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Thread bout #CambridgeAnalytica #AlexanderNix and Hillary / Google. MSM desperately looks for another reason to explain "What Happened", let's look at the interrelationship between Google and the HRC campaign, the State Dept & her favored think tank New America
From Clinton Foundation to Google    Peter Albers    Finance and Operations, Clinton Foundation, 2006    Head of Real Estate Partnerships at Google Fiber
From Clinton Foundation to Google    Shannon Jones Newberry    Deputy Director of Communications, Clinton Global Initiative, 2011-2012    Communications and Public Affairs, Google…
From Clinton Foundation to Google    Jeff Lawi    Analyst, Clinton Health Access Initiative, 2010-2012    Product Support Manager, Google
From Clinton Foundation to Google    Nathan Allen    Consultant, Office of President Clinton & The Clinton Foundation, 2012-2013    Senior Producer, Google…
From Clinton Foundation to Google    Puiyan Leung    Consultant, The Clinton Foundation via Stern Consulting Corps, 2013    Program Manager, Google
From Clinton Foundation to Google    Felicia Yep Salinas    Employment and Labor Commitment Maker, Clinton Global Initiative, 2013-2015    Technical Sourcer, Google Access & Fiber…
From Clinton Foundation to Google    John Lyman    Deputy Chairperson, Clinton Global Initiative (Helped launch it and was an early employee)    Partner, Google Ventures (Former Head of Partnerships and Marketing at Google, among other roles)
From Clinton Foundation to Google    Scot Frank    Mentor, Renewable Energy & Social Entrepreneurship, Clinton Global Initiative, 2009-2013    Shopping & Ads, Google
From Clinton Foundation to Google    Theodore (TJ) Przybyla    Working Group Manager, Clinton Global Initiative, 2012-2013    Engagement Manager, Executive Coaching, Google…
From Clinton Foundation to Google    Justin Pang    Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Clinton Health Access Initiative, 2008-2011    Team Lead, Global Partnerships, Google
From Clinton Foundation to Google    Maria Wang-Faulkner    Country Support Manager, MDR-TB, Clinton Health Access Initiative, 2013-2015    Strategic Account Manager, Global Publishing Partners, Google
From Clinton Foundation to Google    Paul Lee    Clinton Foundation Health Consultant    Senior Product Manager
From Google to Campaign    Stephanie Hannon    Chief Technology Officer    Director of Product Management, Google
From Google to Campaign    Osi Imeokparia    Chief Product Officer    Project Management Director, Google
From Google to Campaign    Derek Parham    Deputy CTO (initially Director of Engineering)    Technical Lead of Google Apps…
From Google to Campaign    Jason Rosenbaum    Director of Digital Advertising    Director of Elections and Advocacy, Google…
From Civis Analytics to Campaign    Matt Dover    Voter analytics director (initially Analytics Communications Director)    Director of Campaigns at Civis Analytics…
From Campaign to Civis Analytics    Justin Burchard    Position Unknown, Clinton for President 2008    Director of Data Research, Civis Analytics…
From Google to Campaign    Benjamin Cole    Independent Consultant    Mobile Product Lead,
From Google to Campaign    Nathaniel Welch    Senior Site Reliability Engineer    Site Reliability Engineer at Google
From Google to Campaign    Henry Bridge    Director of Product    Product Manager for Google Chrome Graphics, associate product manager for Google AdWords Billing
From Google to Campaign    Fred Wulff    Software Engineer/Manager    Software Engineer at Google, worked on App Engine
From Google to Campaign    Divina Videna Chung    Califonia Phone Bank Captain and Nevada Precint Captain    Operations Point of Contact, Google Express
From Google to Campaign    Danny Bowman    Software Engineer    Product Specialist for Google Enterprise, Enterprise Program Manager
From Google to Campaign    James Plummer    Senior Product Designer    Product Designer…
From Google to Campaign    Andrea Frome    Senior Software Engineer    Staff Sotfware Engineer…
From Google to Campaign    Maxwell Nunes    Digital    Political Advertising Fellow, Google…
From Google to Campaign    Emmy Ruiz    Nevada State Director    Google Personal Democracy Fellow
From Google to Campaign    Remy DeCausemaker    Open Source Community Manager    Google Fellowship - Personal Democracy Fellow 2010; Mentor, Google Summer of Code
From Google to Campaign    Per Anderson    Tech Team    Google TV Ads…
From Campaign to Google    Dina Lamdany    Former Data Analyst    Software Engineering Intern, Google, now back at Google as an associate product manager…
From Timshel to Groundwork    Michael Slaby    Managing Partner Timshel (another of SchmidtÍs investments); Also worked at Tomorrow Ventures (SchmidtÍs VC arm)    CEO
From Google to Groundwork    Corey Bertram    Datacenter Technician, Google (2005)    Director of Engineering
From Google to Groundwork    Betsy Tsan    Events, Google (2007-2010)    Talent Advisor
From Google to Groundwork    Bill Barksdale    Software Engineer (2010-2012)    Software engineer…
From Google to State    Kristin Loehr    Community Liaison Officer    Account Manager
From Google to State    Katie Jacobs Stanton    Special Advisor, Office of Innovation    New Business Development
From State to Google    Jared Cohen    Policy Planning Staff    President of Jigsaw (formerly Google Ideas)…
From State to Google    Kate Krontiris    Advisor to the Senior Advisor for Innovation and Technology    Judicial Inclusion Lead, Google Ideas…
From State to Google    Sage Moon    Foreign Service Officer    University Recruiter
From State to Google    Michiel Perry    Program Analyst    Department of Public Policy and Government Affairs
From Google to State    Ann Mei Chang    Senior Advisor for Women and Technology    Senior Engineering Director
From State to Google    Amira Fouad    Foreign Service Officer    Communications & Change Management Program Manager
From State to Google    Genevieve (Genna) McKeel    Foreign Affairs Officer - Central Africa    Business Development Manager (formerly Senior Policy Analyst)
From State to Google    Andrew Kim    North Korea Political-Military Affairs Officer    Public Policy & Government Affairs (formerly Global Product Policy)…
From State to Google    Alex McPhillips    Associate Director of Communications for Digital Media - U.S. Mission to the UN    Public Policy & Government Affairs Manager (formerly Executive Communications Manager)…
From State to Google    Mars Hanna    Special Assistant to the Director - Office of Global Change    Global Energy Policy and Strategy…
From State to Google    Brian Katz    Special Agent    Director, Global Investigations, Intelligence & Protective Services…
From State to Google    Tiffany Bartish    Senior Manager/Special Advisor    Administrative Business Partner, Global Marketing Solutions…
From State to Google    Richard Baldassari    Summer Policy and Planning Analyst    Associate Product Marketing Manager
From State to Google    William Arbuckle    Political Section - U.S Embassy Paris, France    Global Account Executive
From State to Google    Brian Schepis    Program Manager Economics & Trade    Sr. Analyst Global Sales
From State to Google    Greg Hoobler    Foreign Affairs Officer    Manager, Global Security Analysis
From State to Google    Nashwa Aly    Senior Political Analyst    Public Policy & Government Relations MENA
From State to Google    Deena Shakir    Global Partnerships Advisor    Business Development
From State to Google    Austin Lau    Foreign Service Officer    YouTube Partner Developer Programs
From State to Google    Chelsea Maughan Kohler    Chief of Staff, Office of Public Diplomacy & Public Affairs/Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs YouTube Manager, Global Communications and Public Affairs…
From State to New America Foundation    Anne-Marie Slaughter    Director of Policy Planning, State Department    President & CEO…
From State to New America Foundation    Ladan Fakory    Policy Specialist, Global Health Diplomacy & U.S. Global Health Initiative    Health Policy Fellow
From State to New America Foundation    Hana Passen    Summer Hire, Regional Labor Office (twice)    Associate Director, New America National Network (former Special Assistant to the President)…
From State to New America Foundation    Daniel Kurtz-Phelan    Foreign Policy Advisor, State Department    International Security Program Fellow…
From State to New America Foundation    Ben Scott    Policy Advisor Innovation, State Department    Senior Advisor, Open Technology Institute (Also a key Hillary campaign policy advisor on tech policy)…
From State to New America Foundation    Tomicah Tilleman    Senior Advisor Civil Society and Emerging Democracies, State Department    Director, Bretton Woods II Program…
From State to New America Foundation    Shamila Chaudhary    Policy Planning Staff, State Department    Senior South Asia Fellow…
From State to New America Foundation    Emily Parker    Policy Planning Staff, State Department    Future Tense Fellow…
From State to New America Foundation    Ari Ratner    Special Assistant, State Department    New America Fellow
From State to New America Foundation    Helene Gayle    Member of the Foreign Affairs Policy Board, State Department    New America board member

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Jul 25, 2018
let's talk about what GDP is (and isn't).  GDP is:
C+I+G+(NX) or:
(Consumption + Investment + Government Spending + (Exports-Imports)).
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May 11, 2018
1/ Journos, hose who say that Avenatti's use of Crowdjustice violated terms of Stripe, this is not true. Stripe rents out their backend to others. They have rules that apply to their own organic clients, and other rules that apply to the biz thats brought in from 3rd parties
2/ But, why did McCabe and Avenatti both use crowd funding sites to raise money. Its actually very inefficient... Its expensive and means there has to be rather open reporting and accounting of the money raised. They used it because those sites are the goto for money laundering
3/ Regular merchant processors like stripe and many more, do a credit evaluation and also a have very strict rules about the buinsses they will take in. This is because things like travel have a HUGE risk of chargebacks. So does electronics cos of stolen cards
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Apr 28, 2018
Pls look at thread and behold #Google “we’re the good, evil company” This list is employees of Google & Groundworks (goog co built to help HRC elex) that have been swapped in/out of Dept of State/ #Clinton Foundation/ #Hillary Prez campaign/New America (dem org)
From Clinton Foundation to GooglePeter AlbersFinance and Operations, Clinton Foundation, 2006Head of Real Estate Partnerships at Google Fiber
From Clinton Foundation to GoogleShannon Jones NewberryDeputy Director of Communications, Clinton Global Initiative, 2011-2012Communications and Public Affairs, Google…
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Mar 9, 2018
1. Sharing some of the journo/commentators I follow who have been exceptional/insightful. They're ahead of the curve, carved out a niche subject, are challenging MSM and moving journalism in a new direction. @johnrobb and this article today about him…
2. Sharing another journo I follow = @Cernovich = Ahead of the curve, breaking scoops/following up on stories that fall out of the news cycle. As MSM news becomes nothing but movie reviews, the rise of the indie journos will be the story of 2018, he'll be big
3. Journo is about to change bigly. AI spinwriters will serve 'news' thats already 'vetted'. Real journo is also $$$ (examle FOIA) and takes time. MSM will cut $. People will search for alt media. Medium already banning, then Patreon will. Then what?
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Feb 25, 2018
1/x @NRA and stuff.... Piece of shit advocacy group, BUT, the blasts against them are fukin idiotic, peoplealways grab for the easy moral authority, #Rubio shud resign cos he has no intellectual ability to take their miney and still possess any civic virtu
2/x @nra but now, having said that, can we dig deeper beyond the NRA, the american left has NO Democratic Party opposition to war. the fake Wakanda domiciled liberals and progressives have been manipulated to allies of the military-industrial-complex
3/x #nra Democrats who wore kente cloth and/or boycotted the State of the Union cannot find their voices to object to America’s bombing of Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, or Somalia. hmmm
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Feb 19, 2018
1/x A no BS review of #AlteredCarbon I like sci-fi. Its a hard form for TV for a bunch of reasons.
1. scifi show always needs to be friendly to new viewers, peeps who tune in midseason. hey have to know whats going on. So, every episode has to explain itself, each character, etc
2/x 2. a scifi show has so many different 'types' of viewers, Some ppl like visuals and the plot is secondary. Some ppl want constant action, a frenetic experience. Some ppl just want to see pretty people in space, scifi (very) soft core pron
3/x Scifi movies are easer than shows like #AlteredCarbon = You;re immersed ina theater, you dont have to be reminded of wat happened 30 minutes ago. Movies can be more elegant and economical, they have no spacefor filler
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