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What happened at Cambridge Analytica was not an accident. It was deliberate and exploitative:
Facebook’s 2017 Privacy Audit did not catch Cambridge Analytica:…

UK Parliament wants Zuck to answer at least 39 questions under oath:

What exactly does Zuckerberg mean when he says users own our own data?
“2.2 billion people who use Facebook would love to cash a check from the company, but the sad truth is that this is nothing but a pipe dream. It suggests that this isn't Facebook's problem to solve, it's yours, and that doesn't sound like a fair deal.”

"Peter Thiel invested in and promoted Facebook not because Girard’s theories led him to foresee future profitability but because he saw social media as a mechanism for the containment and channeling of mimetic violence in the face of an ineffectual state."
Peter Thiel believes evolution is false. He intentionally avoids hypotheticals. He does not allow anyone to alter his perception of the future in a way he disagrees with. Peter Thiel is religious and believes humans are mimetic creatures. Thread with more:
Palantir’s CEO speaks a lot about them being a civil liberties company, yet some employees do not reflect that:

Palantir maintains extremely detailed briefing books on journalists, including personality traits and likes/dislikes:
Cambridge Analytica is rebranding itself as #Emerdata:

They’re getting the band back together, with help of Bekah and Jenji Mercer, and Erik Prince’s partner:
#Emerdata connects to Erik Prince.

Erik Prince is not just a mercenary: “He’s not doing this just for money. He believes the Chinese have a better strategy to solve problems than we do and he thinks a global response is required.”
Did Black Cube outbid Erik Prince for the Trump job of spying on Obama officials?

Black Cube connects to SCL.
Cambridge Analytica hired Black Cube to threaten, silence, and blackmail people and to hack African elections:

Cambridge Analytica is handing over all their data about US elections:
Steve Bannon used Cambridge Analytica and Facebook to suppress African-American voting in 2016:

FACEBOOK KNEW of Cambridge Analytica’s data grab in 2015:
Mark Zuckerberg says his 2018 goal is to fix Facebook.

He testified to Congress that the Russian government and Cambridge Analytica used Facebook to manipulate elections and spread misinformation.

Then he reorganized to serve 2.2 billion diverse people:
Facebook is more profitable and used than ever, despite Cambridge Analytica:

Jennifer & Rebekah Mercer liquidated Cambridge Analytica and SCL USA:

Emerdata paid the bankruptcy legal bills. #Emerdata Thread:
SCL, through Cambridge Analytica before it went bankrupt and presumably through Emerdata now, targets people based on susceptibility to influence, emotionality, and compliance to authority:
“It’s hard to overstate and hard to summarize Jared’s role in the campaign,” says Peter Thiel. “If Trump was the CEO, Jared was effectively the chief operating officer.”

“Jared Kushner is the biggest surprise of the 2016 election,” adds Eric Schmidt:
Now Jared Kushner is ghosting Thiel:

Did Kushner do the Trump 2016 campaign work or was it Russians, Saudis, Bannon, and Cambridge Analytica?

Is Peter Thiel cooperating with a federal investigation? Maybe:
Israel’s Black Cube hurt our Iran Deal. Also…

“That sets up Palantir, which Peter Thiel and his partners built with CIA funding, as the platform of choice for assessing the documents Israel claims to have detailing Iran’s secret efforts to build a bomb.”
Palantir built Investigative Case Management for DHS and ICE to collect data like social media content and biometric traits. The database can aid in criminal and civil cases against immigrants, including “exclusion, deportation, and removal proceedings.”…
Why would someone hire Black Cube for Trump, when Trump already has access to intelligence from the companies of Peter Thiel, the Mercers, and Erik Prince?
Black Cube’s dirty work to discredit the #IranDeal was done “for Trump”:
Who paid Black Cube for Trump, and why?

Both Black Cube and Jared Kushner worked with Cambridge Analytica.

Black Cube is also connected to Kushner through Israeli billionaire Beny Steinmetz, who has been arrested for bribery, fraud, and money laundering:
Contrarians are people like Stephen Miller, who enjoy “getting a rise out of people in a very sociopathic way.”
Facebook official internal policy believes it can tell the difference between white supremacists, white separatists, and white nationalists:
“It sure looks like Zuckerberg lied to Congress,” says a ranking member of the House Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee about Facebook giving “vast amounts” of personal information to 60+ partners for a decade:
“If Facebook granted Huawei special access to social data of Americans, they might as well have given it directly to the government of China,” says Marco Rubio.
Emerdata goal for 2018: “Governments have access to vast quantities of data; on both their own citizens and foreign nationals. These data can be used to help governments identify, segment and target key audiences for campaigns of information or influence.”
“Cambridge Analytica and WikiLeaks are already subjects of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, but the revelations open up fresh questions about the precise nature of the organisations’ relationship.”
With 3 indictments against Kilimnik filed by Team Mueller today, the connections between Republican operatives, Cambridge Analytica, and Russian intelligence are becoming clearer:

When anyone asks “Where are the crimes?” remind her or him that the truth about Cambridge Analytica is much worse than has come out so far, and is under investigation by Team Mueller and by journalists:


1. [Kilimnik’s partner] Patten honed Cambridge Analytica’s microtargeting operation during the 2014 midterms

2. Kilimnik served as intermediary for Manafort secret 2016 election briefings to Putin friend Oleg Deripaska

How much of our world’s economic and security policies are now being determined by people put in power thanks to voter manipulation by Cambridge Analytica and the Mercers?

Direct evidence of coordinated voter suppression efforts, architected by foreign entities, operated by Cambridge Analytica, and used by Trump and other Republican candidates during the 2016 U.S. elections:

“It’s likely… that the improperly obtained Facebook information is what was backing up [Cambridge Analytica parent] SCL’s psychographic profiling in Ripon that was used by Ted Cruz and John Bolton…”

Bannon and the Mercers played roles in 2016, too:

“It’s unprecedented that multiple, simultaneous election irregularity investigations overlap around a single family’s company… It feels Cambridge Analytica designed it this way, to overwhelm the capacity of government, media, and citizens.”

Read more:
Facebook won’t share the results of its Cambridge Analytica investigation with Congress and the American people.

Does Mark Zuckerberg think he’s above our law?

Does Team Mueller need to subpoena Facebook?

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Aug 2, 2018
3/ It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a person in possession of a correction to a tweet, should THINK before tweeting.

Is it True?
Is it Helpful?
Is it Inspiring?
Is it Necessary?
Is it Kind?

4/ Beware reflexive retweeting. Big news brings out the fakers. And photoshoppers. Beware negative news and look for positive news.

5/ Tweet others as you would be tweeted.

It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to tweet and remove all doubt.

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Jul 13, 2018
Facebook was found GUILTY of failing to safeguard its users’ information and failing to be transparent about how that data was harvested by others, in the UK.

In the US, Facebook is now under investigation for its role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

REMINDER: Facebook is STILL a platform that allows disinformation and propaganda Pages as OFFICIAL policy.

Facebook does not ban Pages for sharing conspiracy theories and false news:

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Jun 12, 2018
Trump is thinking about constructing a prison camp to hold 5000 children separated from their parents under Trump’s orders.

Who can we call to stop this inhumane President* from committing this immoral act?

“Cruelty is both the means and the end. It’s the thread that runs through ICE’s strategy of instilling terror in immigrant communities, Department of Homeland Security’s restrictive approach to refugees and asylum-seekers, the White House’s decision to…”

“Cruelty is [Trump’s reason behind] the White House’s decision to rescind temporary protected status for hundreds of thousands of settled immigrants, Sessions’s decision to reopen 350,000 cases for potential deportation, and much more.” #AbolishICE

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Jun 4, 2018
43% of American households cannot afford basics like food and rent.

Trump’s presidency is defined by corporations and wealthy individuals who spend relatively little to get billion dollar tax breaks at the expense of working American people.

It’s kleptocracy in action. “That’s some ROI” indeed:
Policy is MOST responsible for inequality. Trickle down is a myth.

“Incomes grew by 600% for the top 0.001% of Americans since 1980… Bottom half of the population was actually shut off from economic growth with close to zero rise in their yearly income.”
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