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#Syria's dictator Bashar #Assad claims to have liberated #EasternGhouta near Damascus & inspected the area himself.
This, however, is the statement issued by the main Russian military base on the Syrian coast announcing the Russian air force has established security.
Reports indicate Assad's forces dropped barrel bombs containing chemical agents, possibly even Sarin, on #Douma in #EasternGhouta, located east of Damascus in #Syria, leaving more than 150 people killed & 1,000 others injured.
#Iran's regime supports Assad
Video from #Douma in #EasternGhouta, near Damascus in #Syria, shows three small children suffering after what is being described as a deadly chemical attack by Assad's forces.
Support from #Iran & #Russia, with Obama turning his back, has led to this horrible situation.
Orient TV, associated to the #Syria'n opposition, reports the number of casualties in the latest #Douma chemical attack has climbed over 190 deaths.
#Iran & #Russia must be stopped from supporting Assad.
Video shows dozens of children, most likely killed, after last night's chemical attack in #Douma in #EastGhouta near Damascus, #Syria.
#Iran & #Russia supporting Assad in #DoumaMassacre.
Video shows the result of a monster (Assad) supported by #Iran & #Russia, gassing innocent civilians in #Douma of #EastGhouta near Damascus, #Syria with sarin gas.
For the love of God, until when is the world going to allow Assad, supported by #Iran & #Russia, to gas innocent civilians, this time in #Douma of #EastGhouta near Damascus, #Syria with sarin gas?
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#BreakingNews - THREAD
Informed sources in Washington indicate #Turkey, #Iraq & #Jordan are agreeing behind closed doors to allow the US use their airspace for imminent air/missile attack against #Assad forces in #Syria.
#BreakingNews - THREAD
This comes after Ankara signed secret deals with Moscow & Tehran last week in reference to #Syria. It now appears Turkey no longer wishes to play its part in these agreements.
#BreakingNews - THREAD
Sources in Washington say the White House intends to take firm action against #Syria. Prior to this, Washington has asked Moscow to distance their forces from those of Assad, the Lebanese Hezbollah & #Iran's IRGC Quds Force.
#BreakingNews - THREAD
Sources indicate these actions will be very punishing & severely weaken the Assad regime in #Syria, and adding further measures would shift Washington's focus to regime change in Damascus & disrupt Trump's upcoming plans for #Iran.
US strategic bombers entering Cambridgeshire, UK, reports show.
#Iran is deeply concerned of its future interests in #Syria.
French Rafael warplanes enter Saint-Dizir airbase to take part in an imminent #Syria attack along with the US & the UK.
US officials say all equipment necessary for this attack are ready & waiting for #Trump's orders.
Social media reports are citing Fox News & other outlets indicating the US may launch its attack on #Syria in the next few hours.
Seeking confirmation.
US preparing military assault on #Syria
CNN reporting USS Eisenhower is in attack mode.
This massive carrier currently has 48 F-18 Hornets with heavy loads of ammunition.
#Trump "has been given a range of options, Pentagon officials confirmed..." on what appears to be an imminent US-led military assault on Assad's forces in #Syria.
There are reports indicating U.S. President Donald Trump has issued orders giving the go on strikes against Assad's forces in #Syria.
Sky News is citing Israeli sources saying #Syria dictator Bashar Assad evacuated his presidential palace with a Russian military convoy this morning in fear of a US-led military strike.
If #Iran uses #Syria soil to stage an attack on #Israel, Tel Aviv will wipe Bashar Assad and his regime off the map, Sky News reports.
Images of the T-4 base in #Syria where seven fighters of #Iran were killed after an alleged Israeli air attack are a striking reminder of what awaits Bashar Assad.
This has his main supporters in Tehran, and Moscow, extremely concerned.
If you ask me "Gas Killing Animal" is the best title one can give the dictator of #Syria, Bashar Assad, and a spot on message to his masters in Tehran, #Iran.
Report indicate in the past 48 hours 3 Syrian passenger planes have landed in Tehran's Mehrabad Airport & not returned. There is word that Assad's family & a number of senior regime officials were on board.
Further reports show 22 Syrian Sukhoi warplanes have flown over Iraq & landed in Shahid Vahdat airbase in Dezful, SW #Iran, the M15 airbase in Kermanshah, W Iran, & the Fakuri airbase in Tabriz, NW Iran.
IRGC bases are on high alert.
As a US-led attack on Assad's forces in #Syria looks more imminent, the Al Seen airbase in Zamir (TR) & T-4 airbase near Homs Province (BR) have been evacuated & all equipment transferred to Aleppo's Al Neyrab airbase (L), reports indicate.
Sky News:
Syrian opposition activists say dozens of Lebanese Hezbollah members of the Rezvan battalion fled Homs Province along with their families & arrived at the city of Yabrud, south of Damascus. They had completely evacuated the T-4 airbase after the recent attack.
Sky News:
#Syria's Bashar Assad has fled the presidential palace in fear of a US-led air attack. #Iran's IRGC, militias & the Lebanese Hezbollah have also reportedly evacuated their bases.
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said on Wednesday that the Assad regime must be ousted in #Syria.
So much for Turkey's agreements with Russia and #Iran.
Sky News:
Second US aircraft carrier entering Mediterranean waters, according to American sources.
In an interview with Fox News, General Anthony Tata, former US commander in Afghanistan says it is clear this #Syria attack will be far more significant than last year's 59 cruise missile strike, adding this campaign may take a while.
Russian President Vladimir Putin speaking now:
"Conditions across the globe are concerning."
Sky News:
#Saudi air defense units intercept & destroy an object & a missile fired towards an airport inside their soil, both from #Yemen.
The object has been identified as an Iranian drone.
This is #Iran using the #Houthis to distract attention from #Syria.
Israel Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman:
If #Iran responds to the attacks against #Syria, Tel Aviv will topple the Damascus regime & assassinate Bashar Assad.
Tehran may be spreading #FakeNews. This, however, shows how terrified they actually are.
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman:
#SaudiArabi will take part in the possible attack against #Syria's Bashar Assad.
Russian Ambassador to Lebanon:
"#Russia will intercept & destroy any missile fired towards #Syria & also target the source."
Let's see if they live up to their words.
Sky News citing Le Figaro:
French Rafael warplanes will be taking part in airstrikes against Assad's targets in #Syria.
Sky News:
US Defense Minister James Mattis says Pentagon is ready to present military options for #Syria.
For a good laugh, Iranian users on the web are posting such images & citing the IRGC announcing their "readiness" to defend the Assad regime in #Syria against the US-led coalition using such "advanced, home-made equipment."
Russia reportedly altering routes of its Mediterranean warships, reports show.
16 naval vessels are distancing from areas based on a secret message Washington sent to Moscow, reports add.
This comes after Moscow threatened to down all missiles over #Syria.
(File Photo)
Lebanon & Israel on high alert for imminent US-led attack on #Syria.
Analysts say most important targets are military airbases (more than 25 in Syria), research centers in Qasioun of Damascus, academic centers in Aleppo, the 55th Missile Brigade in Damascus & ...
Republican Guard bases in Damascus, Air Force command, IRGC & #Iran-backed militia bases near Damascus, Fort Imam Hossein near Zebdani, the 4th Division in Homs (currently controlled by the IRGC).
Adding to #Iran's miseries:
- "Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin signaled on Wednesday the U.S. may impose 'very strong' sanctions on Iran"
- "primary & secondary sanctions would have an important impact on the Iranian economy"
Abu Dhabi Crown Prince advisor tweets a picture of Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif smiling and writing:
"You will no longer smile after today."
#Iran's IRGC & Lebanese Hezbollah forces in eastern #Syria, in Albu Kamal (map) and other areas close to Deir Ezzur, have reportedly evacuated their bases last night & relocated to the Iraq-Syria border, sources say.
#Iran IRGC forces have evacuated all their bases in Qalamoun (map) near Damascus & the Syria-Lebanon border, taking bunker in trenches or safe haven mosques & other public facilities, sources say.
IRGC plans to go into hiding inside #Syria.
IRGC forces lost 42 members in the attack on the T-4 airbase, yet they continue to lie and claim only seven died, sources say.
#Iran is terrified of US-led airstrikes as its forces have 102 military bases across #Syria, according to reports.
Round-up of various reports indicate the imminent US attack on #Syria will be in the composition of a coalition involving allies such as France, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia & other possible countries.
Following for further reports.
(File Photo)
Sky News:
US warships leaving Norfolk naval base & heading towards the Mediterranean Sea.
With further vessels being dispatched, does this signal a major military campaign against #Syria?
I'm sorry, but this is what I call ridiculous... losing one's mind before the inevitable:
This is definitely something to think about as #Trump weighs his options on #Syria:
Sky News:
US President Donald $Trump met with Defense Secretary James Mattis at the White House.
Mattis most likely placed the Pentagon's options on #Syria before Trump.
Sky News:
Aviation agencies are reiterating their warnings regarding air traffic over #Syria considering the possibility of surface-to-air & cruise missile attacks.
Sky News:
Kuwait Airways cancels all passenger flights to Beirut, Lebanon, following reports of an imminent & highly likely US-led attack against #Syria.
US "strongly condemns" #Houthi missile attack on Riyadh & backs #SaudiArabia "to defend their borders against these threats, which are fueled by the #Iran'ian regime’s dangerous proliferation of weapons and destabilizing activities in the region."
#Iran - 12 April 2018
Keyhan daily, known as the mouthpiece of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, boasts of #Yemen's #Houthis targeting the #Saudi Defense Ministry in Riyadh with missiles.
"The Daily Telegraph has learnt that Mrs May has ordered British submarines to move within missile range of #Syria in readiness for strikes against the Assad regime that could begin as early as Thursday night."
Sky News:
British PM Theresa May will be meeting with her ministers today to gain their agreement on military strikes in #Syria. She has already ordered British submarines to the region.
Sources say:
French President Emmanuel Macron has been briefed by US Defense Secretary James Mattis on military options against #Syria.
Mattis' Dutch counterpart also expressed his country's cooperation with Washington against Damascus.
Bye bye #AnimalAssad.
#Iran is terrified all its investments in #Syria are going down the drain.
Sky News citing Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu:
We will not allow #Iran to establish military concentration in #Syria.
Reporter: Israel has only remained silent for now due to the sensitive nature of the situation.
Interesting how CBS shows a map of #Iran when reporting of an imminent US-led attack on #Syria to punish #AnimalAssad.
For a good laugh...
Could someone please explain what these forces of #Iran's regime actually intend to do?
Truly, I'm baffled...
Do they intend to rush to the protection of #AnimalAssad?
Survey in #Iran asks (and I quote):
"In the case of a war in #Syria, will you provide financial or psychological support, or volunteer to militarily defend Bashar Assad & the Zeynab shrine (near Damascus) against the US & criminal Israel?
92% replied: "No, never will I support."
Ali Javanroud, independent journalist:
Ali Akbar Velayati, int'l affairs advisor to #Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, returned to #Iraq from #Syria. 12 senior IRGC Quds Force commanders left the Al Kesve base (15 mins S of Damascus) & flew in a passenger plane to Najaf, Iraq.
Ali Javanroud, independent journalist:
Was IRGC Quds Force commander Qassem Suleimani along with this group is not clear. A source in Najaf has told Ava Today, “The passengers leaving Damascus for Najaf left the latter city for Baghdad under extremely tight security measures.”
Ali Javanroud, independent journalist:
In another flight, at 8:09pm Wednesday local time, 35 senior IRGC Quds Force officers left Damascus for Baghdad.
Ali Javanroud, independent journalist:
Sources in DC: US measures will be punishing & significantly weakening Assad’s airpower, or completely destroying it. These air & missile attacks will be limited to #Syria. Without a doubt IRGC Quds Force positions will also be targeted.
In the past few days, #Syria has transferred 23 of its passenger & warplanes to #Iran. Velayati has time & again told Syrian media Tehran provides $8bn/year to Damascus. IRGC provides for the “Syria Basij,” established by Iran in 2012 to maintain Assad in power.
Adding the Lebanese Hezbollah, Quds Force, Afghan Fatemioun & Pakistani Zeynabioun, all provided by #Iran, this reaches $4bn/year. Add this to the $8bn/year mentioned by Velayati, equals $12bn/year. This has been ongoing for the past 7 years = around $84bn.
All this is on the verge of being destroyed through highly possible US-led attacks. While no one is sure, signs indicate these attacks are imminent.
The money #Iran’s regime wasted in #Syria could have been used to provide for millions currently living in poverty.
#Saudi FM says his country will not tolerate terrorism #Iran's meddling in the region. Terrorism & the Iranian regime are two inseparable allies, he adds.
"A Bulgarian man has been charged in the United States with exporting aircraft parts to #Syria in violation of a U.S. embargo, the U.S. Justice Department said on Wednesday."
Syrian state TV airs Wednesday's meeting between #Syria's Bashar Assad & Ali Akbar Velayati, int'l affairs advisor to #Iran's Ali Khamenei, claiming the meeting took place today.
Arab news agencies reported this meeting yesterday, saying Velayati returned to Iran.
I thought this would be a good reminder...
A Syrian child breaking down in tears saying Assad is killing us...
What did we do to him?
- Macron: Enough evidence showing Assad is responsible for the chemical attack.
- British PM: Working with allies to hold accountable those responsible for this crime.
- Two US warships armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles, warplanes & submarines are ready.
Preliminary session of Arab Foreign Ministers begins:
- #Saudi FM: #Iran & terrorism are two sides of one coin. As long as Iran interferes in other regional states, the Middle East will not experience peace & stability.
- Arab League chief: Iran meddles in Arab states.
"U.S. should target Assad and his senior lieutenants directly in a decapitation strike"
A must read by @BretStephensNYT.
"If we are serious about restoring an international norm against the use of chemical weapons, then the penalty for violating the norm must be severe. And if we are serious about confronting #Iran, #Syria remains the most important battlefield."
"An extended U.S. air campaign to destroy Tehran’s military assets in the country would send the message that we will not tolerate its attempt to colonize Syria and threaten its neighbors."
"There’s a new national security adviser in the White House, and a final chance for American initiative in this devastated land."
French President Emmanuel Macron's latest remarks as signs of an imminent attack on #Syria increase.
AFP reporting Sweden is circulating draft resolution to rid #Syria of chemical weapons "once and for all."
OPCW, known as the UN's chemical weapons watchdog, says its fact-finding mission in #Syria, will begin on Saturday
My sources are indicating Bashar Assad's plane landed in Tehran's Mehrabad Airport at 2:45 am local time Thursday & was escorted with around 20 vehicles into the capital.
Seeking further confirmation.
Syrian TV claimed Assad met with Ali Akbar Velayati, int'l affairs advisor to Khamenei, in Damascus, while failing to show even one other Syrian official.
Reports indicate the presidential guard is not present in the Al Rozeh palace.
Seeking further confirmation.
Italy "is at the side of the traditional allies of our country: US, France & the UK," says Foreign Undersecretary Vincenzo Amendola regarding his country's part in the possible attack on #Syria.
Rome to provide logistical support, reports say.
General Jack Keane to Sky News:
I don't think we will a face-off between the US & Russia as Russia lacks the ability to confront the US. Russia has no interest in a military conflict with the US.
Sky News on Arab League FM session:
A four-party committee is established to confront & overcome #Iran's meddling in the region.
#Russia sensing the pressure on a possible US-led attack against #Syria.
Sky News:
USS Donald Cook to be taking part in the possible missile attack against #Syria.
Smart missiles to be launched from Cyprus, reports indicate.
AFP reporting British PM Theresa May's cabinet agreeing on 'need to take action' over #Syria
#Syria's UN envoy saying "terrorists obtained chemical substances from Libya & recently produced the agents in cooperation with #Turkey & #SaudiArabia."
Interesting. Assad's gov & Russia had claimed no evidence of chemical weapons were found in #EastGhouta or #Douma.
US President Donald Trump discussing #Syria decision with his national security team and vows a 'fairly soon' decision.
US President Donald Trump plans to discuss #Syria with French President Emmanuel Macron & British Prime Minister Theresa May later Thursday.
According to the White House, US President Donald Trump has yet to make his 'final decision' on #Syria
Sky News Arabic:
Warplanes flew over Tel Aviv on Thursday.
Tensions across the region increase over possible US-led attacks on #Syria.
Cabinet ministers agreed "on the need to take action" in #Syria to "deter the further use of chemical weapons", Downing Street said.
Ministers said it was "highly likely" the Assad regime was responsible for a suspected chemical attack.
U.S. Army's chief of staff Gen. Mark Milley agrees with US President Donald Trump that #Syria's Bashar al-Assad should pay a big price for a recent alleged chemical attack on a Damascus suburb.
Senator Lindsey Graham pushes for hopes a US response to #Syria "will serve as a warning to potential adversaries in #NorthKorea, #Iran and #Russia."
#Iran'ian website citing Russian media:
Seven US Navy spy planes in eastern Mediterranean near the #Syria coastline conducting espionage missions.
Russian military says these planes are flying over their bases in Syria, report says.
U.S. President Donald Trump & Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May agree on the need to find an international response to deter the use of chemical weapons in #Syria.
"... vital that the use of chemical weapons did not go unchallenged..."
"Issues expressed about me by the Great Leader of the Islamic Revolution are an honor for me," says #Syria's Bashar Assad about remarks made by #Iran Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.
Take notice of the terms Assad uses to describe the Iranian regime's leader.
Russia's Sergei Lavrov is claiming the #Douma chemical attack was staged by "foreign secret services," adding Western intervention in #Syria will spark "new waves of migrants to Europe."

Can someone please clarify are we to believe recent remarks made by Russia's Lavrov, or those of #Syria's UN envoy on the #Douma chemical attack?
First there was nothing.
Then terrorists from Libya.
And now foreign secret services.
Explanation anyone?
My sources say #Iran-backed IRGC Quds Force units evacuated bases in #Syria:
Al Qosayr near Kafr Musa, SW of Homs
Naseriya in Jayrud, NE of Damascus
Zamir, NE of Damascus
Al Dare near Al Suwayda
Hama military base
Mezzeh airbase
Khalkhalah military base
Al Kasveh military base
As tensions rise over a possible US-led strike against #Iran-backed Bashar Assad in #Syria, Russia is beginning to understand how its three-year campaign in the Levant is at stake:
As Moscow escalates its language over #Syria, French President Emmanuel Macron seeks to "intensify" talks with #Russia, according to the French presidency
U.S. President Donald Trump:
"We’re having a meeting today on #Syria… We’re looking very seriously & very closely at that whole situation."
Russia, beginning to feel the severity of the #Syria situation, is resorting to threats:
Putin tells Macron to think about "ill-considered and dangerous actions"
French President Emmanuel Macron told his Russian counterpart in a Friday telephone call Friday his intention to "intensify" talks on bringing peace to #Syria, according to his office.
US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley:
No rush necessary to launch military action on #Syria, but "at one point you have to do something."
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres:
Increasing tensions between world powers has the potential of leading to a "full-blown military escalation" in #Syria.
U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley:
U.S. estimates Assad has resorted to chemical attacks at least 50 times in #Syria. Public numbers are as high as 200.
Russia claims to have "proof" Britain took part in the "staged" #Syria chemical attack in Douma.
French Ambassador to the U.N. Francois Delattre:
On April 7th the Assad regime reached the point of no return.
I am finding this hard to believe but Russian defence ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov actually claims Britain told the White Helmets first responders to fake the recent chemical attack in #Douma, #Syria.
U.N. chief Antonio Guterres:
First team of international chemical weapons investigators arrived in #Syria, second team to arrive on Friday or Saturday
Senior Israeli army official:
"If the Iranians take action against Israel from the Syrian border, Bashar Assad and his regime will pay the price."
U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley says she is returning to Washington for more meetings on #Syria.
As tensions begin to flare, #Syria's Assad regime warns the West it will take action to defend itself

Lebanese Hezbollah: Israel has entered "direct combat" against #Iran after recent raid on T-4 base
British ambassador to UN describes Russian military claims that the UK staged the #Douma chemical attack in #Syria as "a blatant lie."
As the intensity of #Syria's situation continues to escalate between the West & the Russia/Assad/Tehran alliance, my latest @Forbes piece explains how #Iran's regime will be the main party by far to suffer in this showdown.
As #Iran struggles with the #Syria crisis, Iranians are scrambling for US dollars as their currency, the rial, plummets to historic lows amid economic & political uncertainty. The rial has lost 1/3 of its value this year alone & is now 60,000/dollar.
Tehran seeking to escalate tensions across the Middle East:
Sky News reports #Saudi air defense units intercept another ballistic missile launched by the #Iran-backed #Houthis of #Yemen
Israel's strike on #Syria's T-4 airbase places it now in direct confrontation with #Iran: Lebanese Hezbollah chief
US State Dept. spokeswoman Heather Nauert says #Syria's Assad regime is responsible for the chemical attack in #Douma and Washington is certain of this.
(File Photo)
USS Winston Churchill, an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer equipped with guided missiles, has just entered the US Navy combat zone in the Mediterranean Sea, according to a US Navy official.
US-led strike on #Syria begins. Image shows cruise missile over Damascus.
British warplanes target a former military airbase near Homs said to be home to a chemical agents cache.
First wave of heavy attacks against Assad's army in #Syria came to an end, US officials say. These attacks will continue far beyond tonight, they add.
One senior Trump administration official says this issue is not over.
US State Dept. spokeswoman Heath Nauert:
"Today's response is in direct response to Russia's failure to keep their promise to guarantee the elimination of #Syria's chemical weapons. We hope #Russia and #Iran will join with civilized nations as a force for stability and peace."
Images of the French warplanes taking off to participate in the #Syria attack.
Footage of Damascus sky during the US-led attack on #Syria, Iranian media report.
Seeking further confirmation of these images.
First images of Bashar Assad's military bases targeted in #Damascus, #Syria.
Images of Bashar Assad's military bases targeted in #Damascus, #Syria.
Images of Bashar Assad's bases targeted in #Syria.
Sirens warning airstrikes in #Damascus against Bashar Assad's military bases in #Syria.
Media associated to Bashar Assad's regime in #Syria report a number Lebanese Hezbollah bases have been targeted.
UK Defense Ministry: Four tornado warplanes using Storm Shadow missiles targeted military bases located 15 miles west of Homs.
Images of Bashar Assad's bases targeted in #Damascus, #Syria.
Images of Bashar Assad's military bases targeted in #Syria.
Images of US warships launching Tomahawk cruise missiles targeting Bashar Assad's chemical weapons research center in #Damascus, #Syria.
A number of targets hit #Syria:
- Chemical weapons research, development & testing center in #Damascus
- Sarin gas production site near Homs
- Chemical weapons command center & cache near Homs
Images of US-led coalition targeting Bashar Assad's military sites in #Syria.
Targets hit #Syria:
- 105th Presidential Guard Brigade
- Al Marreh airbase
- Damascus Scientific Research Center used to procure chemical weapons
- Numerous military caches in Homs
- 41st Special Forces Brigade
- Airstrikes destroyed targets near East Qalamoun
Images of US-led coalition targeting Bashar Assad's military & chemical weapons sites in #Damascus & other cities of #Syria.
Images of US-led coalition targeting Bashar Assad's military sites in #Syria.
Images of US-led coalition targeting Bashar Assad's military sites in #Syria.
US launched 120 missiles in a 50-min strike.
More targets hit in #Syria:
- Presidential Guard forces in Aleppo
- Mezze airbase near #Damascus
- 4th Division base
- Jabal Qasiyun air defense base
- Masayaf chemical facility, NW of Homs
CNN providing reports of US-led coalition targeting Bashar Assad's military sites in #Damascus & other cities of #Syria.
(Farsi subtitles included)
Images of US-led coalition targeting Bashar Assad's military sites in #Damascus & other cities #Syria. Sources say Assad's forces are using 57 mm & 23 mm anti-air guns against Tomahawk missiles.
Images of US-led coalition targeting Bashar Assad's military sites in #Syria.
Further reports indicate 100 to 120 missiles were launched.
A US warship in the Red Sea & B-1 bombers were used, reports add.
More targets hit in #Syria:
- Military bases near Al Rahibeh - Eastern Qalamoun in Rif Dimashq
- Military bases in Al Kiswah, S of #Damascus
Russian media: Airstrikes also targeted a "scientific research center" in Rif-Hama & army weapons cache in Homs
The Pentagon says all of Bashar Assad's chemical facilities in #Syria have been targeted.
UK Defense Ministry confirms Pentagon's report, adds London is working with allies in these strikes.
There will be no tolerance for the use of chemical weapons, says French President Emmanuel Macron.
Images appear to be the aftermath of the US-led coalition targeting Bashar Assad's military sites in #Damascus, #Syria.
A base associated to the Lebanese Hezbollah near the city of Homs, #Syria, has been targeted by missiles, Sky News reports.
Info about Tomahawk cruise missiles used in the US-led airstrikes on #Syria.
Furthermore, Australia & Canada have expressed their support for these attacks against the #Iran-backed Bashar Assad forces in #Damascus & other cities.
US Defense Secretary James Mattis says these airstrikes in #Syria are tantamount to the military attacks against ISIS. The first round of these latest strikes have come to an end.
#BreakingNews - #Syria
US Defense Secretary James Mattis: These attacks aim to degrade Assad's war machine. He didn't receive our message last year. That is why this year we & our allies took more intense action.
Al Jazeera reporter: These attacks may also target #Iran's forces.
#BreakingNews - #Syria
US Senator McCain expressed his gratitude for President Trump's attack on Assad & calls for a comprehensive strategy regarding Syria & the entire Middle East.
Al Jazeera analyst: These airstrikes come as a major slap in Putin's face!
@WalidPhares provides a very interesting input on the recent US-led airstrikes in #Syria against Bashar Assad's forces.
(Farsi subtitles included)
Turkey expresses its support for the recent US-led airstrikes in #Syria, Sky News reports.
Around 13 hours prior to the US-led strikes against Bashar Assad's forces in #Damascus & other cities of #Syria, I explained in my latest @Forbes piece how #Iran will suffer most.
Let me know your thoughts.
#BreakingNews - #Syria
Video apparently shows Bashar Assad's military and paramilitary forces fleeing their base prior to the US-led attack.
Barzeh, a region in the norther part of #Damascus, #Syria
Sources say this video shows the moment the "Scientific Research Center" was targeted in the recent US-led airstrikes.
Bashar Assad's forces used this center to procure chemical agents.
Map provided by the Pentagon shedding more light into the recent US-led airstrikes against Bashar Assad's forces in #Syria.
UK Secretary of State for Defence Gavin Williamson calls on Russia to end its influence in #Syria to end the current clashes.
My sources in #Syria indicate despite the #Iran/Assad propaganda machine's claims, Russia took no action against cruise missiles in the US-led airstrike & only protected its bases in Tartus & Khmeimim of Latakia Province.
Russia calls for emergency UN Security Council meeting following the US-led airstrikes against #Syria
Sky News:
Russia denies using any anti-missile defense systems in #Syria during the US-led airstrikes.
This goes against claims made by media associated to the regime's of #Iran & Bashar Assad.
The Mezze military air base, located SW of #Damascus, was a target of the recent US-led airstrikes.
My sources in #Syria indicate #Iran's IRGC forces & Lebanese Hezbollah units behind attacks against #EastGhouta were stationed at this site.
#BREAKING - #Syria
British PM Theresa May says they had intel indicating Assad's choppers were flying to drop more barrel bombs carrying chemical gasses on civilians... All individuals using chemical agents must be held accountable.
#BREAKING - #Syria
EU & Germany say they stand by their allies who staged the recent US-led airstrikes against Bashar Assad.

#BREAKING - #Syria
New footage shows a French warship firing missiles targeting Bashar Assad's chemical facilities.
'Large part' of #Syria's chemical arsenal has been destroyed, Paris says, adding 'solid intelligence' shows Assad regime was behind the #Douma chemical attack
FOX NEWS analysis:
While the #SyriaStrikes struck Assad's forces & their use of chemical weapons, it mainly targeted #Iran. Regional countries are concerned about Tehran's Shiite crescent. This attack shows the Trump administration will hunt Iran throughout the region.
Paris warns new strikes in #Syria if more chemical attacks are staged
Sky News:
Israel has closed East Golan airspace to airplanes, ordering all passenger flights & cargo planes in Israeli airspace & close to #Syria to remain under 5,000 ft.
Israel PM also warned Assad any action against Israeli soil will be dangerous for his regime.
Following the #Syria airstrikes, #Iran's regime is reportedly scattering its missile launchers out of its bases & placing them near residential areas, activists say.
This image is from Dezful, SW Iran.
#BREAKING - #Syria
30 Tomahawk (A BGM-109) missiles destroyed the Mezze military airbase (SW of #Damascus), sources say. Zolfaqar & Qiam missiles, along with #Iran-made launchers have all been destroyed.
#BREAKING - #Syria
The Jibil Qasioun base (N of #Damascus) has been leveled to the ground, reports add. This was the Syrian army’s intercepting facility, modernized by #Iran, and also used as a base by the Lebanese Hezbollah.
#BREAKING - #Syria
The Chemical Research Center near #Damascus & the Barzeh military-research base (NE of the capital) were both targeted by US missiles, leaving at least 5 IRGC Quds Force members killed, reports indicate.
#BREAKING - #Syria
Despite the fact that 90%of Iran’s IRGC Quds Force units evacuated all their bases two days ago, sources in #Syria say at least 15 IRGC Quds Force advisors were killed in these attacks. Their bodies are reportedly missing.
#BREAKING - #Syria
40 Lebanese Hezbollah members & 35 Syrian military personnel were also killed, reports say. Sources indicate these attacks inflicted billions of dollars in damages to missile & arms depots in Homs, military facilities in Hama, Mezze & Jabal Qasiuon.
#BREAKING - #Syria
Despite claims made by #Iran & #Syria-associated media, sources say all missiles destroyed their targets & Syrian state TVs air archived footage of #Saudi air defense units intercepting #Houthi missiles launched from #Yemen.
#BREAKING - #Syria
Russia chose to remain completely inactive & #Iran, despite its previous threats of wiping Israel off the map in response to an attack against the Assad regime in #Syria, remained silent & forces chose to flee their bases for residential areas.
A review of the weapons used in the US-led attack on #Syria.
- Tomahawk GPS-enabled precision cruise missiles
Three Arleigh Burke-class destroyers
- USS Donald Cook
- USS Porter
- USS Higgins
A review of the weapons used in the US-led attack on #Syria.
- B1 Lancer supersonic variable-sweep wing, heavy bomber
- French Mirage multirole, single-engine fourth-generation jet fighter
- British Tornado multi-role combat warplanes
#BREAKING - #Syria
Images of the "Scientific Research Center" in Barzeh, NE of #Damascus, targeted in the recent US-led airstrike against Bashar Assad's forces.
Qatar also expresses its support for the US-led airstrikes against Bashar Assad's forces in #Syria.
This can be considered a severe political blow to #Iran as they fueled off the rift between Doha & other Arab states.
Message from supporters of #Iran's regime after the US-led airstrikes in #Syria:
"... if necessary we'll target the White House itself, London & Paris with chemical bombs... they can't do (profanity)..."
#Syria map shows the number of chemical attacks since 2013. Based on UN research, there is doubt about six attacks. Yet the remaining such strikes were all carried out by the Assad regime.
(Map based on intelligence from a UN special commission & prepared by The New York Times)
Turkish FM: The #Syria airstrikes was against a government that has used chemical weapons. This should have happened sooner.
As Moscow accuses the international chemical weapons watchdog, the OPCW, of tampering the #SergeiSkripal probe results, rest assured an ongoing probe in #Douma will either be manipulated or completely rejected by Russia, #Iran & the Assad regime.
After refusing to condemn the horrific crimes committed by the #Iran-backed Assad regime in #Syria, Russia has the audacity of asking the UN Security Council to condemn the recent US-led strike.
France's Elysee Palace releases footage of Rafael warplanes preparing for take-off to participate in the US-led airstrikes against Bashar Assad's forces in #Syria.
Pure and simple. Mission Accomplished.
The ball is now in the court of #Syria's Assad regime, #Iran & Russia.
Useful info about the US-led airstrikes on the Assad regime & no doubt #Iran's interests in #Syria.
UN Security Council meeting on #Syria:
US is 'locked and loaded' to strike again in response to any new chemical attack, says US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley.
This is a significant message to Assad, #Iran & Russia.
UN Security Council meeting on #Syria:
Assad's chemical weapons program is crippled after last night's attack, says US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley.
#Iran sees years of investing billions to prop the regime going to waste.
As Tehran begins to grip the major setback of US-led attacks on Assad's regime in #Syria, @rich_goldberg says Washington should gradually prepare its allies for a possible return of sanctions against #Iran.
US administration has the right, in coordination with its allies, to take action in order to hold #Syria's Assad accountable for using chemical weapons, says @RepEdRoyce.
UN Security Council meeting on #Syria:
Last night's attack on Syria was carried out with precision & full impact, says UK Ambassador to the UN Karen Pierce.
We have detailed information that all specified targets have been destroyed, she adds.
UN Security Council meeting on #Syria:
We have no doubt the Assad regime used chemical weapons in #Douma, says French Ambassador to the UN Francois Delattre. Due to Russia's constant use of its veto power, the UNSC has failed in its responsibility over Syria.
Tehran on defense:
"Our presence in #Syria is aimed at defending the innocent (!)," says #Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.
It appears the airstrike hit their targets very effectively.
UN Security Council rejects Russia's bid to condemn the US-led military strikes against Bashar Assad's regime in #Syria.
Washington believes the #Iran-backed Assad regime used sarin and chlorine gasses in #Syria's #Douma.
US General McKenzie:
#Syria's air defense units fired around 40 SAM missiles that were mostly ineffective & mainly fired after the airstrike, probably placing civilians in danger.
Footage of Assad's "Scientific Research Center," used to procure chemical agents for weaponry, seen here smoldering after being hit by US-led airstrikes against #Syria.
#Syria's Assad army declares Ghouta rebel stronghold fully retaken.

So many innocent civilians were gassed by Assad & this is only intended to lift the spirits of the regime's forces following the US-led airstrike.
Sources say an unknown warplane flying over southern Aleppo, #Syria, has targeted a weapons cache of a military base belonging to the Assad regime.
#Iran'ian military base in Jabal Azzan, S of Aleppo, #Syria, is targeted by unidentified aircraft, Syrian media report.
Base is the largest in the country. Eyewitnesses observed explosions & flames at the site.
Map is possible location.
Huge explosion heard in a #Syria government-controlled area in a rural region south of Aleppo, according to the UK-based war monitor The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
Al Jazeera: Four Iranian bases in #Syria targeted by warplanes.
20 #Iran IRGC & militia members killed in airstrikes on Mt. Azzan, south of Aleppo, sources say.
Images said to be the moment of the strike.
Syrian activists say these were the main #Iran IRGC & Lebanese Hezbollah bases in #Syria. IRGC Quds Force chief Qassem Suleimani & mullahs dispatched by the IRGC to Syria are said to have been residing there.
Eyewitnesses say fire could be seen from a far distance. Local reports say this base enjoyed heavy fortified structures, home to hundreds of IRGC & Lebanese Hezbollah members who coordinate all operations in Aleppo, & N-NE of #Syria.
(Map of possible Israeli warplanes path)
Locals say large number of IRGC & #Iran-backed militias were killed in this attack. Tehran has yet to report on the number of casualties and/or damages. Iranian media are only reporting #Syria army base near Aleppo was targeted.
(Image of IRGC base in Jaarah, SW of Aleppo)
Sources say prior to the recent airstrikes, #Iran’s IRGC, Afghan Fatemioun & Lebanese Hezbollah units in Damascus fled to the Mt. Azzan base to seek protection in fortified structures. This is why Israeli warplanes targeted these sites to inflict casualties, sources add.
The strategic Zaine el Aabdine heights located north of Hama were targeted by unidentified warplanes, #Syria sources say.
Sources in Turkey say int’l coalition warplanes left the Incerlik airbase for Syria. Their targets were unknown.
Turkish media reporting explosions heard in areas controlled by Bashar Assad’s army around Deir ez-Zur, east of #Syria.
#Syria’s Sharq news agency reported int’l coalition warplanes targeted #Iran-backed IRGC & militia units around the cities of Al Mayadin, As Salhiyah near the Qaem border crossing in Iraq & the city of Al Horri.
While no planes are seen in #Syria's airspace, an Iranian passenger flight leaves Damascus early this morning & heads for southern #Iran.
Pentagon press conference explaining details of the recent US-led airstrikes against Bashar Assad's bases in #Syria.
(Farsi subtitles included)
At least 20 people were killed following an explosion at an Iranian training camp south of Aleppo in northern #Syria, according to CNN Turk citing a local source. Warplanes in this region were seen yet their origin remains unidentified. There has been no official confirmation.
In response to the US-led strikes against Bashar Assad's forces in #Syria, #Iran launches 10-man rallies (literally) in Chile, Palestine & Lebanon.
Activists inside Iran are saying this is yet another method how the regime wastes money that can be used domestically.
#Iran's IRGC-associated Fars news agency cites the Russian Defense Ministry to claim 71 of 101 missiles fired by the US-led coalition were destroyed by Syrian air defense units.
That is hard to believe considering the Pentagon's reports of sites destroyed in this attack.
The US launched AGM-158 JASSM missiles from B-1B bombers in the recent attack on #Syria. This is said to be the world’s smartest & most expensive missile.
U.S. Vice President Mike Pence said #Syria would have a “price to pay” if its military conducts another chemical weapons attacks.
President Trump “made clear that the US is prepared to sustain this effort to reestablish the deterrent framework," he added.
New Western #Syria strikes would spark "chaos," Russian President Vladimir Putin tells his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani.
Interesting how the two supporters of Assad's seven years of crimes are talking about sparking "chaos."
Some info about the Franco-British Storm Shadow/Scalp and French MdCN missiles used against the #Iran-backed Bashar Assad forces in the #Syria strike.
#Iran regime expert Motahar Nia:
"Iran must change its position from defending Bashar Assad & the ruling elite in Damascus."
Is Tehran beginning to feel the heat from #Syria? Will Assad lose its main supporter?
For those claiming the #Iran-backed Assad forces in #Syria shot down 71 of the missiles fired by the US-led coalition, here's an image to think about...
State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert says US considers Iran a destabilizing party. That is why the Trump administration has chosen to take all of Iran's bad actions into consideration and we see this on a daily basis in #Syria, she added.
#Iran's support of the Lebanese Hezbollah in #Syria has created more problems for the Syrian people, Nauert continued. You also see how Iran is involved every day in #Yemen.
#Iran's semi-official ILNA news agency:
"We will not witness a change of Russian politics against the US... Despite the media brouhaha, Moscow & Washington have close relations... It is doubtful that the Russians would shift their foreign policy doctrine."
US Ambassador to the UN @NikkiHaley:
These airstrikes were not aimed at launching a war in #Syria, but to send a clear message to Assad's allies, #Iran & #Russia, to understand the world will not tolerate the use of chemical weapons.
French President @EmmanuelMacron says Trump is convinced to "stay in #Syria long-term."
White House @PressSec:
Clear message sent to #Syria, #Russia & #Iran when President Trump sets a red line, he will not allow it to be crossed. Trump set 3 goals for #Syria:
- Defeating ISIS
- Containing #Iran's aggressive behavior in the region
- Preventing new chemical attacks
Israeli Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan says they have & will take action against #Iran IRGC’s presence in #Syria.
This warning comes a week after Israel’s attack on the T4 air base (an IRGC site) after which Tehran only admitted 7 IRGC members were killed.
Sky News reported Israel warplanes flew over the Ayun region in southern Lebanon on Sunday morning.
Tel Aviv may continue its attacks against #Iran IRGC & Lebanese Hezbollah positions after Russia failed to respond to the US-led attack in #Syria.
Today's developments on #Syria can be viewed in a thread starting here:
UN chemical weapons watchdog, the OPCW, has reportedly launched its probe into the #Douma chemical attack carried out by the #Iran-backed Assad regime of #Syria.
.@nikkihaley says US will be announcing new sanctions Monday against Russia for supporting #Syria's Assad regime.
Haley denied reports of US forces exiting Syria in the next 6 months.
Confronting #Iran's expanding influence is a main objective, according to President Trump.
Footage showing a Rockwell B-1 Lancer long-range bomber said to have participated in the recent US-led airstrikes against #Syria's #Iran-backed Bashar Assad regime.
(With Farsi subtitle)
This is #Iran's desperate attempt of saving face following the US-led airstrikes against #Syria's Assad regime.
Yemen's Houthis are another proxy militia supported completely by Tehran.
.@RepEdRoyce: The international community must impose more severe sanctions against the regimes of #Iran & #Syria. Tehran intends to maintain the crisis situation in Syria to establish a land-bridge aimed at transferring militias.
.@AdelAljubeir: #Iran attempts to set the region on fire through sectarianism. The Saudi FM called for Tehran to be expelled from Arab countries.
Arab League Summit statement: We condemn #Iran's meddling in Arab countries. We call on the in't community to intensify sanctions against Iran & its militias. We strongly condemn the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime & call on the world to stand against these measures.
.@VP: We and our allies will never tolerate the use of chemical weapons against innocent men, women & children in #Syria.
As the dust settles from the US-led #Syria attack against Bashar Assad’s forces, #Iran is beginning to realize its interests & future are the main targets of this significant change of events.
My @AlArabiya_Eng piece explains.
Sen. Joseph Lieberman expresses his gratitude to @realDonaldTrump for attacking #Syria's #Iran-backed Bashar Assad regime, adding how #Obama refused to take action against Assad's chemical crimes.
Talking with Iran is impossible as they're our irreconcilable enemy, he adds.
Sen. Joseph Lieberman:
Trump should engage #Iran with a very strong tone & he will take serious decision in may (#IranDeal). I hope he exits the #JCPOA, being a very bad deal. In my opinion, our approach towards other countries must also be firm. Its either us or Iran.
Following the US-led airstrikes in #Syria, #Iran's IRGC chief Mohammad Ali Jafari speaks of "sensitive" circumstances for the regime & of "hopelessness" amongst their ranks & file.
I'm reminded of this quote not too long ago:
EU is considering widening sanctions against #Iran for supporting Bashar Assad & the Syrian regime's military operations against civilians, Der Spiegel reports citing informed sources.
The Russian currency continues to decline as Moscow is further realizing the impact of US-led airstrikes on #Syria's #Iran-backed Assad regime.

Supporting dictators who kill innocent civilians with a variety of weapons, including chemical agents, comes with a price.
As I predicted, (), #Syria's Assad regime is "pending security issues" to hinder the OPCW investigation in #Douma.
Damascus offering the OPCW to "interview 22 witnesses who could be brought to Damascus" is most likely a staged hoax.
British PM Theresa May says actions are being taken by #Syria's (#Iran-backed) Assad regime, supported by #Russia, to hinder a probe into the #DoumaGasMassacre by the UN chemical weapons watchdog, the OPCW.
#Russia & the #Iran-backed Assad regime are stalling access to the town of #Douma in #Syria by the UN chemical weapons watchdog, the OPCW, seeking to probe an poison gas attack there, according to a British diplomat.
Yet another desperate attempt by #Iran to save face following US-led airstrikes in #Syria.
Semi-official Tasnim news agency, affiliated to the IRGC Quds Force, claims Iraq's PMF units have besieged a US military airbase northwest of Baghdad.
"Iraq's PMF is preparing an effective & firm response to the US' use of Iraqi airspace to attack #Syria... PMF unis with tanks, surface-to-surface missiles & anti-air artillery have besieged the Al Zahra airbase NW of Baghdad... no official government sources confirm..."
"... base command is pressuring Baghdad to dispatch Iraqi Army units to break the siege. A resistance front commander in Iraq has threatened PM Haider Al Abadi if he agrees to the US demand at least 18 ministers will resign & his government will crumble."
The report adds, "The US has 40,000 soldiers in 12 bases across Iraq, adding this is nothing compared to the 75,000 armed & trained members of the Asaeb al-Haq militia group... and if the remaining PMF units are calculated, they add up to 250,000... a nightmare for the US."
Reports are indicating unidentified planes (possibly Israeli) have targeted #Syria's Al Shayeerat & Zamir airbases early this morning.
Seeking further confirmation & details.
#Syria regime media confirmed three missiles hit the Al Zamir Air Base, located south of Damascus, adding #Iran's IRGC forces were not present at this site.
(Map shows possible area)
Seeking further confirmation & details.
Reports indicate sources saying last night's missile attacks targeting sites associated to #Iran-backed militias in #Syria may have been carried out by Israel.
Info on #Syria's Al Zamir Air Base
- Located east of the town of Al Zamir, 50 km from Damascus
- Site contains 50 plane bunkers, 2 runways (2.3 & 3.1 kms)
- Syria's 2nd largest airport after the T4 base in Homs
- SU-22M-2 & MIG-23ML warplanes stationed at this base
(File Photos)
My sources say a base affiliated to #Iran's IRGC Quds Force in Kesvareh, west of Damascus, and the Aleppo operational base have been targeted in attacks associated to Israel.
Eyewitnesses say numerous ambulances were dispatched to the areas.
Seeking confirmation.
A must read by @tomfriedman for those following #Syria's developments.
One note: Suleimani takes his orders directly from #Iran's supreme leader Khamenei, the man with the final say on all major state affairs, including national security & foreign policy.
Reports are confirming Israeli warplanes targeting a base associated to #Iran's IRGC west of the city of Homs in #Syria.
It is "highly likely" evidence will be removed from the #Douma chemical attack site in #Syria, France says
(File Photo)
If you ask me this is nothing but the #Iran-backed Assad regime of #Syria & #Russia simply buying time to further cover-up traces of their use of chemical weapons in #Douma.
It is obvious these attacks are becoming increasingly humiliating for #Syria's Assad regime & #Iran, forcing their media to retrieve earlier reports & describe the incidents as "false alarm."
#AssadAnimal #AssadMustGo
Most likely under growing pressure of hindering the OPCW (UN chemical weapons watchdog) probe process, #Syria's state TV reporting investigators have entered #Douma.

(File Photo)
"Crippling economic sanctions and diplomatically boycotting the Iranian regime, being the main supporter of Bashar Assad, have the potential of completing the initiative launched on April 14."
A good read on #Syria & #Iran by @amir_bas.
This is certainly interesting about #Syria:
.@MPPregent, an adjunct fellow at Hudson Institute, emphasizes how #Iran's IRGC Quds Force chief Qassem Suleimani leads & directs terrorist groups in #Iraq & #Syria.
Good news about #Syria:
"France to strip Bashar al-Assad of his Légion d’honneur"
The Pentagon is releasing images portraying the aftermath of the recent US-led strikes in #Syria, indicating extensive damages inflicted.
This goes against the propaganda campaign launched by #Iran, Assad & Russia.
This is U.S. President Donald Trump's response to #Iran/Assad/#Russia propaganda claiming to have shot down dozens of missiles during the April 14th US-led airstrike.
Rest assured #Iran/Assad/Russia staged this gunfire at the #DoumaGasMassacre site to prevent UN inspectors conduct their probe, knowing the results will be damning.
And they will certainly blame "terrorists" for the gunfire.

(File Photo)
Today is "Army Day" in #Iran & sources say the IRGC is transferring highly expensive military equipment to #Syria under the pretext of sending them for a military parade.
These appear to be surface-to-air missiles.
UN official confirms a UN security team came under fire while in #Douma, #Syria.
(My thoughts: Signs indicate the #Iran/Assad/Russia axis is resorting to all measures to prevent the OPCW from conducting their investigation.)
Arab coalition announces its units have obtained an #Iran-made drone in #Yemen
Source says spirit among #Iran’s IRGC ranks & files are very low after US-led airstrikes in #Syria.
Mohammad Reza Fallahzadeh, a senior IRGC Quds Force commander in Syria (aka Abu Baqer & Abu Bakr) returned to Tehran a few days ago along w/ other QF field commanders.
“What concerns the IRGC & our Afghan & Pakistani brothers in #Syria is not the US-led attacks, but Russia’s conciliation & backstabbing. Secret US/Russia deals are in the making, leaving us as cannon fodders,” Fallahzadeh said in a session in #Iran, according to a source.
Russia’s refusal to deploy its air defense systems during this attack has among Afghan & Pakistani proxy units strengthened the suspicion of a secret deal.
It is worth noting that Fallahzadeh is 2nd in command of #Iran’s military units in #Syria, deputy of Qassem Suleimani.
Fallahzadeh is also in charge of all coordination between #Iran’s IRGC & Syrian commanders. Afghan Fatemiyoun & Pakistani Zainebiyoun units in #Syria are under his command.
My question is did the EU take necessary action for this to stop?
Unfortunately, I think not.
Chief of the UN chemical weapons watchdog, the OPCW, says he does "not know" when inspectors can deploy to #Douma, #Syria.
(My thoughts: This provides more time for #Iran/Assad/Russia to further cover up traces of the chemical attack.)
(File Photo)
A vivid overview image, taken by Aleksandr Pushin, shows complete destruction of the Barzeh Research and Development Center near Damascus, #Syria, following the US-led airstrikes.
"UN inspectors seeking evidence of Assad using chemical weapons"
By political cartoonist Emad Hajjaj
#Syria #AnimalAssad #AssadMustGo
UN chemical weapons watchdog, the OPCW, has yet to begin its probe into the April 7 Douma gas massacre where dozens were killed.
It is highly likely that #Iran, #Syria's Assad & #Russia are hindering this process.
Worried of the humiliation of being stripped of the French Legion d'Honneur, reports indicate #Syria's Bashar Assad has returned the prestigious award.
(My thoughts: This says a lot about the man who gave him what he never deserved, which is another story for another time...)
In response to #Russia's possible backstabbing of #Iran & #Syria's Assad by not responding to the recent US-led strikes, Iran is desperately attempting to maintain Moscow's support by ordering schools to teach Russian instead of English as a 2nd language.
#Iran's semi-official Tasnim news agency, affiliated to the IRGC Quds Force, reports citing Russia claiming to have found a German & British lab found in #Douma, #Syria, producing chemical agents.
(My thoughts: This is Iran/Assad/Russia Propaganda 101)
Regarding @TedRegencia’s recent @AlJazeera article, yes, attacking #Syria’s dictator after he gassed innocent men, women & children in #Douma is a fight against “evil.”
And all of a sudden reminding readers of the Iran-Iraq War, without explaining what it has to do with Trump, is an obvious attempt to divert attention from the deep impact the US-led airstrikes had on #Syria’s Assad & #Iran’s regime.
While we are talking about the Iran-Iraq War, here’s an interesting link to a Washington Post article that @TedRegencia obviously will not refer you to.
When the writer speaks about the “absence of UN-backed inspections,” I wonder why he specifically fails to mention how the #Iran/Assad/#Russia axis are currently going the limits to hinder the OPCW’s attempts to probe the #Douma chemical attack site in #Syria?
The writer also refuses to mention how #Iran’s then supreme leader, Khomeini, actually provoked Iraq into the war.
While criticizing the US for blocking UNSC condemnation of Iraq’s use of chemical weapons in the 1980-88 war (and again not mentioning Iran’s use of such arms), there is no mentioning of #Russia on several occasions blocking UNSC condemning of Assad killing of civilians.
By mentioning the Vietnam War & criticizing the US, the writer becomes the pond of a known Iranian regime tactic of diverting attention from the issue at hand, being Assad’s chemical attack against civilians, and pointing fingers at other parties, here being the US.
Yes, #Iran may condemn chemical attacks. However, Tehran conveniently does not mention who carried it out or goes as far as lying and accusing other parties, here Syrian rebels, of conducting the atrocity. Again, another issue the writer refuses to mention.
And the writer completely blows his cover by citing “@AbasAslani, an Iran-based journalist.” It is common knowledge know that all “journalists” in #Iran must abide by guidelines provided by the government. Or else be kicked out.
"Iran and Russia are big players and their roles cannot be ignored or denied."
And this is the entire intention revealed. #Iran is terrified of its future interests in #Syria.
And now they’re begging.
"The next step in #Syria is finishing the job against ISIS, recognizing the conventional military threat #Iran poses there, & pivoting to the prevention of additional gains by the Islamic Republic in place of the Islamic State."
Must read on by @RJBrodsky.
This image shows how #Iran's backing of Bashar Assad in #Syria has left this once beautiful country in complete ruins.
Where would we be if #Obama had shown the courage to impose his own red line? How many people's lives would be saved?
#AnimalAssad #AssadMustGo
"Syria is a complex mess, and no one should be claiming to have a surefire solution, but any plan should have as a main goal to stop Iran from cementing a land bridge to the Mediterranean Sea."
A must read by @Uncle_Jimbo on #Syria & #Iran's meddling.
Payam Radio (Israel): Military experts in Israel are concerned of Russia stationing its S-300 defense missile system in #Syria. This will without a doubt limit the Israel Air Force over Syrian skies & may even threaten flights over Israel itself.
Russian FM Sergey Lavrov had threatened to consider providing the S-300 missile system to the Assad regime in response to US-led airstrikes targeting #Syria’s chemical infrastructure.
Final decisions are yet to be made by Moscow.
Analysts believe Lavrov’s remarks may be a warning or threat to the West & even Israel to not continue bombings in #Syria. Military experts believe Israel has carried out at least 100 airstrikes in Syria, targeting columns transferring Iranian arms to Lebanon through Syria.
One report even claims Russia may provide the S-300 to #Syria without any costs. This is quite unlikely.
Russian experts claim the S-300 can simultaneously launch missiles towards several targets.
Russia has occasionally raised the possibility of delivering the S-300 missile system to #Syria. Moscow’s current decision remains unknown. Lavrov himself confirmed no final decision is made in this regard.
The S-300 was designed two decades ago & today’s advanced military technology provide means to effectively tackle this threat. Experts also believe the Israeli Air Force is capable of bombing S-300 missile sites in #Syria.
There are also reports of Israel being in talks with Russia to prevent the transfer of such weaponry to #Syria.
This is a "hospital" in #Iran's deprived southeast province of Sistan & #Baluchistan.

All the while the Iranian regime continues to pour billions into Syria, Yemen, the Lebanese Hezbollah and ...
Maybe another reason to thank Obama for sending billions to Tehran...
Putin ensures Netanyahu that Russia's policy in #Syria will be in line with Israel's interests.

Of course, Moscow has a very bad history policy wise. All the while, #Iran will consider this very alarming, to say the least.
#Syria National Coalition: Assad's increasing attacks around Hama is threatening the lives of 70,000 civilians. Assad is using internationally-banned phosphorous bombs in his airstrikes.
US warplanes attack Syrian army positions near Deir Ezzur, reports indicate.
Two Syrian army soldiers have been killed & several others are left injured.
In 2015 Der Spiegel claimed #Syria was building an underground nuclear complex with support provided by #Iran'ian experts.
The Institute for Science & International Security is now claiming the Der Spiegel report, based on satellite imagery, is not far from the truth.
Former IAEA inspector David Albright, the author of a new report, confirms the Der Spiegel claim & adds the nuclear complex is being built near the city of Al Qusayr in western #Syria, 2 km from the Lebanese border.
38 of #Iran’s IRGC Quds Force members killed in recent rocket attack in #Syria.
Sources are providing first footage of this attack.
Bases linked to Iran-backed forces stationed in Hama & Aleppo targeted, according to various outlets.

(Further reports to follow)
Bases linked to #Iran'ian forces stationed in #Syria targeted in a recent rocket attack, according to Saudi TV.
Sunday night Al Akhbariya TV reported the sounds of a series of explosions heard near Hama & military officials are investigating the cause.
Syrian TV: Explosions heard near Hama & Aleppo.
Al Hadath TV cites the Syrian Human Rights Observatory saying this rocket attack near Hama targeted positions linked to the Syrian army & “Iranian advisors” in a base linked to the 47th Division.
Sky News TV is citing various sources saying these attacks have left 38 people killed. Other sources have yet to verify these numbers.
#Iran’s ISNA news agency: #Syria sources saying 18 Iranian forces are killed & others, including a senior military commander, are injured after rockets targeted their center located in the town of Salhab & the village of Nahr Al Bard northwest of Hama.
Sources saying this is the moment of the blast in the 47th Division base near Hama, #Syria.
Reports are associating this attack to Israel, adding 38 Iranians have been killed.
These attacks took place at 10:30 pm local time on Sunday, reports add.
Forces linked to #Iran & #Syria near the Nairab military airport & the Aleppo Int'l Airport, east of the city.
Iran's Asr-e Iran website: Rocket attack killed 40 & left 60 others injured. It is said 18 Iranians have been killed.
Syria's Tashrin daily claimed 9 ballistic missiles fired from US & UK bases in northern Jordan targeted Assad's bases in Hama & Aleppo.
On Sunday Russian media published a map claiming Israeli drones were seen flying over the Mediterranean, adding Israeli warplanes entered Syrian airspace from Jordan & staged the Hama/Aleppo attacks.
Other sources say a Syrian Ilyushin Il-76 cargo plane left Tehran's Mehrabad airport (#Iran) on Sunday and landed in a base in Hama, #Syria last night.
Many thanks to @ThomasWictor for this excellent & very informative thread.
Exclusive Document – 17 February 2014
Assad Air Force Communications Dept – Hama Province
Text reveals #Iran’s full control over the 47th Armored Brigade. IRGC officers have free passage to all areas.
IRGC officers Haj Abu Ali, Majid & Haj Malik Seyed Hamid command this base.
Haj Abu Mostafa, in charge of financial affairs, has a document signed by the Syrian Defense Minister authorizing IRGC officers' entrance into military & using all military equipment w/o prior permission.
Haj Malik Seyed Hamid plays an important role in recruiting volunteers from across Syria & training them in the 47th Brigade site. This document unveils concerns among Assad’s officers over Syrian volunteers being recruited into units supervised by Iranian officers.
#Iran is in competition with the Assad regime in gaining the loyalty of Syrian soldiers. Iran-backed militia members receive more wages than Assad’s soldiers. This encourages Syrian soldiers to join the ranks of Iran-backed units in the 47th Brigade site.
Iranian officers seek volunteers through religious links.
“Sources say Iranian pilgrims pay large sums to anyone committed to Shiite teachings. Militia members no longer chant Syrian army slogans. They’re chanting pro-Iran & Hezbollah slogans. This is very dangerous.”
It is worth noting that this latest attack against #Iran’s interests in #Syria coincides with the new US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s first foreign visit, meeting with senior officials in Saudi Arabia & Israel.
The European Mediterranean Seismological Centre reports Sunday night’s explosions in Hama caused a 2.6-magnitude earthquake in the region.
Al Mayadin network: A number of missiles targeted the Al Malekiyeh region north of Aleppo Int’l Airport.
Sources in #Syria say the Zareh power station located south of Hama was the target of a number of missiles. Damages are reported & parts of the power station are down.
Sources say this is an #Iran IRGC site, located west of Hama in central #Syria, targeted in Sunday night's attacks.
(Seeking further reports & confirmation)
News source in Syria to Arab & western outlets:
Two military bases near Assad's residency were targeted in recent missile strikes.
Syrian TV confirmed this report yet no group has accepted responsibility. Some in #Syria are pointing fingers at Israel.
Various outlets are citing this map to report a segment of Sunday night's missile attack staged against Hama in central #Syria.
Sites in the city of Aleppo, north of Hama, were also targeted.
For a good laugh:

"The US will be informed of our capabilities when it's too late. / We have a variety of drones available," says #Iran's IRGC navy chief.


#Iran's @khamenei_ir in recent remarks:

"If the US launches a war against Iran, it will suffer immensely."

Following Sunday night's attacks in #Syria & Iran's forces suffering numerous casualties, Khamenei desperately needs such a reaction to save face.
"Following Netanyahu's remarks, Trump emphasized his opposition to the deal."

"Everything the Obama administration told us about the Iranian nuclear program was a lie..."


A very telling read by @Kredo0.
Al Jazeera TV website:
#Syria dissidents, executing surveillance on wireless communications of Assad forces, have learned #Iran suffered 30 IRGC deaths & over 50 wounded in the latest attacks on bases in Hama & Aleppo.
Reports from sources inside #Syria indicate General Haitham Abdulrasul Nayef, a close friend of #Iran's IRGC Quds Force chief Qassem Sulaimani, has been killed.
Nayef is known to be involved in massacring the people of Al Fu'ah & Kafarya, north of Idlib.
Less than two hours following Trump's decision to exit the JCPOA, Israeli airstrike reportedly targeting #Iran'ian weapons convey near Damascus, #Syria.
Local sources report explosions heard in #Iran-backed Lebanese Hezbollah base in Al Kiswah, located 12 kilometers south of Damascus, #Syria.
Image shows exact location of the #Iran IRGC-linked Lebanese Hezbollah base in the northwest outskirt of Al Kiswah, located 12 kms south of Damascus, #Syria.
First images of tonight's attack on the #Iran IRGC-linked Lebanese Hezbollah base in the northwest outskirt of Al Kiswah, located 12 kms south of Damascus, #Syria.
This comes only hours after Trump exited the JCPOA.
Further footage of tonight's attack on the #Iran IRGC-linked Lebanese Hezbollah base in the northwest outskirts of Al Kiswah, located 12 kms south of Damascus, #Syria.
Reports indicate IRGC weapons & missile caches were destroyed in the Al Kiswah base & at least nine #Iran-backed militia members were killed.
(See thread for more info)
Reports indicate #Iran-backed proxy forces linked to Revolutionary Guards Quds Force fired rockets from inside #Syria targeting Israeli positions in the Golan Heights.
Israel responds to #Iran-sponsored attacks by targeting sites in #Syria:
- IRGC intel centers managed by the Quds Force
- IRGC Quds Force logistical command sites
- IRGC Quds Force military & logistics sites in Al Kiswah, south of Damascus
Israel responds to #Iran-backed attacks by targeting sites in #Syria:
- IRGC Quds Force sites & arms caches in Damascus Int'l Airport & Quds Force intel centers
- Surveillance & intel center, military sites & equipment in the Fak Al Ashtebak region
Israel responds to #Iran-backed attacks by targeting sites in #Syria:
- Rocket launchers used by Quds Force proxies in this attack have all been destroyed
- Iran-linked forces fired 20 rockets & mortars from inside Syria into the Golan Heights
Reports indicate UK & French warplanes have arrived in the US military base located in Tanf near the #Iraq-#Syria border.
Israeli military targets Assad army's 10th Division (controlled by #Iran's IRGC). This site is located in the Qatna and Al Kiswah regions located 50 kilometers from the Golan Heights.
First images of #Iran-backed IRGQ Quds Force proxy militias launching over 20 rockets from inside #Syria into the Golan Heights.
First images of Israel's retaliating attack on #Iran's IRGC sites in #Syria.
Images from Golan Heights
Sources say footage shows missile/rocket launched by #Iran's IRGC Quds Force proxy militias from inside #Syria into the Golan Heights.
Unconfirmed reports indicate Israeli military forces entering Syrian soil.
Various sources say Israeli tanks are targeting sites in Al Qunitra, #Syria.
#Iran's IRGC Quds Force & Lebanese Hezbollah sites are being targeted by Israeli artillery.
(Seeking confirmation)
Illustration shows the wide scale of Israel's attack on #Iran's IRGC Quds Force targets in #Syria.
- Israel F16 warplanes target the Mezze Int'l Airport & Al Abhath gov. site in Damascus.
- Al Kiswah base located south of Damascus bombed again.
Israeli military:
#Iran's IRGC Quds Force chief Qassem Suleimani supervised last night's rocket barrage from #Syria on the Golan Heights.
Hadi Al Bahra of the Syrian National Coalition citing Russia:
28 Israeli warplanes fired 60 missiles on targets in #Syria.
Local reporters say #Syria's Al Zamir, Bali, As Sin & Al Thaala airbases were targeted by Israeli warplanes last night.
Al Zamir has been under the control of #Iran's IRGC since 2016.
IRGC & Hezbollah members have been stationed in Al Thaala since 2016.
IRGC command center in Set (Seyedet) Zeynab area south of Damascus also targeted in last night's airstrike.
#Iran has yet to report any damages or casualties.
List of targets in last night’s Israeli air strikes in #Syria
(most, if not all, controlled by #Iran)
- Mezze Air Base, S of Damascus
- Shayrat Air Base
- Kholkhola Air Base
- IRGC base in Kiswah, 50 km from Golan Heights
- Zabaltani (Trade Tower)
- Jamaria (Scientific & Technological Research Center)
- Assad’s 4th Army Division (under IRG command) near Damascus
- Base in Azra, S of Damascus
- 60th Brigade, SW of Damascus
- Assad’s 10th Army Division
- IRGC bases NW of Suywayda
- Base in Tal Kabir, W of Mohaja
- Base in Al Ba’th, S #Syria
- Base in Khan Aranbe
- Military base in Tal Maneh
- #Iran IRGC/Hezbollah airbases & military sites in Al Qusayr, S of Homs
New footage obtained of last night's #Iran IRGC rocket barrage from #Syria into the Golan Heights, rendering a major retaliation by the Israeli military sending 28 warplanes to launch at least 60 missiles targeting over a dozen Tehran-affiliated bases in Syria.
Following last night's major attack on #Iran's IRGC Quds Force positions in #Syria, reports today indicate intense Israeli Air Force warplane activity over Lebanon.
Video shows Israeli smart missile targets missile launcher in #Syria's Mezze Air Base.

Sources citing Israeli military:
Units preparing for 2nd stage of Syria confrontation. Iranian forces in Syria remain capable of launching missiles/rockets towards Israel.
Mostafa Al Ani of the Persian Gulf Research Center:
-Russia will never defend #Iran & the IRGC in #Syria
-We will witness constant strikes against the IRGC in Syria
-IRGC & Iran have no air cover in Syria
-Israel has green light from the West & Russia to target IRGC & Hezbollah
This could be quite interesting, to say the least.
#Iran is on the ropes after the #IranDealWithdrawal haaretz.com/israel-news/u-…
Israel's military is on high alert following the early Friday morning's developments in the Golan Heights.
#Iran's IRGC & Quds Force-associated proxy groups are suffering major setbacks in #Syria.
Following talks between Netanyahu & Putin, Russia says no S-300 air defense missile supplies will be provided to #Syria.
(Major blow to #Iran & the IRGC)
Sources are saying Israel & Russia have agreed on having all of #Iran's IRGC & proxy groups expelled from #Syria.
(Seeking further confirmation)
Israel publishes satellige images of four destroyed #Iran IRGC intel centers in #Syria
- Tal Qarba
- Tal Kallab
- Tal Nabi Yusha
- Tal Maqdad

- Military complex in Kisway, south of Damascus
- Logistical site located 10 kilometers from Damascus
Reports indicate the corpse of 14 #Iran IRGC members killed in recent Israeli missile attacks have arrived in Tehran.
Authorities intend to bury them in secret, sources say, remaining silent to this day & not publishing any news of the this attack.
#Iran's hired Afghan & Pakistan mercenaries, all linked to the IRGC, are mainly buried in #Syria & never returned to Iran or their home countries.
On developments in #Syria & the recent Israeli attack on #Iran-backed IRGC forces, here's a AFP report providing some (I believe conservative) numbers:
- 27 killed, including 21 foreigners & 6 Assad soldiers
- 11 Iranians amongst the 21 foreigners
#Iran’s IRGC forces losing 45% of ranks & files following developments in #Syria, sources say.
Dissent among IRGC members rising after events in #Syria, according to two #Iran IRGC field commanders, Seyed Javad Qafari, commander of the South Aleppo front, & Mohammad Reza Falahzadeh (aka Abu Baqer) in a report for Quds Force chief Qassem Soleimani & IRGC senior ranks.
“In the past 3 months the IRGC has suffered 35% defection & resistance (proxy) groups suffering 15% defection,” the reports reads.
“Following the meeting between Velayati (Khamenei’s int’l affairs advisor) & #Iran IRGC commanders in the Glass Building located near Damascus Int’l Airport, Velayati’s remarks backfired and resulted in units losing their spirits.”
“His remarks saying (#Iran) has begun its ‘strategic regional road map shifts’ is considered tantamount to withdrawing from #Syria. Talk of rounding up all the missile production sites in Syria transferring them to #Iran has sparked unprecedented rumors of IRGC’s withdrawal.”
This report asks #Iran's IRGC Quds Force Qassem Soleimani to think of a solution to stop the defection trend, now also affecting the Pakistani Zeynabioun, Afghan Fatemioun, Heydarioun, Nojaba & other Iraqi militia groups.
If true, this is a major development.
I can't completely verify the details, yet it does go in line with the recent reports I have been tweeting on #Iran's presence in #Syria.
Hats of to @nikkihaley for her courageous remarks against Russia's atrocities in "protecting a monster" (#Syria's Assad) over the Syrian people.
It is also worth noting how #Iran's regime propped up Assad with arms, finances & mercenaries.
Remember how #Iran's regime used to carve "Israel must be wiped off the map" on its ballistic missiles?

So why are they silent now after Israel delivered a severe blow to the IRGC in Syria?
And BTW, rest assured Tehran is behind the recent Gaza incident.
In a private gathering, Falahatpisheh, a member of the National Security & Foreign Policy Commission in #Iran’s parliament, cited an IRGC Strategic Center source saying @Khamenei has sent a delegation led by Golpaygani, his chief of staff, to resolve an IRGC crisis
A May 9th meeting in the IRGC HQ discussed casualties & damages suffered following the May 8th airstrike by Israeli warplanes on the Al Kiswah military base near Damascus, #Syria.
#Iran's IRGC chief Mohammad Ali Jafari & Quds Force chief Qassem Suleimani had a major dispute.
As the Al Kiswah casualty/damage report was read, Jafari took a hit at Suleimani by saying, “What was your successful tactic that destroyed all of the IRGC’s assets in one night at Al Kiswah!”
Suleimani to Jafari:
“This [profanity] is too much for you to get involved in #Syria. Stick tight to domestic matters. Your back was breaking after a week of protests. I’m always worried about this.”
The meeting became tense & ended without any certain conclusion.
Jafari was referring to a variety of #Iran's IRGC missiles in #Syria, two thirds of which were held in Al Kiswah’s arms caches. A large number of these missiles were destroyed during the Israeli airstrike.
US imposes additional sanctions on Lebanon’s Hezbollah leadership, targeting its top officials Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Naim Qassem, Muhammad Yazbak, Ibrahim Al Sayyid & Husain Al Khalil.
This is a major message to #Iran.

• • •

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Oct 9, 2018
U.S. President Donald Trump has accepted the resignation of Nikki Haley as UN Ambassador.

My gut tells me an even bigger story will develop.

Rest assured #Iran's regime is terrified about who Trump/Pompeo will appoint as their new envoy.
Amb. Nikki Haley spoke six months ago with President Donald Trump about the subject of resigning.
Will be staying at this post until the end of the year.
Amb. Nikki Haley saying she will be campaigning for President Trump in 2020.
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Oct 9, 2018

Add this to the long list linking #Iran's regime with international terrorism.

This time, the al Qaeda-affiliated al Shabaab militant group of Somalia.

More reason why a firm policy is needed against Tehran.
"Criminal networks are using Iran as a transit point for illicit Somali charcoal exports that earn Islamist militants al Shabaab millions of dollars annually in tax, U.N. sanctions monitors said in a report seen by Reuters."
"... domestic revenue generation by al Qaeda-affiliated al Shabaab 'is more geographically diversified and systematic' than that of Somalia’s federal government."
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Oct 9, 2018
October 9
Shiraz, south-central #Iran
Stores are closed as the merchants' strike continues on this second day.

Store-owners in 50 cities launched this protest movement on Monday in solidarity with the truckers' nationwide strike.
October 9
Karaj, #Iran
(West of Tehran)
Fardis sector
Stores are closed as merchants continue their strike for a second day.
October 9
Qazvin, NW #Iran
Store-owners in this city are on strike again for this second consecutive day.
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Oct 8, 2018
Cities across #Iran are witnessing a general strike as stores are closing across the country.
This goes alongside the truckers' nationwide strike that has spread to over 310 cities now.
October 8
Tehran, #Iran
Sources say all gold market stores are closed.
October 8
Images of stores closed in the cities of Saqqez, Baneh, Marivan & Sanandaj.
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Oct 7, 2018
Reports indicate atmosphere in #Iran's parliament (the Majlis) is very tense as members review the anti-money laundering Financial Action Task Force (FATF) signing bill.
Sources say "hardliners" are voicing threats about the signing of this bill.

(File Photo)
"Regarding the FATF, should we commit suicide today by signing this bill because we're going to die in the future?" says Behrouz Nemati, a member of #Iran's Majlis (parliament).

Read more about Iran & the FATF here:
"Hardliners in Iran’s parliament have opposed passing legislation toward compliance with FATF standards, arguing it could hamper Iranian financial support for allies such as Lebanon’s Hezbollah, which the US has classified as a terrorist organization."
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Oct 6, 2018
Short Thread:

#Iran's #FakeNews machine at work:

"It did not say where Zahedifar was arrested. In a video carried by state broadcaster IRIB, a blindfolded man who identified himself as Zahedifar denied he had fled Iran."
Here's the video.

What a coincidence (!), all of this developing just "a week after Tehran sentenced three people to death in a drive against economic crimes."

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