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Apr 28, 2018 7 tweets 2 min read Twitter logo Read on Twitter
So I’m still processing #InfinityWar. If I tweet any thoughts on it I’m going to follow @ChuckWendig’s lead and post it in rot13. But seriously still processing... #WeNERDhard
V’yy whfg or ubarfg. V jrrcrq yvxr n puvyq zhygvcyr gvzrf qhevat Vasvavgl Jne. Jura gur nggnpx pbzrf gb Jnxnaqn!? V fgnegrq onyyvat nf vs V jngpuvat zl arvtuobeubbq or qrfgeblrq naq zl snzvyl jnf fgvyy gurer. V jnf QVFGENHTUG.
Gurer unq orra fb zhpu ulcr nobhg qrnguf va Vasvavgl Jne gung V jnf cercnevat sbe rirelbar gb qvr rirel gvzr gurl pnzr ba fperra juvpu yrnq gb na vaperqvoyl grafr ivrjvat. Yvxr “BZT, NER gurl tbaan qvr abj!? BZT VGF SBAAN UNCCRA ABJ. GURL PNAG...BZT!”

2.5 uef bs grafvba & fgerff
Naq V jvyy nqzvg. V jnfa’g cercnerq sbe gur fanc. V qvqa’g guvax gurl’q qb vg. V gubhtug gurl’q fnavgvmr vg. Jura vg jnf unccravat V jnf whfg pyhgpuvat zl purfg. GURL PNAG RAQ VG YVXR GUVF. ABG YVXR GUVF. V jnyxrq bhg yvxr V fnj zl we U.F. Obzorq. V jnf va fghaarq fvyrapr.
Rira xabjvat V’ir frra Oynpx Cnagure zhygvcyr gvzrf, V qvqa’g ernyvmr ubj pbaarpgrq gb Jnxnaqn V jnf. Fbba nf Gunabf’f crbcyrf fubjrq hc naq Jnxnaqn’f nezl tbg va sbezngvba V nhqvoyl tnfcrq naq n grne pnzr qbja zl snpr. V jnf greevsvrq sbe gurz orpnhfr V pnerq fb zhpu.
Vasvavgl Jne jnf yvxr gur ornpu fprar va Fnivat Cevingr Elna. Ohg jvgu fhcreurebrf. Vs lbh unir nal rzbgvbany nggnpuzrag, yvxr univat xabja gurfr punenpgref fvapr puvyqubbq be jngpuvat n qrpnqr’f jbegu bs zbivrf lbhe urneg trgf qrpvzngrq.
V ernyyl gubhtug Fcvqrl jnf orvat qenzngvp naq gung ur jnf tbaan or svar. Vg qvqa’g pyvpx ng svefg gung uvf fcvqre frafr jbhyq’ir jnearq uvz gung ur jnf nobhg gb qvr naq gung’f jul uvf qrngu fprar jnf fb qenja bhg. Jul uvf tenoovat Gbal fnlvat ur qvqa’g jnaan qvr?!?!? ZL URNEG.

• • •

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Sep 24, 2018
This whole “If we listen to sexual assault allegations from women then every man will be brought down” is based on how men are socialized. While we all say “rape is wrong”, we also say “boys WILL be boys” & “she was asking for it. Look how’s she’s dressed. Why was she so drunk?”
This fucked up logic is baked into dudes from really a young age. I was raised by a feminist and I still heard statements like “She was asking for it.” She couldn’t shield me, no matter how hard she tried, from how society looks at women and what is “owed” to men.
All the dudes who think every man is on the chopping block if we listen to assault allegations from the past are basing this on the ridiculous idea that women are dishonest liars who want to destroy men. That women are more dangerous to men than we are to them.
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Sep 18, 2018
Yes. Yes it should.

Sexual assault isn't like wearing bell bottoms or getting a bad haircut or using problematic language.

If I'm raping women in my late teens (and I say women cuz we don't know what dude could've done. It's not like we know he hit his rape quota) and I never admit it. I never take responsibility for it...

Why the FUCK should I be allowed to sit on the highest court of the land?
The only way you can argue that we should ignore such a heinous crime is if you're trying to protect yourself or others who have committed similarly heinous acts. Rape isn't part of all of our coming of age stories. I snuck out to the arcade at 17.

I didn't assault women.
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Sep 2, 2018
My child, who is in full fledge boundary testing mode, just told me that her name is NOT Siddy.

It’s Sidney Baby Girl.

Okay buddy. #DGProper
I almost asked her “But who calls you baby girl?” But the last I hit her with a logic bomb that she couldn’t handle she screamed for 10 minutes. #DGProper
I realized that acting as the enforcer of rules/discipline may be neccessary for the brat but it aggravates my ADD. My brain does not enjoy keeping rules and lists and when forced to do so I can get cranky. So I have to maintain a calm while being really frustrated. #addcheckin
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Aug 31, 2018
So yesterday I posted a pic of a 3d picture of my son in the womb. I look at the post today and see some one posted this in response... #DGProper
That pissed me all the way off. How do you write on a post where someone ALREADY did something that we’re not sure if it’s safe. It’s INVITING you to get freaked out. Mind you, the concern is over vanity ultrasounds that aren’t medically neccessary. This was not that. #DGProper
And if the person had asked I would’ve gladly told them it was specifically requested by the doctor. And there wasn’t extra time involved. It was a basic sonogram and They COULD show the 3d picture.

Why post scare comments to expecting parents? #DGProper
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Aug 30, 2018
“In a letter to House and Senate leaders, Trump described the pay increase as "inappropriate."

"We must maintain efforts to put our Nation on a fiscally sustainable course, and Federal agency budgets cannot sustain such increases," the President wrote.” cnn.com/2018/08/30/pol…
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Aug 30, 2018
When I told folks last year that I had a nemises list I was mocked!

Everyone is in fact on my list but my top 10-20 doesn’t move often. You can temporarily make it to my top list but to stay you have to be a real douche bag.
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