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Thanks to Trump's embassy move, #Nakba70 protests start a day early. Israeli army expects West Bank protests & 100,000 demonstrators in #Gaza, is preparing to use lethal force against them & again threatens to air bomb Gaza. 49 Palestinians killed & 9,545 wounded so far in Gaza
Here is a short #thread about the #Nakba
And here is my #thread about developments related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from yesterday
Remember how @IDFSpokesperson claims snipers shoot only "terrorists" who threaten Israel? Well, @declanwalsh witnessed how Israeli sniper shot a Palestinian woman in the stomach for taunting the soldiers sheltering on the other side of the #GazaFence
#BREAKING: 1st casualty of the day: Palestinian media report a protester wounded from Israeli fire near the #GazaFance
#BREAKING: @IDFSpokesperson confirms 2 Palestinians shot already near the #GazaFence. According to the army estimates, 1000s of protesters are already near the fence
BTW, in the US embassy opening ceremony in Jerusalem will participate 1 Preacher who claimed Hitler helped the Jews return to their homeland & another who's opinions are generally disgusting - via @ChemiShalev…
#report: Egypt offered Hamas a permanent opening of the Rafah crossing in return for an end to the #GreatReturnMarch protests. So far Hamas didn't cancel any protest
Israeli army confirms another drone fell in Gaza
& for the comic relief. Israeli "Justice" minister @Ayelet__Shaked just said that @realDonaldTrump is the "modern day Churchill" & kept a straight face
#update: another Palestinian reportedly shot near the #GazaFence. So far, Palestinian media report 5 protesters shot by Israeli soldiers today, including a teenage girl
In the past, Israeli army has deliberately used violence to push Palestinians to respond in kind & abandon their non-violent protests.
So far the #GreatReturnMarch didn't fall for that. 49 Palestinians killed, but not a single Israeli hurt & not 1 rocket fired from Gaza
#BREAKING: another Palestinian journalist shot in the leg by an Israeli sniper near the #GazaFence - Palestinian media
#photo: Palestinian journalist Muhammad Abu Dahrouj shot in the leg by an Israeli sniper near the #GazaFence not long ago - via @MuhammadSmiry
1000s of protesters are marching towards the #GazaFence. At least 15 wounded, including a journalist shot in the leg - Palestinian media
Oh & the Israeli Shin Bet came up with a new invention: "Iran is funding the #GreatReturnMarch"
#BREAKING: protesters are trying to reach the #GazaFence. At least 22 shot & injured so far by Israeli soldiers. A minor was shot in the stomach - Palestinian media
#BREAKING: another journalist shot & injured by Israeli snipers - 2nd journalist today. 2 protesters shot in the head - Palestinian media
#BREAKING: 3rd Palestinian journalist wounded during the #GreatReturnMarch protests in #Gaza today. The number of Palestinians wounded from Israeli fire is about 30 right now. No deaths so far - Palestinian media
#update: 27 wounded so far during the #GreatReturnMarch protests in #Gaza today, 22 of them injured by Israeli sniper fire - Gaza MoH. Protests also reported in the West Bank
#update: @IDFSpokesperson estimates 10,000 Palestinians participate in the #GreatReturnMarch protests near the #GazaFence right now
#BREAKING: 1st death today: #Gaza MoH reports a 21-year-old protester killed by Israeli fire near the #GazaFence
This is the Israeli army when it's trying to be restrained
#photo: this is 21-year-old Anas Hamnad Qudah, who was shot to death by an Israeli sniper not long ago near the #GazaFence - via @PalinfoAr
#BREAKING: 29-year-old protester killed by Israeli soldiers near the #GazaFence - Gaza MoH. He is the 2nd protester killed in #Gaza today & the 51th since the #GreatReturnMarch started
2 protesters killed & over 70 wounded near the #GazaFence. Here is the @haaretzcom report…
#BREAKING: 3rd Palestinian killed by Israeli fire near the #GazaFence today - Palestinian media. Palestinians also report 6 journalists during in #Gaza today. In total, over 100 Palestinians reportedly wounded
Report: 7 Palestinians killed in #Gaza today. No confirmation so far by the Gaza MoH
#BREAKING: At least 7 protesters killed so far today, including a 14-year-old - Gaza MoH
#update: at least 512 other protesters wounded so far near the #GazaFence - Gaza MoH
#BREAKING: more protesters killed near the #GazaFence - #Gaza MoH
#BREAKING: 2 more protesters killed near the #GazaFence - Gaza MoH. So far 9 Palestinians killed during the #GreatReturnMarch protests in Gaza today. The number of deaths since the protests started on March 30 is 58
#BREAKING: a 27-year-old evacuated from the #GazaFence area to a hospital in Israel after he was reportedly lightly wounded. It is the 1st Israeli hurt since the #GreatReturnMarch started. 58 Palestinians killed & about 10,000 injured in that period
#BREAKING: 10th protester killed near by Israeli snipers near the #GazaFence today - #Gaza MoH
#BREAKING: the number of protesters killed by Israeli soldiers near the #GazaFence today is now 12 - Gaza MoH.
Palestinian media reports that among them is a paraplegic protester who became another symbol of Palestinian resistance
#BREAKING: the number of casualties rises sharply. The Gaza MoH now reports 16 protesters killed so far today.
Since the #GreatReturnMarch protests started, 65 Palestinians killed in #Gaza & over 10,000 wounded
#update: 16 protesters killed & 918 wounded by Israeli soldiers during the #GreatReturnMarch today - GazaMoH. Among the dead are 14-year-old & 16-year-old kids.
Israeli army estimates 35,000 Palestinians are protesting & says killed 3 who tried to place IEDs on the fence
#BREAKING: Palestinian media report Israeli forces are shelling Gaza
#BREAKING: 18 protesters killed so far during the #GreatReturnMarch in #Gaza today - Gaza MoH
Here's a new @IDFSpokesperson video of the events today
#update: @IDFSpokesperson confirms tanks fired at 3 Palestinians who allegedly "tried to place explosives on the #GazaFence" & an aircraft attacked a "Hamas target"
#update: 18 Palestinians killed (including 14 & 16 year-old kids) & 918 injured during the protests in Gaza today - Gaza MoH. 448 Palestinians wounded by live Israeli ammo today - now over 2,500 shot with live ammo since the #GreatReturnMarch started
#update: 50 protesters are in serious condition in Gaza hospitals. There are 74 minors, 23 women and 8 journalists among the wounded - Gaza MoH
#video: Israeli army firing at a group of unarmed #GreatReturnMarch protesters - not even near the #GazaFence.
At least 18 Palestinians killed & 448 wounded from Israel live ammo today - 50 in critical/serious condition - Gaza MoH
BTW, while the bloodbath in Gaza continues, Israeli religious politicians, journalists & other tweeps are talking in messianic terms about @realDonaldTrump's "divine" decision to open the embassy in Jerusalem today. This is scary madness
#BREAKING: 25 protesters killed in Gaza today - #Gaza MoH.
74 Palestinians killed in Gaza since the #GreatReturnMarch started. 1 Israeli soldier was lightly wounded during that period
#photos: Israeli tear gas drone in action
#BREAKING: 28 protesters killed & 1,693 wounded so far in #Gaza today (Gaza MoH) - and the peak of the events is still ahead. @IDFSpokesperson say protesters plan to start a mass breach of the #GazaFence in 30 minutes
#BREAKING: Palestinian medic who tried to rescue wounded protesters was shot to death by Israeli soldiers - Gaza MoH.
Also among the 28 protesters killed today: 3 minors and a woman
And the #Gaza hospitals are overwhelmed & protesters can't get life saving operations
Just to be clear: Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) is a Zionist collaborator (& an anti-Semite but you can be both these days)
Hamas confirms 4 of its members killed during the protests in #Gaza today
#BREAKING: at least 37 protesters killed during the protests in #Gaza today - Gaza MoH
According to Palestinian reports, Israeli fighter jets are now bombing Gaza
The @nytimes push notification is just nauseating: there was *1* @IDFSpokesperson report of gunfire that didn't hurt anyone
#update: Another Israeli airstrike in #Gaza - Palestinian media
#BREAKING: 38 Palestinians killed, including 6 minors - 1 of them a girl. 1,703 wounded, 772 of them from Israeli live ammo - Gaza MoH. There are 86 wounded in critical/serious condition & the hospitals in #Gaza are not able to help all the wounded & ask the world for help
#video of the Israeli airstrike in Gaza
As @realDonaldTrump & @netanyahu are celebrating the new US embassy in Jerusalem, hospitals un #Gaza are collapsing trying to treat over 700 protesters injured by Israeli live ammo. At least 38 already killed
This is what's happening in Jerusalem right now. How many more people will be killed in Gaza until this ceremony ends?
Meanwhile, @IL_police has stopped buses carrying Palestinians with Israeli citizenship who wanted to protest against the new US embassy from reaching Jerusalem
#BREAKING: 2 more Palestinians killed in #Gaza. So far, 41 Palestinians killed today & in total, 90 killed since the #GreatReturnMarch protests started on March 30 - Gaza Moh
The @realDonaldTrump administration was never so disconnected from reality
Meanwhile, Israeli security forces are confronting demonstrators in Jerusalem trying to protest against the new US embassy
#update: 41 killed, including 7 minors - one of them a girl
1 paramedic killed
1,960 injured - including 200 minors & 78 women
11 journalists injured
28 in critical condition & 71 in seriois condition
918 shot by Israeli soldiers using live ammo
(#Gaza MoH)
Israeli deputy foreign minister: I tell my colleagues that there is no connection between the opening of the US embassy & the events in #Gaza
#Gaza MoH in a desperate call for help from the international community after the health system in #Gaza in overwhelmed with almost 2,000 wounded just today, over 918 of them injured by Israeli live ammo
Video of some of the Israeli airstrikes in #Gaza today. @IDFSpokesperson says Israeli aircraft & a tank attacked 7 "Hamas targets" in #Gaza today in response to attempts to breach the #GazaFence
#correction: Israeli tanks are bombing "Hamas targets" in #Gaza
(I erased & corrected this tweet)
Meanwhile in the US embassy ceremony in Jerusalem, & Antisemitic & Islamophobic American preacher has a message for the Islamic world
#Gaza hospitals are just unable to deal with the number of casualties
#BREAKING: 2 more Palestinians killed in #Gaza. The number of deaths today is now 43. The Gaza MoH shared the names.& ages of those killed, that includes only 5 minors (not 7 as reported earlier)
#update: 43 protesters killed & 2,238 wounded so far today in #Gaza. 1,113 injured by Israeli live ammo.
Since the #GreatReturnMarch started on March 30, 92 Palestinians killed & almost 13,000 injured - #Gaza MoH
#update: some Israeli journalists claim @HamasInfoEn ordered demonstrators to stop the protests. News media in #Gaza deny the report
#BREAKING: @UNHumanRights commissioner after killing of over 40 protesters in #Gaza: “Shocking killing of dozens, injury of hundreds by Israeli live fire in #Gaza must stop now... Those responsible for outrageous human rights violations must be held to account"
Some people find inspiration in the way the Israeli army is killing dozens of unarmed demonstrators
#video of the new Israeli tear gas drone in action. The Israeli army has been testing this new technology on the #GreatReturnMarch protesters. Some were killed & severely injured from direct hits by tear gas canisters
The @IL_police officers used violence against demonstrators protesting the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem today. Israeli parliament members were also beaten
#BREAKING: 52 Palestinians killed & 2,410 wounded so far today in #Gaza - Gaza MoH. The number of Palestinians killed since the #GreatReturnMarch protests started is now 101 & over 12,000 injured
Just to be clear: more Palestinians killed by Israeli soldiers in #Gaza today than the number of Palestinians killed in all other #GreatReturnMarch protests combined. & the only reason the protesters marched for the #GazaFence today was the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem
#update: PA president Mahmoud Abbas declared 3 days of mourning following the killing of protesters in #Gaza, but Israeli defense reporters say the Israeli army is satisfied with the way the PA security forces prevented protests against Israel in the West Bank today
#update: 1,204 Palestinians were wounded by Israeli live ammo today in #Gaza. 116 in serious/critical condition - Gaza MoH. Over 3,000 protesters shot by Israeli soldiers using live ammo since the #GreatReturnMarch started. 101 died. Here's an example of how it looks like
In #Gaza today, over 1,200 unarmed protesters were shot today by Israeli soldiers using live ammo. At least 52 died, 5 of them minors. Meanwhile in Tel Aviv, 1000s of Israelis are celebrating the #Eurovision victory
Here is another @IDFSpokesperson video of what happened today. The Israeli army has cameras watching every inch of the #GazaFence, yet there isn't any evidence of Palestinians w guns or any violence that will excuse firing live ammo at over 2,000 unarmed protesters & killing 52
At least 12 journalists were injured during the #GreatReturnMarch protests in #Gaza today
And some @WHO data about Israeli attacks on medical presonnel in #Gaza. Gaza MoH reports a paramedic was shot to death near the fence today trying to rescue wounded protesters
And more about the messianic tendencies in the US embassy opening ceremony in Jerusalem, that happened when Israeli soldiers shot over 2000 unarmed protesters & killed at least 52
And after what looked like the Israeli & US administration suffer both from Jerusalem Syndrom while Israeli soldiers killed at least 52 unarmed protesters in #Gaza, the White House is backing the Israeli government actions & saying Israel has the right to defend itself
#BREAKING: Israeli soldiers killed 55 Palestinians in #Gaza today, including 7 minors (1 them a girl) 2,771 were injured
1359 people were shot using live ammo
130 are in critical/serious condition
225 minors & 79 women injured
1 paramedic killed & 17 injured
- Gaza MoH
Gaza MoH announces Egypt has agreed to help treat the 1,760 protesters hospitalized today in #Gaza & send much-needed medicine. The health system in Gaza was overwhelmed by the # of injured today & seriously wounded had to wait a long time for operating theaters to clear
#BREAKING: Israeli army is again threatening to assassinate @HamasInfoEn leaders if the #GreatReturnMarch protests continue.
The army threatened before to bomb Gaza if many protesters try to breach the #GazaFence & that's what happened today, so...
& in Jerusalem, they used a different type of explosives today
Some protesters tried to reconnect to reality the 10,000s of Israelis who chose escapism & came out today to celebrate the Israeli #Eurovision victory in Rabin square in central Tel Aviv. They failed
#update (based on Gaza MoH data): 55 Palestinians killed by Israeli forces, including 6 children (1 female). Among the fatalities was one health worker. 2,771 people injured, including 1,359 by live ammo, with 130 people in a critical condition…
#BREAKING Turkey has recalled ambassadors in Tel Aviv *and Washington* for consultations following today's events in #Gaza - @anadoluagency
Because that's what important right now, that @realDonaldTrump saved some money...
#BREAKING Israeli army claims @HamasInfoEn has expressed willingness to "change the character" of the #GreatReturnMarch protests & dismantle the protest camps along the #GazaFence
also claims 12 of the Palestinians killed today were armed militants who tried to blow up the fence with explosives in 2 different incidents (& of course that trying to blow up a fence is a good reason to kill 12 people). Haven't seen any evidence of that yet
#recap: Israeli soldiers killed 55 Palestinians today in an expected bloodbath of unarmed protesters. Israeli gov didn't want to kill Palestinians but also didn't care if they die. No one bothered to look for solutions to handle the protests by means other than sniper bullets
#BREAKING Israeli army decided to reopen Kerem Shalom cargo crossing tomorrow. The army decided to close the only cargo crossing from Israel into #Gaza after Palestinians damaged it during the protests Friday
#BREAKING: another protester died from his wounds
The # of Palestinians killed by Israeli soldiers in #Gaza today is now 58 - #Gaza MoH
Since the #GreatReturnMarch started, 107 killed in Gaza & almost 3,400 injured by Israeli live ammo
1 Israeli lightly hurt during that period
The unbelievable number of casualties since March 30 didn't cause the militant groups in #Gaza to break ranks with the non-violence of the #GreatReturnMarch & launch rockets at Israeli territory. The Israeli army thinks today's killing might change that. I hope they are wrong
Here are 4 of the 6 teenagers killed by Israeli soldiers today
14-year-old Ezz el-din Alsamaak
15-year-old Wisaal Khalil
16-year-old Saeed Abu Alkheir
16-year-old Saadi Said Abu Salah
Israeli forces killed 12 minors since the #GreatReturnMarch started

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May 17, 2018
Read the story of the of 8-month-old Layla Ghandour, who died after breathing Israeli tear gas when her grandmother was holding her in the #GreatReturnMarch protest camp, 100s of meters away from the #GazaFence. By @declanwalsh
And if you want to see how does it look like when the new Israeli tear gas drones attack the #GreatReturnMarch protest camps, where families stay 100s of meters away from the #GazaFence, here is an example
@IDFSpokesperson admitted: #GreatReturnMarch is Palestinian PR success. But soldiers killed 100 protesters & nothing changed in Gaza.
Israel says Hamas doesn't want war.
Yesterday there were no protests
but more shots were fired at Israel than since the protests begun.
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May 13, 2018
Short #thread: Lies that Zionists tell themselves about the #Nakba
Myth: the Arabs attacked the Jews & lost & then escaped.
Reality: the ethnic cleansing of what later became Israel started before the Arab armies intervened or even before the British left. In fact, most Palestinian cities were conquered before the declaration of independence.
Myth: the small Jewish army won a miraculous victory against the much larger Arab armies.
Fact: the only army that equaled the Jewish army during the war was the British-trained Jordanian Legion, which generally respected the UN partition plan & didn't invade what became Israel.
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May 11, 2018
Today is the 7th Friday of the #GreatReturnMarch & the last 1 before #Nakba70 day. Last week was the 1st time Friday's protests w no deaths.
According to @ochaopt, 50 people died since March 30, 40 of them during the protests.
Not a single Israeli was hurt & not 1 rocket launched
Here is my #thread from yesterday about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict & the state of the "only democracy in the Middle East"
And here is my #thread about what happened last Friday
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May 10, 2018
Update: we are now in the same club as North Korea, Sudan & Iran
Clarification: the recommendation to deport @OmarSShakir was made by the liar-minister @giladerdan1, who is responsible for fighting *against* #BDS. I guess it was too complicated for him so now he's working to help #BDS
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May 10, 2018
#ICYMI: Iranian forces fired 20 rockets at Israeli army outposts on the Golan Heights last night. In response, Israeli military set out on an extensive retaliatory attack against Iranian targets, the largest Israeli attack in Syria since 1974
No casualties reported on the Israeli side. Several targets connected to the #IRGC & Hezbollah attacked by Israel. Syrian media claims dozens of Israeli missiles were intercepted. There are reports of casualties in Syria.
More bomb shelters opened in northern Israel
The rocket barrage from Syria was directed at Israeli army outposts on the Golan Heights, like the intelligence assessment that the Iranian response will be limited so it won't lead to war. It is the 1st time Israel blames Iran directly for an attack on its territory
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May 4, 2018
Today is the 6th Friday of the #GreatReturnMarch. Last Friday there was a more organized attempt to reach the #GazaFence & Israeli army promised to respond harsher. Israel also declared human rights laws do not apply to the protesters. 48 killed & ~7,000 wounded so far in Gaza
Meanwhile, Giro d'Italia 2018, the biggest sporting event in Israeli history, begins today (& Israelis bitch about the traffic)…
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