Its time to take .@twitter/.@jack/.@ev to task, long thread incoming!
our good friend .@jack supported this recent article…
the article's writers are calling literally for California to be the model for the rest of not only the United States but for the rest of the western world. This is a joke of the multitudes, especially after what has gone done in facebook and the rest.
After what has transpired in the capital of the state of California, Sacramento and the misguided responses to those events, NOBODY should be co signing anything about making California the center of any damn thing.
you cannot convince whole states to accept Cali's mode of governance. When Cali itself cannot figure out the future of what its values are going to be for their houses.
You cannot convince me that .@jack's and .@ev 's mode of business is the way to go for everybody because you feel some sort of way. .@ev may have help build twitter and medium but he has destroyed the promises of BOTH.
and .@jack? he has pretty much used @twitter as the next gen version of #backpage and .@Square as the gains from prostitution he gets from all of the findom shit that is going on today
for any of these dudes to co sign anything near calling for civil fucking war proves that the conservatives were right to call .@Twitter /Facebook out on their hypocrisy
yall folks need to know who runs #BlackTwitter. It isnt the beyhive. It isnt migos's fanbase, it isnt the empire or star fans or anywhere near anything conserning black culture. NO. The people who run #blacktwitter are a bunch of white DSA folks in san Francisco
How do i know this? The same .@Twitter algos these corporations use to promote their wares on here, are the same ones that push certain narratives on here regardless on which side you on. The algos are a net negative as a whole.
killer mike again, is getting rail roaded by the white folk who run #blacktwitter and their followers thinking they own a little bit of the power white liberals folk use to shame their white conservative cousins.
I have retweeted time and again, the bullshit that both ends of the political world spreads. Instead of hearing out the content of which Killer Mike clams yet again, #blacktwitter follows their white liberal influencers to their ruin.
#BlackTwitter, you know that twitter only has like 15 black folk working in their offices and half of them are in security and or janitorial - working for outside companies?
and then yall gonna follow .@jack and his endorsement for any kind of civil war to make America just like San Fran or LA or etc, etc in Cali when you folks are more worried about who bit Bey? (News Flash, its Lena Dunham)
to keep this short, and why I retweeted from .@THEREALRTU about him leaving twitter is simple. .@jack dont care about .@ev's creation .@twitter, just as the latter dont care about .@Medium . He has already given information about US Journalists to DHS.
.@jack, .@ev, Zuckerberg, Besos, Uber, the CEO's of Alphabet, .@jackconte and others present a ever clear and present danger to our republic.
many of us who are apart of different nationalities are being used by many white liberals who use these platforms, like we are being looked at as science experiments - especially with the news of Cardi B's pregnancy to Quavo's child, as some sort of cultural milestone (it isnt)
(but congrats to the both of them anyway)
But if we say something from our hearts or from a place of honest pain or anxiety - such when Nipsy Hustle congratulated young black men with their fathers and grand fathers and #BlackTwitter took him to task on it or will Killer Mike two weeks ago and again today?
One has got to wonder of what Kanye said about Chains of Gold back during the Yezzus album era, that #BlackTwitter is fully in chains given by these malcontents who run these sites?
If you want to learn more yall should pick up .@yashalevine 's book "Surveillance Valley: The Secret Military History of the Internet" It gave me a new view of why this era of this Web 2.0./Social Media era must end now and forever.

• • •

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Oct 7, 2018
We need to talk about weak shit. And how some of my heroes accept that shit and it needs to stop the weak shit this instant...
While Im happy for Adult Swim and the LA shindig they are doing. We have to explain a few things and a few missteps they continue to make. Now Father is a good dj and all, hes not the best. He has moments of greatness, but he isnt as consistent. Deifying him is disappointing IMHO
Lets get to the people in the concert. While RTJ will always put on a great show, my question was why Triple Redd over Daniel Curry? This shit is unfuckingfathamable to me. Clout Cobain was powerful beyond all reproach, even in a way somewhat better in parts than This Is America
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Sep 29, 2018
So after last week, yall want to get rid of habus corpus. "Innocent until Proven Guilty" Well aint that some shit right now coming from people who slept during AP Civics for fuck sakes.
This is our whole fucking culture today - no balls, no principles, blame some other nation for our children foibles and sufferings, Use another countries music to fuck over actual talent from another country and ours. Yall not serious and yall aint shit.
I say this with great sadness and anger, but i feel deeply sorry for white dudes, and for my brothas in the struggle, and my brothas in Japan and all over. The women running game today, and who wish to run every other thing aint worth what God made them to be.
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Sep 27, 2018
Im going to talk BTS and K-Pop and #metoo and #TimesUp and the American music industry and how all of its related in a few...
So after all that noise all day, we need to get to a problem that is just as worse - the acceptance of BTS and K-Pop as a bromide from all the changing metrics in the American music industry and its issues. It's only going to create more headache.
The American Music Industry and the rest of the entertainment industry in the last several years put their bank on the Hallu Movement - a way of seeing popular culture and technology via Korean sensibilities.
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Aug 13, 2018
I read something today (That's why i made that earlier quote it came from that post) that the concept of the Alpha "female" doesnt exist.
That person who wrote it is correct 100% because Alpha/Beta/Delta/Omega are praxolgies of action that humans do during ones life.
What women need to get over, is that their looks is connected to their accomplishments. any womans accomplishments only add to it.
Now here comes the sad fucking truth. The truth is that their anything close to Alpha Females, It would be the WWE/Pro Wrestling Females (cont)
And fitness models. The fact that there is such a movement to call those types of work "shameful" by those women who work in the major corporations and to have them replaced by the droll businesswoman etc is horseshit.
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Aug 5, 2018
Its time to tell you a secret of TV that people tend to overlook and really misunderstand.
All aspects of promotion, production, and look in a series, news franchise, docuseries and other such are forms of art.
These arts are tools of force projection of the person using it.
So when one builds a lower third, the CGI graphics for intros into sports to news, to the building of sets and lighting - you get to see the tools built to force project gravitas. At times it doesnt work, and in other times it takes one to a time and place that is unforgettable.
#Toonami's greatest success, and ECW's greatest success and many other successes was the responsible use of technology and art and the way they spoke to their audiences without belittling them or putting them down or insulting their intelligence
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Jul 30, 2018
Its time to talk about CBS, and the issues surrounding the CEO of the company and the show runner of 60 Minutes and the rest of the news division.
This company is in a fight to stay away from Viacom (I will get to them in a moment too) or at least merge with them in a light that is more "sane" to CBS.
In all reality, the company is heading to shambles.
Les Moonves to many in the media circles is the great leader of our times. But he has done four things that lead to the end of American Leadership in media. He and Sherry Redstones father decoupled Promotion of network over promotion of series-
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