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Let's talk about the F word.

The NDIS had a proposed Medicare levy increase, which the original proponents of the levy welcomed.

I understand that some dis org may not understand this issue. However, it is not the job of activists to spend time ploughing through reports.
2/ You need to read the Productivity Commission's Oct 17 report (screenshot above, blind folks, too long 2 describe… ) And you also need to pay more attention. The way they are limiting & capping the scheme is well known and it is at the directive of govt
3/ This has been released, read, understood. And it DIRECTLY affects your membership, so you need to listen to those members (I know you do already, but we hear it every day on the ground.)I will reinforce some of the issues here which outline WHY you need to harmonise messages.
4/ This is the impact for young people in nursing homes. The directive to cap has involved them using the Aged Care act to assess R&N for @ypinh and this has meant about 3hrs a week for some people. That is one way they are limiting ypinh. SDA is fucked as I am sure you know.
5/ YPINH are actually increasing - LACs are telling people they should go into congregate settings. I do not know the stats but surely you must. Example - younger woman abused in group home returns home, mum marries, young woman told that only option to return to group home.
6/ Evidence shows that most of the SDA housing stock that is available is congregate care. There should be a clear shift from congregate care to more personalised & individualised mainstream independent living support models. There is not, new institutions are being built daily.
7/ People with seriously high support needs are being asked to provide evidence - EVIDENCE - that their support needs are reasonable and necessary. This by default includes most of the people you are advocating for. They are also being told to move to group homes miles away.
8/ I can verify this from my own experience as I was told directly (I am a participant) that there was a 'directive' to 'cut down'. So many reports of people having second plans severely cut that I cannot keep count. I did my plan review many weeks ago and have not heard back.
9/ SC reports that there are dozens of disabled people about to enter the NDIS who need strong advocacy for very individualised non congregate supports who have histories of systemic, physical and sexual abuse as consequence of this narrow minded thinking.
10/ In WA, the State where I live, NDIS Safeguarding Commission will not be in place until 2020. LACs here are telling providers & families that @DisabilityWA are not responsible for safeguarding any more - dozens of reports of that from family members. @DawsoMLC @Jordonsteele
11/ Just in case you need to know how THAT is is the Senate report, a report I did with Ben Keely at @PWdWA4 and the Bolshy Divas submission to the Senate inquiry… . BCD was a WA based inquiry.……
12/ In case anyone thought we had any kind of a complaints system here in good ol' WA, you should look at HaDSCO's annual report, they unsurprisingly don't seem to have Twitter. The @NDIS $209 million for a stat authority is absolutely not going to cut it.…
13/ THIS is how bad HaDSCO is. 87 dis complaints but not last fin year cos they seem to have forgotten to collect the data. How many complaints in the health sector? Why, 7569. That's 1.15% of all complaints received. And LOOK how they measure the outcomes...holy shit.
14/ You may think I am on an ADHD anti violence campaigner rant here but I am not. It is well and truly related to the #NDIS - check out the issues here, and think about the above. Now think how not addressing these critical issues will affect disabled people, how much $ #auspol
15/ Diagnostic groups -for autism, it costs 1000s to access a diagnosis and old diagnoses are no longer acceptable. Many adult autistics are simply unable to get access under NDIS because of the tightening of rules and guidelines. Essential support now refused when not previously
16/ #EDS and chron conditions seriously in trouble when accessing the @NDIS, as are folks with psychosocial disability. People being told that their specialist (that they went to at huge cost) report may be 'biased' & that the NDIS will organise their own OTs - anyone say JCA???
17/ The bilateral agreements in each state have meant removal of essential supports as they provide 'in kind' under the counter deals, none of us have seen operational plans, they are secret. They are also fucked. For example, in WA the vent assist quad program is under HEALTH.
18/ In case you need that spelling out how it breaches our rights, there is a set of principles here… that tells you what health should do and disability should do. Essentially arse wiping and dishes are @NDIS supported, breathing is health. @DawsoMLC
19/ As one of the administrators of the NDIS Grassroots Discussion group, there are literally 1000s of issues raised monthly, including that the returned investment expected under NDIS will not happen if people are not supported in actual employment, not sheltered workshops.
20/ That looks like this. People get kicked off DSP, there may be a hard won battle to get an employment incentive in budget. That comes out of consolidated revenue and then the NDIS bucket is smaller because there is less in cons rev & 'it all goes to disability'

@ACOSS #auspol
21/ Government is inherently dodgy and so is the disability service sector. Prod Comm report linked above is Oct 17 but in July this research was commissioned by I do not know who by Citi, a big multinational investment co.… Yeah.…
22/ @Graemeinnes is on the @ABCthedrum talking about these issues tonight, apparently.
23/ Every single year we fight for the scraps and crumbs that government want to throw at us. Every single year we disabled activists fight our arses off just to stay alive, just so we get essential support. To get out of bed, to shit, to piss, to have a good life like others.
24/ So you folks who are paid to represent us - do it. Fight. Make sure #actuallydisabled people on your boards are the ones speaking out and that you support them to do us. Get over your differences. Speak out in harmony.

And make sure this thing is secure, forever.
25/ And politicians - this is - let me reinforce this- SUPPOSED TO BE A BIPARTISAN SCHEME. We are NOT your goddamn political footballs. We all hate taxes but I tell you what, if you bastards break one of your necks you are going to be howling right alongside of us.

Fix this now.
this thread. And @NormanHermant and @SquigglyRick and anyone else listening - we are pissed. I recommend @CraigWtweets as one of the authoritative voices on this issue - disabled board members at many of the peaks were the people who lobbied on this issue originally.

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Sep 20, 2018
This is a thread for those who don't know about how the NDIA is rationing or capping funding for disabled people and I suggest you folks in policy follow along closely. Because we people on the ground do. Tagging @NDIS for transparency, @NDISDeane, @DarrenODonovan, @rhondagalb
2/ Let's talk about SIL. That's Supported Independent Living, for those who do not know this.

The information in the thread below is from disabled people, families and people working in the sector every day - @SquigglyRick, you should also play along.
3/ There is a massive push by the NDIA to negotiate with service providers to the exclusion of participants. Huge discrepancies between the way SIL is handled, from state to state & office to office & planner to planner.
None of the issues are in the op guidelines/legislation.
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Jun 28, 2018
My son, last night. Talks to me about Jordan Peterson, then suddenly, alarmingly, switches to denounce Islam.

We talk long into the night. He did not know that we live less than 30mins from a detention centre. Horrified.

You will not radicalise my child in his own bedroom.
2/ 'If they are not doing anything wrong, why do we lock them up?' Because they are not like us, son. 'But Islam is a violent religion. Do you know about the Quoran? The refugees are all Muslims. They could be criminals.'

Many of the men in detention are from NZ, son.
3/ 'Then why are we locking them up? Where are they being locked up?' I show him pictures of Nauru, Manus. Of children deprived of their parents. Of the razor wire at Yongah Hill. The statistics about how long asylum seekers are detained.

He looks, and looks. Speechless.
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Mar 16, 2018
Hey @CarersAustralia ! What are you doing about the fact that DSS seem to have, by stealth, introduced the 'you need to tell us if you have NDIS because it may affect your Carers Payment' - despite all the assurances to the contrary people received? Did you know?
2/ Given that the support you receive from NDIS is supposed to bridge the gap between a disabled life and an ordinary life and is not taxable income, how does this work? We understand that Carers Payment is assessed as 'full time caring' - but is that a 24 hour commitment?
3/ And why, exactly, is it that you'd remove Carers Payment from people on the basis that they 'care less' (seems to be a lot of that going around) without telling people? @auspolwatch #auspol @Centrelink @HumanServicesAU
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