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1. Its important in FBI & DOJ investigation take the time to digest the details w/in Atty Gen Jeff Sessions notification ltr to congress outlining his previous appntmnt of US Atty John Huber to parallel Inspector General Michael Horowitz as a prosecutor. scribd.com/document/37512…
2. Utah U.S. Attorney John W. Huber appointed vice chair of Attorney General's Advisory Committee.

The AGAC provides counsel to the Attorney General on issues impacting U.S. Attorneys Offices nationwide. go.usa.gov/xnWnC
3. o not trust the pundit filtration of content, take the time to read it yourself.
4. Absorbing the DOJ has a long-standing criminal investigation will likely create anxiety for those committed to an irrational intolerance of Attorney General Jeff Sessions; but the substance remains evident regardless of sentiment.
5. The Bigger Picture – If we accept the historic context for DOJ official communication stemming from the IG investigation, it would appear the notification letter is timed with the conclusion of investigative evidence collection. threadreaderapp.com/thread/9794693…
6. As such, the timing is safe for the DOJ to reveal the name of the prosecutor many previously refused to believe existed.
7. There was already an appointed person, a prosecutor, from “outside of Washington” in place, prior to the recent request for a Special Counsel by Goodlatte & Gowdy.
That was exactly what an objective analysis of the events previously outlined – &noted.
8. Atty Jeff Sessions previously outlined the existence of an outside prosecutor who has been in place for quite a while.

All the evidence of this was/is clear if you follow the granular details closely.
9. Here’s the reason why no-one in Washington DC -including congress and the president- was previously aware... until today.
…”to look at all the allegations that the House Judiciary Committee sent to us” – HERE is an Example.
10. And here is a response: scribd.com/document/36441…
11. a) The DOJ Inspector General (Michael Horowitz) has an obligation to notify his superiors when he/she discovers illegal activity, or conduct that is likely unlawful, while conducting an internal investigation.
12.The IG cannot sit on knowledge or evidence of criminal conduct, just bc he/she is conducting an investigation.

This is the same reason why IG Horowitz had to inform Special Counsel Robert Mueller in July of 2017 of the unlawful conduct of mbrs on his team (Page & Strzok).
13. b)The same ppl under investigation w/in the IG purview (FBI & DOJ officials) are transparently cooperating w/the Inspector General.
14. That cooperation, in combination w/a likelihood of unlawful conduct, wld require a DOJ official (prosecutor) to be assigned to negotiate & outline the DOJ legal terms of investigative compliance.
15. The person negotiating the terms for cooperation would NOT be the Inspector General;

because of the potential for criminal charges related to the investigated individuals, it would be the job of a DOJ career prosecutor to comply with legal needs.
16. c) Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Bruce & Nellie Ohr & Bill Priestap have quotes inside the HPSCI memos.
17. Those quotes come from investigative interviews; no congressional committee has interviewed those persons. Those would be a few of the ppl in "b)" above; and their testimony to Horowitz and a DOJ Prosecutor, would make them witnesses in a criminal investigation.
18. That explains why they have NOT given interviews to congressional committees.

The DOJ needs to keep the integrity of their testimony inside the investigative unit. (ie. in the control of the DOJ official from OUTSIDE Washington that Jeff Sessions notes).
19. d) @POTUS @realDonaldTrump is the chief executive over the DOJ & FBI; however, in this odd dynamic he is ALSO THE VICTIM within the conspiracy as potentially outlined by the investigation.
20. Therefore, again to "protect the integrity of the investigation and witness testimony", the VICTIM would be kept at arms length & NOT informed of the "criminal" investigation.
21. That’s why @POTUS Trump doesn’t know; and AG Sessions MUST keep distance from ANY/ALL discussion with the executive due to this "separation."
22. e) Cooperating witness testimony in a criminal investigation also means congress would NOT KNOW of the details.

Congress (Nunes, Gowdy & Goodlatte) would NOT even know a criminal investigation was opened.
23. The prosecutor works parallel with, but separate from, the IG investigation.

Congress WOULD know of the IG, but NOT the prosecutor.
This interview by AG Sessions is the 1st indication congress would have of a DOJ official already looking at the criminal issues.
24. f) And the most transparent reason why we know there’s a DOJ prosecutor already on the case is because Jeff Sessions just said there was.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions – Federal Prosecutor John W. Huber
25. Here’s the U.S. Code explaining the power of the Inspector General – law.cornell.edu/uscode/html/us…
26. the power of the Inspector General ...
27. Additionally on February 27th, 2018, Attorney General Jeff Sessions held a press briefing to announce the opioid task force ...
(video via @YouTube )
28. During the Q&A segment of the presser, Fox News Catherine Herridge asked AG Sessions "will the FISA court abuses (outlined by Chairman Devin Nunes, Chairman Bob Goodlatte & Chairman Chuck Grassley) ..be investigated by the DOJ?" theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/02/27/jef…
29. Attorney General Sessions affirmed the FISA court abuse by the DOJ & FBI would indeed be "investigated and prosecuted" and directed attention to Inspector General Michael Horowitz. [watch at 37:57 of video – via @YouTube]
30. This February 27th "mention" by AG Jeff Sessions WAS NOT EVEN NEWS.
That’s why yesterday’s admission by IG Horowitz in this regard was NOT a surprise.
***It was happening all along.***
31. The February statement by Jeff Sessions was EXACTLY what those who have followed closely will note, had seemed to be the direction of the IG investigation since mid-year 2017.
32. As AG Sessions affirmed, repeatedly, IG Horowitz was NOT limited in scope.

Horowitz is investigating *ALL* avenues of "politicization within the DOJ & FBI" and abuse therein; this includes FISA abuse.

* If he found an issue, he had the authority to follow it.
33. Add this fact to General Sessions’ answers abt the appointment of a DOJ official from OUTSIDE Washington on March 8th, 2018, ...
34. ...& you could clearly see the IG & appointed prosecutor have been working together for quite some time. via @YouTube
Transcript @ 00:15 (listen to the emphasis on the word "mine")
35. “Well, I have great respect 4Mr. Gowdy &Chairman Goodlatte, &we're gng2 consider seriously their recommndtns. I've appointed a person outside of Wash, many yrs in DOJ 2look at all allegations the House Judiciary Com mbers sent to us; and we’re conducting that investigation"
36. How long?
Likely since the time when IG Horowitz first informed the AG (Sessions) & DAG (Rosenstein) that he may have discovered significant evidence of unlawful conduct within the DOJ & FBI.
37. That would be around July/August 2017, when IG Horowitz was bound by duty to inform DOJ Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

That notification led to the removal of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.
38. More visibility of the now revealed prosecutor was clear within the timeline:
Janu 4 2018, an agrmnt was made btwn House Intel Comm Chrmn Devin Nunes & DOJ Asst. foxnews.com/politics/2018/…
39. Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for complete disclosure of all unredacted documents AND a list of witnesses who Nunes wanted the HPSCI to question.
40. Incl in those names was:
FBI agent Peter Strzok and
FBI lawyer Lisa Page,

who exchanged anti-@realDonaldTrump text msgs during an affair & previously worked on the special counsel’s Russia probe; ..
41. FBI general counsel James Baker, who has reassigned; ...
42. FBI head of counterintelligence Bill Priestap, whom ex-FBI boss James Comey testified made the decision NOT to brief Congress about the Russia case during last year’s election; ...
43. ...and Bruce Ohr, a DOJ official reassigned after concealing meetings with figures involved in the dossier.
44. The January 4th agreement btwn Devin Nunes & Rod Rosenstein was made after a great deal of back-and-forth.

Chairman Nunes then documented the agreement in a letter.
45. On January 8th, Bruce Ohr was demoted for the second time. [AND DOJ officials scheduled Bruce Ohr to be available to Devin Nunes on January 17th] foxnews.com/politics/2018/…
46. On Jan 9th, the DOJ provided the unredacted DOJ/FBI docs requested to Chairman Nunes; the documents the DOJ produced surrounded the Clinton-Steele Dossier & the FISA Title-1 application. dailycaller.com/2018/01/08/exc…
47. The documents were assigned to a SCIF in the basement of the House.

Those documents become the basis for Chairman Nunes to outline his memo; essentially a "declassification request" to the White House written by Trey Gowdy.
48. As a result of the agreement btwn Rod Rosenstein & Devin Nunes, one mbr from each side of the HPSCI aisle (1Democrat & 1Republican) was permitted to review the original FISA application documents which included the Clinton-Steele dossier use therein.
49. Trey Gowdy & Adam Schiff were the 2Intel committee mbes who reviewed. (Remember, this is January 9th, 2018) dailycaller.com/2018/01/08/exc…
** Only Trey Gowdy, Schiff, Ratcliffe & House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte reviewed the original FISA documents**
50. A week later, January 16th, 2018, Chairman Nunes postponed the witness interview with DOJ official Bruce Ohr scheduled for the next day, January 17th.
51. Instead, on January 18th, 2018, the HPSCI voted to allow ALL mbrs of the House to review the Nunes-Gowdy Memo created after the DOJ provd'd the docs (January 9th). [Jan 18th -February 2nd was #ReleaseTheMemo] washingtonexaminer.com/byron-york-hou…
52. Now remember, throughout this time NONE of those prior agreed-upon 5 witnesses (Strzok, Page, Priestap, Baker, Ohr) have been interviewed.
53. Everyone’s attention shifted
"witness testimony"
"Release the Memo" Frenzy:
..and as Democrat Eric Swalwell stated,
no witness was interviewed. Period. [**a HUGE key point].
54. So to summarize so far:
during January ALL the DOJ documents arrived,
the HPSCI (Nunes) memo was written, released, declassified and released to the public on February 2nd, 2018
– but no witnesses testified.
55. So the question becomes:
How does the exact testimony (including quotes) of Bruce Ohr, & Bill Priestap become part of the Nunes Memo if neither Bruce Ohr or Bill Priestap was EVER interviewed by the House Intelligence Committee?
56. Who is doing the interrogations of Bill Priestap & Bruce Ohr?
~It’s not the HPSCI.
~It’s not the House Judiciary Committee and
~It’s not the Senate (Chuck Grassley).

[Remember Grassley is relying on responsive FD-302’s provided by the FBI.]
**See where this was going? ..
57. The investigative unit of the IG is providing congress with transcripts of testimony from IG investigators (DOJ & FBI employees within the OIG); with the review, control & approval of the DOJ outside prosecutor.

We now KNOW that the OUTSIDE prosecutor is John Huber.
58. DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz has interviewed these witnesses, likely with his appointed DOJ prosecutor Huber, & extracted testimony.
59. This explains why Devin Nunes changed his approach AFTER discussion w/AAG Rod Rosenstein & was no longer in a hurry to interview the 5.
(Strzok, Page, Ohr, Baker and Priestap)
60. Let me remind everyone that each of the aforementioned names is still EMPLOYED within the system.

Unlike Mike Kortan, David Laufman, Sally Yates, James Rybicki or Andrew McCabe, none of the 5 (Strzok, Page, Ohr, Baker, Priestap) have been removed.
61. Peter Strzok is in FBI Human Resources; Lisa Page is buried behind a desk doing something; Bruce Ohr and James Baker are holding down chairs somewhere; and Bill Priestap is still Asst. FBI Director in charge of counterintelligence.
62. It doesn’t go unnoticed the media are transparently NOT FOLLOWING UP or even FOLLOWING Peter, Lisa, Bruce Jim or Bill.

No satellite trucks in front of their houses etc.;
no pounding on their doors for comment etc.

Rmbr What They Did To Gen Mike Flynn & His Family?
63. Ask yourself why InspGen Michael Horowitz (or someone thereabouts) began to advance upon the entire ‘Trump operation’ w/releases of Strzok & Page text messages?
Why them?
Surely, other collaborative communication was captured, yet we only heard of Page and Strzok. Why?
64. Here’s what is becoming transparently obvious.
The fab-5 are "cooperating with the investigative unit of the OIG."
All five of them.
65. The text message release was strategic.
It was intended to substantiate the entire enterprise, put the ‘small group on notice’ & flush out the co-conspirators.

The downstream exits of Kortan, Laufman, Rybicki, McCabe et al are evidence therein.
66. Additionally, OIG (Horowitz) wld want to keep testimony of Page, Strzok, Ohr, Baker & Priestap away from Democrat politicians, well known leakers, within the House Intel Committee (ie. Eric Swalwell &Schiff) until he was certain their usefulness as witnesses was exhausted.
67. The reason for this is transparently simple.
The OIG is a division INSIDE DOJ.
During an internal investigation if the IG becomes aware of unlawful activity he/she is obligated 2inform the AG (Sessions) or AAG (Rosenstein).
He can’t ignore it & nor delay notification of it.
68. Unlawful activity must be reported.
The IG does NOT have legal or prosecutorial authority – the IG MUST immediately refer unlawful activity to the proper authority;
essentially to his boss. ...
69. A DOJ prosecutor is then assigned to work with the IG (as Jeff Sessions confirmed today) and essentially creates a parallel investigation focused only on the law-breaking part.
70. [That prosecutor could, likely would, then begin a Grand Jury proceeding; and no-one outside the AG, AAG, and the ‘outside’ prosecutor’s office would know.]
71. The prior testimony/statements to the IG by the 5 would explain why AAG Rod Rosenstein was negotiating w/Nunes; would explain why Rosenstein was reluctant to allow testimony; & would explain why Nunes came away from those negotiations with wind in his investigative sails.
72. The DOJ (Rod Rosenstein) needs to wall-off the politics (Nunes/Congress) from the ongoing criminal investigation (DOJ-OIG-Prosecutor John Huber) to preserve the integrity of his advancing and assembling case (including criminal witness testimony).
73. As soon as Chairman Nunes recognized something was going on & after a review of the FISA documents – Nunes dropped his demand for" immediate testimony" by the fab-5 to the HPSCI mid-January. [A record is already established]
74. As a person familiar with such specific investigative measures recently shared:

“They are sat down, told to not do anything, say anything or discuss anything UNTIL they get an attorney. At which time, the atty is handed a ltr from the investigating unit. ...
75. "...That letter says in essence, 'this is how screwed you are.' If you want to be less screwed you will sign this letter of cooperation & assist us. When we don’t need you, u sit there. When we do need u, we'll call u & u will provide what we need. ...
76. "...Any deviation from this agreement lands you in jail for the full term.”
77. Also re: Bruce & Nellie Ohr:
“The Repblcn memo states they turned over ALL their work & testified to 'someone' that Bruce met w/Christopher Steele & Steele was saying he didn’t want Trump in office.
They did NOT testify to a Congressional committee, so it had to be the IG.”
78. The already existing “outside DOJ official” outlined by AG Sessions, John Huber the person who would be constructing the witness agreements with approval of his DOJ bosses, Rosenstein & Sessions.

Is this all making sense now?
79. All of news & info coming frwrd, incl lack of follow-up by the Dems re: the minority HPSCI memo, aligns w/a very specific set of FACTS:
Strzok, Page, Baker, Priestap, Bruce & likely Nellie Ohr, have cut some kind of deal w/prosecutor John Huber..
80. .....they more than likely, have already cut a deal, for process leniency in exchange for cooperation with the IG & DOJ prosecutor.
*ask yourself, or better yet, ask CNN "where's there boy?"
Have you seen or heard from Adam Schiff lately..? now do you get what's happening?
81. Thereby the Fab-5 have provided the IG investigative team & DOJ prosecutor Huber w/sworn statmnts &testimony which is highlighted in investigative communication btwn the DOJ &Chairman Nunes; we saw snippets surface in the Nunes memo.
82. ...That perspective, explains everything seen and not seen.
Its likely the final investigative summary from the Department of Justice, Office of Inspector General (DOJ-OIG), Michael Horowitz, is going to be very encompassing.
83. It is also likely to be immediately followed-up by actions, perhaps immediate indictments, from DOJ Prosecutor John Huber who Jeff Sessions brought in from outside Washington.
84. He is From OUTSIDE The Swamp.
85. There is no need for a “Special Counsel”
when a DOJ Prosecutor is already working w/IG Horowitz.
The “outside prosecutor”can begin issuing subpoenas for Grand Jury testimony &statements by officials no longer in DOJ/FBI, just as soon as the IG report is finished.


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