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If you repudiate Trump's horrifying racist rhetoric, but endorse Louise Mensch, you are a hypocrite. Louise propagates the same racist talking points like in this FoxNews interview: Syrian refugees in EU are a "complete disaster, blood, chaos, carnage.”
For years Louise Mensch has perpetuated odious attacks like this one against immigrants/ Muslims/POC and has helped normalize this rhetoric. Louise Mensch is a politician and political operative who has helped pave the way for racists like Trump.
During her Brexit campaign, Louise Mensch RT the same (now banned) Hate Groups as Trump has because Neo Nazis spread the Bexit campaign fear mongering. If you endorseLouise as a hero & a leader & ignore her vile racist ideology, you are no different than a Trump apologist.
During her Brexit campaign Louise Mensch amplified Neo Nazi accounts like this one RedCoat. Louise used White Nationalist accts who were conduits for her #VoteLeave xenophobic populism which was the weapon Brexiteers used to sway voters. Trump did the same.
Here is another White Nationalist account Louise Mensch amplified during her #VoteLeave campaign because they were effective mouthpieces for Brexit's xenophobic populist message.
During the #LeaveEU #VoteLeave campaign MP Jo Cox was brutally murdered by Neo Nazi Thomas Mair. Louise Mensch used her Heat Street platform to defend him as "mentally ill" & repeatedly denied his ties to hate group Britain First & his racial motivated murder. This is Mair...
Mair's defense lawyers put forward no evidence that Neo Nazi Mair was mentally ill. When Mair murdered Cox he shouted "Britain First." Louise Mensch claimed the witnesses were lying and they were Muslims... There is no line in the sand between Louise and Trump's vile ideology.
UK Fascist Nick Griffin, former head of the Hate Group BNP praised Louise Mensch as "brave" for defending Neo Nazi Mair. Griffin is employed by the Russian gov't to oversee elections, & publishes on a website run by Russian fascist & Putin ideologue Dugin, along with Steve Bannon
This is Nick Griffin who praised Louise Mensch for her defense of Nazi Thomas Mair after his racially motivated murder of MP Jo Fox-as a young man & with a White Nationalist flag. If this brand of racist ideology is appalling to you but you endorse Mensch, you are a hypocrite.
Nick Griffin wasn't the only White Nationalist who praised Louise Mensch's Heat Street article defending Neo Nazi Thomas Mair after he murdered MP Jo Cox during the EU referendum. Here is White Nationalist, Stefan Molyneux and...
PEGIDA & English Defense League founder Tommy Robinson has long supported Mensch. (Tweet dated 2014.) EDL is a banned anti Muslim hate group. Louise has amplified this rancid human who reciprocates by endorsing her. If this disgusts you but you endorse Louise you are a hypocrite.
In 2016 Louise defended White Supremacist Lauren Southern who was banned by Patreon for fundraising to launch boats to obstruct the rescue of AFRICAN refugees. The UK banned her for terroristic acts. Giving Louise a pass for her racism is what Trump supporters do with Trump.
If you are find Trump calling immigrants "rapists and criminals" reprehensible, but aren't equally disgusted by Louise Mensch using the same demeaning racist rhetoric calling refugees "rapists and thugs" then you are a hypocrite.
If you are disgusted and repudiate Trump for perpetuating the lie that he "won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally,” but are not equally disgusted by Louise Mensch perpetuating the same lie about Pakistanis in the UK... you are a hypocrite.
If you are upset about Trump's hateful ban on Transgender troops but ignore Louise Mensch when mocks & degrades the LGBT community like in this Fox Interview "that someone is gender fluid... is that even constitutional?" or in her Heat Street post... you are a hypocrite.
If you are offended by bigot Trump tweeting "I love Hispanics" in front of a taco bowl on Cinco de Mayo but have no problem with Louise Mensch posting this deeply offensive tweet "Meesa love Hispanics. Meesa eated a taco"... then you are a hypocrite.
said it best. Decent people denounce bigots like Trump & #TeamPatriot's Louise Mensch. "Otherwise what makes you any different?"
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To sum up: Xenophobic populism, White Supremacist accts & Brexit, Thomas Mair, Mensch

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Oct 6, 2018
THREAD 1.Soros has long been hate figure for Putinites & nationalists like Trump. #NeverTrumper Louise Mensch pushed the same antisemitic trope. Watch at 4:18 Louise on FOX. “We were lined up to join the Euro & we were bounced out of it by George Soros”
2. Brexiteers like Trump repeatedly blame Soros a wealthy Jew for their problems. #NeverTrump Mensch at 1:12: “Soros--As a Greek American he should look at the disaster in Greece.” Louise knows Soros is NOT Greek but a Jewish Hungarian Holocaust survivor video.foxbusiness.com/v/484438137100…
3. 3rd time #NeverTrumper Louise Mensch takes a dig at Soros on FoxNews. At 1:18 “The pound was shorted by George Soros” Louise promulgated the Brexiteer's antisemitic myth of “the Soros web” while reinforcing it on Trump's station FoxNews here in the US.
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Sep 20, 2018
1. #NeverTrumper Rick Wilson likes to use the expression "I like the cut of your jib..." The term was being used figuratively used to express like or dislike for someone like... Pompeo in 2015.... or
2. #NeverTrumper Rick Wilson 'liked the cut of Rep Ron Desantis' jib" Ron spoke at an event hosted by a White Race Theorist and was administrator on a racist Facebook page.... or..
3. #NeverTrumper Rick Wilson likes the cut of Tom Marino's jib. Marino's career is clouded with corruption charges. He gave an earlier endorsement to Trump and denied Trump was racist. Marino himself is a nativist and opposes a pathway for citizenship for illegal immigrants.. or
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Aug 31, 2018
Darn I missed this... I have SO many questions...
1. Who is Rick going to work to elect in the FL GOV's race. Servile racist Trump GOP sycophant DeSantis or Democrat Gillum. If it's DeSantis then EVERYTHING Rick and his #NeverTrump posse has touted for two years is utter BS.
2. In 2005 Rick worked on virulent bigot and legal architect of Trumps anti immigrant voter laws. Rick Wilson endorsed Kobach's voter ID law proposals in 2011. Is Rick still a fan of "strong conservatives" aka: racists Kris Kobach and Sam Brownback?
3. Rick Wilson has used the word "illegals" for years to describe undocumented immigrants . Is Rick Wilson aware that illegals is a racist and derogatory term and that when he uses this Trumpian term it perpetuates negative stereotypes against Latinos?
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Aug 20, 2018
1. Remember how those #TeamPatriot #NeverTrump-ers Louise Mensch and Rick Wilson assured us Bolton was a solid? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
2. Just this last March Rick Wilson was defending Bolton. According to Rick Bolton is fine as long as he is working with a "rational president."
3. Louise Mensch enthusiastically endorsed Bolton on her NewsCorp platform HeatStreet. Like Rebekah Mercer Louise wanted "heavyweight" Bolton to be named Secretary of State.
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Aug 17, 2018
1. 🔥 Louise Mensch & Rick Wilson personally vouched for this fraud. "Information War Expert" Molly McKew also legitimized it. #TeamPatriot are insidious liars deliberately weaponizing frauds to poison the truth & to spread disinformation. How many others? thedailybeast.com/resistance-twi…
2. Here are the blue-checked #TeamPatriot leaders Louise Mensch, Rick Wilson & Molly McKew validating Guardian Rover. They trotted GR out to the #Resistance as a valuable source when in fact he's a pro Trump gamer. When Louise "turned on him" she further corrupted the truth.
3. You are smart & intuitive my fellow #resistance peeps. Use your critical thinking skills. Make objective analyses & evaluation of people you follow. Be your own leader. Don't fall for intel hawkers poisoning the truth because truth is the foundation for successful resistance
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Aug 17, 2018
"Who told you to have faith in McConnell?" Rick Wilson that's who.
Wake up Wilson fanboys/girls. He opposes Trump, not his vile policies or the GOP congress. He's long been part of the machine that has put the politicians at the core of this atrocity into office. #NeverTrump 🙄
"While Obama's a** is on fire why wouldn't we distract ourselves by turning Mitch McConnell into greatest monster?" asks RW political strategist Rick Wilson in 2013. Y'all can thank Rick who helped create the Mitch monster to enact the corrupt GOP's hateful policies. #NeverTrump
Nov 5. 2014 GOP takes back the Senate. "McConnell is this close to Maximum trolling achievement." cheers Rick Wilson who helped unleash McConnell one of the biggest GOP "trolls' to inflict terrible harm on the American people. #NeverTrump
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