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Feb 5, 2018 5 tweets 2 min read
#TrumpTaxPlan #GOPTaxPlan
- US population: 326766748 (2017 US census)
- Rounding UP: 330000000
- because we love math: 3.3*10^8
- One time bonus: $1000=10^3
- Cost of said bonus: 1.5 * 10^12/yr
- Govt mailing every american $1000 every year: 3.3*10^8*10^3= 3.3*10^11 So the "tax cut" is equivalent to every American getting $4545.45 every year from "uncle Sam". And this includes every living American: young or old, rich or poor, gainfully employed or otherwise, gay or straight, trans or not, black or white, male or female. EVERYONE!