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1. New angle on #InsurancePolicy: FBI set up/spied on Papadopoulos (specifically) as insurance against future revelation that Comey exonerated Hillary without disclosing he knew Russia accessed her bathroom server. If discovered, they could say - Trump knew too!
2. It's one thing to exonerate Hillary for her negligent server if nobody accessed it. "No harm, no foul" would be their rationale I guess (although still illegal). But what if we found out Russia did access it? And what if we found out Comey knew and didn't tell us? HUGE risk.
3. Keep in mind, Dems/media have purposely conflated Hillary's deleted emails with DNC hacked emails to further the Trump-Russia narrative. Trump-Russia is about DNC emails, so they make it seem like GP knew about them. He didn't.
4. GP said he heard Russia had Hillary's deleted emails. Completely different. So FBI didn't go after someone with potential knowledge of DNC emails which were actually exposed. They want after someone w/ potential knowledge of Russia having Hillary's deleted emails.
5. Odd, right? FBI opens counterintel investigation after DNC email leak in late July, and they go after someone who "knew" about something different - Hillary's deleted emails (which every person in the world was looking for at the time).
6. But this was an "oh shit!" moment for the Hillary email investigation squashers for sure. "Oh no. We knew Russia might have Hillary's deleted emails when we exonerated her. If Russia got DNC emails, do they have her deleted emails?" Panic sets in.
7. Main question: When did FBI first learn GP said Russia had Hillary's deleted emails? FBI & DOJ are doing everything to hide that. They say it was after Wikileaks DNC leak via Downer in late July. But from #Mifsud-#Halper news, it seems probably in March…
8. So then we compare timeline of when FBI knew GP said Russia had Hillary's deleted emails w/ timeline of Comey's exoneration of Hillary. Let's do it.
9. Joseph Mifsud said he was interviewed by the FBI in February 2016, before GP joined Trump's campaign. He says he learned Russia had Hillary's emails on a trip to Russia in March, but it's possible the FBI discussed it with him in Feb & started the setup…
10. On April 26, Mifsud told GP Russia had Hillary's emails. The FBI's story is they didn't learn about this convo until Downer told them in late July. But Mifsud met w/ FBI in February, & didn't tell them about it sooner? Doubtful
11. There are plenty of other reasons FBI probably learned earlier, such as Mifsud's connections to Halper, Downer, MI6, CIA etc via Haklyut as detailed by @JohnWHuber. Anyways, safe to say FBI knew before May which is why they're hiding it. Because...
12. On May 2nd, Comey sent his initial draft of the Hillary Exoneration Memo to McCabe, Baker, & Rybicki. It said it was "reasonably likely" hostile actors accessed her server.
13. On May 10th, Papadopoulos told Downer he heard Russia had Hillary's emails. FBI says he didn't tell them until July after WikiLeaks release. Sure...they either already knew, he told them right away, or they made this up (Downer never confirmed this story)
14. On May 16th, McCabe sent Comey's Hillary exoneration memo to Strzok & others for comments. After this, "reasonably likely" that hostile actors accessed Hillary's server" was changed to "possible". Most likely by Strzok.
15. So at the same time the FBI "knew" Russia had Hillary's emails from her bathroom server, they were watering down her exoneration memo going in the other direction - changing "reasonably likely" to "possible".
16. Sometime in June, the FBI was turned down for a FISA warrant. Most likely, it didn't include anything about Papadopoulos because they couldn't acknowledge they already knew Mifsud told him about Hillary's emails.
17. The rejected June FISA application was probably an attempt to view all Trump campaign's communications to look for evidence that Russia stole Hillary's emails before Comey made his exoneration announcement in July. But FISC said "no dice"
18. July 5th, Comey gives a bizarre press conference detailing why she was guilty, but then exonerating her anyways. "Welp, not great but it's the best we can do to let her off while giving ourselves some cover"
19. July 22nd, WikiLeaks releases the first batch of DNC emails. Strzok, Comey, McCabe et al must have panicked. "Shit, maybe they have Hillary's deleted emails too. We need to do something. Fast"
20. On July 31st, Strzok & FBI open the counterintelligence investigation into Trump-Russia. Here's where it gets interesting. Do they go after someone with evidence of DNC emails? Nope.
21. On August 3rd, Strzok flies to London to meet Downer about Papadopoulos, a low-level staffer who said he knew about Hillary's deleted emails - not DNC emails. Mission: establish Trump knew Russia had her emails too in case it came out FBI knew before exonerating her.
22. On August 15th, Strzok texts Page, "I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy's office - that there's no way he gets elected - but I'm afraid we can't take that risk. It's like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you're 40."
23. Next: #HalperActivated - Halper meets Clovis on July 31 or Sept 1. Halper then contacts Papadopoulos Sept 3 and offers to fly him to London and pay $3k for a policy paper. He went 9/13, & Halper asked "George, you know about hacking the emails from Russia, right?" GP says no.
24. Oct 31 - After Halper gets nothing from Papadopoulos, FBI decides they NEED the FISA warrant. So they roll the dice and add Papadopoulos to the FISA application. Worry about covering up their Mifsud-Downer-Halper spy operation later.
25. This is why FBI targeted Papadopoulos: they had "evidence" he knew Russia had Hillary's deleted emails. Getting that on record was "insurance" against future revelation that they let her off knowing Russia had them w/o telling us. "Trump can't come after us if he knew too"
26. This explains why the FBI solely focused on the Trump campaign. They didn't spy on Hillary's campaign or the DNC to see if someone leaked the emails. They didn't spy on people not connected to Trump campaign who might know how the "hack" happened. Only one target: Trump
27. It also explains why the FBI didn't do anything to stop the Russia "hack" or "election interference." Everyone meddles in elections (mostly unsuccessfully). They knew Russia tried hacking Hillary's server, & "knew" about GP saying they did.
28. The FBI didn't take any measures to stop Russia, to take the DNC server/find out if Russia actually did it, or anything else to solve the problem. Only thing they did was panic and target Trump to (1) take him down & (2) say "he knew too" if Hillary's deleted emails came out
Interested to hear what you gentlemen think about this theory. Subtle difference between "they launched the CI investig to cover up their spying and take down Trump", but it goes to motive. Also @twitter shaddowbanned it

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