1. This trend with @POTUS Trump / #StormyDaniels / #MichaelCohen / @MichaelAvenatti is out of control... but not really... and here’s why...

We KNOW there is no “Russian Collusion” (hell, that’s not even a criminal violation) ...

2. What the #FBI (under former Director #Comey) tried to establish but FAILED was “conspiracy” or “treason” by @realDonaldTrump or his campaign... but NONE exists as we now know for FACT:

3. With Congress running a simultaneous investigation and finding nothing resembling any violations of our laws, #Meuller hit a dead end with this mythical Russian “collusion” fable.

Congress would never impeach. Meuller / Comey needed another angle.
4. Enter the #StormyDaniels drama...

The play here was to falsely establish a co-mingling of election campaign funds to “pay off” the adult film actress to “hush” up...

Except two problems exist:

5. Those problems (for the corrupt sector of #FBI / @MichaelAvenatti / Daniels are:

a) It’s not illegal to offer compensation in an agreement like this (NDA);

b) campaign funds were not used to pay Daniels;

c) POTUS didn’t know specifics of NDA

6. This is all political hack NOISE. While @MSNBC / @CNN are pushing this ridiculous agenda after losing the Russian Collusion narrative, it is just propaganda to sway voters in 2018 mid-terms.

Has nothing at all to do with “justice” or “transparency”
7. Their new argument: “Michael Cohen lied when he stated neither the Trump Organization nor the Trump Campaign paid me either directly or indirectly” re: $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels.

That’s a true statement by Mr Cohen
8. Mr Cohen didn’t lie... neither did @POTUS ...

@realDonaldTrump is being legally pursued as an INDIVIDUAL

Not as “Trump Organization” and not as the “Trump Campaign”
9. A person of Pres. Trump’s economic stature would undoubtedly employ legal experts on retainer to buffer out potential frivolous lawsuits. In my opinion this is one such case... it was done so at a time when POTUS could not defend himself like in prior life
10. This is my opinion but any reasonable thinking person could easily conclude the same.

It’s also my opinion that the only criminals running around are those making opportunistic legal threats... during a time when world peace is at play.
As the days drag on, I will likely add to this thread so that items don’t get lost.

The Meuller probe is now focused on Trump’s “feelings” & “thoughts” surrounding firing Comey. That’s BS... We don’t prosecute THOUGHTS
12. So what Meuller is left with is how Trump felt about Comey, and some random affair he allegedly had pre-Election... which is truly a personal matter (but POTUS has owned it regardless):

Let’s ask the OBVIOUS question here:

If TRUMP is outright lying about James Comey being a “Leaker and a Liar”...

WHY isn’t Comey taking legal action such as suing for “Defamation” instead of writing a book (with a huge book tour)?
14. James Comey knows that suing the POTUS for defamation would subject him to the same rules as the POTUS (i.e. Can’t lie in court... perjury)

Comey knows this... so instead he’s created an alternate reality and alternative facts (otherwise known as “fiction”)
15. However, we already know Comey is comfortable with lying under oath... so then, what other part of a civil case might he be nervous about?

16. Now let’s ask the next obvious question:

WHO is funding your LEGAL FEES Mr. Avenatti???????

17. Mr. Avenati wants us all to believe that he took on Stormy Daniels case without funds secured beforehand.

While some attorneys will do this, it’s unlikely in a case where the fees will approach $1 Million prior to ever getting heard before a jury.
18. Stormy Daniels as only collected $350K of her requested $850K prior to her May 4th deadline... that isn’t stopping Mr Avenati from making highly inflammatory remarks against his adversaries:

19. This is a PUBLICITY STUNT of the highest measure and anti-Trump idiots are lapping it up...

They miss the obvious point that no reputable attorney would behave in such a manner.
20. It is also my opinion that Mr. Avenati’s behaviors on major networks as well as pushing forth this frivolous lawsuit is IN DIRECT CONFLICT WITH OUR NATIONAL SECURITY.

At no time has the United States been more at risk:
21. - Russia potentially trying to impact elections;

- New threats from jihadist movements against the US;

- Prior nuclear weapons threats by rouge nations (NK / Iran) against the US

(as examples)

The President can NOT be distracted from performing his elected duties...
22. While I don’t believe the hype surrounding the Russia threat, I DO believe that regardless of how small a threat is, it should be taken seriously.

Dems have argued that Trump would start WW3, however, his actions clearly dictate he is trying to STOP WW3 from ever starting.
23. That said... Mr Avenati, Stormy Daniels have threatened and then engaged the team of Meuller to get entangled with their frivolous case to impede the lawfully elected @POTUS from successfully executing the most vital role of his office with the clearest of mind.
24. While President Trump IS effectively dealing with external (and internal) threats, the actions of Mr Avenati, Mr Meuller AND the mainstream media are in a defacto manner attempting to usurp the the Courts and are trying to sabotage the Office of the President.
25. This could not be made more clear by recent comments made from a FEDERAL JUSTICE in the Eastern District of VA describing Mueller’s Investigation as essentially “unlawful”:

26. Just for those keeping score... it’s clear that Mr Avenati would prefer to try this case in the “Court of Public Opinion” rather than before a Judge & Jury... my hunch is, he knows he doesn’t have a real case.

27. As Rudy Giuliani correctly stated on 5/2/18, the only crimes committed before, during and after the 2016 election, were committed by our government:

General M. Flynn was the most severe case; what was done to him was beyond reproach.
28. The left wants Trump supporters to believe there isn’t a #DeepState...

If that’s true, why is a former Secretary of State from the Obama Administration coming perilously close to a Logan Act violation?

29. It is not the role (or roll / Q) of former Secretary John Kerry to take ANY actions to salvage the bogus #IranDeal crafted by Ben Rhodes and his ilk.

That ship sailed once Secretary Clinton lost in 2016. Yet, the DeepState seems alive and well...
30. I’m quite pleased to see that the Dem trolls that monitor my twitter feed are being extremely quiet on this thread... I know they are watching, but their silence is duly noted.

Facts matter... and the alt-left doesn’t have any. But there’s this:

• • •

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Oct 9, 2018
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Oct 8, 2018
Just spent overnight in twitter jail 🙈

Can you hear me now?

I’m still curious why twitter won’t answer me as to why subscribers are being deleted. They found time to suspend me, but not answer my question!

This will be added to my testimony to Congress.
They knew I was not making a malicious remark about mentally challenged people, yet that was the basis of the ban.

The quote was from a movie, “Tropic Thunder” (2008) which has been widely used in memes and common English vernacular since 2008.

It’s ok 👌🏻... now answer my ?
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Do you think University Academia has gone bonkers? You’re not imagining it. Left leaning hoaxers expose Academia bias to publish literately “junk research.”


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🚨 FACT CHECK: Danielle Muscato makes the claim that men are more violent than women (thus the need for a 9PM curfew for all males).


1. Men had a 25.1% DECLINE in violent behaviors;
2. WOMEN, have had only a 14% decline;

Men are becoming less violent; women more
From 2013-2017, WOMEN have had a 58.3% INCREASE in rape arrests; men only 18.3% increase. This number is very likely to increase as more men start to come forward.
FBI Crime Statistics show that between 2013-2017, WOMEN had a 3.3% INCREASE in violent crimes against the FAMILY / CHILDREN; men had 11.4% DECREASE!

Women are becoming more violent against children.
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Oct 3, 2018
So sad that some in the #MeToo movement are using ridiculous, sexist, racist tweets to seek fame.

Danielle Muscato is employing fear tactics to further divide Americans.

I’m so glad many THOUSANDS are seeing right through this! @NYDailyNews didn’t.

Danielle Muscato tries to sweep the sexist / racist part under the rug by self-describing it as a “thought-experiment”... that’s like saying that the KKK should be allowed to post up their hate 24/7 since, you know, it’s meant to “engage dialogue” (which is complete BS).
When you look deeper, what you see are hundreds of seemingly “abuse survivors” replying on her thread.

While I feel horrible for anyone that has gone through something as bad as sexual assault, Muscato leaves 50% of our population out of the equation:

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This doesn’t look good for Senate Democrats...

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