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New Q Thursday🐸1711
#Mueller Unmasked!

Ryan Lame Duck?
Sessions and [RR]
Who does Huber Directly too?
Think Logically


#EnjoyTheShow #QAnon #WWG1WGA #MAGA #DeepStateInPanic
Put to death, therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature: sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires and greed, which is idolatry. 6 Because of these, the wrath of God is coming.
-Colossians 3:5
Your evil has no place in this world.

Anonymous ID: 04e035 No.2298369 📁
Jul 26 2018 13:41:40 (EST)

Proven shop…
The author of the post…..
The face is never the author.
Direct comms come in many different forms.

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Mark Zuckerberg loses billions as Facebook stocks dives over 20% in under two hours.
#Zuckerberg #Facebook…
"The Menlo Park, California-based company’s market capitalization is on track to drop by about $126 billion, more than three times the value of Ford Motor Company"
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Anon post-Mark Zuckerberg loses $150,000,000,000.00 as Facebook stocks dives 20% in under two hours
Baker Notable- (image)
You’ll soon know why.

#QAnon #MAGA
NEW Q -/2 Posts in 1/ 1706 & 1707🐸

No name returning to headlines.

No Name in the redacted portion of FISA application?

When did No Name travel to the UK?

👇👇Anon Reference Link…
New Q🐸
UK Govt worked #Renegade
Creation of Dossier
Insurance Policy
Julian Assage
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#QAlert 7/25/18 #NewQ! This will be my THREAD for all of #QAnon posts for Wednesday , July 25, 2018. POTUS poised for CONTROL of the Federal Reserve?

Let's Go!

@POTUS #QArmy #WWG1WGA #PatriotsUnited #Q
#QAlert 7/25/18 #NewQ! Q@oost@a link to an article about how @realDonaldTrump can take control of the Federal Reserve.…

@POTUS #QArmy #WWG1WGA #PatriotsUnited #Q

Here is what we found. Perhaps #Q is pointing us here. Cutting funds for multinational companies? 12/21 EO? Can we take it over and bring it to the people.

Open thread below for more.
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Seit Monaten zu beobachten: In Deutschland löscht und sperrt arvato für #Facebook jede harmlose Kritik an Putin. Ist #Bertelsmann vom FSB unterwandert? #Meinungsfreiheit 1/2
2/2 Währenddessen verbreitet der #Facebook-Chef #Zuckerberg, dass Posts, die den Holocaust leugnen, nicht gelöscht werden:…
PS: Wir haben seit 6 Monaten Fälle von offensichtlich unberechtigten Sperrungen/Löschungen putinkritischer Seiten/Posts dokumentiert und #Facebook direkt angeschrieben. Keine Reaktion. Jetzt wird geklagt. cc @BMJV_Bund @hwieduwilt @Rugullis @marcbiskup @mdrde
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#EuropeanParliament is questioning #Zuckerberg about #Facebook. I hope they ask about the following events. ❓👇 Thread on #Russian #oligarchs investments. @WendySiegelman @dcpoll @grantstern @patrickLSimpson @TrickFreee @J_amesp
1. Zuckerberg and Milner are good friends. Zuckerberg attended Milner’s wedding in California late in 2011. They also advise each other on philanthropic ventures.…
2. One of the major investors in Facebook is a Russian company run by two oligarchs close to Putin. In 2009, Digital Sky Technologies (DST Global) was set up by Yuri Milner and Alisher Usmanov.
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#Zuckerberg | You remind me of “Kalden” in the book “The Circle”; the founder of a big data company, growing out of his control, influencing elections.
#Zuckerberg | Nearly every year since 2003 there was a wrongdoing or problem for which you had to apologise; twice in 2017 and three times in 2018 and we are only May! Are you capable to fix it?
#Zuckerberg | You said you will apply the new #GDPR, but are you telling the truth? Since the outbreak of the #CambridgeAnalytica scandal, you transferred European data of non EU citizens to servers outside Europe, which is forbidden.
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Hop c'est parti pour #Zuckerberg au Parlement Européen, à suivre ici en live… (et commenté ici)
Mon italien est un peu rouillé mais en gros on introduit l'audience et on fait un petit rappel sur l'affaire #CambridgeAnalytica. J'espère qu'on va vite switcher en anglais ^^ #Zuckerberg
A.Tajani qui Préside le Parlement EU, après un petit rappel des faits et un point sur les risques (avantage politique sensible, fake news, divulgation d'infos perso) indique que l'idée est de légiférer et agir pour réguler les activités de FB (abrégé et tronqué) #Zuckerberg
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1 NEW Q on Monday🇺🇸
#Grassley/#PlannedParenthood 💥
Apr 23 2018 21:56:53 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: ac300a 1164847 NEW……
Coming soon.

#MAGA #QAnon #QanonPosts #Qanon4chan #WeHaveEverything #TrustThePlan #Qanon8chan #GreatAwakening
2 NEW Q on Monday🇺🇸
#Grassley/#PlannedParenthood #RedCross💥

Future Proves Past 🧐
Where Does All The Money Go??🤔
500 million=6 houses??🙄

#MAGA #QAnon #QanonPosts #Qanon4chan #WeHaveEverything #TrustThePlan #Qanon8chan #GreatAwakening #Haiti
3 NEW Q Early Tuesday🇺🇸
Hey @NBCNews @CBSNews @abcnews 🤡what gives???

#MSM refuses to report, anyone surprised??🙄 #Soon

#MAGA #QAnon #QanonPosts #Qanon4chan #WeHaveEverything #TrustThePlan #Qanon8chan #GreatAwakening #AdamSchiff #MockingbirdMedia #FakeNews
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I checked the Twitter Trend statistics for #Kathua and found that it peaked interest late on 9th April 2018. The day @RahulGandhi ‘s farce of a fast was ridiculed.
The Kathua case happened in January 2018.
This is the world map of #Kathua tweets on trend analysis. Interesting?
I’m not discrediting or denying your emotions and rage about the #Kathua case. You are right to feel angry, I feel much the same.
But what exactly are you angry about? Who are you letting use your anger?
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Please take time to read @FTC #Zuckerberg & #Facebook partners Russia & Putin
The work is done by 3 diggers with links to everything
@MarkWarner @SenFeinstein @SenatorDurbin @DebDingell
@RepSwalwell @SenKamalaHarris @SenWhitehouse…
We need DATA oversight commission, staffed with competent savvy technicians, ability to levy substantial fines
Facebook Twitter Google & other data giants must b declared utilities
They are so large humanity cld lose democracy if u don't act NOW
Just think if Thiel took control
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1. Tuesday just after midnight Monday, #QAnon posted "FBI burning the midnight oil". This eve #Q cited the midnight deadline just passed, for FBI to release doc requested by House Intel committee months ago, re FBI’s investigating Trump’s 2016 campaign starting prior to election.
2. Consistent with #QAnon's mention of the deadline Rosenstein finally provided the document earlier, Wed afternoon after threats of contempt and impeachment of Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray. #Q
3. Following #QAnon's mention of Rosenstein finally releasing the doc, the only remaining redactions were “narrowly tailored to protect the name of a foreign country and the name of a foreign agent.” #Q…
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Assad does NOT #Chemical attack the ppl he is trying to liberate for the past 3 years.
#DeepState set up
They use a #USA and UK funded group called "The White Helmets" who are #ISIS Members and also pretent to be helpers, rescuers in Syria.
Dirty CIA provide
2. Them with EVERYTHING.
They create #falseflag opps.
People die. They blame it on #Assad

PNAC a dirty dirty Neo-Con #DeepState group created by Bush, Cheaney, Rumsfeld etc.. Created this plan 2 decades ago to wipe out the middle east
3. They are trying to get #Trump to go to war with Syria.

BOLTON was apart of this group. PNAC.
He knows the agenda.
He has been brought in to clean house and screw over the deeps plan.

@realDonaldTrump is 100 steps ahead of everyone.
His message this morning to #Russia
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Round 2 of #Zuckerberg congressional testimony with House Energy + Commerce (Facebook : transparency and use of consumer data)
Chairman’s intro to session mentions that later today this committee has to tackle an opioid crisis and the restoration of Puerto Rico’s electrical infrastructure.
And Chairman Walden subtly mocked Zuck’s compulsive mention of ‘dorm room.’ 💯

‘I think it’s time to ask if Facebook has moved too fast, and broken too many things.’ — @repgregwalden
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Here's the #Facebook "scandal" in a nutshell:
(1/10) In 2004 Mark #Zuckerberg creates essentially the biggest single advertising platform of all time.
(2/10) Facebook's genius is that instead of advertising that's coupled with original content (TV, radio, print, other websites) the "original content" of FB is the audience itself, as they "connect" with each other.
(3/10) Like any & every business, ever, at some point FB needs to find a way to get people to voluntarily give them lots of money. Who though? Well, companies/entities that want to influence groups of people to do things (duh).
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peut-être que je vais poster un thread de +2.8k mots sur le #Zuckhearing, le #Zuckerbergtestimony, enfin sur #Zuckerberg devant le sénat, quoi.
pour le style, c’est un live différé, amplement commenté. j’ai lu les reports américains ce matin, j’ai pris des notes, et je vous raconte en français (dans un langage racaille nerdcore, comme d’habitude.)
ça va sans doute être relou, désolée, mais j’ai toujours rêvé de pouvoir faire comme les mecs devant le foot (le problème étant que le foot, j’en ai strictement rien à foutre, évidemment.)
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Wonder how #Zuckerberg is gonna explain these two non-profit organizations?

As of 2016 - the combined total balance was over $750,000,000

👉🏻👌🏽Chan Zuckerberg Biohub Inc

👉🏻👌🏽Chan Zuckerberg Foundation

🙋🏻‍♀️Why did FB want our Medical Data again?

These totals put the CLINTON FOUNDATION to shame ...

Heard of hiding money, but DAMN!
🙋🏻‍♀️Remember when #Zuckerberg announced in December 2015 that he would be donating $ to charity?

🙋🏻‍♀️ Did he mean his own?…


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After over five hours of the #Zuckerberg hearing today, here are EFF’s highlights: (1/11)
Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook in his dorm room in 2004.
Facebook seems to be moving towards AI solutions for all of Facebook’s problems, including hate speech and fake news, without mentioning the likelihood of overbroad censorship.…
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On a bcp tourné en rond ces dernières min pendant l'audition #Zuckerberg. Un sénateur a demandé si FB utilisait les données conversationnelles de Whatsapp, zuck a dit que non, puis une sénatrice a parlé des options de protection des contenus perso et Zuck a tourné autour du pot.
Un autre sénateur (Coons) pose une question intéressante et plus pointue sur l'usage qui peut être fait des données de ciblage (cibler les accros aux jeux quand on est un casino, les ados pour des pilules minceur, les alcooliques pour les marques d'alcool, etc) #zuckerberg
Coons a également demandé confirmation des actions entreprises par FB pour les ciblages excluants (ne pas montrer une offre d'emploi aux non-caucasiens par ex), Zuck commence à répondre et on coche la case du bingo "built in a dormroom" #Zuckerberg
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The grovelling querying of Mark Zuckerberg by these Senators who either have no idea what FB does or who are effectively on the FB payroll is why, I suspect, after Trump comes an even more Caesarian uprising.
Everything Zuckerberg is saying is not aimed at US regulators-who FB knows they can effectively bribe, donate or frustrate into nugatory activity-but at the EU. The Europeans have many faults but they steadfastly refuse to view CEOs as more than mafioso, unlike woshipful Yanks
All crimes are chronology. Amazes me that none of Zuckerberg's inquistitors are beginning at the beginning. The whole value in FB was always that they would obtain hard to get personal consumer information given voluntarily and sell it to businesses.
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In his testimony before Congress, Mark #Zuckerberg acknowledged that Facebook "didn't do enough to prevent [our] tools from being used for harm."
Sen. Lindsey Graham: “Do you think the average consumer understands what they’re signing up for" on Facebook?

Mark #Zuckerberg: “I don’t think the average person likely reads that whole [terms of service] document … there are different ways we can communicate that.”
1/ Sen. Durbin to #Zuckerberg: “Would you be comfortable sharing the name of the hotel you stayed in last night?”

#Zuckerberg: “Um, no, I would not.”
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Not a single question yet about censorship and bias against conservatives like @DiamondandSilk. That's why @HouseGOP is headed for a thumping and why @SenateGOP likely won't have a clear supermajority. B/C they're cowards who only pretend to be like their base. Democrats are not.
2. So, I get home and turn on @IngrahamAngle last night. She's talking to @DiamondandSilk about Facebook censorship, and said "they better ask Zuckerberg" about censoring conservatives.

I laughed. Hard.

There was no chance those cowards would stick up for their voters.
3. If you're @DiamondandSilk, one of their fans or just someone who agrees with their point of view, then what motivation at all do you have to vote for either @HouseGOP or @SenateGOP candidates in November? #Zuckerberg
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• Local cops use #Stingray technology to track cell phones.
#NSA intercepts emails and other data comm to analyze it.
#TSA strip searches you & fingers through anything you bring aboard.

The idea government can be some guardian of privacy is laughably absurd.

So yeah. #Zuckerberg and his merry band of coders are doing some creepy shit with data...but compared to us, the government, they're nothing but a bunch of little bitches.
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1. Tip top, tippy top: #QAnon's drop reminds us that "A clean House is very important." and that Bolton is indeed "cleaning house. Out they go!" Our hero Admiral Mike Rogers "is standing next to Pence & @POTUS" along with Mad Dog Mattis. Yes.

2. #QAnon's pic posted comes from President Trump's White House dinner last night, hosted to honor America’s senior defense and military leaders.
3. #QAnon answers @Snowden affirmatively and speaks to a drop after #Zuckerbergtestimony. He reminds that they "have it all."

#Q mentions "Fireworks." to come:

"@POTUS’ weekly address.
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