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All Russiagate Roads Lead To London As Evidence Emerges Of Joseph Mifsud’s Links To UK Intelligence

Each of these strands of UK-tied elements of the Russiagate narrative can be substantially dismantled on close inspection. This untangling process leads to the surprising conclusion that UK intelligence services fabricated evidence of collusion to create the #TrumpRussia.
Mifsud strongly denied claims that he was associated with Russian intelligence, telling Italian newspaper Repubblica that he was a member of the European Council on Foreign Relations and the Clinton Foundation.

The findings from #DecipherYou, a collaborative initiative by @Suzi3D and myself, were also relevant in this story, giving context for #Mifsud's eclectic academic background.


Mifsud’s alleged links to Russian intelligence are summarily debunked by his close working relationship with Claire Smith, a major figure in the upper echelons of British intelligence. Julian Assange likewise noted the connection between Mifsud and Smith in a Twitter thread....
In his thread, @JulianAssange pointed out Mifsud's connection with #Saudi intelligence.

This writer was able to confirm the identity of both #Mifsud and Smith in the photograph Assange and others brought to the public's attention.
The photograph in question originated here: archive.fo/Asf28#selectio…
Specifying that Mifsud is indeed standing next to Claire Smith, who was attending a: training program on International Security which was organized by Link Campus University and London Academy of Diplomacy.
This is incredibly significant for a number of reasons, which will be broken down piece by piece in this thread as it is in the @DisobedientNews article.

First, the training program Smith attended with high-ranking members of the Italian military was organized by the London Academy of Diplomacy, where Joseph Mifsud served as Director, as noted by The Washington Post and in Mifsud's LinkedIn profile.

WaPo ->archive.fo/6sZGI#selectio…
That Claire Smith was training military and law enforcement officials alongside #Mifsud in 2012 during her tenure as a member of the UK Cabinet Office Security Vetting Appeals Panel, is not happenstance.

This took place during her tenure on the UK's intelligence vetting panel.
Claire Smith's LinkedIn profile confirms that she served as a visiting Professor at the University of Stirling, where #Mifsud was also employed in connection with the London Academy of Diplomacy.

Smith's LinkedIn profile: linkedin.com/in/clairesmith…
Claire Smith was training military and law enforcement officials alongside #Mifsud in 2012 - during her tenure as a member of the UK Cabinet Office Security Vetting Appeals Panel.

This is only the start of the indications Mifsud is a UK asset.

The final nail in the coffin of the theory that #Mifsud is a #Russian spy is this photograph of Mifsud standing next to Boris Johnson, the UK Foreign Secretary, as reported by The Guardian, archive.fo/86avI

Nine months after Mifsud was named in the #Russianmeddling issue.
"Another aspect of the RussiaGate claims tied to the UK includes the reported conversation between George Papadopoulos and Alexander Downer, Australia’s High Commissioner to the UK who was based in London. Downer secured $25 million for the Clinton Foundation to fight AIDS."
"Downer is also a member of the advisory board of London-based Hakluyt & Co, an opposition research and intelligence firm set up in 1995 by three former UK intelligence officials and described as “a retirement home for ex-MI6 [British foreign intelligence] officers."
Lifezette states that Hakluyt is “a second, even more powerful and mysterious opposition research and intelligence firm… with significant political and financial links to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her 2016 campaign”.


Yet another UK link to a central pillar of the Trump-Russia narrative is British music promoter Robert Goldstone, who was reported to have organized a meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and Russian nationals in June 2016.
Some have speculated that Goldstone was also involved with British or US intelligence efforts to concoct the #RussiaGate narrative.

Thread archived here, from @realKyleOlbert

"As soon as his name emerged in the press, Goldstone – like Christopher Steele and Joseph Mifsud – went into ‘hiding’. Multiple press reports claimed he had done so out of fear for his safety, a claim also made about Christopher Steele."
The UK government issued a DA Notice (a press suppression advisory notice) to the British press to suppress the ex-spy Steele’s name. Of all those swept up in the RussiaGate investigation, only the UK-linked witnesses have felt the need to go into hiding. 😶

#Londongate #Russia
Robert Hannigan, former head of British intelligence agency GCHQ, is another personality of note in the formation of the RussiaGate narrative.

He resigned from his position w/GCHQ only 3 days after Trump's inauguration....
Hannigan flew to Washington D.C. to personally brief then-CIA Director John Brennan on alleged communications between the Trump campaign and Moscow.

But why was he interfacing w/ the CIA Dir, not Mike Rogers at the NSA, which is GCHQ’s Five Eyes intelligence-sharing partner?!?
If it was not Russia at the heart of a complex operation to topple the Clinton campaign in 2016, then was British Intelligence responsible for creating false narratives and mirage-like ‘evidence’ on which the #TrumpRussia scandal could hinge?
Is British intelligence involvement in #RussiaGate, as outlined above, the international version of CrowdStrike and former FBI figures manufacturing the #Guccifer2.0 persona specifically to smear @WikiLeaks via false allegations of a #Russianhack of the DNC?

Finally, have we been looking in the wrong place – at the wrong country – to unearth the so-called ‘foreign meddling’ in the 2016 US election all along?

- Finis -
Chris Blackburn Discusses Legacy Press Coverage Of Joseph Mifsud


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