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It's nearly time for #Eurovision we'll be tweeting the abortion law from each country as they perform. We appreciate the law on paper can differ from practise so let us know if it is different than our reseaech!
It’s fitting that the #eurovision theme this year is #AllAboard as we are talking about abortion laws in the participating countries, and many in Ireland have to ‘take the boat’ to access abortion care.
The #Allaboard #eurovision theme is supposed to symbolise the connectivity across Europe, there are several examples of people travelling from one country to another such as Poland to Germany as well as Ireland to Britain, The Netherlands and others.
Abortion is available on request up to 12 weeks in #Ukraine with and after that exceptions are made in case of rape, incest, threat to life or health including mental health, or potential foetal anomalies. #Eurovision #UKR
In 2010 Spain legalised abortion in the first trimester on request, and provided for provision after that in limited circumstances. There have been many attempts to roll back abortion legislation in recent years. #ESP #Eurovision
In Slovenia abortion is legal up to 10 weeks, and after that exemptions are made in cases of physical and psychological harm. Parental consent is required for people under 18. #eurovision #SLO #AllAboard
Abortion in Lithuania is available on request for 12 weeks and until 22 weeks when there is risk to the pregnant person, or risk of malformation. Similar the proposed legislation if the 8th is removed in Ireland. #eurovision #LTU #AllAboard
Abortion available on request in the first 3 months in Austria and when there us a risk to life or health, FFA, or the pregnant person being under 14 it's allowed later. Conscientious objection and lack of publicly funded healthcare are barriers. #Eurovision #AUT #AllAboard
In Estonia abortion allowed on request up to end of 11th week. Up until 21 weeks on grounds of health or FFA,if the pregnant person is <15 > 45. Abortion for medical reasons covered by health insurance fund, other reasons privately funded which can be a barrier #eurovision #est
In Norway for over 40 years abortion is on request until 12 weeks, until 18 weeks for foetal abnormalities, risk to health, person underage or was victim of abuse. After 18 weeks possible with extreme conditions. After viability will not be permitted. #eurovision #NOR #AllAboard
Portugal legalised abortion by referendum in 2007 allowing for abortion on request up to 10 weeks,with a mandatory waiting period. There have been recent attempts to roll back the law&paying for the procedure can be a barrier. (Referendum in Ireland on 25th May!) #Eurovision #POR
In most of the UK abortion is allowed for a range of reasons if 2 doctors agree and is available on the NHS. Outside of these criteria abortion remains a crime. Provision for later term abortion is poor in Scotland. Abortion very restricted in Northern Ireland. #Eurovision #GBR
The 1967 Abortion Act was never extended to Northern Ireland,abortion is only legal in very imited circumstances. Around 1000 a year travel to Britain for care, funding recently was introduced for this treatment. We're based in NI and fight for decriminalisation. #Eurovision #GBR
In Serbia abortion is on request until 10 weeks, with approval from a panel for variety of reasons until 20 weeks, after 20 weeks risk to life or health and with ethical committee approval. Under 16s need permission from parent or guardian. #eurovision #SRB #AllAboard
Abortion in Germany is permitted in the first trimester but there is mandatory counselling and a 3 day waiting period. It is also permitted later in pregnancy in cases of medical necessity.
Many travel from Poland to Germany to access abortion. #Eurovision #GER #AllAboard
In Albania abortions can be performed through the 12th week of pregnancy if a woman states that the pregnancy causes her psychological or social problems &she receives counselling. There is a waiting period&it is encouraged that the parent or partner is involved. #Eurovision #ALB
Abortion in France is legal on request up to 12 weeks after conception and at later stages of pregnancy if 2 doctors agree criteria are met such as risk to life and health and foetal anomaly. Mandatory waiting periods were removed in 2015. #Eurovision #FRA
In the Czech Republic abortion is legal for up to 12 weeks on request. After this if there is a medical reason and there is a medical commission who needs to approve all abortions. #eurovision #CZE
In Denmark abortion is available on request in the first trimester. After that for certain reasons including risk to health, the age of the pregnant person, foetal anomaly, pregnancy as a result of a sex crime. Under 18s need parental permission #Eurovision #DEN
Abortion law varies depending on the region of Australia ranging from very limited risk to life and health only to being legal on request. Some areas require counselling. Dealt with at regional level, similar to abortion being devolved to regions in UK. #AUS #eurovision
Finland has a broad range of reasons for legal abortion up to 12 weeks, including already having 4 children or age related. This list gets more restrictive up to 20 weeks, and even more so up to 24 week limit. Risk to life is always a legal reason. #Eurovision #FIN #AllAboard
Abortion in Bulgaria is on request for 12 weeks. Between 12 and 20 weeks for those with certain conditions, and after 20 weeks when the woman’s life is at risk or the foetus will be severely genetically harmed. #eurovision #BUL
In Moldova abortion is legal on request up to 12 weeks, and for legal, medical and social reasons until 22 weeks. There is provision up to 28 weeks for risk to life and health, socio-economic reasons, and foetal anomaly. #Eurovision #MDA.
Sweden has quite good abortion law in practice. It is available up to 18 weeks. After 18 weeks the law says people have to go to a board who review the case. Abortion is available to migrants without papers. #Eurovision #SWE #AllAboard
Abortion is available in a ‘situation of crisis’ in Hungary up to 12 weeks, there is mandatory counselling and a waiting period. Abortions are allowed later for reasons such as risk to life or health, FFA, and pregnancy resulting from a sex crime. #Eurovision #HUN #AllAboard
Abortion in Israel is permitted with permission from a committee. Reasons given are under 18, over 40, the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest, continued pregnancy may cause physical or mental harm, the foetus may have a physical or mental defect. #eurovision #ISR
The Netherlands has legalised abortion on request up to 21 weeks. Under 16s need parental permissions and the law states there must be a 5 day wait. It’s one of the places many women from Ireland have to go to to access healthcare #eurovision #NED
Ireland has one of the most restrictive abortion laws in Europe. It is illegal in all cases essentially except when there is an immediate risk to the pregnant person's life The basis for the restrictive law is found in the constitution. #EUROVISION #IRE
People of Ireland have the chance to change their restrictive law on May 25th by voting YES to remove the 8th amendment. Ireland can only make changes to the constitution by referendum. There is a chance for much more progressive legislation. #IRE #eurovision #together4yes
Around 12 people a day from Ireland have an abortion. 3 of them do it at home using safe but illegal pills from @abortionpil or @WomenHelpOrg , risking 14 years in prison. The other 9 are #AllAboard to travel to Britian. #Eurovision #IRE #together4yes
Earlier this year Cyprus introduced law where abortion is available up to 12 weeks om request and then up to 19 weeks in cases of fatal foetal abnormalities, rape and incest. #eurovision #CYP #AllAboard
Abortion is legal in Italy up to 12 weeks on request,but access is very difficult with up to 70% of DRs opting out of abortion care. After 12 weeks abortion is only allowed in cases of FFA or risk to life or health. There is a waiting period unless an emergency #Eurovision #ITA
And there we have it, your #eurovision abortion law round up.
Now we realise the typo in our very first tweet! While we can't edit that we'll add corrections and clarifications to the law if you let us know.
Graphic from @Eurovision4YES summing up the abortion laws in the #Eurovision finalists.
While the graphic says UK 24 weeks, remember this does not apply to Northern Ireland where abortion is only available if there is a serious long term or permenant risk to life or health. In Britain 2 Drs must sign off on a permissible reason, generally liberally interpreted.

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