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1/ I shouldn’t comment on @DouthatNYT’s terrible piece arguing that Incel men have a right to sex workers and sex robots. It’s embarrassingly bad.

But it’s also missing the point. And as someone that has met many #gamergate members at my college talks, I want to tell you why.
2/ The majority of Gamergate/Incel men I’ve met share these personality traits.
✅ Undersocialized
✅ Awkward around women
✅ Incapable of understanding how their words/actions make women uncomfortable
✅ Blame others for the social isolation that is a consequence of this
3/ Really great example. One Alt-righter disrupted one of my college talks by asking a “question” that was a long, sexist monologue.

After my talk, he followed me to my car, continuing to try to “debate” me.

I was worried I’d be murdered. He had no idea I was uncomfortable.
4/ I don’t think these young men are fundamentally bad people.

We force boys to suppress all emotion, communicate that women are sex objects and not people, and teach them dominance and anger are the best emotional outlet.

They suffer from this system. They are MISERABLE.
5/ Even though I have empathy for them, we can’t put sex workers in danger by making Incels their problem. They will bear the brunt of abuse, violence and even be murdered.

Instead, we need to destigmatize therapy. These men need to figure out why people avoid them and grow.
6/ I believe social skills should be part of an elementary school education. Child psychologists agree.

Kids need to know how to deal with the loss of a friend, how to process grief and anger, and how to be a good friend to others.

I would vote for that as your congresswoman.
7/ I mean this genuinely for anyone that is an Incel/Gamergater/Alt-righter.

Your actions hurt women, but ultimately you are hurting yourself more. I want you to be happy.

Please, find a therapist and start working on this stuff. It will be the best investment you’ve ever made.

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Sep 5, 2018
Polls just closed. It’s all over. Nothing to do but watch the results come in.

If I win, the next few months will be a free for all.

If I lose, I hope you will all understand. I’m going to take a step back from the public eye and recharge before starting 2020.
2/ A few thoughts about what we did right and where we can improve.

Our campaign raised almost $200,000. And truth be told, I did not put nearly the amount of work into this that I should have. For 2020, I’m going to spend more time on this and hire a much larger team.
3/ I’ve said this in interviews before, but my biggest mistake early on was NOT HIRING EXPERIENCED PEOPLE at the beginning.

I thought I could do it like a startup, and we could learn as we went.

By the time I realized that was a failing strategy, it was too late.
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Aug 10, 2018
1/ The alt-right is about to get banned from a high profile service. I want to give journalists some context before we get hysterical thinkpieces.

Microsoft was heavily criticised this year after it was discovered ICE was using their Azure cloud technology to deport people.
2/ Gab is a Target knockoff of Twitter built on Microsoft Azure. I've used it, it's an alt-right hellhole.

Example: Former GOP official Todd Kincannon was banned from Twitter and moved to Gab. He is facing charges of ritually murdering his mother's dog.…
3/ Posts on Gab routinely call for things like "the eradication of all Jews."

Microsoft decided it didn't want Azure used to recruit Holocaust enthusiasts, and gave Gab notice that if they didn't take action they would revoke their Azure access.
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Aug 6, 2018
1/ I haven’t talked about #QAnon because I didn’t want to contribute to spreading it. But, it’s clear we’re past the tipping point.

It’s striking that Fox News didn’t spread this. It was 4chan. Consider what this means for the future of the GOP.
2/ Fox News has a generally older audience - the average viewer being 66.

The leadership pipeline for the Republican Party isn’t being shaped by Fox News. It’s Breitbart. /r/Donald. And now 4chan.

If you thought Trump Republicans were bad, imagine what’s coming.
3/ Now, consider the mainstream media’s biggest bias.

Sensationalism and conflict.

And imagine how structurally unprepared in will be to do actual journalism when a Reddit comment section is the GOP base.
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Jul 5, 2018
1/ On this Fourth of July, I want to reflect a bit on American history, and specifically the Civil War. And why I have hope for America’s future.

When our country was founded, we punted on addressing slavery, mostly because Triangular Trade was profitable for landowners.
2/ Everyone knew that we were heading for a trainwreck, and that eventually our differences would have to be settled. But we kept putting it off.

People think of the past as some Golden age for newspapers, but it wasn’t. There were no libel laws back then, no rules for papers.
3/ Rich landowners with a vested interest in slavery buying printing presses and saying anything they’d want to slime the other side.

This culminated with the Southern Fire eaters, who were pro-slavery and urged succession in their alternate press.…
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Jun 23, 2018
1/ Buckle up, I want to tell you about the rise and fall of the KKK in Southern states from 1915 to 1944 - a historical story that I am bringing for no reason whatsoever.

Certainly not Sarah Huckabee Sanders being shunned in a restaurant.
2/ These years were seen as the second rise of the KKK.

The Klan exploited white panic about morality, such as people drinking alcohol during prohibition, and turned it into a social force that infested most Southern states.
3/ Here’s the thing that I’m bringing up for no reason whatsoever.

Many politicians supported the Klan because it was an expedient way to power. It turned into a profitable business racquet they could exploit.

But then something changed; Americans started shunning them.
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Mar 13, 2018
1/ Please don’t fall for the “Space Force” jokes. Trump making the militarization of space our national policy literally pits the US against the entire world.

Let’s go into some background.
2/ In 1966, the US and Soviet Union signed a peace treaty for space, agreeing not to place nuclear weapons there. The reason is straightforward, because it poses a huge threat to human life.

This treaty led to decades of peaceful scientific collaboration in space.
3/ By 2006, the 1966 treaty had expired. The UN created a new peace treaty forbidding the militarization of space - again forbidding nuclear weapons.

The Bush administration opposed it, making the US the only nation on earth to vote no, though Israel abstained.

It was ratified.
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