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Oct 8, 2018 21 tweets 2 min read
#0 20 Obvious Learnings From Our Best Founders #1 The best founders are able to manage both attention to details and velocity towards the highest level of performance.
Jul 24, 2018 5 tweets 1 min read
1/ People complain about the lack of great series B deals in France and Europe.

The main reason is that many series A teams are nurtured with...

Poor empowerment,
Small ambitions,
Too little capital


Wrong empowerment,
Misplaced goals,
Ineficient capital 2/ And we don't have the critical quantitative mass in Europe to absorb this qualitative gap.

We shall believe and nurture with passion and hard work truly ambitious, highly yet efficiently capitalized talented & diverse teams.
Jun 18, 2018 4 tweets 1 min read
So much misplaced ego, hypocrisy & politics in Venture Capital.

That's quite shocking for an industry that praises the value of building great relationships w/ founders & helping them build honest, positive, ambitious organisations.

And yes... Lazy partners will claim deals, stupid colleagues will try to compete with you instead of offering help on deals, people you thought you could trust will bypass you, people you dislike will be hired without anyone giving a damn about the cohesion of the team, the list goes on...
Jun 16, 2018 9 tweets 5 min read
7 Paradoxal Singularities.

Hiring well
Firing fast
A Players
Growth… 1/ Self-confidence. Great to fuel conviction, motivation, resilience. Make sure it doesn't undermine or annihilate humility, clarity of vision and focus. #attitude