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Let’s take a moment to examine how insanely biased the Louisiana Attorney General’s full report on the #AltonSterling case is. A thread.…
There’s a whole section on Sterling’s “History with Law Enforcement” which they say “reflects his failure to submit to lawful arrest while he was armed with a dangerous weapon.” They didn’t include anything about the officers who killed him. So let’s do some digging...
Both of the officers who killed #AltonSterling had a history of violence against black men. Why wasn’t any of this included given they are the suspects in this homicide investigation?…
Now the statements from the two “Use of Force Experts” called in to evaluate the shooting. They’re described as “independent, qualified experts.” Who are they? Well...
Here are the “use of force experts.” Both former police, one from Louisiana and other from the notorious Baltimore PD. This is who gets described as “qualified” and “independent.” And they both find the shooting to be "justified” and “not unreasonable.” See how this works?
Both “experts” claim police needlessly escalating the situation by putting a gun to Sterling’s head and threatening to kill him was “irrelevant” to determining whether the shooting was reasonable under Graham v Connor. They state this as fact. But it’s not. For example...
In fact there are different interpretations of this in the courts. 9th circuit US Court ruled that police “intentionally and recklessly provoking a violent confrontation” before shooting makes it UNREASONABLE. But that doesn’t get mentioned in the report.…
“What I Do?” could have been an example of Sterling using SUBTERFUGE to convince officers he was not a threat EVEN THOUGH HIS INTENTIONS MAY HAVE BEEN OTHERWISE.”

The “expert” made this assumption about Sterling based on him just asking why he was being assaulted by police.
“Even if officers tried de-escalating the situation by speaking with Sterling, the fact remained that no matter what Sterling said or did they believed he was armed”

What? So that’s it, no need to talk to the person before attacking, tasering, and shooting them?
Expert 1: Hands up in the air would’ve demonstrated compliance.

Expert 2: While the video showed Sterling with his hands in the air...the officers had just experienced Sterling’s continued resistance

So either way they say his death was justified. The “independent experts.”
Now the Attorney General’s legal analysis. “Sterling’s failure to comply” while they “believed he was armed” made him an “immediate threat to their lives.” He stood there and kept asking “What I Do?” while police kept attacking him. And that’s assumed to be an “immediate threat?”
AG cites the “expert” opinions two more times, then decides the officers were “reasonable” and “justified.” No charges. And to add insult to injury, closes with “it would be a violation of our mandate to uphold the laws...and prosecutorial obligations to take any further action.”
All this to make the case that this obscenely unreasonable shooting was somehow perfectly justified and reasonable. Based primarily on opinions of three white men in law enforcement who assumed Sterling, despite never attacking the officers, was going to immediately attack them.

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Aug 1, 2018
Ignorant and mad. They’re consistently ignorant and mad.
And it makes sense. Their president is ignorant and mad. Their political party is run by people who are ignorant and mad. Their right-wing influencers are ignorant and mad. The whole thing is sad and embarrassing.
By definition you have to be ridiculously ignorant to *still* believe the words of a president who’s lied or said otherwise fake and ignorant things more than *four thousand* times in his term.…
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Jul 24, 2018
Census data shows 64% of black citizens in Florida were registered to vote in 2014 compared to 62% of whites. By 2016, black registration dropped to 55% while white registration increased to 69%. That’s over 200,000 fewer black registered voters. Were they purged from the rolls?
Census data 2016, showing 1.15 million black registered voters in FL:…

Census data 2014, showing 1.35 million black registered voters in FL:…
Among black citizens in Florida:
50% (1.1 million people) voted in 2016
23% (~450k) were disenfranchised
27% (~550k) were eligible but didn’t vote, and as many as 200,000 had been purged from the voter rolls.
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Jul 21, 2018
Offset could face *life in prison* for non-violent marijuana and gun possession. He‘s being targeted by a racist criminal justice system. Lemme break it down for a second... (1/x)
Yesterday, Offset was stopped by Clayton County GA police for an “improper lane change.” Data shows police are more likely to stop (and then search) black drivers. Would he have been stopped if he were white? Less likely. It gets worse from there... (2/x)
After police stopped Offset, they used his felony conviction as “probable cause” to search his vehicle. What did he get convicted of before this? Marijuana possession and gun possession (again). But it gets worse still...
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Jun 29, 2018
The more I learn about the US political system the more it’s clear how money buys legislation and legislators. It‘s generally discussed in the abstract, but when you take a deep dive into it it’s even more alarming and has real consequences for organizing/advocacy. A thread.
Let’s start with ballot initiatives. 24 states let you put something on the ballot if you get enough signatures. There are signature gathering firms that get paid per signature to do this. And the amount they get paid is public - average $1 million per state ballot initiative.
A bunch of things (good & bad) can be put on the ballot that will probably pass. Good things (raise min wage) pass because voters agree with them. Bad things (making it harder to hold police accountable) pass if they word initiatives in a way that deceives voters. For example...
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Jun 29, 2018
FYI it’s possible to put measures on the ballot in 24 states banning private prisons, including 3 of the 5 states with the largest private prison populations. Avg cost per state to put it on the ballot would be $1 million.
Here are the states that allow ballot initiatives. The blue, green, and orange states can ban private prisons via ballot initiative.…
And we also know how much it costs, on average, to fund a signature gathering effort that successfully puts a measure on the ballot. In 2016 it was $1 million.…
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May 30, 2018
I moved to a new apartment last month and I’ve already been asked to show ID three times to prove I live here. A thread. #EverydayRacism
First time, I was carrying groceries from Trader Joe’s. I come up to the building, doorman opens door, looks at me and says “service entrance is in the back.”

“Bruh, I live here.”

Then he demands ID and makes me sit there while he looks me up to get into my own damn apartment.
Second time, I’m walking into the building and I get stopped again.

“Can I help you?”

“I live here Apartment number []”

“Hold on, hold on let me have your name and ID.”

“I just moved, trying to get home.”

“Yea, yea but we gotta get to know each other, right?”
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