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1) It is time for a Revival of Entertainment, something we all know and love. Something that has been lost for a while. We see how well @Marvel is doing with it's @netflix shows, well @Hasbro is sitting on a gold mine with GI JOE. I have written a series that would bring it
2) Back!! We should be honoring our #Vets and Service men and women with shows that would make the youth proud of where they are from. I loved rooting for GI JOE, and the show was a sense of enjoyment, it brought about leadership, & everyone worked for a common goal to end evil
3) I propose a series to it's rebirth, live action. GI JOE can no longer be it's own military unit as we have the @USNavy , @USMC , @usairforce , @USArmy , @NationalGuard , @uscoastguard and reserves - so my show would start off with GI JOE ALPHA a new small group that is a
4) Covert Ops unit to find and track units led by a woman, and I would utilize @KayaJones for this role as Cover Girl. She would be recruited and put in place by a new leader for GI JOE. 2 ways to tie this together, either based off the movies or stand alone. The president
5) Would bring in @_SgtSlaughter asking him to retool GI JOE as a elite fighting force, Rethinking modern times, updating and rebooting the core of GI JOE, I think this time it should be led by a strong capable female. Cover Girl @KayaJones fits that description.
6) from her Bio - Cover Girl was a high fashion model in Chicago and New York prior to enlistment. Grew disillusioned with modeling and enlisted to "put new direction" in her life. Attended Armor School at Fort Knox and related tech schools. Proficient in diesel mechanics, gas
7) turbine technology. Qualified Expert: LAW rocket, Dragon A/T Missile, M-16 ad M-1911A auto pistol. Cover Girl finds that she must work against her beauty to prove herself. She's compelled to learn and master decidedly unfeminine disciplines.
8) Her self-assurance and stunning good looks reduce most men to stuttering fools. ... Yep sounds like @KayaJones could pull this off easily. She has the support of followers, military, citizens, and fans. She is the clear choice, and hope she'd support this idea. Kaya RT?
9) With the military side of things I would bring her Sgt. Stalker, as I want to utilize under appreciated characters, and make people care about them. The movies used, Hawk, Duke, & Flint. Time for others to Shine, Who do you think would make this role stand out with @KayaJones
10) from his Bio - Stalker was warlord of a large urban street gang prior to enlistment. Fluent in Spanish, Arabic, French and Swahili. Graduated top of class-Basic Combat Training. Advanced Infantry Training (Top of Class). Special Training: U.S. Army Language School;
11) Intelligence School. Qualified Expert: M-14; M-16; M-1911A1 (Auto-Pistol); M-3A1 Grease Gun; M-32 Sub-Machine Gun.
"Functions well under high stress situations. Intelligent. Perceptive. Moves like some sort of jungle cat-silent-fast...strong." Who should play Stalker?
12) @_SgtSlaughter would work with them to make a new team, And I will list them as I feel Spirit should be brought in, Trackers are always needed, Spirit comes from a family so far below the poverty line that they never realized they were poor. Was a hunting guide through high
13) school. Served in Southeast Asia, then as a civilian completed his education. Returned to service for reasons inexplicable to anyone but a native American mystic warrior. Qualified expert: M-16; M-1911A1 Auto Pistol; Remington sniper rifle. Per is Bio card (from Hasbro)
14) Every team needs a Sniper, LOW LIGHT is a given for this team,
His real name is Cooper G. MacBride, and his rank is that of Staff Sergeant E-6. Low-Light was born in Crosby, North Dakota.
As a child, Low-Light was afraid of the dark, timid with wild animals, and shy of
15) loud noises, until one hunting expedition with his father. He lost his way in the impenetrable darkness, and was found three weeks later, with his flashlight, .22 rifle, and a grin from ear to ear. Ten years later, he was an instructor at the Army Marksmanship Program
16) in Fort Benning and a self-taught expert on image intensification. - Per his bio.

Every team needs someone to watch their Six.
17) Every Team needs someone who is a combat. so I think this team should have DOC, no not the original, but the Female Doc. With the original DOC making cameos, She was never fully fleshed out in the comics, so the writers could expand on this. Her BIO -
18) Carla P. Greer is the niece of the original Doc. She acquired her medical degree from Wayne State University, and took residence at a hospital in Detroit. After enlistment, she graduated top of her class from the Army Medical Department Officer Advanced Course, leading
19) her to join G.I. Joe. Like her uncle, she is a pacifist, but carries a special tranquilizer gun used to help sedate patients or incapacitate enemies. | This part could lead her to have worked with Lifeline also as he was a pacifist also.
20) Last member added, should be Shockwave. As we should always back the blue. Yes today there seems to be a lot of focus, good and bad about police. We need to recognize the good, and address the bad. Listen to what I am about to write. @BackThePolice #BlueLivesMatter
21) NO Citizen should be shot, harmed, or killed and all deterrents should be taken. We can get into this later, but as I have a great deal of family and friends of all races, gender, creed that serve with a badge, we need to address this. Corruption is everywhere, but there
22) are great cops out there. To say the actions of a few, condemn all is the counterproductive aspect that allows us not to have open and civil debates. This character can be used to bring back the feelings when cops cared about all citizens within their communities. There
23) thousands of good stories that outweigh the bad. There is still still bad things, that can be addressed. We can debate this topic in full, as long as it stays civil, but that is the issue, now if someone disagrees with another it results in name calling and child rhetoric
24) We have Cover Girl, Stalker, Lifeline, Spirit, Doc, Shockwave, and Lowlight. Tag any actor or actors you think could fill the roll and do it justice, the more ideas and thoughts the better, plus the more people tagged the more this could catch on and have a life of its own.
25) This is just Part one of many ideas. Pt2 I would also love to do a series on the following - Dreadnoks with the focus on the biker gang. @SonsofAnarchy proved that this can have the support needed, tie in all the characters we know and love. Can tie to my Gi Joe show easily
26) Zartan and his band of villians, would be perfect fit, and was originally my idea for @KayaJones for her to play Zarana. But felt she'd be better as the main character. @HasbroNews and @Hasbro I hope reaches out to me. I'll also publish this on @LinkedIn to cross platforms
27) The dreadnoks, can offer an inside view, of mischief, mayhem, and carnage. How they are able to exist, with cameos of all listed. Of course some Joes would have to be involved, trying 2 figure out the illegal dealings. Can cross over with main series for big movie/series
28) All series can have a overlying theme, Arise Serpentor, Arise, and Cobra civil war, There could be a show that follows people building the vehicles that the Noks use for the show, stream it on @hulu @netflix or @NRATV
Air Skiff: Chameleon: A Swamp Skier. Ground Assault Motorcycle: Doom Cycle: Dreadnok Cycle: Dreadnok Stun: Gyrocopter: Swampfire: Thunder Machine: VTOL Copter: 4WD Vehicle: Customizers build different pieces. People could vote on which ones, then could have cameos on the show.
Dreadnoks would have lots of cameos of characters, but could flesh out. This would be a fun show, I think everyones favorite, could be a GI JOE trying to infiltrate the Dreadnok compound. Paying homage to the @_SgtSlaughter episode where he is spying on them while recruiting.
32) Would bring me to part 3 - Show about Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Kamakura, Jinx, with NINJA force characters all making appearances. Flashbacks can be shown throughout the series similar to @CW_Arrow is done. They could be trying to track down Storm Shadow for something,
33) The way to tie all series together is @_SgtSlaughter to be the one assigning the missions, giving this job to Kamakura to first find Snake Eyes (as Kamakura can not do it on his own) Slaughter has Team Alpha, Team Omega, etc... sending the different teams to where is needed
34) Call the Series SNAKE EYES, similar to how the @ThePunisher got his own show he can make cameos in the other series. With Zartan also crossing over into this one. GI JOE (@Hasbro ) world is huge with a great many stores to tell. Snake eyes would be no different.
35) With Night Creepers, Ninja Vipers, all of Ninja Force, Scarlett, Quick Kick, Red Ninjas, etc.. (not to mention the foreign martial artists from the Toy Lines in Argentina) you have an easy 2 seasons worth if not more. I want to be apart of the rebirth of GI JOE!
36) The next series should be Green Shirts - showing us about Military boot camp, but it should be a side aspect where the best of the best are identified, to become GI Joes, new ones. This could also elaborate on how GI JOE exists, but in still BLACK OPS. Soldiers still serve
37) Respected Branches, or Police (Law and order), Fire Fighters (Charbroil, Barbecue), Civilian lives (Covergirl, Hardball, Big Lob), but if their talents are needed they can be called upon and dispatched in a moments notice. Once again @_SgtSlaughter can visit to see the
38) Progress being made, with Leatherneck being the new person in charge. Can make it a joint military exercise along with civilians who think they are up to the challenge. Cobra plants would obviously be a underline story here, with some of the recruits having to stand up
39) This series would show the graduation of some into the Teams @_SgtSlaughter has created, IE Hardwire graduates and joins Team Bravo (Lead by Beachhead) or Team Omega (Lead by Col Courage), with those two being possible more series. ...I hope you are getting the idea now.
40) of how big the scope of this world can be. How many series in can spawn, or one off shots, or movies. Python Patrol, Tiger Force, Slaughters Mauraders, Battle Force 2000, etc.. I would love your opinions, comments, thoughts, RT the first post,
41) The truth is @Hasbro should either use this property or sale it to someone who will. Then every other type of story could piggy back off the success of this show, along with the 80's return aspect. A live action He Man @Mattel or a live action Thundercats @WarnerBrosEnt
42) All the people who grew up on these shows are older now, and you can make it for them along with adding new fans. What the Comics (@Marvel and @DCComics ) have proven is the TV shows are just as popular as the movies themselves, and @theblackpanther showed that love crosses
43)all boundaries, and lets us finally come together as a true culture. We can disagree with political aspects (I've gained friends and lost friends, which is sad because we once use to be able to talk to each other about politics, now it divides us.) racial aspects, orientation
44) As we are all human, yes these platforms can be used to touch on this, and in the end it will be able to address the bad, the wrongs, the things that should not happen, but can also focus on what brings us together. Whether you like @realDonaldTrump or not, half the country
45) Loves him, and that is 65 million, who support #MAGA and are proud patriots. The other 65 million who supported an opposite side, Hillary, Jill, or Gary their are GI JOE fans there, Vets there also, people who are Patriots too. No one is identical, we have differences
46) We need to be proud of our Country, be proud of our differences, focus on the good, address the bad, then be productive, not counter productive. We need to grow, but feels we are turning on each other and placing blame. I do not want to turn this into a thread of politics
47) But I do want honest discussions, Come with ideas, post, repost, spread the word on all platforms, Twitter, Facebook, with friends, with comic shops, with anyone you might know at @Hasbro , @Disney , @hulu , etc. This idea could be huge or could be dust in the wind, up to u
48) This concept in my head has been circulating but it was my Daughter who wanted loves a lot of the same things I do, #Batman , @DC_SHG @starwars FAV Heroine is @WonderWomanFilm (@GalGadot whom she'd love to meet) Gi JOE, but wanted more on the FEMALES. Her favorite character
49) Covergirl in which I would love @KayaJones to play this role. A strong Patriotic Woman in charge. Gi Joe had a diverse group of characters and stories to be told. I think we can do that, have fun, and be entertained. So if anyone who knows how to get this idea out, or
50) to whom we can get this out too, please let me know. The next aspect I am going to jump into will show how this could all work, and bring about money, (cause making money, and viewership is the end all with companies). How to sell to the current market.
51) It all starts with having a platform, either on @TheCW @CBS @nbc @USA_Network @21CF or on streaming @netflix, @facebook @twitter @hulu @amazon @NRATV . Any of these could help bring it about, as an original exclusive to their platform. Can keep expanding from there
52) Roseanne @therealroseanne @RoseanneOnABC , @fullerhouse have shown that reboots can do amazingly well and tell new original stories. The companies should ride the #maga train, along with the Patriotic aspect of this country that is building up.
53) Companies that are for #Vets , Support our Military, side with our Military, and Support our country will want to advertise and stand by our show. @blckriflecoffee I know would jump on, @NRA could work with the actors as they have trained instructors, #VeteransFirst
54) All actors and actresses could do appearances at Conventions across the country, especially @q_sandiegocomic @ChicagoComicCon @GIJoeCon along with a lot of others, each actor or actress could also work with communities throughout the US, raising awareness, and giving back
55) You can have guess stars who are GI JOE characters show up for certain missions (Sports Figures - Hardball, Big Lob, Gridiron) or just specialty aspects if in the arctic, (Frostbite, Iceberg, Snow Job). I think this could lead to others sports, MMA, Boxing, Wrestling @wwe
56) Can you imagine @TheNotoriousMMA or @FloydMayweather making a cameo for Cobra or GI JOE, hype, promotion, (both could help fund this whole thing) while also tying in and bringing back the toy aspect of GI JOE @Hasbro helping it become a household name again
57) with tie ins to retailers @Walmart @Target @amazon @AmazonToys and then smaller retailers would get other merchandise. With this brand becoming a house hold name, cross promoting with tie ins, etc. A dream 4 me but I do not have the connections I need you to help it go viral
58) If you know of any connections please reach out. @ThatKevinSmith has those connections would be a great person 2 help get this started, and we could make @JayMewes an Dreadnok named Buzzer. @VancityReynolds has the connections and made Deadpool come 2 life. He could be Wraith
59) SO thank you for your time, please comment, retweet, spread the word, private/direct message me, whatever, lets bring back this amazing franchise. Thank, Seriously Thank You, maybe I will get someones attention. @Twitter , @Facebook, @Linkedin do your thing.
Unroll please
I think @adrianholmes would make a awesome Sgt. Stalker.

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