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1. Tuesday just after midnight Monday, #QAnon posted "FBI burning the midnight oil". This eve #Q cited the midnight deadline just passed, for FBI to release doc requested by House Intel committee months ago, re FBI’s investigating Trump’s 2016 campaign starting prior to election.
2. Consistent with #QAnon's mention of the deadline Rosenstein finally provided the document earlier, Wed afternoon after threats of contempt and impeachment of Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray. #Q
3. Following #QAnon's mention of Rosenstein finally releasing the doc, the only remaining redactions were “narrowly tailored to protect the name of a foreign country and the name of a foreign agent.” #Q…
4. In response to #QAnon asking "What was just released to Nunes?", @TheLastRefuge2 notes that, "thanks to leaks from Brennan (CIA) & Clapper (ODNI) leaking to NY Times we already know the ridiculous content of the redactions." #Q
5. "The 'foreign nation' was Australia, and the 'foreign agent' was Alexander Downer."… In connection with all of this, #QAnon posts "IT’S HAPPENING." The anon community gets excited. #Q
6. #QAnon's "happening": We learn that Downer, Australia’s top spy had courted George Papadopoulos to make the drunken quip about maybe 'Russia' having dirt on Hillary. Downer had already himself funneled $25M of his own people's money to the Clintons.…
7. From #QAnon's "What was just released to Nunes?" we see why #Rosenstein tried not to release the memo but authorized the President's lawyer to be raided: Hillary's intel asset, Downer, provided Strzok's FBI base thru GPS/Steele intel to deceive FISA court and wiretap Trump. #Q
8. Piecing what #QAnon's asking, we realize that

'15 it's called "Clinton's Opposition Research".
'16 it's called "FBI Counterintelligence Operation".
'17 it's called "Mueller Russia investigation".
'18 it's called "Mid-Term Opposition Research"

9. #QAnon's question goes to the recognition that "FBI Counterintelligence Operation" (Strzok's unit) gave contractors ("Clinton's Opposition Research") access to raw FISA information! Our hero Mike Rogers uncovered it: #Q
10. Also to #QAnon's question we see that #CIA #Brennan needed a counterintel-op 5/16, after NSA Director Mike Rogers stopped the FBI & DOJ from continuing the "contractor's" database searches of FISA wiretap intel on 4/28/16.
11. The significance of #QAnon's next note is seen then in context of the Obama administration deceiving the courts into perverting our nation's intelligence security apparatus to instead wiretapping Trump through Hillary & the #Clowns' deceptions, above. #Q
12. Also in #QAnon's context we see now more clearly from the "EC memo" now released to Nunes, the significance of Comey's deception in keeping the FBI's operation against Trump on behalf of Clinton from Congress.
13. It's Happening: #QAnon's next note's that Watnick, originally brought on by Flynn (of DIA), will now advise Sessions on counter-intel & counterterrorism, but #Clowns are criticizing because Watnick's from DIA instead of being of Clown tradition! #Q…
14. All of the above thread was the rabbit hole below #QAnon's post 1125. #Q
15. Moving to 1126, #QAnon told us Tuesday that "A clean House is very important.” (notice capital H). With Wednesday's (yesterday's) announcement that Paul Ryan will be stepping down as House Speaker #Q reminds us this morning "A clean [H]ouse is very important.”
16. Wow! #QAnon responds to an anon finding that the Pentagon announced giving up the "Lifelog Project" the very same day Facebook announced its inception. Now, what do you think? #Q says "Finder of this should apply to NSA."
17. An anon had asked whether #QAnon meant "House of reps." and $Q confirmed he'd been alerting us to Ryan stepping down as "clean House being important". GOP Congressional Leadership in photo w @realDonaldTrump's tweet - some look a bit tepid. Will Scalise be our next Speaker?
18. #Anon points to Hillary urging Pompeo to stop State Dept cleanup. She's "deeply concerned" over firing #DeepState "service officers". #Q links to new smear of Pompeo w old news of investment in Chinese oil co. now b4 sonfirming.……
19. First #QAnon said "Testify then drop." Then #Zuckerberg finished dodgy hearings. Next, #Q's drop appears last night to anon showing Zuck didn't "invent facebook in his dorm room". It was Pentagon.
20. #QAnon's context of mentioning @Snowden in his "Testify then drop." post is followed with the anon reveal that Pentagon invented facebook. When #Q confirms w "Finder of this should apply to NSA." Q saying that anon's as good as Snowden from NSA, or, even, is Snowden?.
21. #QAnon'd told us of "The Bridge" to be revealed, the backside algorithm that spys on us, integrating its snoop over Google, FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram. But, before revealing this 'Central' (Intelligence Agency) algorithm, first,

"The stage had to be set.
22. #QAnon mentioned he'd reveal our being tracked thru #TheBridge as "payback" to the #Clowns messing with his communications. In his "payback" drop on "The BRIDGE." #Q mentions Stanislav Lunev,, the highest-ranking Russian spy to defect to the US.…
23. In response to #QAnon's post then connecting Lunev to "The BRIDGE" an anon notes that "Lunev's one of the Jamestown Foundation's in-house stable of speakers on the subject of the renewed Communist threat." #Q privacy and no property....🇺🇸
24. Next #QAnon mentioned "The BRIDGE" in connection with @Snowden. #Q
25. So, after #QAnon had dropped earlier this week

Testify then drop."

Then, we get blockbuster anon drop that Pentagon's LifeLog project's stopped same day FaceBook started (16.,19., above), to which facetiously Q says

"Finder of this should apply to NSA."
26. Boom! In the very next post #QAnon connects the dots. It was @Snowden who took #Q's cue to drop, just after #ZuckerbergHearing finished, that Facebook started as a Pentagon project. WOW!! #TheBridge
27. So with #QAnon's confrmation of the Pentagon first inventing facebook as a DARPA project known as "#LifeLog, the #ZuckerbergFraud is revealed.

Testify then drop."

28. Well #QAnon says:

"We have it all.
These people are stupid.
POTUS’ weekly address.

Waiting for the "fireworks", we'll be studying @POTUS’ weekly address! 🇺🇸
29. #QAnon thanks Alan Dershowitz after having dinner with the President Tueday night declaring then on @hannity last night that @POTUS' civil liberties have been violated. If they'll violate POTUS, will they violate yours? You betcha!…
30. #QAnon, always communicating necessarily in code, reminds us which is the 17th letter of the of the alphabet. #Q. Would @POTUS want '45' or is he telling us something similarly? Or is all of it now more important to note last year, 2017?
31. On subject of #QAnon's or (@POTUS'?) use of #Q code, one anon wonders could President's tweet be a message about #HRC and Loretta Lynch?
32. #QAnon reminds us that his (their) communications must be coded this way, because, for one reason, national security laws. Of note #Q uses the plural personal pronoun here, denoting the QAnon comms as a group endeavor.
33. Also #QAnon just now affirmed the importance of his "Refer back - the ‘Why?’" re just how much can be safely said, when death of innocents can be a consequence. #Q
34. So on the topic of meme'd communications being coded for law and safety, and whether @POTUS is part, #QAnon suddenly now it seems confirms to us that yes, the President is meme'ing us. #Q (No, its not been corrected.)
35. Pertinent to just now, on Jan 29 #QAnon asks: Why did Rod Rosenstein [BEG] Ryan to block the FISA MEMO from Congressional review/further advancement? #Q
36. Also on Jan 29 #QAnon asks: HOW do [2] former Obama-Sr officials + [4] OUTSIDE CONTRACTORS [w NO Classified/TOP secret/SENSitive-LEVEL CLEARANCE] get @ Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility [in the DC-CAPitol when ].TOP SECret CLEARANCE IS MANDATORY FOR ADMISSION? #Q
37. So, now looking back at #QAnon's Jan 29th drop on Rosenstein begging Ryan not to release the memo, is it not interesting that Ryan announces his step down the same day, yesterday, that Rosenstein releases the redactions on the memo? #Q
38.....with, of course, #QAnon reminding his foretelling us that "a clean [H]ouse is important"? Hmmm....most interesting. "April Showers", indeed. #Q
39. So with #QAnon foretelling that, yesterday Rosenstein finally, on threat of his being impeached by contempt of congress, allowed Chairman Nunes and Trey Gowdy to review the "origination" memo, also known as the “electronic communication” (EC) memo.…
40. We can see at least part of what #QAnon was pointing to way back last Jan about Rosenstein's reluctance to release the memo: The 2-page EC memo is essentially the intel report from CIA Director Brennan starting the FBI Counterintel Op against the campaign of Donald Trump! #Q
41. Certainly, the prospects of this put, as #QAnon termed in Jan, the "Nation on alert." #DeepStateInPanic media would equate "Firing Rosenstein to blocking Mueller, setting up to firing Mueller, or certainly some sort of "Red line" not to be crossed. #Q.
42. Well, now in light of #QAnon, the EC memo was released yesterday for Nunes & Gowdy to see. If Papadopoulos' drunken quip in UK pub 5/16 were the need of a FBI counterintel op against Trump. Then why'd the FBI wait until 1/15/17 to talk to Papadopoulos for the first time? #Q
43. The far more realistic review says what George Papadopoulos's talking about in May 2016 was simply what everyone else was talking about in May 2016: the April 2016 of Guccifer hacking Hillary Clinton email. #QAnon #Q
44. We see what #QAnon was pointing to: EC memo was to give coverage for ongoing FBI spying on Trump campaign w raw SCIF FISA access given to ("opposition research"?) contractors w/o security clearances!? EC memo's for cont spying after NSA's Adm Rogers'd slowed it (9.-10.). #Q
45. So, no wonder #QAnon told us April'd be characterized by "RR problems." RR not only signed at least one of the FISA warrents, he also signed for his FBI to break down the doors of the President of the United States' attorney #Cohen, just before reluctantly giving up the EC
46. So just hours ago #QAnon again drops "RR problems." in response to CNN story "White House is "prepping" an "effort" to "undermine" Rosenstein.… #Q
47. #Qanon links to H.R. 1865 which Allows States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking - making it easier to sue social media, & ads, that allow exploitative content on media like FB, Instagram, & Twitter. All used as HONEYPOTS (for blackmail)! #Q…
48. #QAnon links to frightening research at Facebook Building 8 proposing to recognize the brain's intention to express a word & have the computer know it without having to type. What could go wrong with the #TheBridge reading your mind? #Q mentions China
49. #QAnon links to a ridiculous WaPo article complaining that @POTUS's popularity is too low where #Clown "reputable mainstream news" subscriptions are low #Q
50. #QAnon always has multiple entendres in his drops. Tonight #Q confirms his drop about "17" being Dershowitz's number on the Lolita Express manifest.
51. #QAnon said "Twitter down. Injection good." Twitter was down briefly on the West Coast. Did they help inject some kind of white hat algorithm that overrides the censorship algorithm? #Q
52. #QAnon Just as we get memo from Rosenstein that intel community broke law for #DeepState FISA Trump spying, & learn that #DeepState spying on us with #TheBridge dev thru DARPA for facebook (sheepdipped to "dorm-room") State fights back with #SyriaHoax & RR signing Cohen raid
53. Meanwhile nobody pays attention to denuclearization of NK, China dropping tariffs, Gov Brown cooperating, borders shoring up, fantastic economy, MS-13, sex trafficking round-ups, etc etc #QAnon #VeryStableGenius #Q…
54. Link to further #QAnon thread backed to here:…
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1. #QAnon North Korea's Punggye-ri nuclear testing site, located inside a mountain near the border with China, has been the site of all 6 of the country's nuclear tests. The dismantling of the facility began in May, but till now observers have not been allowed in to verify. #Q
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1. #QAnon Sessions with Huber. In Utah.
What a wonderful day!
3. #QAnon My oh my!
Is it a coincidence that Sessions is meeting Huber the day prior to being subpoenaed to bring Congress the #SpyGate docs, the same day as the "POTUS_ALERT"?
What sealed Grand Jury indictment info must 1st be vetted?…📁
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1. #QAnon deleted it (which is very unusual).

"Symbolism will be their downfall."
2. This next consecutive #QAnon drop was also, curiously, deleted from….…📁
3. #QAnon This is VERY important! Register someone(s) now. Take them with you to VOTE!!
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