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This brings me to the findings of my investigation on why Government (Administrations) lie. (Thread). 🧐
Evil does not exist within a Government. I disagree it resides in @AsoRock been there a couple of times & still came out sane. Evil exists in the minds and hearts of those who interpret Leadership as Rulership and pull the trigger for evil purposes, then deploy lies as cover up.
We can agree that MURDER is illegal. (But authorities Murdered the Shiias right before our very own eyes). Attempting murder is illegal. A felon owning a gun is illegal (See Fulani Militia/BH/NDAvengers). Shooting people indiscriminately is illegal (see SARS & Police Impunity)...
Using firearms in a criminal manner is illegal (SARS & Police act without limits with extrajudicial killings yet our Govt choose look the other way for 2019 sake. With the FG backed Organized Crime syndicate, can anyone explain how criminals will follow the Law? 🤔
Can anyone explain how restricting law-abiding citizens even more, lying profusely in defense of an obvious failed plot to deceive and the daily human rights abuses will make us safer? Remember lying to the Govt (under oath) is a Felony but when they do it, it is POLITICS. 🤔
The basic brainwashing tool here for the aberration is their continuous emphasis on the “imbecilic 16years” on the loop, just to convince sub-literates and victims of their weaponized poverty, to stick to their chains under the strain, while blaming another for their poverty.
This is not a Presidential is a Crime Spree.
Why won’t there be a conclusive investigation of Grand Heist under the aberration? Why won’t our pseudo anti corruption Czar investigate and punish his men stealing profusely from our collective patrimony? Why would an alleged Pastor & VP back a Corrupt EFCC acting Chair? 🤔
Why doesn’t President Buhari and his corruption shadow-boxing body language get to the bottom of the numerous daunting scandals? Is he “UNAWARE” that he is President and will be held responsible or is he behind it all? 🤔
We now have a pathological liar, fake Christian cum alleged Pastor as the new Captain of lies having unseated the failed Lawyer & Liar Muhammed, who had the gall to shamelessly say without a hint of irony & with a straight face that their admin is not as corrupt as the last. 😡
Whenever there is a BIG STORY in the media, look for the the story they are trying to distract you from. The same way the term “conspiracy theorist” was made popular by the CIA to stop critical thinkers from asking questions about the JFK assassination.
For those who love knowledge, you can find the memo called “Countering Criticism of the Warren Report” this was an attempt by the CIA to make the term “conspiracy theorist” a weapon to be deployed against anyone who questioned the Government’s Secret activities and programs.
In Nigeria, we have religion, tribalism and cultist/fanatical partisan politics to the rescue. When politically exposed pseudo ecclesiastical demagogues lie copiously just to cement a morbid rhetoric in order to secure the populace in the chains of local tyrannical Imperialists.
They think Nigerians are stupid having struck a deal with terrorists on #DapchiGirls conundrum, now someone will rekindle the Messiah Myth with imbecilic narratives that will be gobbled up by Online Herders scavenging for crumbs. Others will be distracted by the lies about Money.
The partisan sentimentalists who gobble up everything the liberals churn out may not agree but Did Hillary Sell Uranium to the Russians? Did Bill Clinton receive $500k for speaking Engagement? The whys don’t matter. Suck it up.
...End of Celestial Observation...

• • •

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Oct 9, 2018
Thanks @DemolaRewaju for your atticism & clarity on political cum historical facts. Let me clear the air on my position. First, I didn’t strategize for the PDP & have never met the leadership of the party in any regard. I strategized for the future of Nigeria with the President.
It has neither ethno religious coloration nor political partisanship. All I told him before the election came to pass and all we deliberated on happened just as forecasted. He became a winner despite the loss of the election because he meant well for all & value good counsel.
After election I did gave free advices on how the PDP could build back the party in order to avoid having a unitary party system (an advocacy that brought about the creation of the APC Merger- of which I was involved in its strategic birth, when PDP became complacent).
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Oct 8, 2018
As wonderful as this idea is, it won’t win the election. The battle ground geopolitical zone is not SS or SE but the SW. If @Atiku can pick a formidable influential youth from the SW (Male/Female) it will make the difference. NOI can always serve in the Admin with impact.
Also, he may need to allow the record reflect that he is only running this time to deliver Nigeria from the current darkness that envelopes her by deploying his resources and political structures to that effect as a legacy and would not seek a second term.
This way, the platitude of a promise by the leadership of the APC, void of integrity, on 2023 Presidential zoning to the SW will be neutralized and reinvigorated by a promise they can take to the bank and act upon should there be a breach.
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Oct 8, 2018
When it comes to Money, Virtue is often defenestrated (virtually thrown out the window). The forth coming election would either be Won, Bought or Stolen. With the position of @inecnigeria in collusion with those bent on rigging the election with fictitious figures, this is clear.
90% (if not all) of the elections conducted under this “Regime” has been fraught with electoral fraud thus when opposition wins election it is declared inconclusive and rigged via an unconscionable re-run designed to disenfranchise the people. So a Win is out of the question.
Better phrased, a Win may not be enough under this Regime if you are not in Tahir favored books. The Wife of the president even raised an alarm over injustices within the President’s party let alone the wrath reserved for the opposition just to retain power by force.
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Oct 7, 2018
Vengeance is a lazy form of Grief. ⛱
The simplest of tweets can be far more complicated than threads. This one right here can be a book yet barely scratch the surface of the expression. I’m simply saying, don’t confuse Vengeance with Justice the same way Anger must not be confused with Strength. ⛱
There are many people out there broken into pieces and seeking those that are whole to break just to get even with life. We must understand that sadness sometimes carry a whole lot of weight that often times attempt to stop you from breathing.
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Oct 7, 2018
Your attitude and character is everything. If you can’t contain your hate and prejudices simply because of a tweet you read, then nothing else matters. You will always find anything you seek. If you want to be offended even a harmless emoji will set you ablaze. Watch it.
I really don’t know the motive of deploying hate towards people who see things differently. Changing a mind is different from having an argument. Persuasion takes patience, skill and insight, not force. You can’t insult me into supporting your sentiments. 🤔
You must never forget the next line of action when people undermine you. When they think they can walk over your Heart with their dirty feet, when they take your softness for weakness.
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Oct 7, 2018
I’m sore disappointed in the development coming from @OfficialAPCNg primaries in Bauchi. Where @alouibrahim92 was rigged out despite the people’s support in huge numbers. Thugs were deployed and voters were harassed. Result sheets falsified in collusion with party officials. 😞
This is how APC is losing their great potentials. All those I knew from back in the days of great sacrifices for fo CPC/APC have been frustrated out of the party. The few that managed to keep the faith are now being disincentivized. Where’s their automatic ticket despite loyalty?
Is this what @MBuhari will be remembered for? All your loyal men/women ruined because of self centered party politics that ostracizes and impoverishes the people. Is the APC reserved for families and friends now? 2019 will be very interesting. This is really pathetic. @abellodam
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