American people can no longer tolerate the cavalier destruction of our country.

Despite the unfortunate and necessary debate on #GunReform; this is not the worst time to consider arming yourself. For what our forefathers ACTUALLY intended w/ #2A, the right to stand against a tyrannical government (NOT against each other).

There are no more "adults at the table". No one left that is going to "get the WH back on track". No one left is gonna stand up to Trump, no matter how ignorant or dangerous his requests. No one left can keep this administration or Trump from going off the rails. CLEARLY.

So let's talk about how we protect ourselves and save our country (from the Russians and their co-conspirators, not from/against each other). Starting w some basics, in the event that you do decide to arm yourself, plus your civic engagement. Talk w/ your household members.

PLEASE make sure that if you choose to arm yourself that you:
- educate yourself
- follow your laws
- educate EVERYONE, regardless of age in the house
- take safety courseS
- responsibly store your gun according to your state law & common sense
- do NOT buy a gun illegally

- do not broadcast to the world you have a gun
- do not broadcast to the world what kind of gun you have or where you keep it
- if you know you have anger management issues, don't be stupid, don't buy a gun

- if you know you have a mental health issue where sometimes you're not quite 'yourself' or someone else in your home has mental health complications, be responsible, don't buy a gun
- don't make assumptions about gun education or safety
- don't spend your rent to buy a gun

Whether you're new or experiences w/ guns, be responsible and practice SAFE target shooting.
- safe means don't shoot if there is a person ANYWHERE NEAR the target (like the gentleman who lost his life when he wanted to test if a textbook was thick enough for protection)

*we don't need to add any more unnecessary injuries or deaths due to careless & irresponsible behavior w/ guns. Accidents are usually avoidable.
- safe means, not thinking that basic care of guns is important & it's ok to skip steps/cut corners. Steps are there for a reason.

- make sure everyone in the house knows how to reach emergency services in the event of an accident
- if you can, try to prepare your family w/ basic first-aid
- put together a first-aid kit readily available


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