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1. Quick thread to explain some things that people are conflating. It’s super confusing and I hope this helps. If I am wrong anywhere, feel free to correct me.
2. There are SEVERAL investigations going on concurrently right now. Jeff Sessions is the AG. RR is the Deputy AG. Sessions recused himself (a debate for another day) from the Trump/Russia “collusion” issues, placing the next in line (RR) in charge.
3. RR appointed Mueller as the SC, so ANYTHING having to do with what Mueller is investigating (Russia interferes with our election and related matters) coming out of the SC falls under RR.
4. This is why as Mueller was investigating Cohen (yesterday’s thread) he went to RR with the referral of the information, and why RR passed it to the FBI. Sessions wasn’t involved here AT ALL, as he can’t touch anything Mueller related.
5. While the SC is going on, SESSIONS, as acting AG, asked the IG for the Justice Department (Inspector General) to look into all of the issues below. That’s lots of stuff. This has been ongoing since JANUARY 2017.
6. In THIS investigation, there is a US Attorney assigned (Huber) with a GRAND JURY empaneled, outside of DC. The US Attorney has the same powers as a SC. A SC is appointed when the justice department feels the attorney can not be unbiased in their investigation.
7. Sessions doesn’t feel that is necessary right now, as the appointed US attorney doesn’t have any conflicts. While THIS is happening, there are also several other investigations ongoing, some of which with a GJ. I will list these below. These are confirmed investigations.
8. Awan Brothers (GJ), Clinton Foundation (rumors of a GJ- the informant in U1 also spoke to investigators in the Cf investigation), Uranium1 (GJ), Planned Parenthood, Government leaks, Handling of Clinton Email
9. These are running IN TANDEM with the OIG investigation (Horowitz). The OIG investigation was recently expanded to include FISC abuse (the FISA warrants to spy on Carter Page, and possibly others).
10. In addition, both the House AND Senate intelligence committees are running their OWN oversight and investigations into several similar things. This is how we got the infamous #ReleaseTheMemo
11. I speculate that the stalling from the Justice Department on docs involved in these concurrent “matters” is because they are also looped in to a current criminal investigation being run by the OIG.
12. We have proof of this, because Grassley has mentioned the need to cull any documents being used by a Grand Jury out of what is being provided to congress.
13. The Page/Strzok texts that we get to see are coming OUT OF the OIG investigation. We can deduce from this that Congress has been receiving this report in stages for a while now.
14. This means Congress and intelligence committees have been viewing the OIG report as it’s been cleared for release, meaning after the GJ is done with the information and it’s safe to release and won’t harm the investigation.
15. The issue now, is determining what parts (if any) of the alleged 1.2 m page report should be redacted for the public consumption. They cannot release this report until they’ve indicted the folks that are going on the chopping block.
16. McCabe was fired because of information found in the OIG investigation. For comparison, Fast and Furious DID NOT have a GJ or a US attorney
17. In conclusion, RR and Mueller have literally NOTHING to do with Jeff Sessions, who is overseeing the OIG and US Attorney - who are looking into the points (and more) in the doc pictured above. Hope this helps.

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Not only that - but RR actually ASKED MUELLER to investigate General Flynn for the Logan Act!
He’s literally saying his case load was too large. Wow.
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