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3rd times a charm. Yes this is the 3rd time I am putting the same information together. I don’t claim to be an expert on the occult and esoteric knowledge, FAR from it. But the more I get to talk to you guys that are newly waking up, the more YOU r helping me learn
The more I learn from how to better teach, the easier this all becomes to explain, despite how crazy it can sound.
@POTUS @realDonaldTrump #ReleaseEverything
So how best to put this into perspective?
I make the assumption that if you have been following q that you are aware of the Satanist angle of what’s going on. That’s great you accept that, but do you truly know and understand what that means?
#PizzaGateIsReal #SATANIC
There’s a great deal of knowledge that has been hidden, occulted, from you through out your life. Information, that if equipped properly, would end this shitty movie we are watching unfold, and allow for True Freedom to prevail.
#TheGreatAwakeing #FullofSchiff
Despite what you may think you know, the word occult comes from the Latin verb ocultare (au-cool-tar-A) which means to hide or make hidden.
Ocultare comes from the Latin noun meaning 👁
Occult knowledge is knowledge that is hidden from sight.
Not as spooky as it’s made out 2 b
Is there weird shit involved? You bet your ass. But let me be perfectly clear, this information is all easily dismissed if you don’t start @ GO. U can not full grasp this knowledge if you don’t have a solid foundation.
It’s like trying to describe colors to a blind person.
But luckily if your reading this you probably already except the fact that mountains of lies r thrown at us every day from EVERY direction
You probably also understand that the Gov does not have ur best interests in mind
If you deeply know these 2 simple truths, then I’m writing this thread for you. You want to know how deep the rabbit hole goes. You know there is something seriously off in the world. You feel it everyday, like your the only sane person in some fucked up movie
Sorry to break it to you, but your 💯% on the 💰
Theres a reason #QAnon referenced the matrix recently
Theres a reason they said the truth would be hard to swallow
Understand that soon q will be making posts leading you in this direction, more blatantly than they have so far
So it’s up to you if you want to get started early. But I’m only showing the way, it’s up to you to research
Letting other ppl do the work is how we got into this mess to begin with

“Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.”
Don’t mistake me for some magic guru either, I’m just a “regular” guy/gal like you
I have a “regular” job, a shitty condo, married w/ a kid and a shitty 🚗
I never even picked up a bible
But like you I wanted the Truth, so I hunted for months before I knew where to begin
So what this thread is is what I think are the essential basics for a solid foundation into the occult. I’ll be posting other people’s works that I have studied and researched on MY time so I could finally understand what the f*ck is going on
And I can assure u that I found exactly what I have been looking for
& wen you read/listen/research this info you are going to realize this is what uve been looking for as well. There’s a reason q says there are no coincidences
#ReleaseTheCures #MemoDay
It’s no coincidence you found this thread, whether you take this info in now or later makes no difference to me
The seeds been planted
when you understand the Principle of Causality that sentence will make more sense and your going to giggle to urself wen u remember I sed this
Here’s a quick primer of the modern control system. Who they are and how they operate and when America began its fall. Yes it was recorded in 1967, which makes its accuracy to today all the more chilling

So with that let’s get started. First things first, the basics
What is Natural Law?
What really is Natural Law?
It’s something you MUST fully grasp in order to known the Truth. You MUST know how your 🧠 is used against you to keep you ignorant of Natural Law by the “elite”
Know that advanced knowledge of natural law, laws like gravity that rule the cosmos and all life in it, combined with advanced knowledge of psychology has been used to keep you dumb
Here is a quick primer
Natural law in 10 minutes
I knew you would want more
Here’s his full seminar on Natural Law, it’s long and it’s packed full of info
My advice, get a notebook...a few, your going to need them before we are done

That’s a lot to digest, I know
But if we expect to make real change when 💩 meets fan in the coming months, you must not believe a single thing in that seminar. You just KNOW that it simply is, period, full stop
But all in all, did I lie that the occult is not as goofy as it’s made out to be?
It’s sound logic based in commen sense
But sorry to say this is just the beginning
I’ll be updating more soon, I need a break right now...
If u did finish before I updated i will leave my previous thread pinned with the next batch of videos

by the way, good for you for wanting to know the truth

“There is no religion higher then Truth”
#FREEDOMS #hermes
Oh and before I forget
Please feel free to dm me any questions you may have. I am learning this information for a reason
To teach those who want to learn, so that you can do the same, because time is short and if we don’t know how to fix what’s going on, it will happen again
hopefully you had the time to finish the couple of vids i posted above. if so, you clearly have a better understanding now of #NaturalLaw and a basic grasp of the Hermetic Principles, and how we are being controled/manipulated by some seriously sick ppl
so with that, heres a few book suggestions to further expand on those topics
i havent read this one yet, but it is on my reading que
The End Of All Evil - jeremy locke…
another thats on my list, i believe both of these were mentioned in teh above seminar
The Most Dangerous Superstition - Larken Rose…
this is a personal favorite of mind. this is a upclose look at the mind control tactics used by those in power. its been going on for a very long time and ALL americans should be aware of this
Mass Control - Jim Keith…
I am currently reading this one. a deeper look into the Hermetic Principles as proposed by the "Thrice Great" Hermes Trismegistus, Master of Masters. An absolute MUST read.
The Kybalion - The Three Initiates…
Here is a few short videos on a man that i think should be a household name. #EdwardBernays, the nephew of Sigmund Frued and the mind behind bacon 4 breakfast, Godfather of PR and ido by Joseph Goebbels
its a 3 parter, but fairly short, 5-10 mins each
pt 2

by this point you should have a pretty solid understanding of whats been going on over the past few centuries in regards to how authority has tricked us into being their slaves. but theres more, SO MUCH MORE.
Now its time to get a better understanding of the Occult
The multitude of Teachings, how subtle symbols that you wouldn't even take 2nd glance at actually affect you subconsciously and why you are kept in the dark. this is gonna be another long one, so get your writing hand ready because there is ALOT to take in
De-Mystifying the Occult pt 1



i know im not giving you too much time to recoop from that but there here is a follow up to demystifying the occult made a few years later focusing solely on the Dark Side of the Occult, Satanism. alot of ppl think they understand what it is, but they are wrong
oops i deleted the rest of the thread
will fix ASAP
sorry for anyone still going through
this presentaion is going to dig deeper in to the concepts of "Satanism" and the Dark Occult
this will give you a much better sense of who we are up against
now that im thinking of it
here is a free pdf version of the Kyballion
i believe i had originally had some videos about mkultra and monarch up here, i will add those back, but there is some more important stuff i would prefer to get out of the way first
lets talk about religion for a moment
i am not trying to make you think like me, or tell you that you are wrong
i am only showing you what has been put in front of your face because you are better then what you have been taught
dont let the name fool you
@Pontifex thinks you are nothign for then a pet
hes wrong
hopefully you are a little more interested by the concept of astro-theology
if so your in luck
the Ancient sciences hold more secrets then you realize
about our cosmos and of yourself
this is a big one and will take some time
you can do it
we must start with the basics
what is Prisca Theologia?
pt1 - Astrology (dont laugh, this is alot more serious then you have been led to believe)
what is AstroTheology and how does it relate to you?
Occult Science (yes this is a science that was once practiced in mass & was taken away and ridiculed so that you could be enslaved)

so we got a TON of great info so far, but theres a few more things i want to share with you before i send you out into the world to start digging on your own.
This was a miraculous find that i came across about a week ago.
the Pyramid Code. a short lived program from 2009
in it we find a some information that will make you wonder if we have been lied to about these monuments
oh and we get to learn some more about teh ancient Khemitian mystery schools ancient astrology and ancient psychology
a must watch
ep 2
bonus Abd'el Hakim Awyan presentation

• • •

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Aug 6, 2018
Cancer is caused by fear, nothing else
You want the cure? Free?

Stop being afraid. You must let go of all fear. In order to do that you must unlearn everything you have learn throughout your life.
You must face your fears
Ask yourself, what r u afraid of?
Then as, why?
So you want to change the world? RT or copy and paste. Spread it high and low. It won’t change the world over night, it might, but it might not. But the seeds of change will be planted for when full disclosure comes.
#GreatAwakenening #TrustThePlan
And know that this is the timeline that this spreads. even if you decide not to share, there is a version of you that did.
Cool right
Welcome to the world of the living
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Jun 18, 2018
Have you been feeling different lately?
Do you find your self knowing things that seem alien to you but strangely make sense?
You having weird synchronistic coincidences all the time?
Were you hoping someone would type this exact message?
Are you worried your losing your mind?
Do you get the odd feeling q talks directly to you but don’t know how to explain why you think that?
Is your life appearing to be falling apart around you

Well your not alone
So smile for once, even though I’m sure it feels like it’s been a while.
I began my little journey 8 months ago and know all too well exactly what your experiencing. There’s actually quite a few of us floating around and you may not have even known it

I’ve been talking to a few of you who are really starting to notice some of the things I mentioned
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Apr 16, 2018
let this be the new manra of the World

double posting cuz U must SEE this

Anne Wojcicki (@23andMe ) = ex wife of Sergi Brin (Google/Alphabet)
they are stealing your dna

let me show U the world U live in

#QAnon #GreatAwakeningWorldwide #BREAKING @POTUS
SCOTUS ruled in 2013 that DNA CANNOT be patented because nothing new is created from discovering dna as dna is nature
DNA can be patented if manipulated in the slightest in a lab…

#QAnon #MusicMonday #Game3 #ReleaseTheCures @POTUS
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Apr 8, 2018
Dear Q/Occult friends
I coming to you in dire need
This needs to spread
Please allow me to explain
@SaRaAshcraft @FedupWithSwamp @occulturalism @DestroyIllusion @kabamur_taygeta @KibBitzLaw @ROYALMRBADNEWS @TrutherUfo @intheMatrixxx #Qanon #Occult #ReleaseTheCures #RedPill
Since November I have learned and shared tons of info with a lot of you, it’s been fun 👍 thanks
But after the satanist talk I decided to dig deep into these sickos, after 5 months I’m ready to give it out
I can assure you all that this so much bigger than you know
I have put together this easy to follow thread web with ALL of the basics for Truly understanding what the occult is, it is NOT satanism
This is ancient hoodoo that these ppl are using to control us
That is NOT a joke
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Feb 5, 2018
we all kno alex downer as #Papadopoulos drinking buddy, which "led" to the trmp/russia inves
seems as tho downer was making deals with U1 and CF in 2011

#Qanon #Russia #MemoDay #ObamaGate #TheStormIsHere #MAGA #CBTS #WeAreTheStorm #GreatAwakening @realDonaldTrump @POTUS
2007 australias Downer was working on making a deal to begin selling yellowcake #Putin to strengthen relations…
looks like that deal went through in april 2011…
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