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BREAKING: Malaysia's 14th General Election will be held on Wednesday, May 9. Nomination day will be on Saturday, April 28.
The minimum period of 11 days has been set for campaigning. Unlike past polls, these elections will be held on a weekday. #GE14
Will a mid-week polling day and a short campaigning period work to Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Harapan's favour? #GE14
Will the Malaysian public be given days off to vote by their employers since voting is not compulsory here? Otherwise, voter turnout may be affected. #GE14
The opposition had said it was banking on a higher voter turnout to offset effects of redelineation etc. #GE14
The Election Commission's full statement on Malaysia's General Election. #GE14
"Setting May 9 as polling day can only be perceived as another attempt by EC to disenfranchise voters and reduce the opportunities for overseas voters... to come home to vote," - @mariachin, opposition candidate and former chair of electoral reform group @bersih2
Malaysian employers have to give you leave to vote. #GE14
The Election Offences Act states that an employer must allow employees a reasonable period for voting without making any deductions from their pay. #GE14
Opposition member and former analyst @wansaiful on #GE14 dates.
Former Malaysian Bar president and @bersih2 chair. #GE14
.@airasia joining other airlines to waive flight change fees for bookings if your travel plans fall on polling day. #GE14…
Malaysia's Education Ministry announces special school holiday for #GE14. Many schools will be used as polling centers.
Former PM, now opposition leader, Dr Mahathir says when polling dates were on weekdays during his time, it was because it was already a holiday. The rationale here, however, appears to be to inconvenience voters, he alleges. #GE14
Dr Mahathir says choosing a mid-week polling day is unfair to overseas voters including the estimated 500,000 Malaysians working in Singapore. #GE14
Deputy director of BN's strategic communications unit tries to explain rationale of #GE14 on a Wednesday. Says weekends differ across Malaysia.
"We have about 500,000 workers in Singapore. So these people should be voting but now they are deprived of their right to vote, whether it's for the government or for us," Dr Mahathir on Wednesday being hard for outstation voters.… #GE14
Electoral reform group @bersih2 wants the government to declare May 9 a public holiday, and for state governments to declare public holidays on the day before or after polling day.… #GE14
BN minister Salleh Said Keruak, however, tells @ChannelNewsAsia the Election Commision's decision as an independent body must be respected: "Surely it must have considered all factors before deciding the dates".… #GE14 #PRU14
All government and government-assisted schools will be given a special holiday on May 9 given 68% of schools nationwide will be used as polling centres for #GE14.
Malaysians are helping each other get home to vote for #GE14 using the #PulangMengundi hashtag.
JUST IN: May 9 has been declared a public holiday. #GE14
JUST IN: The Election Commission says it welcomes the announcement of a public holiday on polling day. Says weekday polling day has occurred before. However, no explanation as to why it had to be a weekday.
The EC reminds employers to give employees time off to vote. Says with announcement of public holiday now plus the advance notice given, voters should now have enough time to plan trips home to vote. #GE14
PM Najib was in Langkawi this morning, telling voters to decide between continuity of development or sentiment toward a previous leader. We reported last week that Dr Mahathir is slated to contest in Langkawi. Announcement will likely be made on Sunday.…
In a statement from prison, PKR leader @anwaribrahim asks why UMNO leaders find it so strange that he and Dr Mahathir can put the past behind and work together in #GE14? Why are they so afraid of our alliance, he asks.
.@bersih2 still concerned about voter turnout despite declaration of public holiday "as Wednesday falls smack in the middle of the week – a challenge for voters who will have to travel far to vote". #GE14
AirAsia boss @Tonyfernandes selling flights with lower fares on May 8 & 9 and adding extra flights so Malaysians can go home to vote. #GE14 #PulangMengundi
IKEA Singapore gives Malaysian staff extra day of leave to vote in elections
Now everyone can vote? @AirAsia launches special fixed fares for domestic routes for Malaysians wanting to fly home to vote. #GE14
"The Malaysian Bar calls upon all politicians, political parties, and members of the civil service to recognise, adopt and honour the convention of caretaker governments, as a matter of good governance and administrative prudence." #GE14
Ainol Marantin says it would take him one day just to reach his village in Sabah to vote. Stories like his are why Malaysians are still unhappy over a mid-week polling day despite it now being declared a public holiday.… #GE14 #PulangMengundi
Lucky for Ainol, his boss has given ALL 15 of his factory workers (all from East Malaysia) three days paid leave plus travel allowance to go home and vote. #GE14
#PulangMengundi was started by @klubbkiddkl who says they've been overwhelmed with requests for financial help from outstation voters. But there've been hundreds of "Angels" - including anonymous celebs - who've stepped up to be their sponsors. #GE14
This will probably be THE image of #GE14. Will nostalgia win Pakatan Harapan the race in Langkawi and across the nation? #Backtothe90s
Have you checked where your polling centre will be? Full details now available on the site: #GE14
"The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (BERSIH 2.0) demands the Election Commission (EC) and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) take immediate action against the blatant and open abuse of government funds for electioneering". #GE14
Dr Mahathir will be contesting in Langkawi in #GE14. Here's my report from the rally on Sunday night where the "Father of Development" of the islands was announced as its possible MP.…
"My personal opinion is that I have no issue whether (Dr Mahathir) is a Harapan or Barisan Nasional candidate. I'll still support him," - one Langkawi resident on @chedetofficial contesting there.
KL Police Chief says investigation into women taking down BN flags in Taman Tun revealed they were doing so of their own accord because campaigning material had been put up prior to the official campaigning period. #GE14
Election Commission says there is no problem with candidates contesting using the @KEADILAN logo as long as they have the written approval from PKR. Dr Mahathir had said he feared EC would block Bersatu candidates from using the PKR logo at the 11th hour. #GE14
Responding to my query, EC says those contesting under PKR logo would not be considered "independents contesting under the PKR logo" to the EC, as Dr Mahathir has described, but as representing PKR. #GE14
BN politicians taking a page out of @realDonaldTrump's book? myPPP's M Kayveas's campaigning poster says "Make Cameron Nice Again". BN's Manifesto was themed "Make Our Country Great with BN". #GE14
Businesses cashing in on #GE14 fever. Grab has its own "Voter's Kit".
Sixteen UMNO members have challenged the party's legality in court over its withholding of party elections, reports Malaysiakini.… #GE14
Party memberships of the 16 who challenged UMNO's legality have been terminated with immediate effect, according to UMNO secretary-general Tengku Adnan: Utusan
Ahead of Malaysian polls, bots flood Twitter with pro-government messages #GE14
Barisan Nasional announces candidates for Federal Territories. #GE14
"Fake news" spread by the opposition that VEPs will be needed for vehicles entering Malaysia as of May 1 - PM Najib. #GE14
JUST IN: Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin says KL High Court has allowed its challenge against the Registrar of Societies' provisional dissolution order, meaning it is still a valid party until a verdict is delivered. #GE14
In her decision, KL High Court judge Azizah Nawawi said: "If the stay is not granted and PPBM remains provisionally dissolved, it may cause irreparable damage to the political party in its attempt to provide an alternative choice for the voters". #GE14
Channel NewsAsia has contacted the RoS and the Election Commission for confirmation that Bersatu will be viewed as a valid party pending the court verdict.… #GE14
BN candidates in Melaka, Kelantan and Johor via @bernamadotcom. #GE14
Selangor chief minister @AzminAli at rally in Kuala Selangor says ethnic minorities in Malaysia have been neglected. But under a Dr Mahathir - Dr Wan Azizah government, all Malaysian citizens will get what they deserve. #GE14
Selangor Chief Minister @AzminAli to defend Gombak and Bukit Antarabangsa seats. Former Bersih chair @mariachin to contest in Petaling Jaya (formerly PJS). @xavierjayakumar taking on a parliamentary seat too in Kuala Langat. #GE14
CONFIRMED: PKR president @drwanazizah to contest in @rafiziramli's seat Pandan while @n_izzah will head to Permatang Pauh. @fahmi_fadzil to run in Lembah Pantai. #GE14
Looks like whoever is running in Kajang has some competition. Deadpool spotted lobbying for support by @MohdNazahah. Maybe that's why @drwanazizah isn't expected to defend the seat? 😂 @deadpoolmovie #GE14
PKR candidates for Peninsula Malaysia (1/2). As reported, @drwanazizah to move from Permatang Pauh to Pandan, with @n_izzah continuing the family legacy in PP.… #GE14
PKR candidates for Peninsula Malaysia (2/2).… #GE14
Despite talk of alliances elsewhere, in Kelantan, PAS and UMNO are still rivals. Barisan Nasional chief Mustapa Mohamed says PAS's manifesto for Kelantan shows the Islamist party can't bring the state forward. #GE14
Pakatan Harapan candidates swear oath to fight to end Barisan Nasional rule and put the people's hopes above personal and party interests. #GE14
UMNO veterans Rafidah Aziz, Daim Zainuddin and Rais Yatim sacked from party. Rafidah and Daim have been campaigning with Dr Mahathir. #GE14
👇🏾 #GE14
Early voting underway for members of the police & armed forces, civil servants who have to work during #GE14. They've been assured their vote is secret & that they don't have to vote for the govt they serve by their bosses, ministers & the opposition:…
Now, Tengku Adnan says Rais Yatim being investigated, hasn't been sacked, reports NST. #GE14
They’re bussing people in, says PM Najib of large Pakatan Harapan turnouts… #GE14
Thread on former PM Abdullah Badawi's veiled attack on predecessor Dr Mahathir.…
Overseas Malaysians still haven't received the ballot papers they need to post back to Malaysia by May 9. Some are only receiving theirs on polling day itself.… #GE14
"Short of chartering a private jet and flying off the moment DHL delivers my ballot papers, it's impossible to get it back in time," - one frustrated voter in the US. #GE14
Election Commission chief says they are trusting Pos Malaysia to deliver to overseas votes. "God willing all the voters will receive their ballot papers in time...I was informed that those in South Korea have received it and those in Australia too."… #GE14
"We haven't missed the time frame yet... I think don't be so worried yet. But we are excited to vote - and when we are excited to vote, we worry," - Election Commission chief.…
"@bersih2 inevitably concludes that the upcoming 14th General Elections is already not clean, free, or fair even before the polling day". It's outlined 10 major offenses including allegedly unfair redrawing of electoral boundaries, a mid-week polling day & "phantom voters". #GE14
Ex-PM Abdullah Badawi - who like PM Najib, was in Dr Mahathir's line of fire - issues statement seemingly targeting the opposition leader, reminding candidates they contest "to serve fellow citizens and not merely to seize power for power's sake."… #GE14
Police won't allow debate in Muar between @SyedSaddiq & BN's Razali Ibrahim as proper permissions weren't obtained. "My utmost priority is to preserve the peace and public order and action will be taken in accordance with existing laws," says Johor police chief. #GE14
Despite police warning, @SyedSaddiq is going ahead with the first debate of #GE14; BN's Razali Ibrahim will be there too (presumably still as his opponent). Saddiq, 25, is a world champion debater. Razali, 47, has been the Muar incumbent since 2004.
Correction: He's been dubbed Asia's Top Debater, having won the "Asia's Best Speaker" award among others. Same point though: the Bersatu Youth Chief knows his stuff when it comes to debating. #GE14
Election Commission reaffirms that votes are secret. #GE14
JUST IN: Prime Minister Najib Razak's press secretary Tengku Sariffuddin says it's decision time for Malaysia - BN's proven track record, or disaster under a coalition of enemies. #GE14
"The truth is that if the opposition ever tried to form a government, their ideological differences would tear them apart, and their irresponsible and populist economic policies would bankrupt the country." #GE14
Najib Razak and Khairy Jamaluddin walk into a mamak... and talk politics like the rest of us. #GE14
"We cannot afford to ruin the future of this country," - @Khairykj tells PM Najib while discussing the fate of Malaysia in Pakatan Harapan's hands. #GE14
PM Najib to address nation at 10pm tomorrow night. Opposition PM candidate Dr Mahathir planned to do the same, announcing a few days ago that his last rally speech will be broadcast at ceramah across the nation. #GE14
.@airasia chief @tonyfernandes gives credit to the government for helping the company get to where it is today. Asks voters to "go to the polls based on facts... AirAsia is a fact". #GE14
It doesn't stop there. There's a BN-themed @airasia plane. #GE14
"Yet we have much more to do, and we have not always gotten everything right. But we learn from our mistakes so that we can do better for the people in the future. We are honest about that, and our track record is there for all to see". #GE14
Apparently a tough crowd tonight for #1MDB CEO Arul Kanda in Bangsar. He'd told me his previous ceramah had gone well, with "light shining" in audience members eyes after his explanations:…
Malaysian police assure public of their safety on polling day amidst "fake news" suggesting otherwise. #GE14
Election Commission advisory to the 14.5mil Malaysians voting tomorrow. Take note. #GE14
Never voted before? Here's what to expect. Video by Election Commission. #GE14
Campaigning ends tonight. A look at the "ceramah" circuit favoured by the opposition - which is new for Dr Mahathir as political rallies have never been Barisan Nasional's style. #GE14
Dr Mahathir's final address text. (1/3) #GE14
Dr Mahathir's final address text. (2/3) #GE14
Text of Dr Mahathir's final address. (3/4) #GE14
Text of Dr Mahathir's final address. (4/4) #GE14
As expected, Malaysian PM announces two public holidays if Barisan Nasional wins the election. The opposition has pledged to do the same, on different dates. #GE14
Not to be forgotten, @anwaribrahim's last address delivered by @drwanazizah. Anwar is currently in hospital receiving treatment for a bad shoulder. #GE14
In final message ahead of #GE14, Malaysia's defacto opposition leader @anwaribrahim calls on nation to support Dr Mahathir. Says he does not deny he and his family were anxious at first about working with him - but the nation comes first and he has proven himself.
Malaysian PM Najib promises special holidays, tax exemptions if BN wins election via @ChannelNewsAsia #GE14
It's after midnight. That's a wrap on campaigning! #GE14
Merdeka Centre predicts Pakatan Harapan will win popular vote but BN to win at least 100 parliamentary seats with Pakatan winning 83. PAS to win only 2. 37 seats are too close to call. #GE14

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Sep 28, 2018
HAPPENING NOW: Malaysian PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad speaks at the #UNGA, 15 years after his last address.
“The new Government of Malaysia, recently empowered with a strong mandate from its people, is committed to ensure that every Malaysian has an equitable share in the prosperity and wealth of the nation.” - Dr Mahathir at #UNGA
“A new Malaysia emerged after the 14th General Election in May this year. Malaysians decided to change their government...We did this because the immediate past Government indulged in the politics of hatred, of racial and religious bigotry, as well as widespread corruption.”#UNGA
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Special PC on #1MDB by Malaysia’s deputy inspector general of police. “This evening, I’m going to update you on the developments of the case as investigated by the police”. 4 aspects have been probed by the CCID and several individuals investigated.
Main areas probed by CCID:
• 1MTN notes worth RM5mil by Terengganu Islamic Authority
#1MDB & PetroSaudi Intl joint venture & loans in form of Murabahah Notes
• purchase of assets worth USD3.5bil involving Tanjong Negeri
• issuing of US$3 bil notes by 1MDB Global Investments
During the course of investigations, police uncovered
• USD$972mil (RM2.973bil) was transferred to the accounts of former PM Najib Razak in 3 phases - “Good Star”, “Aabar” and “Tanore”
• 132 transactions involving illegal money identified
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Today: "Every word recorded by the investigation team will be tabled in this report. We are committed to the transparency of this report. It will be tabled fully, without any editing, additions, or redactions”. #MH370
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“There’s no conclusion, there’s no answers”. #MH370
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BREAKING: Former PM Najib Razak has been arrested in connection with investigations into #1MDB.
BREAKING: @NajibRazak to be charged on Wednesday morning, says the #1MDB special task force.
JUST IN: The #1MDB special task force confirms former PM Najib Razak's arrest at 2.35pm in connection with investigations into former #1MDB subsidiary, SRC International.
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Former PM Najib Razak gave Malaysiakini an interview. Not only that, he went to their office to do it. A new Malaysia indeed.
Najib on his seized "gifts":

"Over the years as head of the government, we have been gifted with a lot of items by foreign leaders as well as personal friends and I do know that under the law it is not illegal to receive gifts."
Najib said Rosmah herself was surprised about the number of items mentioned by Amar Singh.

“She doesn't believe it will come up to that amount. Also some items, the jewellers have got records that they were sent for viewing and need to be returned."
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May 24, 2018
What's behind Malaysia's RM1 trillion of liabilities?
• RM686.8bil of Federal Government Debt (50.8% of GDP)
• Government Guaranteees of RM199.1bil (14.6% of GDP)
• Lease payments of "Public Private Partnership" projects of RM201.4bil (14.9% of GDP)
"Let me emphasize that the fundamentals of the economy remains strong... Together with the commitment of the new Government as well as the support of Malaysians all over the country, we will definitely succeed in saving our country," - Finance Minister @guanenglim
"In the short term, this decision to tell the truth may unnerve Dato' Seri Najib Razak..." - Finance Minister hits back at former PM/ Finance Minister Najib
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