Thread: About that New Chinese Silk Road

1. Let’s start with this article from the @NYT (at least most of their straight news is still readable):…
2. This article might be introduced inside the D.C. Beltway by traditional “Well, first of all -------.” Or by Millennials with trite, “So! Xxxxxx.” But instead it reveals the beginning of Global Communism, Chinese-style.
3. Placing a huge debt upon a nation struggling to recoup after a long and devastating civil war is a typical Communist Chinese blow of the first order. And a foot placed firmly in the door for control of the Indian Ocean.
4. This reinforces the point that we’ve been belaboring with “watch Xi Jinping’s hands.” He (the Central Committee) distracts you with dazzling projects while stealing your chestnuts. Watch – or maybe it’s already occurring – as the PLAN makes a base in Sri Lanka.
5. Just as it already has at Jiwani adjacent to Gwadar and in Djibouti in close proximity to the U.S. base there; all to protect its maritime portion of the New Silk Road. Were you aware that the Chinese yuan is legal tender in Gwadar, Pakistan, already?
5A. And 10,000 Chinese troops in Djibouti under the guise of “anti-piracy.” More sleight-of-hand.

6. Please understand that the New Silk Road is not a single route but is planned and being built in some cases as a web, a network, of land & maritime routes throughout the world.
7. Planning even is underway and some under construction through Panama and Nicaragua into the U.S. “lake,” the Caribbean. A sea route through the Russian Arctic is a planned possibility, even! A railroad from Port Sudan clear across Africa to Dakar will provide an anchor ….
7A. …for a network to reap the natural resources relatively – relatively – untapped throughout that continent. A Mediterranean port (Libya?) might be in the offing, too, via a rail net through the Sahel and Sahara – ....
7B. ...not much to exploit there: just a back-up point should Turkey & the Suez somehow fail.
8. Three foreign sources provide more than the pap of the MSM; Xinhua, the English version of the official Chinese news; the New Delhi Times; and the Indian Express.
9. Many of the stories cannot be verified, so we must always hedge with “it is reported” or “according to” or some other modifier. Still, that is the same with America’s “fake news.” The Russians are coming; the Russians are coming -- ad infinitum.
9A. Trump screwed a porn star. Trump sold 20% of America’s uranium to Russia – no, no, that was the Evil Witch of the East.
10. Pretend that it’s 2120 A.D. and contemplate what the geopolitical world might look like. I have no problem considering such a world approaching the 12,000,000,000 population mark by using the Philippines as an example.
11. In 1945, the Philippines’ population was a paltry 16 million. By 2016, the official estimate was 106-million. Anyone who has visited the outlying provinces or even metro Manila has seen housing expand outwardly along provincial roadways one or two houses deep.
12. The arable land must not be used for housing or the Filipinos will have no rice or vegetables! As in other Asian nations with burgeoning numbers, the only way left to house the overpopulation is up as in Hong Kong and Shanghai.…
13. Ride the Maglev train in Shanghai at 260+ mph; compare that and this to the laughable Amtrak in the USA which is seldom on time anywhere.…
14. Yet, the Progressives want open borders for the USA! Absolutely nonsensical! Stay home and fix your own sh$%-hole country! It’s 2120, and America is isolated from most international trade by the Communist Chinese who completed their New Silk Road.
15. Moral of the story: while we twitter away the days fretting about “muh Russia” and Stormy, the Chinese continue their inexorable march to regional hegemony and world-wide economic domination.
15A. Fortunately, we’ve got a guy in the Oval Office who is wide awake about this continuing threat, but he needs our support! #MAGA #RememberInNovember ///The end.

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