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According to Hansard, @stuartrobertmp , was in Israel for Sukkot 23-30 Sept 2018, representing the Israel Allies Foundation.
He moved a motion 26 Mar 2018 ending with a reading of Psalm 122.
He's also currently promoting a tour of 2019 Israel with Metro Church.
#insiders #auspol
Metro Pentecostal Church on the Gold Coast - cost per person for a trip to Israel with Stuart Robert & his wife is $5600.00 each.

Stuart Robert has also penned a book, 'In The Footsteps of Jesus', published June 10, 2017
Amazon lists Robert as the publisher.
#insiders #auspol
Stuart Robert has extraordinary printing & communications expenses claims, that can fluctuate by up to $100 K per qtr.

Jan-Mar 2017 $6003.53
Apr-Jun 2017 $55,517.92
Jul-Sep 2017 $79,072.76
Oct-Dec 2017 $107,848.99
Jan-Mar 2018 $7141.04
Apr-Jun 2018 $45,430.48
#insiders #auspol
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"How can we view the ongoing silence from within the confines of the Ecuadorian embassy as anything other than a political, enforced disappearance in the middle of a so-called free, liberal society?"

#Unity4J #ReconnectJulian #FreeAssange #Auspol…
Although #Assange is isolated by the Ecuadorian government, it is overwhelmingly clear that as per the definition, #Ecuador is "acquiescing" to the desire of the US & UK governments.

To the tune of $500 million.

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#auspol MP @StuartRobertMP charged taxpayers up to $2,800 a month for his home internet bills. He also spent $16,880 of taxpayers' money on "personalised letterhead stationery". PS: he has blocked me just like Bishop, Morriscum and others.…
#auspol MP @StuartRobertMP also flogging $5800 per person tours to Israel.… He's an Evangelical just like PM Morriscum (his wife is a church pastor). Also ex-army. And seems to be abusing secrecy powers...
#auspol MP @StuartRobertMP in March demanded parliament apologize for not helping Jews in WWII:… Even the Council of Australian Jewry said he was wrong: Australian took 15,000 Jewish refugees! Now he's Assistant Treasurer!
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I've been having a little squizz at @stuartrobertmp's expenses claims. Interesting stuff, let me tell you!

Let's start with his 'Office Facilities', I've compared Robert's claims to all 4 other Gold Coast MPs & also Senator Murray Watt, who all have offices in SE QLD.
Murray Watt - Senator for Queensland

Total for Office Facilities
April - Jun 2018 $20,056.73
Karen Andrews MP for McPherson

Total for Office Facilities
Apr - Jun 2018 $32,064.38
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🤓 thread: no journalist has asked #ScoMo about the discrepancy between his claim australia will "meet paris at a canter" & the environment department's clear analysis that, with current policy settings, we'll miss it by a country mile.

the dept's chart:…
the environment department's report is crystal clear: as of last december we were set to miss our target by between 868-934 MtCO₂e.

(for comparison, our annual emissions are now 560 MtCO₂e.)
…and just yesterday (grand final eve, public holiday in vic, etc.) the department released new numbers showing that we're getting worse.

in @GrogsGamut's excellent chart below, our "paris" target (~435Mt) is as far below the x-axis as our current emissions are above it!
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WATCH: Communications Minister @SenatorFifield is speaking now about the ABC board
@SenatorFifield Communications Minister @SenatorFifield: "This has been a difficult week for the ABC but its important work continues." #auspol
.@SenatorFifield says the Government is "deeply committed" to the independence of the ABC. "As the Minister for Communications, I have always respected the independence of the ABC." #auspol
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President Trump: "We are dealing with foreign countries that do have a problem. I got called today from two very good allies who said please can we talk... It's not as simple as that." 03:00

No it's not. What Australia did could be considered an act of war. #auspol #aupol
Australians will soon realize
@POTUS is talking about Australia. The Australian gov't betrayed America. The Australian gov't betrayed its own Australian people. (03:00 min. mark)

Wake up Australia.

#auspol #aupol

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GIANTS: we will respond to allegations made in the parliament besmirching Sleeping Giants Oz, @deniseshrivell and YOU

We will post over the next day or two which we will then compile into a Twitter Moment, so it is documented.

Thanks for your support & indulgence

The opening statement of Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells to the Australian Parliament begins with a misrepresentation.

#Auspol #NotMyAustralia
Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells tries to trigger outrage from Pauline Hanson perhaps to encourage her to join the attack on SG Oz.

There are millions prepared to speak against @PaulineHansonOz but who is speaking out against News Corp.

#Auspol #NotMyAustralia
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This is a thread for those who don't know about how the NDIA is rationing or capping funding for disabled people and I suggest you folks in policy follow along closely. Because we people on the ground do. Tagging @NDIS for transparency, @NDISDeane, @DarrenODonovan, @rhondagalb
2/ Let's talk about SIL. That's Supported Independent Living, for those who do not know this.

The information in the thread below is from disabled people, families and people working in the sector every day - @SquigglyRick, you should also play along.
3/ There is a massive push by the NDIA to negotiate with service providers to the exclusion of participants. Huge discrepancies between the way SIL is handled, from state to state & office to office & planner to planner.
None of the issues are in the op guidelines/legislation.
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Yes, hello, my name is Amy & I am a proud Aboriginal academic & my focus area is education. I am disgusted by the appointment of Abbott as ‘envoy’ to my people, but even more so by the use of ‘education’ as the justification given by the PM
A thread...
#auspol #IndigenousX
‘Education’ has a legacy of being the political football kicked around & used to justify white policies destroying black lives. See #BringingThemHomeReport & the original Policies used to roll out the start of the #StolenGenerations - each truly about control, not education
We must note that 'Education' is a broad term, with many definitions, values, & applications, most of which have cultural foundations. In the context by the PM it is clear he only means the ‘formal’ settler, Eurocentric education, which we know is presently problematic for many,
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In a report dated 24 September 2011 Port Jackson Partners presented a report that predicted residential electricity price would rise from 20.4 c/kWh in 2011 to 36.3 c/kWh in 2017.
Increases in the price of coal and natural gas were the first two factors identified as the cause.
The IPA produced a report on the #ParisAgreement that assumes the cost of electricity has increased since 2007 for no other reason than emission-reduction policies. 👎 #auspol #ICYMI @DanielWildIPA
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Roman Quaedvlieg fresh submission: the convo with Dutton's chief of staff DID HAPPEN and he suggests the date discrepancy means there was ANOTHER BRISBANE AIRPORT AU PAIR CASE #auspol #aupair
Quaedvlieg isn't exactly sure when the conversation took place - gives range of October 2015 to end of 2016 #auspol #aupair
Quaedvlieg repeats the "boss's mate" quote and says he thought it strange Dutton's chief of staff would call him for a "low-level transactional issue" #auspol #aupair
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Trump just declared September as National Preparedness Month. Q linked to it too This is IMPORTANT. Q and Trump are giving us a heads up! Dismantling the Cabal will incur some disruptions. It's our responsibility to prepare: cash-on-hand, food, water, fuel/petrol. #auspol #qanon
Sweden released a national preparedness pamphlet to its citizens a few months ago, the first such public awareness campaign in Sweden since 1961. Some good advice in this pamphlet.…
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Dear @LiberalAus, you just don't get it, do you? Well, let me spell it out for you?
.@TonyAbbottMHR is a #RomanCatholic #failedclergy with strong links to the #Vatican in what he believes in, who told you upon his entry into #auspol that his #mentor was #BASantamaria, a #fascist #RomanCatholic with strong links to the #Vatican & the #Mussolini style govt
.#BASantamaria was a strong player in #auspol late 50's early 60's. If you were growing up in those years you would hear this weird voice on the radio talking about the dangers of #unionism & the need for #RomanCatholics to get involved. It was like the voice from Hell.
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I've been fielding a lot of questions like this one lately... "Dean, if we follow labour’s renewables Australian target currently proclaimed what difference will it make to the worlds climate?" 1/6
My response is this: Australia is one of the highest emitters of greenhouse gases per capita in the world. 2/6
How can we ask and expect other countries to reduce emissions if we are not prepared to do it ourselves? 3/6
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Malcolm Turnbull resigns as Australian Prime Minister and now long-standing MP Julie Bishop resigns too. Something is brewing. #Resignations Clinton Foundation connections? Colluding to undermine a fair, democratic US election? #Qanon @potus #auspol
Q Drop 1928: "joint effort w/ our (x) primary foreign directed by HUSSEIN [WH] in coordination w/ HRC, colluded and conspired to RIG THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION OF 2016 in an effort to install HRC, frame POTUS" #auspol #qanon @POTUS…
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Happy to! Here is your primer on what the hell is happening in Australia, as retold by me, who is not an Australian!

First thing to know about #auspol (which is their national political hashtag) is that Aussies are just insanely backstabby, politically speaking.
Also these people hold grudges so strongly that any Appalachian would be impressed and a bit worried.

Australia has a multiparty parliamentary system with ranked voting, which means it’s nearly impossible for one party to hold power alone. They form coalitions with others.
Just at the moment, the people in charge are the Liberals, in coalition with right-wing parties like the Nationals and One Nation. Libs are basically Bush Republicans with a lot of Paul Ryan tossed in. Nats is sort of Tea Partyish and One Nation is racist and also fully bonkers.
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fresh Roy Morgan poll 👉🏻today👈🏻 August 22nd

preferred PM

18-24yo 🗳
Shorten 41%, Turnbull 57.5%

25-34yo 🗳
Shorten 44.5%, Turnbull 53.5%

35-49yo 🗳
Shorten 48.5%, Turnbull 48.5%

50-64yo 🗳
Shorten 42.5%, Turnbull 52%

65+yo 🗳
Shorten 36%, Turnbull 59%

#LibSpill #AusPol
by state

Vic 🗳
Shorten 47.5%, Turnbull 51%

Nsw 🗳
Shorten 44.5%, Turnbull 50.5%

South Aus 🗳
Shorten 40.5%, Turnbull 57%

West Aust 🗳
Shorten 44%, Turnbull 54.5%

Qld 🗳
Shorten 42%, Turnbull 52%

Tassie 🗳
Shorten 35.5%, Turnbull 58.5%

#LibSpill #AusPol
now polling if Peter Dutton became Libs leader in a #LibSpill

preferred Prime Minister

Shorten 68.5% 🗳 Dutton 24%

Shorten 73.5% 🗳 Dutton 26%

Shorten 62% 🗳 Dutton 32.5%

Shorten 54% 🗳 Dutton 40.5%

Shorten 46% 🗳 Dutton 50%

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since Australian politics is heating up, let's clear up a few facts about Antony Green.
Antony Green is a man of great power and discretion in political circles in Australia.
Antony Green invented the #auspol hashtag
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Australian Government Can Save Julian Assange

(OpEd by famous Australian QC, Julian Burnside,on @JulianAssange crisis)…


#Assange #SafePassage #NoExpulsion #NoExtradition #Unity4J #auspol #ecuador #humanrights
"Julian Assange is an Australian. He is in trouble overseas. He needs the Australian government's help."

"The American have made it clear that they want to get Assange, who has good reason to fear that he will be mistreated the way Chelsea Manning was."

~Julian Burnside~
"#Assange has not seen sunshine or felt rain for 6 years.

His health has deteriorated badly.

His teeth are causing great pain: a dentist can't visit him. He needs root canal surgery,which is not possible except in a fully equipped dental surgery."

~Julian Burnside~
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As @Aus_Scienceweek draws to a close it’s a good moment to refresh on what we learned this week about the unorthodox $443 million grant to @GBRFoundation by @TurnbullMalcolm #reefgate #auspol
On Monday morning the @FinancialReview reported that the @GBRFoundation was writing to Federal MPS belatedly promising full transparency and accountability for the grant. Accountability that should be a given, not a gift of course! #reefgate #auspol…
And @australian reported that the @GBRFoundation advertised for a financial controller to help “scale up” the charity, in the wake of the grant #reefgate #auspol…
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Thread - please RT: For three months the Turnbull Government has deliberately delayed the release of the latest data on the number of older Australians waiting for home care. Today we've found out why. #auspol 1/4
The data has finally been released and revealed more than 108,000 older Australians are now waiting for care - this includes more than 88,000 older Australians waiting with high needs, many with dementia. 2/4
We've already learned that many of these older Australians are waiting more than two years for care and sadly with the number of people waiting for a home care package growing these wait times will only grow. 3/4
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We live in a society that preaches gender equality, there is no such thing it is a myth.
#EmmaHusar #auspol
If you have been shamed or humiliated and are a woman that person doing it wants to control your options and reduce your choices.That person wants to wreck havoc on your life.
#EmmaHusar #auspol
We question the journalists for writing what they did talk about was the allegations verified . We dont need to verify what goes on in a woman's personal life it is none of our business none at all . Shut up
#EmmaHusar #auspol
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While we sit here arguing whether Emma Hussar should have treated her staff better or if Alice Workman did the right thing writing tabloidy pieces about her there is an actual person somewhere in Aus who has got away with ruining both their reputations by spreading lies #auspol
And they are laughing their arses off at all of us because this has played out exactly the way they wanted it to without them having to face any consequences. At all.
They knew that all they had to do was hint about a female politician engaging in sexual impropriety to a female journalist who would cover it and the Australian public would fall over themselves trying to pick a woman to back
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