THREAD: With #MarchForOurLives around the corner, I've been thinking about the amazing teen activists. It reminds me of the true story of a badass average teenage girl who single-handedly took on an insanely popular but powerfully misogynist asshole in 1615.
2. So there was this guy in England, a real man's man named Joseph Swetnam. The guy was scary. He literally write the book on fencing and was thought to have taught the most powerful men in the kingdom how to fight. He was really into weapons. You just didn't mess with this guy.
3. The guy hated women. He wrote a terrible tract called The Arraignment of Women in 1615. In it he said terrible things like a dead wife isn't worth crying over, women should be beaten, all women are [insert animal here], etc. He published it anonymously. It went viral.
4. A teenage girl from a middle class family heard about it and had enough. Rachel Speght wrote a tract called A Mouzel for Melastomus and ripped him a new one. She kicked his ass across the page with her superior scholarship, but how she started her book KILLED.
5. You see, Swetnam's tract was originally anonymous. He used the lame penname Thomas Tell-Troth. At first, it wasn't clear who wrote this sexist piece of crap. Rachel Speght, however, wanted the world to know. She wanted to publically shame him. Check out how she did it:
6. This teenage girl outed quite possibly the scariest dude in town with A FUCKING ACROSTIC POEM FULL OF INSULTS. In iambic pentameter, yo. Everyone now knew the identity of the dude who wrote the wildly popular but disgustingly shitty misogynist tract. BUT WAIT...THERE'S MORE
7. Rachel Speght, many have argued, became the FIRST ENGLISHWOMAN protoFEMINIST TO IDENTIFY HERSELF BY NAME. A few pro-female tracts were written by supposed women before them, but there is no evidence that there were actual women behind the pen names. AND GET THIS...
8. Rachel Speght sparked a wave of writers AGAINST SWETNAM. Two more books appeared after her, written anonymously, supposedly by other women authors, who tore him a new one. AND YOU GUYS...someone even wrote a play. It was a COMEDY featuring a jury of women GRILLING Swetnam!
9. This all took place during the pamphlet wars in Jacobean England, where people were debating issues that eventually would further sew the seeds for the equality we now strive for today. Rachel Speght, a teenage girl, helped. She was the 17th century Katniss meets Hermione.
10. So the next time someone underestimates the teens who are speaking out against #gunviolence , remember that history is FULL of brave teens who acted in powerful ways & spoke truth to authority. If you don't take teens seriously, it is at your own peril! #MarchForOurLives
11. FOOTNOTE: Please forgive the typos. Autocorrect is a drunken bitch.😑

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Aug 4, 2018
Story time! Let me tell you all the tale of a badass lady that was SO BADASS NO ONE BELIEVED SHE WAS AS BADASS AS SHE WAS. And by no one, I mean MEN, and by badass, I mean A POLYGLOT-MATHEMATICIAN-SCIENTIST-POET-SCHOLAR-GENIUS-LADY in 16th century England.

Let's go!
Margaret More Roper was born in 1505, daughter to Sir Thomas More, who is still pretty popular today. If you're Catholic, you know him as a saint. If you're a college student, you know him as the dude who wrote Utopia. If you watch The Tudors, you know him as this guy:
Sir Thomas More was really into humanist education. I mean, REALLY into it. He was in a bromance with Desiderius Erasmus, who was like one of the most brilliant educators in Renaissance history. I mean, look at this dude. He's ACTUALLY SMILING. He really fucking loved his books.
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Jul 27, 2018
Okay...I'm losing focus on my writing and I need a let me tell you the story of a real badass lady from the 17th century who not only famously prosecuted a rapist but later EARNED A LIVING BY PAINTING PICTURES OF WOMEN KILLING BAD MEN (and other sundry subjects).
Artemisia Gentileschi was born in Rome around 1593-ish. Her dad was a famous painter who studied under the even more famous Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio who painted amazing shit like this:

(This is Judith cutting the head off of the antisemitic asshole Holofernes)
Because the life of an artist was awesome one day and shitty the next, Artemisia's dad took in a boarder named Tuzia, who was a downright bitch. She helped one of her dad's students, Agostino Tassi, sneak in and rape Artemisia. On purpose.
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Jul 15, 2018
I've had half a bottle of wine, and I fucking love history, so let me tell y'all about how Lady Margaret Russell outsmarted the patriarchy not just in the 16th century but FOR FOUR HUNDRED MOTHERFUCKING YEARS. She was badass. Pour yourself a glass and follow along, my peeps.
Lady Margaret Russell was amazeballs. She was super rich and well-educated. Hell, she EVEN STUDIED AND WROTE ABOUT ALCHEMY AND SHIT. Fab lady. Very kind. Ended up marrying the 3rd Earl of Douchebaggery, Lord George Clifford. Just look at this asshole.
Lord Clifford was a jerk. He cheated on his wife. A lot. He blew a ton of money travelling and adventuring. He only checked in on his wife every now and then, enough to get her pregnant three times, but he wasn't around for the births...or the kids.
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Jun 17, 2018
Many of the actions taking place right now in Trumpville are huge security risks to our nation. I should know: I used to work side by side with intelligence officers and analysts as part of a research assistantship. (thread)
I'm not claiming to be intel or ex intel, BTW. I just had a lot of good conversations with these folks, including advisors to past presidents and dude's with 30+ years in the VIA. Today's events bring up a lot of these old conversations for me in alarming ways. /2
One of the key parts of keeping our nation safe, and especially our deployed troops and humint, is how we treat our own prisoners. Trump has some pro-torture folks running in his pack, and not only does this make our enemies retaliate in kind, but it's a poor way to get intel./3
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