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It's time.
The inchoate, frothy sea of #Pisces is without differentiation
It needs the clarity & singularity of 1 instead of the duality of the fish.
Now, the #Pisces moment, symbolized by this:…
The two bows, symbolizing fish, become tied into a single line. Gives us a clear symbolic picture of what Aries represents.
The #Pisces striving to make the impermanent succeeds in the very localized permanent "I am" of #Aries.
#Aries is the sign of the individual, the pioneer & the moment that we come believe in the singularity of identity.
In this sense, I'm reminded of #Aries as like Ogun from the Yoruba tradition, cutting through into the next world, this world.
As a child or sign of Mars, #Aries is born to struggle to be. At her best, she's one to be "I am." At her lowest, "Me!"
The struggle to be is the struggle to be one's own person, to be defined by one's own life circumstances & spirit.
Just like the great mystery of "I am" is seen in the Judeo-Christian myth when YHWH says, "I am THAT I am"
Interesting that Moses pushed people to honor the Ram, not the Bull (Taurus), as people supposedly went into the #Aries age. Might even seem to give legitimacy to the idea of the ages.
It's generally believed that the idea of One god (monotheism) emerges during the putative age of #Aries, some 3500 years ago. But we won't debate the merits of the great ages now. Another time.
Interestingly, it's about the same time that we enter the age of Empires too. But I digress.
"I am" becomes a key way to understand that God is becoming, using the very "I am" we use. #Revolutionary
This demonstrates even more why the #Aries moment is so important, beyond it being "spring" & a time for Earth's renewal
It's also time for us to be responsible for who we are and how we define ourselves in the world, a very Mars thing.
This is why #Aries is particularly threatening to people who want to play the self small or the collective bigger.
#Aries DEFIES the impulse to be small, to be content with meagre portions, to play it safe, to stay in one's place.
The only place that an #Aries truly knows is the place where he or she is or wants to be.
#Aries may not start off that way, but this is usually where they're going.
A lot of #Aries may be scaredy cats when they're younger. This is often true with the #fire signs.
I agree with @feministajones abt the sensitivity of #Aries, and not just abt being sensitive abt their egos
#Aries, put differently, represents a divine spark of light.
As a youngin', all an #Aries knows is that she has an "I am" to protect…
…but they may not know how to do that & the world seems so new… Fortunately, they never lose that sense of "newness" about the world.
We'll talk about that newness in a lil bit. But what they do lose is much of the fear.
Then they acquire skills and knowledge to be able better defend the light, both within themselves
…and the light they come to recognize worth defending for others. If you impress an Aries, they will gather an army for you…
…fight a cobra in a tree for you. As a child of Mars,an #Aries can live for the chance to prove themselves "in battle"
Beyond going to battle for you, #Aries enjoys a good fight. Some go looking for it. Others will take it up if it comes to them.
Again,#Aries thinks abt that "I am" to protect, so they're not inclined to get into it if it's going to make them look bad.
As the prime imprimatur of #fire, #Aries wants to look good and sharp, if they think about it.
But that's just it. #Aries, as a sign more tuned into being & expressing "I am," the self, not so much abt thinking first.
In Astrology, every body part is ruled by a sign. It's no wonder that #Aries (as 1st) rules the head.
No wonder #Aries may frequently have accidents to the head 1st or fall head first. They symbolize rushing…
…headlong into something, with excitement and passion, without a lot of forethought.
Some of this is conditioned from wanting to release themselves from their early years of being afraid of too much…
...of thinking too much. So they decide that "shooting" first & asking questions later…
becomes a suitable way to be rather than holding so much in.
1 of the things I love abt #Aries is that you won't have to do a lot of second guessing about how they feel about things
They're also not necessarily big on holding grudges. They're more likely to seem very angry & sharp about something…
…that bothers them & then be all buddy w/ you a little later. Once something's off their chest, it's time to move on…
& if you don't let your feelings fly in the moment w/ #Aries, that's on you. And this perhaps what bothers people most abt #Aries.
As a sign of individuality & protecting their divine spark of "I Am," #Aries wholly expects that you'll do the same for yourself.
If you don't, then that's on you. That's not an #Aries problem. Go to #Libra or #Cancer for #alldat in their book.
#Aries are the originators of #GameTheory, the idea that all parties in a transaction will look out for their best interests.
Many people find this selfish abt #Aries. But from an #Aries point of view, it's common sense.
At an early enough age, #Aries saw the collective do something dumb on everyone's part, like turkeys drowning in the rain.
So #Aries is determined to lead or, at least, look out for themselves. This becomes the critical difference btwn "I am" & "Me"
When an #Aries is in "I am" mode, they realize there's a Being seeking to BE thru them &others. Their job is to safeguard that.
They look for ways to lead people toward the best possible way for something to be. It resonates with the "I am" in them.
An #Aries in touch w/ his/her "I am" can connect to a group's "I am" and give clarity & direction for it to become more.
For ex., say what you want abt #Aries William Shatner as Capt. Kirk, but he was willing to do anything for his ship (his folks).
That's how #Aries is the archetypal hero--their willingness to do whatever it takes to be more & be who they know they can be.
& when an #Aries is connected to more her heart rather than just using her head as a battering ram, great things happen.
But it's when #Aries gets caught up w/ "me" when things start to go haywire for them.
"Me" is no longer leading or making breakthroughs or pioneering.
Yes, Aries has a divine spark to protect, but "Me" keeps #Aries ONLY thinking about that spark & not much else.
This is where the sense of newness for #Aries can get ridiculous for them (and us). #Aries
At the level of "me," #Aries only sees what's new for them. Their view narrows from historical to only biographical.
This has advantages and disadvantages too.
Whether it's at the level of "I am" or "me,"#Aries will advocate for you or your business. ______is the greatest thing ever!"
However, it's sometimes only cuz they like it, not cuz they've objectively assessed it.
They can sometimes trust their guts w/ a singular truth. #TunnelVision.
However, they shouldn't lose the ability to entertain other possibilities like #Libra would.
Likewise #Aries often recreates the wheel when a lil research& #Libra collaboration would yield bigger results/stronger connections
"I'm going to start a newspaper in this community for ppl to read!" Aries says.
Um, did you know there is one already? "There is?!" #Sigh. Sometimes #Aries want to bring home the golden fleece...
...w/o knowing what the journey entails or if they fleece is even real. #CatchMyDrift
So the #Aries "me" wants to be a hero too. And can even think that s/he's doing it for the greater "I am."
The difference is that "me" usually has to broaden its definition of the "I am," taking stock of who & what's out there
This is where #Aries benefits from the #Libra dynamic. #Aries is #courage. #Libra is #consideration. Both need each other.
Now, you're only going to get so much #consideration from #Aries and that's a good thing. Can't have too much of that.
But the "I am" of #Aries is deeply connected to "I am" that "I am," of how "me" is a reflection of the "I am"
This parallels a lot of the convos we have about the ego. Another word often associated with #Aries.
I'm with #Aries on this. Ego is only a bad word for those who are scared of theirs.
Your ego can be a good servant, if you use it.
You have to have some measure of moxie & daring to put yourself out there. It's a question of how much though
And when #Aries does that, it's glorious. I can't think of another word.
This is clearly seen in unexpected ways too, like vocally. Cardinal signs often do well w/ the voice.
The other cardinal signs are #Capricorn, #Cancer, & #Libra. #Aries is the 1st one.
I don't take it as an accident that there are so many popular singers who are #Aries. The voice as prime expression of "I am"
Let me do the short list for you: Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Pearl Bailey…
…Chaka Khan, Billie Holiday, Diana Ross, Jill Scott, Luther Vandross, Al Green, Bessie Smith, Selena…Eddie Murphy.
(J/k, but Eddie is an #Aries) Every song almost becomes a testimony of how they have to be me (or "I am")
1 of my favorite songs is by #Aries @JillScott: Only fitting that it's "One is the magic number"
Okay, that song uses a lot of "me," but truth be some people don't even have a "me" to love. #FindYourAries
& a lot of the "bad boys/girls" that we love in pop culture are #Aries: Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Robin Wright, Rhea Perlman…
...Sandra Day O'Connor, Gloria Steinem, Maya Angelou, Marlon Brando, Robert Downey Jr., Pharrell, Al Green, Martin Lawrence…
…Billy Dee Williams, Redman, Gary Oldman, Hugh Hefner, Christopher Walken, David Letterman, Joseph Campbell & Colin Powelll…
We love them because they've been willing live life on their own terms, sing in their own unique key.
Or the courage to be "I am" or "me." To be #Aries on their own terms.
But, again, this is where you have to recognize the limits of "me," recognizing other terms.
Or otherwise you could end up like this #Aries dude, skewered by a #Pisces, & minus a job:
I hope this burst of tweets about #Aries has been insightful and helpful.
Of course, all these statements depend on the dynamics of ur own personal horoscope, not just 1 sign. This is a general guide.
If ur interested in personalized info abt your chart, please consider booking a consultation at
I recommend getting a 60 min. consultation if it's your 1st time. For that, I'm offering special for #Aries season: $35 off your 1st session. Use the coupon ASTROINTRO when you book the session.
or a report from here, with a FREE chartwheel:
I also have more thoughts on astrology at
Also follow me at @sfreynolds for more about #Aries astrology, etc. Or @unlockastrology for astrology ONLY.
Thank you for tuning in. Enjoy the rest of your week.

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