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Let's rock this punks and punkettes.
2) "Too many Americans feel that Washington is hopelessly out of touch with their priorities." You're right, felt that way for the entire 8 years of the Obama presidency, thanks for finally noticing! Oh, no, you don't get the House back.
3) "President Trump promised to fight for the forgotten American, yet Republican-controlled Washington continues business as usual, rewarding the wealthy, privileged and well-connected at the expense of middle class and working families." I got a raise AND a tax break in January.
4) Oh, and unemployment is so far down you can kick a Persian messenger into it.
5) Take THAT, Mullahs.
6) "Look no further than Congressional Republicans’ and President Trump’s agenda: billions in tax cuts for the rich" I was making less than 30k a year. Oh, and Obama raised my taxes with the Healthcare Mandate. Which was a tax. SCOTUS said so. 🖕
7) "massive giveaways to special interests and the full-frontal corporate assault on workers’ rights and consumers’ protections." You don't define special interests because the same groups all donate to you guys too.
8) Except Planned Parenthood. That one's strictly on y'alls side of the table.
9) " All the while, Americans watch with increasing alarm the efforts to limit access to the ballot box" New Hampshire called. They'd like people from Massachusetts to stop driving over on election day and voting please and thank you.
10) "put rich donors first and degrade the integrity of our election system by forces both foreign and domestic" Oh, you want the British out too?
11) "It’s no wonder that Americans’ trust in government is near an all-time low: over 80 percent say they can’t trust those in Washington to do what is right." Good that you specify 'near'. The all-time low was Oct 2011, smack dab in the middle of Obama's first term. Funny that.
12) "As we move forward with our bold plan to deliver A Better Deal, with Better Jobs, Better Wages and a Better Future for all Americans" Trump did it already. Job market's picking up, wages are rising, and he's already stopped ISIS, is defanging NK and will soon deal with Iran.
13) "Democrats will take substantive steps to get rid of the corruption that’s led to such a dysfunctional political system in Washington" Are you going to reveal the list of politicians in the House that used taxpayer money to pay off women claiming sexual harrassment? Are ya?
14) "We will take power back from the special interests and give it to the American people." I'm just gonna leave this one riiiiiiight heeeeeeeeere.…
15) "The American people are sick of getting a raw deal from Washington and they’re tired of broken promises to “drain the swamp.”" Let me check here..... ummm.... nope. Doesn't look like anyone's tired of winning yet.
16) "Empower the American Voter to Ensure Responsive Government: We must protect every citizen’s right to vote, safeguard our election infrastructure from hostile actors and put an end to partisan redistricting."… This is New York's 14th district.
17) Yep. They're using bridges as justification to connect different sections of long island and mainland New York together.
18) "Strengthen Our Nation’s Ethics Laws to Fight Special Interests. We must end the revolving-door in Washington and rein in the influence of high-powered Washington insiders, lobbyists and big-money donors – and the special interests that are driving Washington’s agenda."
19) Another thing Trump beat you to.…
20) Here's one tidbit in there that people don't talk about. '5. I will not accept gifts from registered lobbyists or lobbying organizations for the duration of my service as an appointee.'
21) Yyyyyep. Looks like Trump beat the Dems to that. Good job @realDonaldTrump!
22) "Fix Our Broken Campaign Finance System to Combat Big Money Influence. We must break the stranglehold on our democracy by wealthy and well-connected donors by empowering everyday Americans and ending the scourge of unaccountable “dark money” unleashed by Citizens United."
23) Do.... do I need to drop it again? I think I need to drop it again. Dropping it again!…
24) So, funny note here. Democrats go on about how #ABetterDeal is about helping American workers, but..... none of this has anything to do with jobs or wages.
25) See, they're doing a bit of a messaging spin here. They know they can't ACTUALLY beat Trump on the economy, since Obama completely hosed our job market, several industries including coal and used car, and presided over a recession that his admin called 'jobles recovery'
26) So, instead, they're going to try to win on voting rights and corruption. Seriously. They're going to try to speak out against corruption.
27) 5 minutes of drunken google searching helped me find not one, not two, but THREE scandal corruptions FEINSTEIN ALONE was caught up in, one of which got her kicked off a freaking appropriations committee for awarding contracts tO HER HUSBAND
28) Insider trading runs about, amongst Dems and Republicans alike. This bit from CBS came from 2012.…
29) You know what, I'll give this one to Judicial Watch, they uncovered documents in 2010 showing Nancy Pelosi was using Air Force aircraft as her own personal continental limo service.…
30) But sure. Let's let the party from whom one of the most autocratic presidents in history who had a secretary of state (*cough* Clinton *cough*) turn the department into her own personal pay for play playhouse talk to us alllllll about corruption.
31) These midterms are gonna be FUN. /end

Hey, @NancyPelosi @TeamPelosi, does @Twitter count as a special interest? Because they've dropped close to $70k in donations this election cycle, all to Dems. Even Pelosi got some cash from them, $250. Oh, and they've spent $700k in 2017 and 2018 so far in lobbying.

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Oct 8, 2018
1) This is the single dumbest take I have seen. EVER. You are literally defying fucking reality right now.
2) You are DEFYING the fact that Rosenstein got off of a plane right with Kelly and Trump laughing his ASS OFF. Publicly. No Lady Gaga poker face shit.
3) You’re straight up IGNORING anything Rosenstein has ever said in public explaining the stuff going on around him. Seriously. Go read some of the transcripts of hearings and watch some of the talks he’s given, @GodlessNZ has threads dedicated to the topic.
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Oct 7, 2018
1) Aaaaaaand here we have the dumbest comment of the fucking year, folks! People learning how our government works means that the government is not in a good place. WOW that leap in fucking logic.
2) Really, people started learning how out government works the minute Trump got elected. Its how we found out the DAG, not the AG, is in charge of the FBI.
3) We learned how convoluted and twisted the system for turning bills into laws were. It involves a lot of fucking ping pong.
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Oct 7, 2018
Did Infinity War get you down? Did you skip Ant-Man and Wasp because of that Marvel funk?

Go see Venom.

Seriously. Go see it.
The villain is basically a more affable version of Elon Musk. It is fantastic.

Not as much poop and needle piles in San Francisco as in real life, but I’m ok glossing over that bit of the setting.
The only connection to the MCU is the only connection it needs.

Stan Motherfucking Lee cameo.

Beyond that, its self-contained, which does itself credit.
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Oct 7, 2018
QUESTION! I have a question!

Why should anyone kowtow to a mob who called them a woman drugging alcoholic gang rapist? What does that do besides giving into an angry mob that could be on your doorstep next? That HAS been on your doorstep since day 1 in @jordanbpeterson’s case?
@jordanbpeterson I mean, should Jordan Peterson stop writing books, step down from teaching, and completely withdraw from his social life and career because an angry mob is calling him a sexist racist homophobic transphobic superbigot?
@jordanbpeterson Seriously, I can’t understand the mindset.

And you know what? I’ll come out and say it.

Jordan Peterson is Canadian. He doesn’t understand the American mindset when set upon by adversity. He stood up and defended himsef because that was the natural reaction. But now?
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Oct 7, 2018
1) There’s that word again. ‘Legitimacy.’ Mark my words: every ruling the Supreme Court makes the left doesn’t like from this point on will be declared illegitimate.
2) The left will use this as an excuse for further lawlessness as they proceed to act AGAINST the rulings of the SCOTUS.
3) Nationwide injunctions will continue until they’re labelled unconstitutional to some degree, at which point the SCOTUS will be ignored and liberal judges will continue to use them.
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Oct 6, 2018
So, I’m going to try something. I’m going to attempt to dilute the unspoken rules of conservative Twitter into a few easy to follow guidelines.
Rule 1) Thomas Wictor did nothing wrong, much like every other conservative Twitter has ever banned.
Rule 2) If @Debradelai asks you to hold his beer, its because he wants to make sure your hands are occupied for when he punches you in the face with a block.
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