1. Accepting the OIG report is almost certainly the most complex undertaking of IG Horowitz career; and accepting the multitude of possible angles within each section of the investigative inquiry are so consequential; there’s a likelihood the report is coming out in stages.
2. Almost everyone ignored the Flynn guilty plea hit the media on Friday December 1st, 2017. On Saturday December 2nd, 2017 the angry members within the IC hit back and released the info on how badly the FBI was politicized. Page/Strzok story starts.
3. What this showed, and was ignored by media intentionally, was the very real war inside government. Two factions within Law and Order fighting eachother. For the sake of simplicity we called their confrontation "black hats" -vs- "white hats".
4. The Black Hat co-conspirators within the weaponized DOJ-NSD and FBI units were the "small group" officials; many of whom also transferred in common cause into the Mueller Team.

[Assembled/Guided into place initially by FBI-CLC James Baker, Mueller's career long BFF]
5. You can call it a soft-coup, or you can call it politicization of the DOJ and FBI, but the end result is the same – the intentional effort to manipulate, influence, and ultimately subvert an election for the presidency of the United States.
6. Obviously the "white hat" team would be those who saw what was happening, understood the bigger picture dynamic, and set about a plan and process to stop the plan.
7. But stopping the plan is only one part. Ensuring it can never happen again is another part. And you can't ensure it never happens again, until the American public can absorb what actually took place.
8. How do you explain such a Machiavellian scheme in such a manner that ordinary Americans can fully digest what happened? Quite a challenge, no?
9. Just the sheer process of an ordinarily complex Office of Inspector General report with the inherent investigative fact-audit, draft-report review, reference fact-check, preliminary draft vetting, and subsequent final draft review and audit is exhaustive in itself.
10. Now imagine overlaying that report process atop each of the topics behind millions of pages of gathered evidence, thousands of pages of testimony and witness statements, on multiple investigative issues - all surrounding the FBI and DOJ-NSD conduct:
11. Each of these aspects is an investigation unto itself: •Clinton email, manipulated investigations with predetermined outcomes; •unlawful and coordinated media leaks; •false testimony to FBI, congress and under oath to IG; •manipulated FBI 302 reports...
12. •Willful corruption by AD-Andrew McCabe, D-Comey etc.. and if that’s not complex enough to report about…. overlay the •issues with the FISA court; •false presentations; •source material (Steele Dossier); and well, you get the picture…. This is massive and complex.
13. ...and that still leaves the connections to the White House, false information from CIA, ODNI, DoS, along with "unmasking" and state dept issues..... all of which are part of the carefully coordinated plan.
14. There’s a phase in the OIG report process where statements of fact go through an exhaustive draft vetting process within agency. The “source vetting” or “reference-audit” phase is part of the target -and internal review audit- prior to final draft & ultimately publication.
15. The raw investigative information, used as the foundation for the report, has to be vetted, re-checked, verified and reviewed for placement and footnotes in the draft report, before ANY of that source information is released.
16. FBI Director Christopher Wray assigned 54 staff to go through the IG source draft information, investigative documents, to validate baseline facts prior to release to congress. This process also scans for classified information.
17. These staff are vetting the underlying evidence that’s noted in Horowitz’s draft notification document. Remember, many of these elements are also potentially criminal actions individually; and.... fbi.gov/news/pressrel/…
18. ...and quite likely, in the aggregate, also the broad outlines of a criminal conspiracy amid all of the participants.
19. The first series of those DOJ/FBI document releases will happen tomorrow May 9th, 2017.

This is *NOT* the IG report. This is some of the underlying evidence that underpins one chapter of the IG report.
20. The fingerprints of criminal evidence might be noticed in the corners of the release; however, the direct evidence of criminal conduct will not be released. The integrity of criminal evidence must be retained.
21. Nothing connected to the ongoing John Huber grand jury presentations will be released.
22. You say you didn't know there was a Grand Jury impaneled.... well, that's another likely discovery that's going to come from DOJ releasing some, but withholding other, evidence.
23. Flashback to early January this year. Remember this? foxnews.com/politics/2018/…
24. However, despite the agreement, none of those witnesses ever ended up testifying to congress. Why not?...
25. Because they ended up testifying before a criminal grand jury, which makes them ineligible to testify to congress.
26. So... having said that.... this conversation is a little more interesting:

27. Remember the part about White Hats hitting back the day after Black Hats took out Flynn? [12/01 -vs- 12/02] Well, what do you think those same angry White Hats would do with the timing of sanctimonious James Comey's book release?
28. It's a Big Beautiful Ugly.

As expected.... 👍😀 Enjoy... #TheBigUgly

• • •

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Jun 5, 2020
Watch the old guy's right hand closely. This was not innocuous. He's attempting to either record the police tactical belt, and/or skim the radio... Watch it a few times; you'll see.
You can download software to your phone that allows you to "clone" the frequency and signal of a device.

Once the frequency is captured (ie cloned) you can track the device, duplicate the signal and/or listen to a transmission.

That appears to be what he's attempting.
Here's a pro-tip that I might get in trouble for sharing.

In the old days we called them 'bounty hunters', but in modern vernacular they're trackers. Guys/Gals who trace 'wanted people' for a living.

In this era the public sector track operations are high tech.
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Jun 1, 2020
Dana Boente's defense is to claim he was duped by Comey.

Andrew Weissmann leaked Boente handwritten notes (during call w/Comey) to MSNBC during Mueller investigation.

Boente claim against Comey does aligns w/ accusation of FBI whistleblower in charge of Comey memo collection. Image
DOJ Demand for Boente to exit FBI related to same FBI whistleblower connected to this issue (next two screengrabs from IG report on Comey memo handling).

You'll see the issue. FIRST: Image
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May 31, 2020
1. Rod Rosenstein, Chris Wray and Dana Boente were involved the Wolfe cover-up; and the control move against Assange to protect the fraudulent basis for, and downstream purpose of, Mueller's investigation. Image
2. There were two groups in two administrations that held a similar purpose.

"Group One" was the original coup team; from the Obama era; and includes all of the names people are familiar with.
3. "Group Two" was the continuation group who picked up after Trump took office. Group two includes many names and appointees from the Trump administration.

The Group-2 goal was to cover for Group-1 and continue the effort beyond 2017.
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May 29, 2020
Wow. Victim George Floyd and Police Officer Chauvin worked together at a restaurant near Third Precinct for over 17 years. Worked together for many years. Obviously there's more to this story than we know.
Per city councilwoman. Here's the video.

The *former* owner (who hired them) confirmed they worked together, same shifts, for over a year.

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May 28, 2020
1. There is a merging about to become visible...
2. There has been visible signals, subtle but visible, the DOJ was about to move on a massive (the biggest in history) antitrust lawsuit against Google and all affiliates.
3. It won't surface as what most would think... in a bias based on conservative -vs- leftist ideology in content manipulation; though that will be the larger underpinning of what we will likely soon see surface.
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May 21, 2020
.@AndrewCMcCarthy , Thank You. The reason I ask is a hunch FBI CR cuts (summary) was extent of the documentation. Not sure if there was 'full transcript' when FBI questioned Flynn. Ergo does use of FISA transcript as evidence against U.S. person require gaining more authority?
I have suspicion Susan Rice is requesting release of full transcript because she knows non-existent. [As used against Flynn] Which puts more distance between Obama WH and FBI Comey as rogue operation. Which was/is ongoing goal.
Apparently FBI would never use "tech cuts" in legal proceedings against U.S. person. The underlying fulsome transcript would be needed. Did that transcript ever surface? Was it created? Or was "CR Cuts" enough for FBI objective? Image
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