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Reminder for #Incels, #MGTOW, #PUA, and others of the #Manosphere: (A thread)
No one owes you sex.
Being nice to someone =/= getting sex.
A person being polite to you =/= wanting to have sex with you.
Vulvas do not turn into "roast beef" due to sex.
The vulva is what you're thinking about when you think of the lips (labia).
The vagina is internal, if you can see someone's vagina "hanging out", they need to see a doctor because that's a prolapse.
The more sex or pelvic floor exercises someone does, the "tighter" they can make their vaginal muscles.
Learn what vaginal tenting is and it's connection with "looseness".
The vagina doesn't get "stretched out" or made "loose" with sex, if you knew anything about how that area worked you'd know that.
Having a bigger penis =/= women and trans men enjoying sex more
If you want your partner to enjoy sex, pay attention to their cues and responses.
Communicate with your partner before, during, and after sex.
If they say they're not enjoying something, or you're not enjoying something, speak up.
Sex should be enjoyable, and communication helps ensure that with your partner.
Most women and trans men do not orgasm from penetrative stimulation alone, they're not broken, this is how the body works. Their main center for stimulation (like the head of your dick) is the clit.
Make friends with it, you'll thank me later for that tip.
No one is a "sex god" their first time having sex.
Everyone, no matter how much porn they watch or how many times they "practice" with masturbation, will look silly their first few to several times having sex.
Be willing to take time to explore, learn, and communicate.
There is no "wall" that people hit at an arbitrary age.
If you're convinced that a person is "used up" by a certain point, you need to go back to school and learn how bodies work.
Yes, muscles can get weaker with age, doesn't mean people get used up though.
Virginity is a bullshit concept used to put "worth" on certain people and shame others.
There is no shame in being a "virgin" out of high school, or even into your 20s, 30s, and so on. Stop listening to people telling you your only worth is through sex!
If someone doesn't want to have sex with you, that's not an instant "you're a bad person", they just don't want to have sex.
If you continue to harass that person or coerce them into sex...you're not a good person.
If someone wants to be friends with you and they are of the sex/gender you are attracted to, don't assume that time spent with them will turn into them wanting to fuck you. Stop with this "friendzone" shit and stop placing people in the "fuckzone".
No one owes you sex!
If you have no desire to have sex, then don't feel ashamed! Asexual people exist! Don't let people tell you that you're less of a person just because you personally don't want to have sex or don't have any sexual attraction to people.
To the #incels specifically:
Appearance, dick size, and height don't matter so much as your actions and how you treat people. Some of the best sex I ever had was with an obese man who had a 2" dick. The reason was he took the time to make sure I was enjoying myself as well as him
Many of you who have shown your faces are more than conventionally attractive, it's your actions and behavior that turn you ugly and make people not want you.
Feeling that you are owed sex, and that anyone who turns you down is doing it specifically to spite you, only adds to your issues. People say no to sex, people have preferences, referring to women as below human beings or as things like femoids doesn't help your case.
But above all...



If you made it this far and actually want to learn about the vulva, vagina, labia, and the rest, read up on the 10 more common myths and educate yourself.

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Oct 8, 2018
It greets you with a friendly smile and welcomes you inside.
It shows you to so many wonderful places within its abode: portals where you can see images and videos of loved ones and those long past, concert halls that only play the music you wish to hear, social areas where you can get together with and spread your ideas with others.
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Sep 10, 2018
Dear parents of trans kids,
To those of you who are struggling to understand what is going on, who feel that you've received the news that your child is trans like it came out of left field, to those of you who are searching for answers, I want to give you some advice. 1/19
You may feel like your kid has just sprung this on you out of nowhere, you may feel upset or hurt because they're saying (in your eyes) that they are not the child you have been raising. 2/19
You may be asking what you've done wrong or what you've done to deserve a trans child. You may be feeling embarrassed because your own child is now telling you that you've been referring to them in the wrong way for however long it's taken for them to come out. 3/19
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Aug 27, 2018
Dear anti-trans parents who claim that their children "stopped being trans" because you didn't support it/convinced them otherwise:

Your child is most likely still trans, but they've come to learn that you cannot be trusted and that LYING IS SAFER than telling you the truth.
While some children might be trying to figure out their gender and realize they're cis, if a child comes out to you and you tell them you don't support them and make their living situation hostile and toxic, they will quickly learn that your love is conditional.
Your child will learn that what they are feeling and who they are is so anathema to you that if they want your love they need to lie and pretend to be something they're not.
They will internalize this pain and distrust.
They will learn that lying = safety.
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Aug 23, 2018
Next time I have someone asking why people don't seek out medical care until it's almost too late I'm just going to bury them in all the doctors bills and collections notices.
If we keep up with the issues we go broke or we are sent to collections, so we're stuck playing this fucked up game of how long can I put this off?

Harvey wound up in the hospital because if this, and already he's in the hole from paying the follow up doctors.
People shouldn't have to be forced to decide between paying bills, having food to eat, or healthcare. People shouldn't be having to resort to GoFundMe for medical care!
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Aug 17, 2018
Ok, let's break this down (now that I'm on a computer and able to take a screenshot and not RT the fucker. A thread
First off:
What most people call "welfare" is actually TANF, and the emphasis on that one is on the word TEMPORARY. As in you can't "live off of it" like people like Kirk claim. The "welfare" that many of them think of ended back in 1996, when I was a freshman in high school.
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Jul 25, 2018
So I want to discuss the topic of #ROGD that is being mentioned in #ROGDWEEEK2018.

I realized I was trans when I was around 8-10 years old. Until puberty hit, I was able to justify the difference between my body and my brother's body as us just being born different. 1/
But when puberty hit, it was like everything about myself betrayed who I was. I was growing breasts, I started my period, I started looking more feminine.

Up until my first period, I was able to justify and deal with being trans. When it happened, dysphoria hit with it. 2/
I didn't have any of the signs or symptoms listed today for childhood gender dysphoria, so by the thoughts in #ROGD I would have had rapid onset. It didn't matter that I knew I was trans for a year or more before my first period, my GD was "rapid" and started with puberty. 3/
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