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Fighting evil in unique & creative ways that evolve constantly. None of which include violence #PeaceIsThePrize #ChooseGood. I like replies to me as a courtesy.
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Aug 3, 2018 18 tweets 5 min read
Final Tweets on the subject~

(1) I'm GLAD that the voices in this man's head that told him to kill POTUS & others ALSO told him that I "was kidnapped"

He was convinced I wanted to communicate in recent weeks but couldn't because "they" had me

He "needed to see for himself" (2) Many people may have reacted differently when confronted with such an unusual situation

I chose not to call the cops

I realized they could do little more than "drive by" a few extra times for a couple days

It's not against the law to drive to someone's house uninvited
Aug 2, 2018 5 tweets 54 min read
@PeaceCrabby @jackbgoode1 @aknancy077 @crimsonfaith88 @DeplorableChoir @CaiteeC @HoosierTrumper @Ev56764462Z @JustMe36485575 @LaunaSallai @Diana32163 @MerdthLe @AmyLynn08219771 @DCW6102 @lorilatimer @13_Tactical @missjo1964 @littletujunga1 @wilrmal2 @chuckwoolery @MikeTokes @JGilliam_SEAL @Jordan_Sather_ @StevePieczenik @ThomasWictor @TuckerCarlson @allidoisowen @Fuctupmind @realDonaldTrump @EricTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr @seanhannity @PKekbar @PauPaulbuccello @PrisonPlanet @LauraLoomer @StandingDarrell @MarkYoungTruth @DennisDMZ @MarkDice @MSPOA @SecPompeo @DHSgov @AnonymousQ9 @reddit @USArmy @USArmyEurope @POTUS Well @POTUS ~ Our paths will cross at the Rally today

This "Mystery Woman" would really like to hug OUR FAVORITE PRESIDENT

I'm sure @SecretService would have stopped this guy too but I'm glad I got him off the streets before you arrived 😗

See article below ~ Part 2 next tweet @PeaceCrabby @jackbgoode1 @aknancy077 @crimsonfaith88 @DeplorableChoir @CaiteeC @HoosierTrumper @Ev56764462Z @JustMe36485575 @LaunaSallai @Diana32163 @MerdthLe @AmyLynn08219771 @DCW6102 @lorilatimer @13_Tactical @missjo1964 @littletujunga1 @wilrmal2 @chuckwoolery @MikeTokes @JGilliam_SEAL @Jordan_Sather_ @StevePieczenik @ThomasWictor @TuckerCarlson @allidoisowen @Fuctupmind @realDonaldTrump @EricTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr @seanhannity @PKekbar @PauPaulbuccello @PrisonPlanet @LauraLoomer @StandingDarrell @MarkYoungTruth @DennisDMZ @MarkDice @MSPOA @SecPompeo @DHSgov @AnonymousQ9 @reddit @USArmy @USArmyEurope @POTUS @SecretService @PiesPeggy See above^

Only thing incorrect is IT WAS IN MY DRIVEWAY he said "I have 1 helluva story to tell u"

I knew he was too close for comfort so thought the best thing to do was to let him tell me in a public place

I photo'd him/plate & texted📸to a friend b4 getting out of my truck