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Live tweeting the #ZuckerRoast right now.😎

#Zuckerberg literally looks like he's going to PUKE‼️🤢🤮

GOP Sen Thune is reading a prepared statement👉🏼basically says that #Facebook's proposed changes are TOTAL BUNKUM. They will only serve to INCREASE PROFITS for Facebook.

Says that social media companies CANNOT self-regulate. DUH!🙄
Democratic @SenFeinstein - hometown senator of #Facebook - is now on the mic.

She goes straight after FOREIGN actors who "manipulated public opinion and targeted specific voters."🤨


Feinstein now is summing up how #Russian🇷🇺"researcher" Aleksandr Kogan scraped personal #Facebook data & sold it to #CambridgeAnalytica👉🏼used Facebook data to conduct psychological WARFARE on Americans‼️

Feinstein predictably throws the Zuck a lifeline, saying that she looks forward to hearing his proposals on how #Facebook will self-regulate.🙄


Grassley is stumbling over his prepared statement. Stand by.🤓
My state senator, @SenBillNelson, tells Zuck that #Facebook better get their act together, or NO ONE will have privacy anymore.

Describes our current dystopia of being attached to our e-devices, while Facebook tracks & collects EVERYTHING‼️😡

Sen Nelson wants to know: why didn't #Facebook notify ANY of the 70+ million users whose data were stolen⁉️

And why weren't users informed that their data were used for POLITICAL propaganda⁉️🤬

Nelson wants to "haul #CambridgeAnalytica into another hearing."😎
🔥Nelson says if #Facebook won't protect our #privacy, then Congress will MAKE them protect it‼️😎

🔥ZUCKERBERG is now at the mic‼️

He's reading a prepared statement & claims that #Facebook is an "idealistic & optimistic" company.🙄🤢🤮

#Zuckerberg just took PERSONAL responsibility for what happened. Says it was HIS fault.🤨

#Zuckerberg now will take questions.🤨

Here's mind: how can ANYONE call #Facebook's research of itself "independent," if FACEBOOK gets to PICK the research topics, and the KOCH BROTHERS fund the "research" into the answers⁉️
#Zuckerberg says that #Facebook will investigate "TENS OF THOUSANDS" of apps for potential data breaches that occurred before Facebook "locked down" the platform in 2014.🤨
#Zuckerberg starts spewing technical lingo that these senators do NOT understand. It makes him SOUND smart & like he's answering the question. The senators don't want to look dumb by challenging him, so advantage to Zuck.🙄

Zuck is well prepared.🤨
Sen Nelson describes a creepy example of describing to friends on #Facebook that he likes a certain kind of chocolate, and then starts seeing ads for THAT chocolate.😳

Zack's sister Sheryl proposes charging a price if users don't want their info used for #Facebook.🤔
#Zuckerberg claims that users can turn-off the ability of 3rd parties (advertisers) to use personal info to target ads. Zuck claims that users prefer targeted ads, rather than random ones.🤨
Nelson presses #Zuckerberg about WHO owns the data - #Facebook or the user. Zuck claims that the user does.🤔

Nelson keeps pressing #Zuckerberg about why #Facebook NEVER informed MILLIONS of users about the #CambridgeAnalytica data breach.

Zuck says that Facebook "believed" CA's story about destroying the data.🙄

Facebook didn't inform the FTC either‼️
Feinstein wants to know what #Zuckerberg is doing about "bots." Zuck says #Facebook "requires" all accounts to be "authentic" & has tools to find them.🤔

They just closed 270 fake accounts associated w/#Russian🇷🇺media co's that spread deza w/in Russia & neighboring countries.
Feinstein asked why #Facebook didn't go after #CambridgeAnalytica in 2015 when they learned of the data breach.

#Zuckerberg claims it's b/c CA didn't have any pages then, so there weren't pages to ban.🙄
So Zuck claims that #Facebook has "tools" to identify fake users, yet NUMEROUS fake pages were used by #Russia🇷🇺as part of their psy op to help flip the election to Trump, and Facebook did NOTHING about it‼️🤬

Insanity. Orrin Hatch just asked #Zuckerberg what #Facebook wants for regulations.🙄

It's like asking energy companies to propose clean air policies‼️🤬
🔥@SenatorCantwell is on FIRE🔥

She went straight for Peter Thiel's PALANTIR...called them "Stanford Analytica."

Did #Palantir work w/#CambridgeAnalytica?
Did Palantir scrape #Facebook data?
Did #Facebook employees work w/CA during the campaign?

Zuck denied/didn't know.🙄
GOP Sen Wicker asks #Zuckerberg if #privacy regulations are needed across ALL of the internet, not just #Facebook.🤔

Zuck tries to change the topic to #NetNeutrality, but won't answer about PRIVACY regulations (of course).🙄
Wicker asks if #Facebook collects call/text info from Android phones.

#Zuckerberg claims the Facebook Messenger app is "opt-in" to collect that kind of info.🤨
Wicker asks if #Facebook collects internet site usage details on users, even AFTER a user logs out of Facebook.

Zuck squirms...won't answer, but says something about use of cookies.🙄

Meaning: the answer is YES‼️
Sen Leahy asks if Mueller has contacted / subpoenaed #Facebook.

#Zuckerberg claims that Facebook is "cooperating" and isn't sure if they got a subpoena. Zuck has not been interviewed, but says others at Facebook have been interviewed by Mueller.😎
Sen @LindseyGrahamSC GRILLS #Zuckerberg about his #Facebook colleague "Boz" and says that Boz worked for him, he'd FIRE him.😎
Graham asks: who is #Facebook's biggest competitor? Asks specifically if Facebook is a MONOPOLY‼️
Graham asks #Zuckerberg what Graham should tell his constituents about why should #Facebook self-regulate. (Answer: they should NOT‼️)

Asks Zuck if he agrees w/EU regulations on #privacy.😎

Zuck fumbled, "I think that they get things right."

The crowd LAUGHED.🤣


Sen Klobuchar asks: did #CambridgeAnalytica and #Russia's🇷🇺Internet Research Agency (IRA) target the SAME users⁉️

#Zuckerberg: "We believe that it is entirely possible that there will be a connection there."

If confirmed, THIS IS A HUGE DEAL‼️

.@ericgarland's "favorite" senator, Roy Blunt is at the mic. Sloppily praises Zuck b/c Blunt's son idolizes him.🤢🤮
Blunt asks if #Facebook tracks devices, even when the device isn't logged into Facebook.

#Zuckerberg: "I'm not sure of the answer to that."🤬
Thus far, #Zuckerberg shows that he will answer questions that HE wants to answer. Otherwise, he just says that he will "follow up" and answer later.🙄

Sen Durbin asks if #Zuckerberg would be willing to share the name of his hotel where he stayed last night.

Zuck: "Uh, no."

Durbin asks about #Facebook's new messaging app for KIDS and wants to know how Facebook will protect kids' data.🤨

Answer: they WON'T‼️

Zuck: "the app collects the minimum amount of data to operate the app."🙄
Sen Cornyn is now throwing up softballs to #Zuckerberg.🙄
#Zuckerberg says that #Facebook doesn't "sell data to advertisers."

Cornyn: "no, you RENT it."

Zuck says that FACEBOOK uses the data itself to do the targeting.🙄
Zuck declines a break (for now), so now @SenBlumenthal is at the mic.

Just wait until Blumenthal gets done GRILLING him‼️

Blumenthal shows the #Facebook TOS for Aleksandr Kogan, which ALLOWED Kogan to share users' data‼️

This *specifically* VIOLATES an *FTC legal agreement* w/Facebook to protect #privacy‼️

#Zuckerberg tries to "apologize," but Blumenthal won't allow Zuck to waste his time & CUTS HIM OFF.😎

Blumenthal says that #Facebook must be REGULATED & doesn't believe Facebook can self-regulate‼️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Blumenthal wants an "opt-in" for users to have their data shared. Meaning: data could NOT be shared w/o user permission.🤔

#Zuckerberg, who does NOT want this AT ALL, says he's "open to discuss" this.🙄 It's Ted Cruz at the mic. I just might have to mute.🤢🤮
Ted Cruz now whining that #Facebook suppressed "conservative" information.🙄
OMG...Ted Cruz is WHINING about #Facebook shutting down *Diamond and Silk's* Facebook page‼️🤣

Ted Cruz still is on his soapbox & is claiming that #Facebook is a leftist organization that suppresses RW speech. Cruz also asks about a SPECIFIC employee was fired for political reasons.🙄
Yeah, #Facebook was SUPER left-wing during the 2016 election.🙄


Heading into recess for 5 minutes. Time for the puppies to have a quick walk.😎

REPLAY: Sen Durbin asks #Zuckerberg if he'd be comfortable sharing the name of the hotel he stayed in last night.

Zuck: “Uh.....NO!”🙄

🔥ZUCKERBERG is back in the barrel‼️

@SenWhitehouse is now at the mic.😎
Sen Whitehouse wants to know if/how #Facebook could see behind shell corporations to know who's REALLY behind the content.🤨

Let's ask @realDonaldTrump the SAME THING about his real estate buyers‼️
Ted Cruz's pal, Mike Lee, is now at the mic.🙄

No surprise, he's whining about #Facebook limiting free speech b/c of policies banning hate speech.

Funny, you don't see Democrats complaining about banning hate speech.😎
Yet again, #Zuckerberg is trying to shift the blame for the data breach on Aleksandr Kogan & #CambridgeAnalytica.

But #Facebook's OWN policies are what ALLOWED this to happen‼️🤬
Sen @brianschatz is on the mic.😎

Schatz nails #Zuckerberg for #Facebook's VERY complex ToS and wants to know what its BILLIONS of users are really getting.
On #Facebook's ToS, Schatz asks "what about the part that people are worried about?"

#Zuckerberg: "Like what?"

Zuck is CLUELESS and CLEARLY DOES NOT CARE about protecting our #privacy‼️
Schatz asks the question that we ALL have: if users own their data, then why don't we get a cut of #Facebook's profits⁉️

GOP @SenatorFischer wants to know if #Facebook stores some sort of data on its users. Fischer doesn't understand her questions well enough to explain what she's asking.

As I said earlier, Zuck's advantage is that many of these senators do NOT understand technology.🙄
Here's how Zuck is DUCKING the questions: #Zuckerberg pretends not to know the answers to DIFFICULT questions ("I'll get back to you"), yet then answers other questions w/technical details that the senators don't understand, so they can't push back on Zuck.🤬
That was painful. Fischer clearly doesn't understand the technology AT ALL, and #Zuckerberg totally used it to his advantage to answer the question that HE wanted to answer.🙄
Sen @ChrisCoons at the mic, GRILLS #Zuckerberg about #Facebook's shady targeting tools. Wants to know if advertisers could target alcoholics w/ads for alcohol.🔥
Coons NAILS #Facebook for allowing advertisers to target ads for housing (e.g., only to WHITES), which violates fair housing laws‼️🤬

#Zuckerberg reminisces about his dorm room goes into nerd-talk about "AI tools" (artificial intelligence) to regulate #Facebook content.🙄
#Zuckerberg claims that #Facebook builds things to make the world better.🙄🤢🤮
.@SenMarkey pushes #Facebook for an "opt-in" for users to consent for their data to be shared.

#Zuckerberg claims that users ALREADY consent b/c Facebook "doesn't sell" data.🙄
#Zuckerberg is willing to have "lots of discussion" about limiting use of KIDS' data, but REFUSES to provide a direct answer otherwise.🤬
Sen @JeffFlake asks about hate speech overseas, such as in Rohingya.🤔

#Zuckerberg, unlike his answers to Q's on US-based regulations, has PLENTY of detailed answers this time.🙄
Flake asks if #Russian🇷🇺or Chinese governments have "harvested" #Facebook user data.

#Zuckerberg says that Facebook is investigating 3rd party apps' collection of user data (see way above), but is not investigating nation states, per se.🙄
#Zuckerberg (of course) agrees publicly to "regulation," but won't agree to ANYTHING.

Sen Sullivan NAILS Zuck👉🏼says that #Facebook will manipulate any regulations to STIFLE its competition‼️🤬
🔥Quick summary of #Zuckerberg's testimony:

Qs he doesn't want to answer: "I'll get back to you."
Other Qs: "Let me dive into tech jargon you don't understand, so you can't push me to answer the question."
Qs on regulations: "Let's discuss someday...or NEVER."

#Zuckerberg says that #Facebook will be using SNAIL MAIL to confirm that advertisers actually are located where they claim to be.🤔
Nearly 2/3 the way through 44 senators....will head into our 2nd break soon.

Don't worry, I have PLENTY of popcorn‼️🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

#Zuckerberg keeps claiming that #Facebook is complying w/its "consent decree" w/the FTC (basically, a legal settlement) that REQUIRES Facebook to protect user #privacy.🙄

In a rare show of bipartisanship, BOTH Republicans & Democrats AGREE that Facebook did NOT comply‼️🤬
When @CoryBooker asks about racially targeted ads, #Zuckerberg scrambles back to another favorite answer / NON-answer: "We will develop AI tools to address <insert whatever problem #Facebook has>."🙄

Oh, and then Zuck adds that he "should follow up on the details."🤬
*AI = artificial intelligence 😉
As I've been saying, #Zuckerberg is giving NON-answer "answers" on nearly EVERY question...🙄

His lawyers prepared him well.🤬
#Zuckerberg says, "I don't think that we've ever collected information from a phone call." Hmmmm...that wasn't really a clear no, was it⁉️
#Zuckerberg admits that the users whose data were sold to #CambridgeAnalytica (by someone else other than #Facebook, of course🙄) are "victims."
🔥"It is a tale. Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing."

Oh, great. #Zuckerberg says that #Facebook has has "a whole AI ethics team."🙄

I feel SO much better about Facebook using face-recognition technology and other AI (artificial intelligence) tools now. NOT‼️
Another break in #Zuckerberg's testimony, and the rain stopped, too. Pups are happy.😎
#Zuckerberg hearing just restarted... GOP Sen Tillis at the mic.
Tillis is DEFENDING #Facebook and is SCOLDING people that its "a free app," so users should just change their #privacy settings.🙄
Tillis says if #Facebook is regulated heavily, then this could stifle competition from smaller start-ups who don't have regulatory affairs staff (he's likely right about this, unfortunately).🤔
Sen @KamalaHarris asks #Zuckerberg if he took part in a conversation at #Facebook in 2015 about NOT alerting users that #CambridgeAnalytica scraped their data.🤨

Zuck tries to duck, but Kamala won't have ANY part of it‼️😎

Asks WHO at Facebook discussed this, or not.🤔
#Zuckerberg admits that #Facebook did NOTHING in 2015 to inform users of the data breach, b/c they believed that #CambridgeAnalytica had deleted the illicitly acquired user data.🙄

GOP Sen Kennedy tells #Zuckerberg that he's "disappointed" in the hearing, b/c "we just aren't connected."🤨

Kennedy says, "your user agreement SUCKS" and "clearly is there to protect your rear end"‼️
#Zuckerberg AGAIN claims that #Facebook users can delete their data.🤨

#Zuckerberg claims that #Facebook users already can limit the ability for their user data to be shared.🙄

Sigh. #Zuckerberg is showing mastery of the art of obfuscation by repeatedly giving NON-answers to questions.🙄

Will update you if Zuck actually says anything of value. (Spoiler alert: he WON'T!)🤬
asks about #Facebook ads that targeted people in #Wisconsin, and wants to know how FB will exclude FOREIGN ads.🤔

#Zuckerberg: "I will follow up on that."🙄
The other senator from Wisconsin, Ron Johnson, now is at the mic. Wants to know how many #Facebook users read the ToS.

Answer: NEARLY NO ONE (of course)🙄
#Zuckerberg says there has NOT been a "backlash" after the latest bad news, and #Facebook has NOT observed many Facebook accounts being deleted.🤨
#Zuckerberg blathers about #Facebook's global mission to "connect people," which is why he doesn't want to offer ad-free Facebook (for purchase).🤨
#Facebook's profit relies on:

~How much time users spend on FB
~How well data can be used to sell ads

Facebook's OWN financial statements admit that if users restrict the ability to share their data, Facebook's profits go down.🙄

#Zuckerberg claims that #Facebook is willing to change its business model to comply with regulations.🙄

Sen Capito now pressing #Zuckerberg on whether users *really* can delete their #Facebook data.

Zuck says your data is deleted from its archives, but "cannot guarantee that someone else doesn't have your data."🤨
#Zuckerberg says that if your account is "deactivated," then the data remains w/#Facebook, but repeats that if you DELETE your account, Facebook will delete your data.🤔
#Facebook *knew for YEARS* that user data #privacy was a MAJOR problem, which is why they signed a legal settlement (consent decree) w/the FTC‼️

Years later, when #Zuckerberg heard of #CambridgeAnalytica's illicit acquisition of data, Zuck did NOTHING about it‼️🤬
#Facebook's ToS says that user data will exist in BACKUP systems, even AFTER you delete your account.🤨

#Zuckerberg claims he doesn't know how long FB keeps user data in backups.🙄
#Zuckerberg says "I don't think so" when asked if hacks have ever accessed user data.🤨
Sorry, friends. I've hit my limit on listening to the #Zuckerberg hearing after 5+ hours.😅

Here is a link to a LIVE feed👉🏼…

Will add tweets if anything "exciting" happens.😉

• • •

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Will Trump use this as an excuse to fire Rosenstein⁉️…
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All of these incidents allegedly occurred around the time that @Comey was fired. Rosenstein was very distressed & felt he was used.🤔
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